How To Create An Email Signature Using Google Docs: In 5 Easy Steps!

Do you want to learn how to create this gorgeous and professional-looking email signature? If you do, then keep on scrolling! 

How To Create An Email Signature Using Google Docs

The good news for you is that you can easily make this in just a few minutes and you only need one tool—Google Docs! 

Emails have been a significant part of the way we communicate in today’s time, and even though social media has mostly taken over our means of communication they’re still relevant now more than ever because almost half of the world’s population are active email users—3.9 Billion to be exact according to recent research by Radicati

And as a teacher, having a professional-looking email signature that stands as your identity information is essential. 

It lets your recipients know who you are and how they can connect with you because surprisingly Email signatures now can also contain links to your websites and socials which is quite beneficial for you if you have a business on the side or if you are trying to increase your social engagements.  

And the most important benefit of having a professional and perfect-looking email signature is that you are representing yourself in a positive manner even just through an email. It makes you stand out and more memorable. 

How To Create An Email Signature Using Google Docs: In 5 Easy Steps! 

Step 1: Gather essential elements

Before you go ahead and start creating your professional email signature in Google Docs, you first need to gather all the essential elements that you want to include in it. 

This could be your best-looking headshot, logo, social media icons, and any other elements that you want to include that are not in the form of texts. It’s up to you if you want to include or use your school’s logo, this is to strongly establish your presence in your email signature. 

If you want to use your headshot, try to choose a photo of you that looks professional and neat and something that will really stand out from all the blacks and whites. 

Also, try to remember that less is more and if you are to use colors, choose 2-3 complementing colors so that it will not look that overwhelming to the eyes of your recipients. 

Another thing that you have to take note of is the size of the elements that you are going to use on your email signature—make sure that they are size appropriate so that there will be a great text to image ratio for the whole entirety of your email. 

It’s best to size your headshot or logo at 2×2” (200x200pixels) and if you are going to include elements for your social media links or website size them at 0.5×0.5” (50x50pixels).

You can also optionally create a circle headshot or logo in Canva which is free to use. You can also get elements for your social media buttons in Canva for free. 

Step 2: Head on to your Google Account and open a new Google Doc

Now that you’ve gathered all the content you’ll need to create your very own email signature you can now head on to Google Docs and create a new file. 

If you’re in your Gmail account, just click on the Grid icon on the top right and click on Google Docs. 

This should direct you to your Google Docs page and from there you should be able to see a plus button on the right bottom of your screen > click on it and you’ll be able to create a new Google Doc.

Step 3: Create and design your email signature

Once you’re in the new Google Doc that you’ve created, click on “Insert” > then click on “Table” > select the “2×1” table.

And it should look something like this. A two-column and one-row table. 

You can drag down the edges of the table and you can also adjust the center line so that you can have a layout where you can add your headshot or logo on the left, and your important information on the right. And you’ll end up with something like this. 

After that click on the first column, and click on “Insert” > then click on “Image” > “Upload from computer”, this will be the time for you to add your profile image to your email signature.

Note: You can resize your image if it’s too large, you can do this by simply holding down the shift button while you drag the little blue corners of your image. This will make sure that your photo is proportioned and will not be awkwardly stretched. 

Your next step would be to add your name and information on the right-hand side column. Here you can also start to include your website and hyperlink your socials to the icons you want to link. You can hyperlink by clicking on the icon and then pressing CTRL key + K. 

It should look something like this. 

Just one final step, all you need to do is remove the line borders to give it the flawless look. You can do this by marking all the borders and setting the border size from 1 pt to 0pt and you should be left with something like this. 

And there you have it! You can play around with the design and the fonts you want your email signature to have. Just make sure that it looks neat and very presentable when you send out your email. 

Step 4: Add your email signature to your Gmail Account

Now for the fourth step, you will now need to add your newly made email signature to your Gmail account. To do this, go to the email signature you made and copy it all.

Then head on to your Gmail account and click on the “Gear Icon” > and then you’re gonna want to scroll all the way down to the “Signature” section > then proceed to create a new one and simply paste your newly made email signature there > then finally click on save!

Step 5: Give it a dry run

And just like that, you have your very own sophisticated-looking email signature! Now every time that you’ll be composing an email it will automatically be there. And all the links that you’ve hyperlinked into your email signature will be clickable.

Try sending an email to yourself and see how your email looks when sent. This will give you an idea if you have to adjust or tinker with it to make your custom email signature look even more perfect.

This will help your recipients to reach you more easily and more conveniently. With just one easy click they’ll be able to view your website and go to your socials. 

And that’s how you can make the perfect email signature to step up your email game and connect more with the people you want to connect with you!

And finally, a little friendly tip! You can actually switch it up from time to time. Let’s say Christmas is just around the corner, you can customize your profile image and add a little bit of the Christmas spirit to it. 

And you can do this for other holidays as well! Now go forth and send your emails with more confidence than before.

To sum it up, 

So you see, it’s very easy to create your very own professional-looking email signature that will surely leave a good impression on your recipient, whether it is your colleagues, a parent, the school admin, a business prospect, or even your students. 

They will surely think highly of you and you’ll be able to expand your networks wider by linking your website and social media account as well, which is very timely in today’s digitized realm of communication that we use on a daily basis.

I hope this little tutorial of mine was able to give you a little nudge and convince you to start making your own gorgeous-looking email signature that will impress and express your personality and even your brand even through the blacks and whites of emails! 

Until our next one, sending good vibes!