10 Remarkable Ways of How to Teach from the Heart

“That one look, makes me ponder. “Thank you, teacher, for teaching me,” one of my needy students remarked. I was curious about its depth. Was that how far my power of influence had gone for my students?

happy teacher with a happy studentI got curious about what I brought to the classroom. I was conscious of how I dealt with my students.

“What does she mean by that?” Likewise, it makes me think and ponder every time I remember the lines.

I am just a human being with hopes and dreams. I’m just like anybody else. However, I am certain that my decisions matter. My efforts are highly valued. I just wanted to make sure that my actions would leave traces of which path I chose.


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Teach from the Heart

It begins with a simple introduction of the concept which arouses the curiosity of my learners. Then, I am glad that they will take it because they know that it’s from the heart. Yes, I help my students learn. I am sincere when I say it because it’s from the bottom of my heart. Would you like to know how to teach from the heart?

Illustrated by my good examples, my students are confident that I am always doing my best to be an effective teacher. I believe that I have a long-lasting influence on the lives of my students and I consider that as a wonderful opportunity to change lives.

Expand Personal and Professional Growth

At the same time, lesson delivery needs great skill and ability. I expand both my personal and professional growth to cope with the changes in the curriculum and in the educational system as well. I should grow or else my students will never grow too.

It would be very selfish if I would do the same thing and the same procedures as that last year. Remember, in the teaching profession, every day is a new day. Tomorrow is another day as they say. Every day is a new learning opportunity for both students and teachers.


We may recycle charts, educational toys, maps, and other manipulative learning materials but we can’t just copy and paste our learning tasks.  Is this happening to you? Remember, teachers are among the creative creations of God. Anyway, if what you are doing is from the heart, then things will fall into place as you want them.

Make a Difference

As a teacher, I have the opportunity to change lives. I hold on to this meaningful motive and continue to make a difference in the lives of my students. I inspire. I am committed to the ideals of the teaching profession. Below is a look at certain ways that make a teacher teach from the heart.

10 Remarkable Ways of How to Teach from the Heart

1. Establish a good relationship with your learners

Catch them when they fall “, was the meaningful advice given to me by my adviser in high school. It’s actually a bit of sound advice for me. Seemingly, I am taking it seriously.

 With my earnest point of view and practice, I incorporate fun and excitement in my class. The use of games and grouping activities really counts. I touch their experiences gently as I go along. I ask them questions that are relevant to their interests. In doing so, I feel that I have gone the extra mile of reaching out to them.  When I do it, I can sense that I am developing a good relationship with them.

I will do my best to unlock their fullest potential in a subtle manner. Beginning on the first day of the school year, I aim to make a good start to develop a positive and respectful relationship with my students. I begin by memorizing their names. It’s time-consuming but it’s worth it because you will gain their trust and confidence.

No matter how hard it is, I feel the need to do it because it will make them feel really special.  Furthermore, the getting-to-know phase in the first few weeks of the school year should be made really personal and interactive. As I take a glimpse of their likes and dislikes, perhaps, a wonderful beginning is achieved.

As a teacher, I am in charge of making my classroom an attractive environment for the learners. It is the best place to shape lives and inspire young people to maximize their fullest potentials. I will do my best to make connections. Thus, I need to learn how to connect with them to ignite interest.

Initially, you get to know them first. Individual differences should not hamper your goal to deliver quality learning. It will be easy on your part to apply the most appropriate strategy that will arouse their inner drive to learn. They have to be involved in your plans.

On my end, as a teacher, during the planning stage, I will consider how they would react to new phenomena. I have to guide each child with every step of a lesson.  Asking learners how they are will make a difference. Reassuring that they are under my care no matter what will flourish their confidence.

2. Acknowledge the learners’ needs

As a teacher, I always keep in mind that there is a reason for every learner’s unique behavior whether good or bad. I am a busy person. I admit. I have my own world of challenges and difficulties. However, I am driven by the strong impact teaching has on me. It’s my deep-seated passion.

 I always find time to get to know my learners. I assess their needs and even their strengths and weaknesses. I call them by their first names and they love it. It makes them feel that they are special. When they share their problems, I feel very lucky because my students trust me. It’s an affirmation that I am indeed developing a good relationship with them.

 Acknowledging that learners have needs makes me strive harder to do the best I can to help them in every way. The best way to do it is to never stop because teaching is never-ending. It’s endless. A simple act of saying “How are you?” is profound and life-altering.

3. Teach for the heart and from the heart

With meaningful connections in the classroom, a teacher like me is confident that my presence matters a lot to each of my students. I am here to give out and boost confidence. My diligence and passion are my best armors to get on the rocky shores. I teach with love for the heart –  for the learners.

I love seeing my students work in groups and trying new things out. Their collaborative efforts emphasize the concept that they are the heart of the teaching-learning process. That is why I said, “teach for the heart and from the heart”.

On top of classroom instruction, I always consider the strengths and weaknesses of my students. Will this work or not? Will I continue with this strategy and that? Will this activity bring positive results? Will this task make me record high scores?

Remember, as we stand in front of the class, we are not there to impress them with our high-sounding words. Take the time to figure out what to say. The more personal, the more informal the conversation is the better. Make a stand of having your students understand and translate the skills effectively.

4. Love the teaching profession

Dealing with children will make you look younger. Yes, this is very true based on my experience. When a former student saw me after a couple of years, she openly said, “Teacher, you are amazing. You never get old. You still look as young as you were before. Being with you as my teacher was just like yesterday”.

Well, the secret is I love what I am doing.  Being with my students isn’t against my will. I value their worth more than they value me as their teacher. I am in school every day intending to promote positive results no matter what. Things may not always turn out to be perfect but there is always room for improvement. My great optimism is my driving force so I can leave a long-lasting influence on their lives.

I do have struggling students in my class. That’s a natural thing. It’s just a matter of acceptance that no two individuals are the same. That, even identical twins, have an equal share of differences. How much more in a class with different personalities?

Some students are outright belligerent. Well, then, a great teacher never runs out of the best strategies to handle such a learner. There is always a reason behind an unreasonable personality. It should not be a reason to give up and never be a failure in your own classroom. You are the captain of the ship, so you definitely know the course you are tracking.

Each one is different from the other. They have their own skills and abilities. Well, then, have you considered checking what type of learner each one is? Some can learn best through tangible schemes and others may be at their best when they see the materials. Make the best effort and it is really worth their while. Let them feel that they are valued learners and not just mere spectators.

5. Keep ah-ha moments really memorable

Your students will always remember you. Even your hairstyle will linger in their memory. Just imagine, you will be with them for the whole school year and they are seeing you every day. This should never let you frown. This should never discourage you. You must look forward to teaching and creating wonderful memories.

When my learners can figure out the answers from defining what a sentence is to constructing their own grammatically correct sentences it means a lot to me. I always introduce to them the value of autonomy. These young people should be taught how to manage their own learning. They have to be guided very well to recognize their abilities.

Recognize their efforts no matter how small. Give value to their simple participation and it will encourage them to excel more next time. As you help them get through difficult times, expect that your simple actions have a profound meaning in their hearts.

Did you notice? When classes end, tears fall. Thank you letters will have their spots, on your desk.  Bouquets of flowers suddenly appear from behind.

6. Be likable

For one thing, students learn their best if they like you. So, make them like you. Update your style, do research, and always have a positive outlook. Never expect to have a perfect setup and a pristine classroom. This concept will never give you a hard time getting through with the learners.  Every day in class is never scripted.

I always care if my students succeed or fail. I bear in mind that teaching is not about me. Thus, being sensitive to their needs is a must. I offer them a high level of understanding. I give them genuine care. If one is not around and not an excuse letter arrives on my desk, it bothers me.

When a student approached me because he wanted to drop because of certain reasons, it worried me. This is a simple display of concern that will bring light to their faces. No matter how rough teaching may get, never give up on your students. Take it from me. I am just an ordinary teacher but my extraordinary ways of reaching out to my students are never forgotten.

7. Establish a daily schedule

Setting up a daily schedule can help you become so organized. This routine can benefit your students first and foremost aside from the less stressful scenario.

Ultimately, preparing a daily schedule is one of the best habits of successful teachers. And there’s no reason why we can’t practice it. When you put in a schedule, your students acknowledge the classroom routines that will serve as their guides in what to do even without your supervision.

Students understand what is expected of them and how to perform particular tasks when daily schedules and routines are properly introduced and established in the classroom.

Moreover, you can spend more meaningful time with your students when a daily schedule is in place.

8. Show empathy

Are you empathetic?

Empathy is a valuable attribute to possess and cultivate in ourselves and our students. Putting oneself in someone else’s shoes and seeing things from their point of view can have a significant impact on our judgments and actions which make us really teach from the heart!

Are you willing to love your students? Are you willing to give your full support? If the answer is a resounding “YES”, then, kudos! Embrace them with all your heart. The quality of love you give should be equal to all. It should be the same love and support for fast learners, average, and slow.

In my class, I am open to small group discussions or a think-pair-share strategy. I let them share ideas. I make them feel that they have to speak up and interact with their peers. I always welcome open interaction and I am always mindful of what facilitating strategies to use. Cater to them all and don’t be selective.

9. Instill the value of honesty

My students are always reminded to be honest because they need to embrace their failures, too. This will make them realize that nobody is perfect and that no one should discriminate any one’s failure. These students should learn how to grow from their failures and should never be afraid of failure.

Some students are anxious if they are called in a class recitation when they can’t answer. Remember? Catch them when they fall! This will strengthen the bond between you and your students.

In a similar manner, you should show encouragement to those who are needy and are afraid to try. Let them feel that you are connected to them as their second parents.  As you can see, there is so much growth inside and outside the classroom.

10. Be more compassionate

Reach out to your students with compassion!

Teaching is a profoundly humanistic vocation, and compassion is the highest level of understanding and demonstrating concern for others.

Demonstrating such a quality to your students through your actions will make them more motivated to learn about the world around them.

Also, a passionate teacher is a passionate soul who looks after and leads all students with honesty. Thus, if you firmly believe in the concept of educational ethics, you can foster a compassionate culture in the classroom.

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Briefly to Conclude

Do you know why I have made this far in my teaching career? It’s because I continue holding on to the heart of the teaching life. I will never cease. For me, it really matters to teach from the heart. In particular, this idea empowers me to reach out to the next generation.

I am inspired by this verse from the bible:1 Samuel 16:7: But the LORD said to Samuel, “Do not consider his appearance or his height, for I have rejected him. The LORD does not look at the things people look at. People look at the outward appearance, but the LORD looks at the heart.” Fellow teachers, how is your teaching? Is it personal? Do you think it ends in a day?

Are you willing to deepen your heart for the teaching profession? Your answer will have an impact on the whole scenario of teaching life.