7 Best Ways on How to Write a Teacher Mission Statement

Over lunch with a friend, I was asked about “the secret of your obviously happy and satisfying job”. I responded,  “One secret to a happy and satisfying job is my desire to teach. It’s lasting. It’s my passion. I teach  to inspire and to touch lives!”

I know it’s about time to tell the world how proud I am as a teacher.

writing a mission statement

I put it simply. “I chose the best profession and I am committed to living by its high ideals”.  This made me not roll my eyes in frustration because I just love what I have been doing, what I am doing, and what I will continue doing in the name of the teaching profession. I will continue with my journey as an educator of a diverse world.


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Our deep interest in teaching should be one of our motivations. This should be clearly stated in our personal missions. Hence, may I ask: What is your mission as a teacher? Have you considered ways on how to write a teacher mission statement? Does it include your objective of making your students know that you care about them?

I would often look at myself in the mirror and ask, ”Am I that passionate for my students? Why am I still teaching? Why am I staying in this profession knowing its great challenges?  What’s my focus? What is my mission as a teacher?

What is a mission statement?

Generally, in the business world, a mission statement is a concise description that articulates a company or a person’s purpose. It is a short description telling us why a company or an organization exists.  However, it’s a lot different when we talk about our mission statement as teachers.

On an honest note, have you ever created your mission statement?  Do you have it on your table in your classroom or maybe place it neatly in a frame and display it in your classroom?

So why is it that most of us often fill our dialogue with fillers when we are asked about our mission statement? They are the eh, hmm, yay! What does this mean? Why do most of us fumble for words if ever we are asked about our mission statement? Perhaps we should create our teacher mission statement right now!

What’s the difference between a mission and a vision?

In our workplace, we are guided accordingly by our school’s mission and vision. It’s notably important in maintaining the good standards of the school in the name of providing high-quality education to its clientele.  If seriously followed, we can say that our school has been implementing educational programs successfully.

That is why as teachers, as a way of supporting our school’s vision, we should also personally provide ourselves a teacher mission statement to give us a sense of clarity and direction.

To properly craft our mission statement as teachers, we need to know exactly how vision and mission differ. A mission statement focuses on the present situation; hence, it isn’t broad but its quality is long-term and of great importance. It basically answers the question “who are we and what are we for?”.

On the other hand, a vision statement is broad and often discusses or describes future plans and long-term goals of an organization or company.

Why should we make our mission statement as teachers?

Day in and day out, many things happen in the classroom and in the workplace as a whole. Some of these happenings inspire us while others annoy us. Well, it’s a natural thing. We are humans after all. But, as teachers, we always strive to become better humans.

Hence, we should not be distracted or discouraged from an unpleasant scenario.  We should be standing on solid ground! We need something to inspire us. Yes, ultimately, our students are our best sources of inspiration, but we need that statement to keep the fire burning!

Try to re-evaluate your goals as a teacher

What is your goal as a teacher? This was the title of the essay I was asked to write about when I formally applied for a teaching position in a private school.  Even though I had not experienced yet the roles of a teacher, I was sure that I was able to state my goal and explicitly for I got an A in my essay.

Defining your own teaching goals will help you decide what roles you want to portray in the classroom. Will you be a mere dispenser of knowledge?  Or will you be a facilitator of learning who aims for the intellectual and personal development of the students?

Our goals as teachers will help define our mission statement. We need to re-evaluate our goals from time to time to make sure that we still have the efforts and enthusiasm of a great teacher.

Some of us often define teaching as a mission. Then, let’s hop in and start right from there!

Let’s admit it. Situations in the classroom are often very overwhelming and dealing with a lot of personalities can become so challenging. Things may suffocate us. However, we still found ourselves passionately teaching.  We are still doing our best to affirm our goals and motivations as teachers.

Most importantly, we are still in a way of creating a meaningful impact on our student’s life! Our energy and our professional pursuits never falter despite all the challenges in teaching life.

Teaching as a mission

Let’s get closer to our goal for today. As I aim to collaborate with you in terms of crafting our mission statements, let’s unravel first the path of teaching as a mission.

What do you think brings you and me together in the teaching world? It’s our passion call! And so, we stay committed and dedicated teachers because it’s our mission! Teaching is a mission!

Yes, we are on a mission to teach! But, what’s your answer when you are thrown with the question “Why do you teach?” Tell me. What’s your answer? Perhaps, you will say, “because it’s the only job I have” or maybe you will say “because it’s my responsibility to teach and I’m paid for it”.

Well, we should change our perspectives before it’s too late. We are in the teaching profession, not by chance. We have sought this profession with ardor and diligence. Let’s never settle for less!

I can say I am here for a mission and it sounds better! Teaching is more than a job for me.  Or maybe we can shout to the world that I am a mission-oriented educator. That is why I am still here!

As we gain trust for our teaching excellence, we need a clear mission statement for our teaching plans and for establishing goals for student achievement. By refining our instructional efforts, we are turning our mission into reality.

In this context, let me share with you the delightful ways on how to write a teacher mission statement. There could be no particular format for writing our personal mission statement as teachers, but perhaps these simple guidelines may help and make sense.

7 Delightful Ways on How to Write a Teacher Mission Statement

1. Our teacher mission statement should be realistic

How do you help students learn a complex task and help them become engaged learners? If we include this in our mission statement, then our actions ensure helping children improve their performance. Today, when I tried to re-evaluate my personal mission statement as a teacher, I was reminded why I chose to become a teacher!

On a personal thread, I can’t maintain focus if my goals are unattainable and unrealistic.  Our mission statement should go beyond the ‘why’ in teaching.

It should tell how are we going to instill positive values in our students. What are our ways of keeping the best influence? How do we motivate our students to love learning? How to be truly impactful to the students? What are you going to accomplish? How do you inspire your learners?

Improving my student’s performance has been one of my goals every year. It gives me a sense of fulfillment when I see my students develop a great love for learning. It clearly speaks of my effectiveness as a teacher. That is why I really find it necessary to craft our teacher mission statement to keep us on the right track.

My teaching career has always been as exciting as the years go by. I never thought of quitting. My mission statement always reinforces my will to teach for a purpose and that I have to make it happen. My mission is a reminder that I have a purpose and that I can do worthwhile work.

For me, making a difference in the lives of my students is very realistic. It’s not impossible for me because I know deep in my heart that doing my best to become a great teacher. My simple means can become exhausting at times, but it’s worth it seeing my students achieve their learning goals and move on to the next level of their education.

My real-world experiences are a great manifestation that my teaching goals are indeed realistic. By providing my students with interactive and high-quality learning experiences, I am certain that I am doing my best to assist my students altruistically to help them learn life skills to prepare them for real-life battles.

2. Our mission statement should mirror our passion

Some of us probably didn’t dream to become a teacher. But we were among God’s chosen few and it made a lot of difference.

We are teachers. We are leaders of the young. We don’t end our day by just teaching, but by touching lives! Practically, we make great contributions to our student’s life. This makes us different from other professionals. We are willing to spend long, arduous hours making preparations to provide our students with practical, relevant, and motivating learning experiences.

Are we on the same page my dear fellow teachers? When we ask about our reasons for choosing the teaching profession, we often enumerate several things. I am curious about your reasons for teaching, too. I am excited to see if we are indeed on the same page.

Are you also excited to provide your students with challenging yet fun learning experiences? How do you design your students’ learning experiences? Do you recognize your students’ unique abilities and talents? Do you provide varied activities suited to their learning styles and interests? If your answer is a big YES, then we are sharing the same passion. Hence, our mission speaks of it.

3. Our teacher mission statement should in a way include our plans for our students

As teachers, our ultimate aim should not be about giving out to students’ content. How does the subject matter you are teaching contribute to their individual growth and development? It should be noted in our mission statement that we are teaching our students how to apply the knowledge they learned in a most practical and analytical sense.

How do you empower your students to grow and develop? What are your ways of instilling in your students the belief that they are capable of achieving? This somehow caters to our best plans to help students meet their intellectual and emotional needs.

As you begin the sentence with: “As an educator, I will …”, How do you want to finish this sentence? Will you help them foster intellectual growth by providing a variety of educational experiences that recognize their unique capabilities?

4. Our mission statement should indicate our learning goals for the year

I find it more convincing to include our learning goals for the year because it sounds more practical and personal. Remember, for teaching to be more enjoyable rather than tedious, it should be made personal. The more personal it is, the more engaging we can become.

When we write our teacher mission statement, we have to keep in mind that we are crafting our meaningful guide which we can refer back to every time we lose track in this profession. We are not writing it for anybody. It’s our most practical way of being motivated and inspired to teach.  You can refer to it from time to time for self-assessment and reflection.

Our teacher mission statement will enlighten us along the way. I have been in this profession for more than a decade now, I could say that teaching could consume our energy and a lot of our patience. Our mission is a great reminder of why we do what we do! Teacher burnout is real!

Craft your mission statement in a way that gives you an extra push in the most trying times of your teaching life. Set your goals seriously. Do you have specific learning goals? Capture them in your mission statement.  To begin our mission statement, we can use phrases like:

I am committed to…

My mission as a teacher is to…

As a teacher, I will…

I ignite my students’ interests by…

As a teacher, I will strive…

My mission as a teacher is to instill…

I will foster…

I will provide…

These are just a few examples in a row. If it is really your best intention to be impactful in your students’ lives, including their academic pursuits such as masterarbeit ghostwriter, then your mission statement will just flow out naturally. Try to think deeper and delve into teaching in a more profound sense. A 3-5 sentence mission statement will work out best as long as it goes beyond teaching content. It is more about making meaning of the content and making the most of the different learning activities.

5. Our teacher mission statement should express our best teaching insights

Basically, when you create your mission you think deeply about teaching as your passion and everything flows out freely and smoothly.  Your mission as a teacher should reflect your passion. It’s not credible if you will state, ” I will make my students practically learn concepts” or “I will make my students recognize …”.

Try to think deeply and try to evaluate what you want your students to accomplish at the end of the year? Do you want them to become critical thinkers and independent learners?  How do you challenge your students to broaden their perspectives and how do you foster intellectual growth among your students?

Your teacher mission statement should tell you that you fall in love with teaching. Are you sure that teaching is really deeply rooted in your will as an individual?  Or are you into teaching because somebody pushed you to be here? Is it because your parents wanted you to be in this profession?

If that is the case, falling deeply in love with teaching will take time! Teaching is hard. There is a tendency that adversities and challenges might derail you. But, then, if you are deeply motivated to teach and to inspire young learners, it’s easy to express your love for this profession in your mission.

6. Our mission statement should clearly answer the following questions:

Are you willing to strive for excellence? Are you willing to devote your time too for long preparations and planning of interactive classroom activities? Are you willing to equip yourselves with the latest teaching trends as a means of continuing professional development? Are you willing to commit to ethical and moral values?

Thankfully, this made me recall a single piece of thought which reverberates into my soul and keeps me inspired. I couldn’t help but share the mission statement of an inspiring teacher I know.

“My mission is to develop in my students the desire to learn, offering real-world connections and skills in my lessons, to reach their fullest potential. In order to achieve that, differentiated instruction will stand at the forefront of my goals. I will offer a safe and friendly classroom environment, showing empathy and consistent equality, and respecting the uniqueness and identity of every student. Only then can I hold the students responsible to reach the high expectations I have set for them.”

This mission statement really lifts my spirit and means the world to me! I really find it awe-inspiring!

More specifically, our mission statements should include the best reasons why we are here and how we can be of help to our learners. Our mission statement should include our way of instilling in our students a passion for lifelong learning. It should be seriously considered in our personal missions.

Our mission statement should summarize our beliefs as educators, our goals, and what we want to accomplish.  What do we want to contribute to our learners? What ideas come into view? Are you to promote learning in a fun-filled, positive, and safe learning environment?

7. Our mission statement should be brief but concise

How do you encapsulate your passion as a teacher in 3-5 sentences? Think and analyze your deepest motives and priorities as a teacher. Focus on what you want to accomplish. You can begin your statement with, “As a teacher, it’s my responsibility to…” As an educator, I am committed to…”

Keep it simple yet meaningful. Never use negatives in your statement. Maintain a positive tone.  Explain your teaching objectives and make sure that it reflects your commitment as an educator.

Our mission should include our best intention of helping our students build a strong foundation for lifelong learning. We are to teach our students life skills, and even offer guidance in tasks like hausarbeit schreiben lassen when necessary.

It is ultimately one of our finest objectives as teachers if we are serious about providing our students with support and encouragement. Consequently, this delightful tip on creating your mission statement is a big help.

It is your mission to develop your students physically, emotionally, socially, and cognitively through a secure and loving learning environment, then, practically say it!

To keep you inspired, take it from the words of an 11-year-old grade 6 learner, Hazen Jasey.

Finally, it can be concluded…

As teachers, great expectations are naturally evolving for us. Hence, don’t just keep your teacher mission statement hanging on your classroom walls or stay rooted on your table. Make each day a great opportunity to support learners as they advance learning. Help them grow and advance physically, emotionally, spiritually, and intellectually. If you find yourself needing assistance with academic writing projects such as hausarbeit ghostwriter, you can explore professional services to ensure the successful completion of your assignments. Remember, continuous growth and development are essential for both educators and students alike.

Moving forward, I want to share with you my piece. This may be different from yours, but I know we are one in our mission of making contributions to the overall development of our students to make them better humans.

Now, may I ask again? What is your teacher mission statement?  Do you still find it hard to write? Well, let me encapsulate the things I have discussed with this unforgettable encounter with my professor:

When I was in college and had to write my mission statement, our professor asked us: “What do you want your x-students to tell you at your retirement dinner”. Whatever you want to hear at that moment, is exactly what your mission statement should be.

With that, perhaps, you already know why you’re here and why you exist as a teacher! That’s the very reason why God sent you to Earth!

Absolutely! You are here for a mission!

Friends, let me share my essential guide for successful student learning. As I aim to always impact my students’ lives in a real and significant way, I put my mission into action.

My mission as a teacher is to instill in my students the optimism that they can achieve anything by believing in their fullest potentials. I will do my best to foster a positive learning environment and I will set high standards with the strong belief that my students can achieve those standards. I will strive for excellence and commit myself to designing creative learning experiences with the utmost respect to my students’ unique skills and abilities. I will guide my students to develop a passion for learning for them to become independent and critical thinkers. If you need any assistance or guidance regarding academic writing, you can explore ghostwriting preise to find professional support for your writing projects.

My teaching career has reached this far because I strongly believe in the essence of this calling. Things may not turn out perfectly as planned, but with my strong determination to make a difference in my student’s life, I continue to move forward along with my students. If you’re looking for ways to create a comfortable and cozy learning environment, you may consider various options such as decke kaufen to enhance the ambiance of the classroom.

We have to remember that many are called, but few are chosen. Many are called to teach, but only a few are chosen to stay to influence students’ lives so they become better humans.  I am among the chosen few and it makes me blissful!

With heightened sensitivity to my student’s learning needs, I continue to live by my mission. With constant reflection, I make everyday learning really remarkable for me and my students.

Our teacher mission statement is one of the best pieces we have ever written. Hence, I am inviting you to share your mission as a teacher! Shoot your way of crafting your mission statement and we are looking forward to it!