5 Clever Ways on How to Use Bluetooth in the Classroom

Ever wondered how to use Bluetooth in the classroom effectively? 

The way of teaching in this generation is completely different compared to how it was done back then. In today’s time, we heavily rely more on the usage of technology, but that’s not a bad thing. 

In fact, it’s actually so good that it paved the way for education to get to levels that no one could have ever imagined before. 

how to use Bluetooth in the classroom

One of the effective and most used features of technology is the Bluetooth function that almost every gadget features, and it is quite useful in many ways that are also particularly helpful for teachers especially in the classroom. 

And today, we’re going over some ways teachers can use this technology to their advantage.


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Why You Should Use Bluetooth Inside The Classroom

Bluetooth is a short-range interconnection that wirelessly connects different gadgets such as smartphones, laptops, and other electronic devices. It is mostly used as a medium for digital files and media to be shared from one person to another, however, there are now devices that use Bluetooth as a way to convey learning in the classroom more efficiently.

Even though there are more technology features other than Bluetooth, it is still one of the best features that can be used inside the classroom. It connects various electronic devices wirelessly; it enables us to utilize gadgets and incorporate their usage in our day-to-day life interactions.

Benefits of Bluetooth in the classroom

5 Brilliant Ways On How To Use Bluetooth In The Classroom

1. Display Any Presentation, Video, and Image

One of the greatest uses of the Bluetooth function inside the classroom is connecting your device to a projector to display any presentations, videos, or images for the whole class to see. 

This is a great alternative for whiteboards and blackboards, there is no need to spend whiteboard inks and chalks, just simply create a presentation for the lesson and project it to the class. 

It is more convenient and less time-consuming to use a projector, this will allow teachers to freely walk around the room instead of staying in one place—thus, establishing a deeper interaction with students.

2. Share Files and Other Media

As stated before, it can also be used to share files and other media inside the classroom

Teachers can send students soft copies of the lessons that they have tackled already with the use of Bluetooth, and it will allow the students to share their insights and learnings with one another in order for them to understand and delve deeper into the lessons. 

3. Stream Audio Wirelessly

Teachers can also take advantage of using Bluetooth speakers that they can connect to wirelessly stream audio or audiobooks so that the whole class can hear, this can also give teachers a break from using a loud voice when explaining something to the class. 

Using Bluetooth speakers is beneficial for high noise ambiance classrooms and works well if you want to deliver your lesson with the use of audio recording or audiobooks.

Teachers can also use Bluetooth to turn their phone into a microphone or megaphone, yes! It’s true. With the help of a Bluetooth speaker and a microphone App, you can download from the Apps Store and Google Play Store

There can be some options within the App where you can choose what kind of room you want the mic app to produce, this can be for a small room a wide room or so. You can also control the volume as well. (You can use it for Karaoke too!)

This is a great way for you to maximize the use of Bluetooth for both your phone and Bluetooth speaker as well. 

4. Remote Access

Remote Access is also made possible with the use of Bluetooth. Teachers will be able to closely monitor what’s happening across all devices without having to physically be over the shoulder of each and every student. 

They can check what apps students are using and if any device is running when it should not be. Convenience is what Bluetooth offers for our educators to do their jobs in a much comfortable and easy way. 

5. Stay Connected

Staying Connected teachers can also use Bluetooth to keep all their devices connected for easy transferring of files they want to open on a certain device. This also saves time and effort of using USB drives just to get one file from one device to the other.  

Significantly, the convenience Bluetooth offers to its users includes practical ways on how they can keep in touch and share important files with others. It’s non-hassle, very favorable, and timely.


The use of Bluetooth establishes a close relationship between teachers and students, because not only do they interact with each other face-to-face but they also engage through technology.

Remember that technology is created in order to help us with our daily tasks, but it also helps by bringing us closer to one another through wireless communication. 

Teachers should not be skeptical about using technology inside the classroom for the reason being that is the new normal. You don’t really have to be tech-savvy in order to use Bluetooth it’s actually as simple as it can be.

We need to maximize and engage more in the usage of technology since it is rapidly advancing and we should make it a point that it will be a huge asset in teaching the new generation.

The benefits of Bluetooth are truly undeniable. Have you tried using Bluetooth for your classroom? How was it and how did you use it? 

Let us know your thought and suggestions down below. We’d love to hear from you!