How To Cope Up With Stress In School? 8 Simple Ways To Tame The Stress!

Stress is more so especially now that almost all of the schools are conducting online classes instead of a face-to-face class discussion—and that’s something new for almost all of us and something new is always overwhelming at first. 

All of us have our own ways on how to cope up with stress in school, and it’s very important for us to manage it in order to keep our mind and body healthy for us to function at our best.

How To Cope Up With Stress In School?


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Everyone is adjusting to this thing we call the “new normal“; even though we reside in our own homes we do not get the chance of relaxing unlike when we had face-to-face set-up in school previously. 

It honestly feels like there is more work involved in online classes than before, and that is what is weighing both students and teachers down. 

At this point in time, we should take care of ourselves not just in the physical aspect but also mentally. Here are some ways to cope up with daily stress in school. 


8 Simple Ways Teachers Can Tame Stress!

1.) Write a Journal

a journal and a cup of coffee on a bed

If you are not a fan of seeking comfort from others then creating a journal is a good way to express your thoughts and feelings freely. It will be the medium to help you release all of your pent-up stress, instead of just bottling it up inside of you. 

You can write whatever you want and whenever you want to your heart’s content. It does not even have to do with the problem that you are facing, it can be anything as long as you will find yourself relieved from the stress. 

The great thing about this is that you do not have to worry about writing it with the correct spelling or grammar, that is only for you to read and write on and it is only you who will decide if you want to throw it out later or save it for you to reflect on. 


2.) Get Frisky

a teacher trying to relax to reduce stress

Find an activity that you can see yourself indulging in such as running, swimming, biking, cleaning, coloring, or any kind of sport that will get you up on your feet.

Sometimes breaking your daily routine is a great way for you to find yourself at peace, or at least to take your mind off of the stressful things that you have to deal with in school.

Indulging yourself in vigorous physical activities will make you get more pumped, it can improve the sense of your well-being and definitely scratch out your foul mood by releasing your frustrations through working your body out and just letting yourself do what you want to do.

You can consider this as your stress-relieving exercise. 


3.) Listen to Music

listening to music to get relief from stress

One of my personal stress-relievers is listening to music. You can listen to any type as long as it suits your taste, but the best music to listen to when having a bad day is something that does not have any vocals; just simply an instrumental song.

Listening to music with headphones is a good way to relish yourself and provide the mental distraction that you need. Music is considered a calming agent that will be able to help us process our emotions and other problems without having to put much effort into it.  

You may not notice it when you casually listen to music but if you pay enough attention, your mind is soothed and you feel your muscles start to relax. 


4.) Socialize

a teacher hanging out with friends

Most of the time when you are stressed or irritable, you prefer being alone. Instead of isolating and dealing with the stress by yourself, you should come and interact with your friends or family.

Sometimes seeking comfort and sharing your problems with someone is more effective than trying so hard to relax by yourself. Socializing will provide the distraction you need from your problems and at the same time, it is a good way to make time for you and your friends/family to catch up.

You may be hesitant to seek help, but there is nothing more your family and friends want than you spending your time with them. 


5.) Take a nap

a teacher taking a nap

Sleeping is a good way to relieve stress because when you sleep, it helps reset your body and recharge your mind. It helps improve your mood, that is why if you find yourself getting irritated about any kind of work, sleeping is a better option than just letting the bad mood take over.

If you have had enough sleep, your energy level will drastically improve and it will help you concentrate more on your work and activities at school. 

Do not be accustomed to late-night sleep, or sleeping for only a few hours. Make sure you get enough sleep to avoid headaches.


6.) Keep yourself in good condition

a café with a "relax" sign by the window

There are many ways to relieve stress, some people intake excessive caffeine and nicotine in their system to cope up with stress. It may give temporary relief to you, but it is not a good stress-reliever on a daily basis.

As much as possible, avoid drinking too much coffee and try to stop smoking. Your top priority must always be your health, there is no point in relieving your stress by destroying your health.

Eat some fresh fruits and vegetables to flush out the toxins inside your body. Remember that if you have a healthy body, then you will feel healthy and it will quickly lighten up your mood.


7.) Laugh

teachers having fun by the beach

As the saying goes, laughter is the best medicine and it applies as a stress-reliever as well. Laughing is a good way to relieve yourself out of the negative thoughts and vibes, it helps loosen out the tension in your muscles and soothes your mind with positivity.

Watching a funny movie or hanging out with friends to have a good laugh are ways for you to find yourself laughing. 

We should not always focus on how to overcome our problems, sometimes it is better for us to leave it for a second and focus on making ourselves happy.


8.) Take a break


enjoying a quite time by the lake to reduce stress

Lastly, taking a break from our daily work is a way for us to relieve stress. Do not stress yourself by doing work if you are in a foul mood, it is better to take a breather before resuming your work. 

Take deep breaths and practice different breathing exercises to calm yourself. The purpose of taking deep breaths is to make your heartbeat slower that will make you feel at peace. 

And while you are at it, try to assert yourself. Discipline yourself by learning how to say no, there are times that you think that you have no choice but when in fact you do, you just have to discipline and make it a point that you do not have to do everything that is being asked of you. 



Make sure to find some time for yourself to relax, and do not focus on the task at hand if you feel unwell. It will not only have an effect on your health, but it will also reflect on the work you do. 

Not everything revolves around your work at school, keeping yourself in good condition is more important than anything. If you find yourself having trouble in school, do not hesitate to tell your teacher about your problem, and the same goes for teachers—do not hesitate to ask for a leave to compose yourself.