How Will Using Zoom In The Classroom Influence the Future Of Education?

Are you ready for ZOOM in education? How will using Zoom in the classroom influence the future of education? I find myself asking.

Educating on Zoom has become very accessible during this time of global pandemic where schools opt to distance learning delivery. Using this techy application might sound complicated but when you’re on it plus all the practical tips and tricks, things will come into place as you expect them.

How will using Zoom in the classroom influence the future of education?

If it’s your first time using Zoom in your online class, you’ve got to visit and read this Education Guide: Getting Started on Zoom.

I am connected to a certain institution and we are all trained on the best online teaching platforms to use in order to accommodate all our learners and to give them amazing learning experiences that they deserve.

A Huge “Rethink Strategy in Teaching”

Honestly, Zoom is one of the best applications being introduced aside from the very popular Google classroom, MS Teams, and many others. Personally, it’s good that we are given choices so if a certain platform won’t work we still have other options to choose from which are of course familiar to our learners.

At this time of uncertainty, using a reliable web conferencing tool in education will ensure teacher’s and student’s productivity. Hence, it’s extremely necessary for teachers to learn and to master using the online platforms.

We have to remember that online learning delivery is very different from traditional face-to-face instruction. But with the use of a reliable online communication tool such as Zoom, we can give immediate and real-time feedback and support to our students. 

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How will using Zoom in the classroom influence the future of education?

Reliable Video Communications for Teleconferencing

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Aside from classroom instruction, Zoom has been utilized by professionals, especially teachers, as a communication tool for collaboration. Teleconferencing through Zoom has increased our productivity as teachers, based on my experience.

Hence, Zoom as a resource tool has positively influenced the future of education. I know that our situation has caused repercussions and doubts, but with Zoom, we can deliver quality instruction to our students effectively and efficiently.

Teleconferencing with Zoom has been a big help to teachers. Most importantly, our situation today needs the utmost cooperation and brilliant exchange of ideas.

1. Sign-Up is for FREE

What we need today is what’s accessible and equitable. To enjoy using Zoom, just click the “SIGN UP, IT’S FREE” button and you can connect with your students and engage them with your interactive lessons. Just visit

Of equal importance, this communication tool helps teachers and students to grow and maintain a connection while in the new normal setting of education.  Hence, sign up now and make the most of it and be productive. If it’s your first time using Zoom in your virtual classroom, don’t worry because it’s never daunting. Get used to it and enjoy your synchronous and asynchronous discussions with your students.

Hence, go to Zoom, sign up, or download the app!

2. Share your screen

Since online teaching has become a great option today, as teachers we need to prepare elaborate presentations to give our students amazing learning experiences beyond face-to-face instruction. This needs a lot of work but it’s our job! So, we shouldn’t get stressed!

You can share your prepared presentations with your students. Zoom will let you do that. Just click the share button found on the bottom tab and choose the file or presentation you want to share.

3. Zoom is easy to use

For an online communication tool to yield productivity, it must be easy to use. Remember, not only teachers and professionals are using Zoom. Most of the users today are students and parents because of the high demands of homeschooling due to the pandemic. So let’s use what’s easy and accessible. Just be practical.

Yes, Zoom has become a go-to service to students. We need to assist them to stay connected with us. But we don’t have to worry if we are using Zoom because it has been popular for its ‘ease of use’ feature.

4. Customize background images

Having the Zoom video chat app as a means for online teaching and learning is a lot more incredible and exciting for you can change your Zoom background. This is kind of helpful for video conferencing services such as online teaching.

The visual stylishness makes the learning environment more interesting and fun. Just go to the setting gear and change your virtual background.

Don’t get upset with the few default virtual backgrounds available because Zoom allows you to upload your own image to change your virtual background and hide the reality of your space so to speak.

Get started with Zoom and watch this video. Promote learning while teaching online. Let’s zoom in on successful learning!

5. Mute and unmute all

Yes, you can mute everyone while you discuss the lesson. When the video feeds become too noisy, Zoom allows you to claim your peaceful space by setting everyone on mute. Muting everyone’s microphone is extremely necessary when you are in a video conference.

But first of all, you have to indicate that in your house rules too. So your students are aware of it. Let your students know that unnecessary disruptions should be avoided and state that in your expectations so they will always remember.

More oftentimes, as a teacher, you set yourself as the host of the video conference, right? So, you take responsibility for choosing the appropriate setting for muting everyone’s microphone if the environment becomes too noisy. Just locate the “Mute All” button and click it.

6. Schedule a meeting

Scheduling a meeting is one of the best features of Zoom. Click the “Schedule a Meeting” icon and take care of the array of options. This can also be a way of collaborating with your co-teachers and sharing best practices.

Once you schedule a meeting at Zoom, this will ensure that you won’t be late or forget the important date. Being the host you can have the schedule appear on your participant’s calendar.

Set the time, date, duration, and name of the meeting. If it’s a recurring meeting, just click the ‘Recurring Meeting’ button.


How will Zoom influence future education? Zoom has an incredible impact on the delivery of education. With its high demands, today, teachers and other professionals take the center stage of mastering this application so the delivery of services ensures success.

Zoom boosts your confidence while teaching online. Get ready for the new normal setting in education and Zoom will help you.

It has easy-to-use video communication features that empower both teachers and students to accomplish more. Most importantly, Zoom has offered brilliant features to meet students evolving needs so the online delivery of instruction will magnify results and productivity.

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