How to Surround Yourself with Happy People? 7 Best Tips

Others appear to have a much easier time coping with the stresses of daily life, while others appear to be always searching for happiness. Are you a happy person? Since when have you given any regard to your persona?

Facing each new day means facing another bundle of joy and sadness. When you experience the latter, it’s a big help when you’re surrounded by people who can lift you up and ease your emotional burden.

Now, take a look around you. Are you surrounded by happy people?

How to surround yourself with happy people?

You can decide with whom to share your life’s struggles and happiness. Practically, it’s your prerogative to choose your friends. It’s your personal preference.

However, being with happy people can make a big difference. They help you refine your thinking rather than be with negative ones. They can change your mindset into negative ones because it’s what they ultimately have. They do good things for themselves as they never fail to do the same for others.

Happy people bring optimism and positivity. Their positive outlook in life can influence you, encourage you, and help you grow.

Essentially, they build you up by celebrating your strengths and appreciating your weaknesses.  Hence, it’s important to surround yourself with happy people. Their motivation is innate and genuine.

being with happy people

Why should we be with happy people?

Unhappy people can drain your energy and they amplify low self-image. On the other hand, happy people can spread happiness everywhere.  The happy people I call for in this article can be you and me.

Being happy is good for our health. And happy people are a perfect motivation to make us happy too. That is why each one of us should make a conscious endeavor to be drawn near happy people.

“Surround yourself with positive people and you’ll be a positive person.” -Kellie Pickler

Draw yourself near to people with uplifting spirits and a happy mind. They are those who can help you learn to be at your best without ignoring your mistakes.

Humans as we are, we are all capable of interacting with people. It’s one of the best gifts we have. Therefore, we have to make the best of this gift and communicate with others, especially with happy people.


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How to Surround Yourself with Happy People?

Get extra motivation from happy people because they have limitless power of optimism. 

For you to be surrounded by happy people you have to adopt the following habits of happy people. Positive energy attracts vitality and happiness.

Being around with individuals who know how to elevate their own moods may have a positive effect on yours, too.  This is a great way to improve our mindset.

1. Have a positive mindset

Don’t get easily discouraged by setbacks and failures. Having a positive mindset is the greatest flavor of happiness. It’s irrefutable.

You can change your perspectives if you let positive thinking maneuver your thoughts and actions. Thinking positively leads you to act positively.

You will be more certain of what you really want if you have a positive mindset. Furthermore, it gets you near to happy people.

I remember attending a seminar where I met new faces and acquaintances. I had mixed emotions as I entered the hall. But when I looked towards my right, I saw a woman smiling at me and greeting me vibrantly.

Naturally, I felt a good energy. Quite simply, I sat beside her and asked her name. Then, the happy conversation began.

As the seminar ended, we still had time to talk and she never failed to share inspiring words of wisdom. I have confirmed. She’s a happy person.

What made me decide to sit with her and be with her the entire period of the training? It’s because she talked positively and she’s happy. It made me happy too. Her smile told me that she had a positive attitude and I wasn’t wrong about my impression.

2. Stay happy

To surround yourself with happy people, you should be a happy person yourself. No one likes to get near you if you always frown and make negative emotions very transparent on your bearing.

Being happy doesn’t mean evading all problems in life. It’s a positive energy that you own so you become stronger that enables you to see the positive side of difficulties.

The good news is everyone can own happiness. If you do, then you have this universal quality. When you’re happy, the positive energy radiates from your personality and attracts equally happy people too.

Happy people see every day as a good day. Healthy conversations emanate from their thoughts and dialogues. Hence, when you are surrounded by them, you’ll find yourself feeling the same way too. You can easily embrace their nature if you’re a happy person too.

Stay happy. It’s always possible.

3. Believe in yourself

One of the secrets to happiness is believing in yourself and boosting your capacity. Plainly, you can’t be happy with a low self-image. Believe that you are good enough. Be confident.

Personal efficacy brings happiness and exudes gladness to others as well. If you believe you can be happy then you might as well show it.

A strong belief in your ability to do things is of paramount strength of your will. Moreover, believing in yourself has a great impact on your pursuit of real happiness.

Furthermore, your strong conviction about yourself and what you can do can help you acknowledge the goodness in people as well. There are people who are enablers and believe in your capacities and worth.

For them, you matter and your existence is felt. They are the happiest people whom you must go with.

4. Be friendly

Are happy people friendly? Experience-wise, my answer is yes. Happy people often greet others and strangers alike with a delightful smile.

To get yourself surrounded by happy people, first and foremost, you have to be friendly and get excited to deal with new acquaintances.

Wearing your beautiful smile makes you appear happy and approachable. Your smile makes others feel that you are open to a conversation and are willing to share your words.

In an effort to make friends and share wonderful thoughts of positivism, happy people are remarkably amiable. They value your worth and talents but also respect your imperfections because they themselves recognize their flaws.

Becoming a friendlier person can bring you happiness and can make you win more friends. As you perceive the importance of others and respect their opinion, you are dealing with them in a friendly way.

5. Recognize your imperfections

Your flaws and failures make you a unique person. Hence, recognizing your imperfections can make you a better person.

Happy people aren’t expecting you to be perfect. They don’t demand perfection. For them, a flawless life is flat and sad. These are people who really find true happiness in overcoming great difficulties in life.

In reality, our life is full of imperfections. So when you begin with an honest appreciation of others’ flaws because it can bloom into happy countenances. It’s contagious. Yes, happiness is catching.

Learn to appreciate your failures and never criticize your imperfections. And, you will do the same with others too. This is a great habit of happy people.

6. Learn how to deal with stress

There are several ways to cope with difficult days and tough situations. There’s nothing wrong with taking motivation from others. You never know what they’ll come up with.

It’s much better if you have the opportunity to be in a group of people who are capable of lifting up their spirits so you can learn from them. You may find that their late-night strolls or trips to the library become your new favorite stress-relieving pastime.

7. Always have a choice to be happy

Let’s hang out with happy people. Let’s be influenced by their positive aura. They are better off than disconsolate ones.

In the same way, if you’re a teacher like me, let’s become happy teachers so our students are surrounded by happy people.  We can be the happy people that our young learners need.

I know that happiness is always an elusive goal, but we always have a choice to be happy and enjoy a better living.

Intentionally surrounding ourselves with individuals who can positively impact their lives and the lives of those around them is worth the effort. These kinds of people always give us the choice to be happy.

Influence of a Happy Teacher

happy teachers create happy students

Happy teachers produce happy students and create a happy learning environment. Infusing happiness in the school, specifically in the classroom, can have a lasting impact on students’ behavior, student learning, and well-being.

Happy teachers establish healthy communication and interaction. Making the classroom a safe learning environment is one of the goals of healthy and happy teachers.

In essence, great teachers are happy teachers. They love their passion with dedication and commitment. They don’t only aim to have their students attain good grades, but they also heighten their students’ positive outlook in life to learn life skills and become successful in the future.

If you are a teacher like me, you should try to be a happy person. Remember, as teachers, we are great influencers in the world. Hence, through our good examples, we can positively impact our students so they boost their self-esteem and become successful.


Our pursuit of happiness is more worthwhile if we are accompanied by happy people. Hanging out with happy people can make us happier. Their positive energy tends to change our negative outlook and fill our hearts and minds with happy emotions.

With life’s intricacies, you need people who push you beyond your limits and become the best version of yourself. Fortunately, these people are just around you. You just need to recognize their brilliance in making others happy.

Now, if you possess the qualities of happy people mentioned above then, you are a happy person yourself. And you should spread your influence whether at home or at work.

I know that you want to be a happy person. And so am I.  And what makes people happy? How to surround yourself with happy people? Feel free to express your happy thoughts below.