6 Lovely Ways of How to Become a Favorite Teacher in School

How are you as a teacher? Are you this adorable teacher whom most students would always want to have? If this is so, then you should be telling us how to become a favorite teacher in school. You must have these certain characteristics that make students love and adore you. For sure, you must be a great teacher.

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As a teacher myself, I experienced it too! The feeling is indescribable. My students love me and they appreciate my efforts. Every day with them is such a lovely experience that makes me more inspired to continue doing great things both inside and outside the classroom.

I have written about great teachers in the world and they are indeed phenomenal educators in the world. Their great examples are very inspiring. They are highly regarded by their students for their passion, innovation, inspiration, and intelligence.

I’ve become super excited to share with you my ways on how to become a favorite teacher in school. In my teaching career, I have encountered different types of learners who will really test your patience and resilience. It will be very fulfilling that by and by they have become your respectful friends.


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By this, I can truly elaborate on the ways of how to become a favorite teacher in school. It’s quite challenging but there’s no need to compete with your colleagues to earn attention and win your students’ hearts. Just simply be yourself and do the things expected of you. Or, even more, go beyond your role and see what it can do for your students and not for yourself.

This is what we call being selfless. Serve with high regard for your students and you’ll become one of their favorites in school. However, for this page and for your heart’s content, allow me to elaborate on the qualities of a favorite teacher.

6 Lovely Ways of How to Become a Favorite Teacher in School

1. You should be passionate

A passionate teacher is a life-changer and a decisive adult. Wonderful things happen if you are passionate about what you are doing. Hence, you should love your role and radiate brilliance and positivity to the young people around you.

Being passionate means you care and you show exceptional concern for your students’ lives. But, sadly, not all teachers are passionate, hence, not everyone is everybody’s favorite.

Interestingly, when I was still a student, my 6th-grade teacher simply won my heart. Her actions, impressive preparations, and constructive means of imposing discipline inspired me to do the same to my students today.

I was then very afraid of numbers, so Math was a horrible subject for me. The persistence and dedication of my teacher made me work and work. She made learning math interesting and less intimidating.

I’m very proud to say that I am a product of a passionate teacher who never gets tired of making me learn and improve my academic performance. My classmates and I really expressed our gratitude for the love of learning she bestowed on us.

You see, being a teacher is certainly more than a job.  It’s giving that part of yourself to fulfill a mission. It’s a vocation of which only a few are given the opportunity to serve.

I should say that you can be a passionate teacher too. I can be, too.

2. You should be funny

Have you made your classroom safe and fun? Just imagine the aspirations you amplify if your class is at ease with you being the manager of the classroom and facilitator of learning.

Yet, what is often missed by some teachers is to use humor in their discussions and presentations. Well, speaking from experience, if learning is made fun students will retain more information and will get more interested to listen and participate.

Your positive attitude and happy aura perk students up. Hence, you should not be a naysayer in your classroom otherwise your students will get bored and you can never be their favorite. Sounds funny, but it’s so true especially if you are teaching pre-schoolers.

Children love to laugh and they long to play. If you have this funny attitude, then, it’s just very easy for you to adjust and make young learners really find their moments in your classroom. Holding their attention can be very challenging and makes it a perfect addition to how tough teaching is.

However, if being funny is among your skillset, then you know how to deal with students who are sometimes unbearable at times. Anyway, they are unique and you should appreciate them as well.

Just make your students remember you as their brilliant funny teacher. I included brilliant adjectives because aside from being funny, you should be intelligent as well. Does that make sense?

3. You should believe in your students’ capabilities

I find this way very important. Believing in your students’ innate gifts and brilliance can make a big difference. Upholding your students’ interests, talents, curiosities, and capabilities will help build their confidence which can make them do great things.

Moreover, the high expectations you set for them will inspire them to strive harder and shine. However, in setting your expectations make it a habit of including your learners rather than making it yourself. Student involvement is important to make teaching and learning productive.

As a teacher, you’ve become a big part of your students’ lives; therefore, displaying confidence that they can become better if they go out from their shells will help them realize their potential.

4. You should be thoughtful

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Are you considerate of how your students feel?  Considering their feelings and well-being will make them look up to you as their trusted adult other than their parents.

Moreover, doing this will help you build a strong relationship with your students.

Even though you are managing even the most difficult classes, being thoughtful really counts.

It’s just a matter of polishing your classroom management skills and being consistent with your classroom norms, rules, and expectations.

Anticipating your students’ needs and aspirations is an act of thoughtfulness.

Through your busy days in school and no matter how multifaceted teaching is, you can always take this grand step of talking to your students.

Set up a time for them. Know them deeply. Ask them how they feel.

For example, during recess, you can sit with them and interact. By asking how they feel is showing that you care. Somehow, you will know their happiness and sadness which is also important. How you deal with your students means knowing them inside out. Also, since you are their second parent, it’s important to ask them so.

By being thoughtful with your students, you can easily create a meaningful bond with them and earn their trust. This can be one of the exciting things in their lives. They will be more energized about going to school every day.

How lovely it is to see your students confidently interacting with one another, approaching you with great respect, and dealing with anyone in the school accordingly. It’s all up to you my dear teachers.

I have been doing this and it has helped me make sound decisions in the classroom without compromising my classroom management rules and my students’ well-being.

5. You should be emotionally intelligent

With the demands in the classroom, you can be stressed out at times. However, it shouldn’t be the reason to quit teaching. I believe in your intelligence, resilience, and resourcefulness.

Discussing hard concepts with your students really requires the most adaptive teaching strategy that would yield positive results. Take it simply. If you are passionate about the subject matter you teach, you know deeply how to simplify complex details that will make students appreciate learning even more.

However, to me, it’s not only about giving students engaging content and relevant and new experiences on a daily basis that count.

Your intelligence should not only be about the expertise and the knowledge you have regarding the subject matter you teach. You need to be emotionally intelligent. You need it deeply when you get along with your learners.

Knowing how to handle one’s self in complicated situations in the school especially in the classroom, you can certainly uphold student growth and development. This means dealing effectively with challenges and pressures in your daily work.

If at times the behavior of your learners gets in the way, you never depart from your consistent behavior management strategies because you have a strong foundation of being an emotionally intelligent teacher.

The healthy behavior you display will help your students achieve positive results. This is your armor to all negative stress and emotions.

Inspiringly, if you model emotionally intelligent behavior with your students, they will do the same in accomplishing their tasks.

6. You should be determined and innovative

How do we know if you employ innovative teaching?

A determined and innovative teacher establishes and maintains students’ interests and engagement.

Your implementation of problem-solving processes, for example, will either bring satisfaction or disappointment to your students. It’s how you touch innovation and apply it in your class.

But, if you are determined to give your students quality learning experiences, then you will never get tired of exploring ways of giving them an impactful learning environment.

To me, being innovative is not just about using technology-supported strategies in your arena of teaching presentations, but it also encapsulates how you make teaching and learning adaptive to the latest trends in education and to the interests of your learners.

Your teaching pedagogy last year may or may not work in the present year.  Hence, you need to be determined and innovative.

Being innovative, in my perception, is about maintaining the effectiveness of your teaching strategies all of the time and motivating students to be at their best.

In Essence

A teacher to become the favorite in the school doesn’t need to be good-looking or flawless. It’s about being circumferential to student teaching and learning.

Most importantly, we teachers can win the hearts of our students if we offer our engaging facilitation skills and just master concepts for instructional delivery.  We have to be excellent in supporting our learners and by giving them meaningful learning experiences.

What is it in your mind? You can discuss this question further through the comment box below.

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