How Does Technology Support Teachers and their Job? 5 Ways You May Have Overlooked

With the rule of the internet today, there’s no getting away that you need to integrate technology into teaching and make a difference in how students learn. But in a bird’s eye view, how does technology support teachers? What effect has it on you as an educator yourself?

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The Truth Is…

While advancement comes with some air of complexity, the truth cannot deny how it adds change from the way teachers gather information to the way they apply it, and the way students learn. Whatever one says about the impact of technology, digital technology comes with a game-changing pattern in the world of education.


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Here below are the essential technology-related tools you should know about.

How Does Technology Support Teachers and their Job


Productivity tools are computer programs that are necessary to make the most of the internet. These are materials that teachers can utilize to meet many reports, organize documents and collect data in so much less time. The software and tools are typically free and can be accessed on computers and other devices.

Not all teachers are well-versed in these advanced programs. But the good thing is that majority of them are familiar with multimedia tools and their basic functions.

Word processors, for example, provides for input and output of texts, editing, and formatting. You can merge emails and letters for mass mailings, automate table of contents and index, create hyperlinks, and more. In fact, there are advanced features that you can learn and discover along the way. Mastering word processors let you use a variety of materials for your class.

Teachers should also master how to use spreadsheets for computations, tabulations, and the organization of numbers. The same goes for presentation software like PowerPoint when it comes to subjects that require in-depth lecturing. The visually appealing aspects of multimedia tools also make it easier for the students to take in information.

Now, making visually attractive lectures are not just limited to presentation slides – teachers can use drawing software. Creativity here allows them to make their own design. Combining other productivity tools with drawing software promotes imaginative visualizations that students will not find boring.

Being skilled with productivity tools makes teaching so much better and learning a lot more fun. Overall, the tools make schooling not only convenient but easier, more interesting, and reliable.

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Technical issues happen inevitably to tech devices may it be inside or outside of the classroom. With some ability to troubleshoot, there’s no need to postpone a class or wait until someone else can do the troubleshooting.

A typical issue could be loosed plugs or stuck disk drives, the screen goes blank, abnormally functioning OS or Windows refuse to boot. It could be that the computer is slow or the main internet connection is crawling. If you know nothing about these – your option is to wait for help.

Troubleshooting will help identify the symptoms like these.  This is the first step in determining what actually causes the issue and eliminate potential causes on the spot. In technological terms, troubleshooting is the step towards finding out any “trouble” and the right “diagnosis” in the flow of a system.


Not all teachers master the basics and parts of a computer. Although some have the skill to fix minor technical issues, there will be instances wherein the problem runs a little bit complex so assistance from skilled tech personnel may be required. This makes it important for all schools to have established contact with a technical expert for anytime support.

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This is the most important – information. The Web is a massive source of data and figures and material for all topics. Not only it makes fact-checking easier, but it also makes learning fun, convenient, and worth time spending.

Education resources are extremely helpful in improving the teaching and learning setting. It sets the best direction for the teacher than any other strategy in the world. The internet also delivers the connections that every educator needs for a clear instructional purpose. So other than knowledge and information, the tools also come with the learning on how to achieve particular tasks.


The web’s search engine runs using a step-by-step manner of locating specific info among a pool of data. This explains that teachers with razor-sharp search skills go hand-in-hand with finding resources on the Web.

Developing search skills means getting an understanding of the search engine as an Internet portal through which anyone can use to access amassed resources for topic-related data. With the right search skills, one means being adept at using Google, Yahoo, Bing, and more – all of which operate in a search algorithm procedure.

Since searching for verified information is important to teaching, every teacher should have a strong discernment when it comes to research as not everything that the web says it is can be considered true.

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As technology sets the tone for quick and easy learning it also suggests the understanding of changes and development.

Embracing new ways of doing things can be overwhelming if you’re not quite used to fast-paced progress and innovation. However, these changes can bring great opportunities in the field of education because technology has long since transformed teaching and learning.

This is the reason why teachers need to catch up with technology and modify it in any way that can improve the students’ interests in learning.

What about you? Is there a special way technology has delivered in your manner of teaching? Share your thoughts in the comments.

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