How Teachers Can Develop Life Or Success Skills? 8 Amazing Ways

Are you trying to figure out how to advance in your teaching career? You should be aware that teaching is not an easy profession, but it doesn’t exclude it from being enjoyable. You can excel as a teacher if you put in the necessary time and effort.

At the onset, we sometimes feel a hint of uncertainty because of the real scenario we tracked. There are curveballs along the way and the roads can be rocky.

However, like great teachers, we need to stay stronger and stay afloat. Gladly, on this page, I am sharing strategies on how teachers can develop life or success skills.

Successful teachers bring about successful students. If teachers are strongly motivated, similarly, students are also deeply engaged in learning. This perception doesn’t happen overnight.

successful teachers persevere

Significantly, developing life or success skills demands a lot of work and many things. This even includes our desirable attitudes and best practices. It can be a very long journey but it’s worth it in the end.

Our persevering spirits coupled with the following amazing ways can make us more determined to be successful in teaching and to make a difference in the lives of our students.

Keep reading, reflect at the same time, and encourage yourself that you can be better and all your efforts will lead to a happy and successful life.


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How Teachers Can Develop Life Or Success Skills? 8 Amazing Ways

1. Stay focused on your goals

Be determined, otherwise, you’ll get distracted with failures and setbacks and lose control of everything. If there are problems along the way, as expected, you should consider them as a big part of your success.

In every success story of teachers, we can easily pinpoint the presence of determination in their recipes.  Hence, I have this strategy at the top of the list. Their persevering spirits give them a positive mindset that life and success skills are achievable.

Our willpower can keep us strong and remain dedicated to service no matter how demanding our profession is.

We should remember that our performance as teachers directly affects the performance and class standing of our students. If we are altruistic in our mission of being educators, we can be successful in the field.

At the onset of our careers, we should have set high and clear goals for ourselves and for our students. By staying focused on our ultimate goal, we strongly avoid distractions or are not easily affected by them.

2. Enjoy teaching and stay motivated

For us to harness success in life, we have to enjoy what we are doing. Being forced or obliged to do something will give us half-baked results which lead to quitting the profession. Of course, who would want it?

What is it that keeps you motivated to wake up early each day to go to school? I bet. It’s your students. But if you wake up early because it’s part of your job, your eagerness might weaken at any time.

Even though you feel overwhelmed at some point in your teaching career, you should not get swayed to being discouraged. I am speaking from my experience. Having been a teacher for 17 years now, getting overwhelmed is also part of the chapter in my life. However, I just hold on to my happiness. Teaching is my happiness and I love doing it.

Looking ahead with great optimism can help. However, no matter how you tried if teaching is not really your passion, then it’s quite a different story.

The story of passionate teachers tells us how they remain strong and happy despite all the odds and challenges. For them, there is always a way out because they enjoy all their experiences as teachers whether good or bad.

3. Always prepare for each day

The key to being prepared each day is to get organized and to make a plan. Lack of adequate planning can lead you to be disorganized and you fall prey to teacher burnout.

Successful people always plan ahead to prepare for each day. When you consistently make the necessary preparations before facing your students each day can give you productive results. Your class will be interactive and fun. The more you do it, the more your students get interested in being in your class.

Based on my experience, aside from crafting my daily lesson plans religiously, part of the preparation is the making of Powerpoint presentations, getting ready with teaching resources for a particular lesson, and making interactive assessments.

The more prepared you are, the more inspired you are to teach. This results in increasing the performance of your students and enhancing your teaching pedagogies as well. Incredibly, this habit can make you develop life and success skills.

4. Be an effective teacher

An effective teacher inspires change.

great teachers inspire change

If a change happens for the best it means success is ahead. It’s part of developing life skills. Notably, effective teachers always consider the engagement of their learners towards successful learning. It’s one of the best qualities students are looking for in a teacher.

The quality of learning you impart to the learners mirrors your performance as a teacher. If you have always taken into account the meaningful experiences of the students it means you’ve been doing your roles wholeheartedly.

As you intend to develop life skills in your students, you are not only dishing out the content knowledge but also you are giving them ideas of what real life is. That’s what effective teachers are doing. They teach life, they harness skills.

5. Build relationships

In order for teachers to develop life and success skills, they need to foster relationships with their students and colleagues. As to the part of the students, it would be easy for them to interact with one another if you as the teacher are establishing good relationships with them.

The good relationship you foster in the class will also encourage students to be kind and respectful to their classmates. Successful student learning can happen.

According to the survey conducted by Pearson of which most of his respondents were students, the top most quality of a great teacher is their ability to build relationships with their students.

In terms of building relationships with your colleagues, you most need it, especially since our students are diverse. They need the most appropriate teaching pedagogies so you can meet their needs. One way to enhance your teaching skills is through active collaboration. You can’t do it if you have not built a good relationship with your fellow teachers and superiors.

Learn to adjust and appreciate others. Respect others’ viewpoints and accept that you just can’t be right every time.  You may not appreciate it at this time, but your colleagues can also positively impact your views as a teacher.

In other words, we need others in order to succeed as the famous adage insinuates that ‘No man is an island.’ Furthermore, the kind of relationship we build with the people around us is a critical component of success.

6. Value time management

Proper time management means accomplishing tasks on time.  In the same way, budgeting your time wisely can enhance productivity. It means working more in less time. And if work isn’t piled up, you are more comfortable working each day.

In addition, good time management will take you away from stressful situations of accomplishing multiple tasks to beat deadlines. On my end, I usually use my planner to plot my schedule. I will make sure to update my calendar from time to time. By doing it, I am able to achieve more tasks by making the most of my time.

As teachers, we should keep track of the different activities in the classroom because we also have our personal life to juggle with. Through effective management, we easily determine how much time we spend on a certain activity. Then, we have to remember time is a crucial element to develop life and success skills.

Excellent time management means greater productivity which brings you closer to success.

7. Continue your education

To develop success skills you must not stop learning. Teaching is learning. Teachers are very capable of teaching and learning at the same time.

If you continue your education, you won’t only take the amazing outcomes but your students will also reap the benefits. First of all, you are to teach them with incredible and reliable content knowledge and you can have an upgrade if you continue your studies like your post-graduate education. It’s just a matter of excellent time management.

Yes, it’s really connected to the 6th step, isn’t it?

Your professional reputation becomes better if you value lifelong learning. Moreover, it’s also a way of making your students love learning more and more.

Meanwhile, good educators succeed because they are lifelong learners. They don’t limit themselves with what they already know. They strive to learn more and do more. Hence, they thrive.

teachers are lifelong learners

Remember, what you did 5 or 10 years ago is already obsolete. Furthermore, you need to incorporate new strategies in teaching to give your students academic achievement. So, you need to continue your education and become a lifelong learner just like your students.

If you do so, then you’re a great teacher because you practice what you teach.

8. Set high expectations for your students

Believe in your students’ potential; it will inspire you to give your best the most!

Your success as a teacher is determined by the performance of your students. Have high expectations for your learners at all times. Make sure you believe in their ability to succeed and that you push them to their boundaries.

Encourage them to try again and work even harder when they fail. This can encourage your students to get out of their comfort zones so they can chase success with confidence knowing that you will be there to support them.


As we set forth developing life and success skills, here’s how we can also teach life skills to our students.

Wind Up

Hopefully, you can employ these ways to improve your teaching.

Great teachers are committed to students’ success. In other words, they develop success and life skills not only for themselves but also for their students.

Their creative methods to increase student performance help learners grow in all aspects of their being. I hope you are with me on this line of thought and we can also become the great teachers our students need.

Drop your line of thoughts in the comment section below.