How to Create a Teacher Survival Kit & Which Items You Need Most

If a torch helps campers survive in the wild, a water bottle for racers, you should also know how to create a teacher survival kit. It pays to be prepared with things you might need out of the blue. Activities can quickly change and things to help you make everything out are lifesavers.

teacher survival kit

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How to Create a Teacher Survival Kit

1) Crackers & Salty Treats

Why salty treats? Busy people tend to crave salty snacks in the middle of tensity and comfort is what you need at times when you needed something to eat. In that case, it provides relief by taking advantage of salt-based food to munch.

An occasional salty snack is fine for most people. Salt enhances the taste of food making you feel satisfied longer. This includes better options like whole-wheat crackers, nuts, or popcorn. But although salt is an essential nutrient, don’t eat large amounts in one sitting.


2) Gummies & Chocolate

Did you know that chocolate and gummies can provide fun and energy while on the go? Gummies are made of gelatin, fruit juice, and sometimes honey while dark chocolate is rich in fiber and fat that helps keep you feeling full longer.

In the middle of a pile of work, a bite of a square of dark chocolate or gummies will power through whatever you need to finish. This works the same with students who feel bored or uninterested.


3) Instant Coffee & Organic Beverages

Your workability is significantly higher with coffee than without. Coffee can help make you feel active, and alert. Plus, coffee is an essential commodity that can improve or mask the taste of plain water making it taste good and fulfilling.

Fiber can make you full and a glass of healthy beverage like fruit juice will refresh you if you need to pull in extra work. Always go for a cup of healthier coffee or juice.

Juice, Carrot Juice, Smoothie, Carrot

4) Skin Care Essentials 

Obviously, your hands do all the things for you making them one of the first body areas that show signs of aging. The reason is they are normally taken for granted. With hand cream, you provide a way to repair and restore dry hands and help combat skin dehydration.

There are also times when you feel your lips have chapped or cracked, and they can be painful. Lip balms that are 100% friendly with n0 chemicals, petroleum, no gluten, or parabens are highly safe for you to use many times a day.


5) Antacid & Basic Medicines

You probably agree that there are times when you feel indigestion or heartburn from eating a heavy meal, certain foods, or drinking certain beverages, or you might have lied down for a nap after lunch.

Antacids neutralize the acid in your stomach. While you can always prevent or avoid taking antacids, there are times when you needed the aid of medicines to counteract or relieve pain in the middle of work. Antacids, in general, come in chewable form so they can just stay in your drawer.


6) Sewing & Manicure Sets

Not many classrooms have a ready needle and thread. When clothing, bag, curtain, or any garment gets torn or ripped, you can repair these small damages. While the main purpose of a manicure set is for trimming nails, a nail cutter, nail clipper, nail file, and a cuticle pusher are useful in pulling and picking small particles stuck in the nail, finger, and skin.

7) Umbrella and Raincoat

You don’t want to get soaking wet in the rain. A situation might call for an umbrella to transport either yourself or students from one room to another, or to the car. An umbrella is a best friend that shelters you from the sun’s ultraviolet rays.

Go for a large umbrella so it is ready to share with up to 2 people. Waterproof material will help you to stay dry. No matter how much snow, rain, or sunshine is outside, an umbrella or raincoat is your super protection from mother nature.


8) Double-Sided Heavy Duty Tape

This is today’s multifunctional tape that meets all your needs. You can stick almost anything where there is a smooth surface. It’s a transparent tape that is made from the latest acrylic-gel material – instantly bonds and no need for a curing or drying stage.

From posters and pictures, frames, wall stickers, hooks, decorations, phone holders, power sockets, desk organizers, and more both indoor and outdoor. The tape is also removable without leaving residue. Simply wash it with water and dry it to achieve full-strength stickiness when you need to reuse the tape.


9) A Small Toolkit

You need a set of pliers and screwdrivers having the Phillips’s head and the flathead to survive emergencies like adjusting the screws on the desk, unjamming a window or file cabinet, or quick repairs on small appliances, computers, and cell phone parts. Secure a clearance with the school administration first and ensure to keep the tools out of children’s reach.

Ball Point Pen, Sharp, Eraser, Ruler

10) Pens and Pencils

You should have a reliable pencil system in the classroom. At any time you run out of one, you will not be caught empty-handed. There are many types of pens and each of them has a special function. But you don’t need the fanciest ones, what you need are extra pieces that you can readily pull any time. Don’t forget gel pens!


11) All-Around Pencil Sharpener

If you’re an elementary school teacher, you know the need to sharpen pencils at any moment. There are even days you have to do the entire class’s pencils. Sometimes, that includes coloring pencils.

You need a good-working pencil sharpener that is color pencil compatible. Note that colored pencils are not at all similar to regular graphite pencils. Their core contains wax/oil, binders, and pigment compared to standard pencils that are made of rock. So you need to look for a specially-designed pencil sharpener for this purpose.


12) Glues Sticks & Adhesives

Adhesives are designed for many mending or sticking applications, but oftentimes quickly run out. Store glue sticks and PVA glue as they are most useful with complex art and design classroom activities, such as bonding cards, light wood construction, and textiles.

Stock up colored masking tapes or duct tapes. They are great not just for projects but for classroom activities, too. They also perform well in sealing, packing, marking lines, boundaries, and directional arrows. Most especially perfect in geometry and subjects that touch on visual concepts.


13) First Aid Kit

First aid allows you to assist students during an emergency. You have the option to provide a ready-to-use first aid kit or collect every essential supplies you believe are important like bandage strips and anti-itch ointments. Find a nice pouch, container, or backpack and store the supplies together. It makes you feel confident knowing you are equipped.


Watch this school safety video for school lockdown emergencies.


In Essence

A survival kit differs from teacher to teacher, but what’s inside it are items that you need but may not always have. Teachers have a way of taking ideas so you may think of what exactly meets your own needs.

The recommendations above combine classroom must-haves, self-care essentials, as well as treats for some days you would need them. This sort of preparedness can help turn good teachers into great teachers.

What about you? Do you have great tips on how to create a teacher survival kit? How nice if you could share them in the comments.