How to Repurpose an Old Rug If You Don’t Want to Donate It

Trying to be more conscious about giving away old rugs is wonderful. However, some olden carpets that have become overworn could end up offering issues rather than being useful. So, now that you know this, the next question is – how to repurpose an old rug and make the most out of it.

cat on a rugWithout a doubt, your rugs have been there for you for some time making your life easier. From warmth, comfort, and comeliness to alleviating the physical strain caused by walking or standing on hard floors when you go barefoot, they contributed to the relaxed atmosphere that you enjoyed.

Old rugs that are not incredibly large can easily be moved anywhere in your home like the kitchen, laundry area, or garage. But for a huge one, it can be heavy to handle so you need to think of ways to make it useful. Whatever your goal is, repurposing an old rug is a great way to help reduce environmental impact.


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Why should you recycle?

As we said earlier, reutilizing the rug and carpet cut the impact in the surrounding by lessening the load in landfills. A big percentage of materials used in rugs are synthetic which when slowly degrading also leaks dangerous chemicals into the ground.

Throwing rugs and carpets every year adds up to the number of negative side effects the earth is facing today. Even when rugs are incinerated, they still release harmful pollutants like lead, mercury, and dioxin. This process also sends a damaging effect on the residents of the neighborhood where incinerators are located.

Thanks to your decision to repurpose, you help save Mother Nature. It may surprise you to discover a lot of different ways you can repurpose your rug at home or in the classroom.

How to Repurpose an Old Rug

1) Hang it on your Wall

brown themed living room

Simply hang it on a bare space or wall. A colored or patterned rug certainly can alleviate the feel of your space. You might also want to create a display outside your house to cover up the garage wall, as a hanging rug on a treehouse, or turn it into a tapestry. Don’t worry if the rug has a stain on it, you can patch it up with matching fabric and your rug will look unique.

2) Use it as a furniture covering

Bench, Seat, Rug, Wooden, Colorful, Books, Flowers

Cover the rug material art over furniture. This is particularly helpful in giving life to a wooden bench in the garden or furniture outdoors. This trick is also useful for protecting your stuff from dust to covering the surface of your workbench to prevent small items from rolling away. Placing an old rug underneath also keeps your tools from breaking.

3) To Redefine an old chair

Vintage, Chair, Furniture, Classic, Style, Seat, Retro

Pick a chair in your living area that needs to be redefined and reupholster it using your old rug. You’re hitting two birds in one stone by creating a new look chair and getting it for free. There are DIY tools to help you do the chair. Whether it’s a neutrally-colored rug or something with a vibrant motif, it will create a focal point in your receiving room.

4) As charming table runners

clear wine glasses

Yes, you can make table runners out of your old rug. Decorating like this has been a practice for centuries for its royalty appeal and class. To me, the effect is extraordinary and it’s extremely charming. It can bring a smile to everyone’s face. Just as table runners help improve the ambiance of your table, I find them terrific on a backyard table. Restaurant owners would be in love with this idea.

5) As children’s individual poufs

children sitting and relaxing on a rug

Why not turn the rug into smaller versions and give each child their individual sit-on piece? If it has illustrations of letters, numbers, animals, flowers, trees, or shapes; cut them up accordingly. This is a perfect idea for a bath rug, too. Such a novel way to make an old rug useful for both young and adults. I can see the fun in the faces of the children!

Important: When cutting rugs, the unfinished or open cuts on the edge can be a safety hazard for tripping or can cause the rug to unravel. Bring it to a carpet professional for fixing.

6) Turn It Into Coverlets

old rugs

Fluffy, thin, or flowy rugs still create ideal coverlets. You can spread them in your living room area for an extra layer of warmth or decoration. If you love sewing or easy craft ideas, then you might like to connect and design pretty rag rugs for the home. Repurposing an old rug is the best way to create a collection of coverlets if you don’t have sewing skills.

7) As Dog and Kitty Mats

Cat, Dream, Quiet Hours, Sleep, Day, Sunny, Shadow, MatI do believe pets deserve the best, so include them as among your old rug’s beneficiaries. It saves you money and effort in finding the best comforter for your dog or cat. They will love to get their own specially-sized mats just for them. Even leftover portions can create comfort in a kernel. Don’t you think your pet also has the privilege to live in luxury?

8) Create uniform doormats

If you have a really large rug, great! Turn it into doormats. You will love to see a uniform foot rug all over your place. Lay down the rug on the floor and cut following the marking line you have drawn. Use a carpet knife or cutter for a thick rug. If the rug is thin, you may easily cut it with shears.

Important: The unfinished or open cuts on the edge of the rug can be a safety hazard for tripping or can cause the rug to unravel. Bring it to a carpet professional for fixing.

9) A rag for your trunk

White Asus Laptop on Gray Car Seat

Not only an old rag is useful in catching dirt but in helping protect your trunk from damage. You can take the rug out and shake the dirt off. Thanks to your old rug, you can carpet all the floors inside your car and enjoy its many benefits. An old rug also makes an excellent weather mat to keep under your feet during the rainy season.

10) As mat or holder cut-outs

white and multicolored home decor lot

Rugs typically are wonderfully designed that you can form into holder cutouts. You can use them as beermats, coasters, pot holders, table decorative pieces, cosmetics mats, or even mousepads. Rug coasters can flawlessly stop hot drinks from burning the table surface. It is very entertaining. This I think is the easiest and highly functional way to create a holder collection.

11) Design tote bags

black white and red textile

Figure out if your old rug has the flowiness suitable for a bag. Form a rectangle, sew up the sides and attach anything you can think of for the straps. A rope, a few braided Rafia rolls, large ribbons, cut-out linen, or an old strap of a bag will do.  The result is actually a cool-looking tote bag that you can use for shopping, errand, or casual event in school. Promise, it’s quick, easy, and a lot of fun!


Be Inspired!

There surely are other brilliant ways you can do with old rugs. Any idea you have should go. It’s your rug, it’s your style, show it off, and be proud of your masterpieces. Take a look at rugs lying in just one corner of your house. Get them out, include everyone and start repurposing.

If you don’t have the time to do any of the above and your rug isn’t that presentable enough to give to a friend, find a recycling entity. There should be one facility in your area that focuses on sustainable solutions. Remember the estimated 5 billion pounds of old carpet and rugs that go to waste and landfills.

As a teacher, you have the power to help save the earth.

Do you have other suggestions about repurposing old rugs? Share them with us in the comment. Even a single idea is worth saving our environment.