10 Incredible Ideas for School Trips You Must Try 2020

Have you found the perfect location for your school trips? Have you orchestrated school educational tours or student-learning services? Do you think it’s a unique opportunity for our students to learn beyond the classroom?

children pointing above during a school trip

Whether it’s a historical place or a tranquil space in the world, it has a meaningful impact on our students’ lives that creates memories that will last for a lifetime. Thus, our school trips or educational tours have to be planned and organized well. That is why I really find time to gather incredible ideas for school trips for your inspiration.

Remember, our motivational techniques should not only end in the classroom but should also be transported to the places outside the school premises. There is something incredible in the real world that our students have yet to discover!

School trips are an amazing educational activity that our young learners should experience. Leaving the four walls of the classroom for a wonderful trip is a way of enriching students’ learning experiences. It is exciting and at the same time very reinforcing.

Hence, school organizers for school trips should enrich themselves with delightful ideas for school trips to give students unforgettable traveling educational tour experiences.

Before we go into detail the different incredible ideas for school trips, let’s delve first into its great importance. I see it very helpful to tell everyone about the great importance of school trips and educational tours.

Importance of School Trips

Allow students to get first-hand information

Getting our students out of the classroom every once in a while is beneficial to them. While outside, they are free to absorb and interact with the chosen environment. It will give them varied perspectives on a topic and about life itself.

allows students to observe nature

As teachers, we should not seclude our students from the amazing experiences of life outside the classroom. They have to be somewhere out there so to speak. It can be one of their best experiences while studying.

Being outside can be the best way of learning the material being taught in the classroom. In the same way, the school field trip will give students amazing opportunities to learn more and decide things for themselves.

Yes, it’s a fact that the classroom plays an important role in our students’ learning experiences but it doesn’t mean they can’t learn outside. There are a lot of amazing things outside that can spark their curiosity and can change their views and preferences.

Taking the students to a historical place, for example, will allow them to visualize the theories and concepts they learned inside the classroom and they read from history books. This is a good example that we can supplement or reinforce our classroom learning materials with rich opportunities outside and by providing our students with a different world of experience.

A successful school trip is an example of experiential learning that increases students’ interest and motivation. They will be more excited to explore learning materials if they feel and visualize them. Although watching educational videos may help, but there is more spectacular in the outside environment. Hence, school trips are necessary to make our students learn at their best and to be more exposed to the world outside the classroom.

Enrich students’ learning experiences

enriching students learning experiences

Providing our students a field experience is a very remarkable opportunity for them. The different locations will increase their knowledge and motivation thereby increasing their participation and performance.

As an illustration, the discussion of the parts of the plant in the classroom is best understood when students are actually observing plants in the garden. They are to go beyond their comprehensive Science books. This is one of the incredible benefits of experiential learning.

Most students like this especially visual learners. They love to see the actual happenings and they get excited to touch the things that we’ve been talking in the classroom. This sparks their curiosity and increases their motivation.

In addition, having trips to historical sites and the close encounter of the wildlife will give students enjoyable and enriching learning experiences. The more they experience what’s shown on the slides in PowerPoint presentations in the classroom, the more they process and retain information.

Increase students’ learning perspectives

increasing students' perspectives

I have no questions about our instructions in the classroom. I’m sure they are perfectly done and go well.

However, in terms of increasing students’ learning perspectives, there’s no doubt that amazing destinations for school trips will bring them to the highest level.

Education visits play an important role in providing students with a wide frame of mind. As our students interact with real visuals and concrete learning materials, more than their favorite educational toys, they gain more knowledge and a positive attitude regarding the subject matter.

Also, when students experience what they read they tend to increase their confidence. Moreover, the more they investigate the real scenario, the more they are engrossed with the subject at hand.

Maximize students’ cooperation and collaborative efforts

helping on another in doing a task

The group project and pair work we have in the classroom is also an effective strategy when having a school trip.

When they work on a project outside and observe things by teams, chances are, they will improve their collaborative efforts and will produce amazing outputs and presentations.

The school trip will encourage them to help one another to achieve the desired learning objectives with accuracy and authenticity.

Through the variety of experiences that our students gain by being exposed to real settings and events, they will be able to think outside the box and become even more creative and interactive.

Connect students to the real world beyond the classroom

A school trip or an educational tour is an effective school activity that enables school children to gain a meaningful connection to the real world. It gives them an awareness of real events that can supplement classroom learning effectively.

Organizing school trips for students is really a good idea. As with, our students are interested to experience what they have read in books and researched on the internet. This is what I mean by having a connection in the real world. Besides, our students deserve to know what’s happening around them. They ought to know, for them to understand why things happen.

Make students experience different cultures and languages

School trips abroad will give school children amazing experiences of cultural exchange. It’s a spectacular scene seeing our students interacting with other students abroad and listening to conversations of people of different languages. It is very enriching.

Furthermore, international school trips allow students to develop and display respect to other cultures and practices making them more friendly and understanding.

Exploring new environments and new cultures increases students’ interest to learn. The more they are exposed to the world, the more they appreciate what they learned from books and classroom discussions. Their experiences will last for a lifetime.

10 Incredible Ideas for School Trips

Having a School Trip Overseas

It’s one way of getting to know other countries especially their culture, customs, and tradition. Indeed, traveling internationally will give students astounding experiences of rich cultural exchange besides exploring other countries’ unique spots and safe educational locations. But then, if we consider this in our school trip plans, we have to plan it well and in advance because of the great monetary commitments it requires.

Here are some of the best itineraries I can suggest if you are given the best chance to travel to other countries for educational purposes.

1. The ancient pyramids of Teotihuacan

visiting historical places

This can be a perfect educational destination for your students. Visiting this perfect spot will give students the most exciting historical experience. Teotihuacan showcases magnificent plazas, captivating pyramids, and temples, not to mention the splendid palaces of nobles and priests.

Encouraging our students to engage in various outdoor activities is highly supported by this amazing location. The city’s important historical structures enable the students to experience the rich ancient Mesoamerican city which is very rewarding.

2. The Prominent Mayan Temples of Chichen Itza

Are the Temples of Chichen Itza part of your lessons in history? Would you like your students to gain authentic experiences from places of ancient times?

visiting historical places

Bringing your students to this archeological site can be a worthwhile experience. Include this location in your school historical visits and carry your students to the remarkable past between the 9th and 13th centuries A.D.

This place will give students a practical understanding of the events in the past and how this spectacular place came to be. Exploring this popular tourist attraction with your students will give them authentic viewpoints in history that deserve to be scribbled in their journals.

The remarkable ancient structures of the place will surely make the students visualize the images they had in their classroom learning. Hence, this amazing school trip provides students with authentic learning experiences they won’t forget in their lifetime. Besides, this is one way of making them understand historical events that play an important role in world history.

3. Royal Botanic Gardens, Melbourne

visiting gardens

Leaving the classroom for a more productive learning experience is a perfect idea this summer! There’s really something special in finding the best outdoor location that makes learners unwind and interact with one another. 

The garden’s beautiful plants provide the best escape from the bustling city which at the same time offers students personal learning experiences.

This will make our class explore the indigenous plants that can be the bets supplementary material in their science class.

4. Park Güell, Barcelona

visiting Parc Guell in Barcelona

Here at this amazing park, our students will discover ways on how to enjoy nature and on how to gain an amazing outdoor experience. The green space is perfect for adventure and fun.

This incredible park makes our students taste the perfect blend of architecture and nature which is very helpful in their direct learning schemes. 

The park’s Art Nouveau architecture makes our students explore major historical standpoints to support their classroom learning. Moreover, the spectacular garden in the park gives students a unique school trip experience.

5. Terracotta Army, China

This is one of the best places I can recommend. This educational destination is a smashing hit to our students’ traveling interests. We all know that China has shown to the world its great capability in providing the world with amazing tourist destinations.

The country’s fascinating history and culture is a fine exhibit at the Terracotta Army. The impressive exhibit of archeological structures is extraordinary that promises students and teachers with rich learning experiences.

Teaching students about China’s first emperor Qin Shi Huangdi in the classroom is best highlighted in this educational tour and will lead them to China’s historical events in 221 B.C.

6. Ancient Pagodas, Myanmar

This is one of the flawless educational destinations that we teachers can offer to our students. The spectacular sights the place offers is a perfect addition to our students’ vibrant learning experiences. The ancient city of temples in Myanmar are worth your visit and exploration.

The Shwezigon Pagoda in Bagan makes educational trips enchanting and memorable. Its golden color attracts tourists from all over the world. Indeed, it’s a whole new world to discover and our students would surely love this place.

The golden structure was completed in 1102 AD. Hence, it’s glorious existence in the world has to be considered in your amazing school trip ideas.

7. Dense Jungle of Sri Lanka

Sri Lanka has been known as one of the best educational tourism destinations that offer fantastic experiences and a wonderful inspiration to students.

Exploring the wilderness is an amazing outdoor experience our students will really enjoy. Traversing the forest and natural parks in Sri Lanka is a great firsthand experience of the delightful nature.

The rich wildlife can become a wonderful resource for us teachers which makes learning productive and fun. As nature offers a lot of avenues for our students to learn, we have to grab it so students will embrace learning with enthusiasm and interest.

When they’re back in the classroom, it’s easy for them to create their visual presentations about the subject at hand. Hence, learning is made even more interactive and meaningful.

8. Have the Delightful European Tour

As we unearth the amazing opportunities all over the world, let’s not forget to have a firsthand experience in Europe. It has offered the world with inspiring educational destinations that will be remembered for a lifetime.

From the stunning historical and architectural structures in Spain to the magnificent and world-class museums in France, we can say that Europe deserves our visit and explorations.

Dali Theatre-Museum is one of the irresistible places I know which provides our students with an authentic experience of the amazing art of Salvador Dali. The conspicuous scenery is perfect for the learning purposes we want to carry out with our learners. Extending our students’ horizons with delightful sights by witnessing exactly the authentic beauty of the places they see in your bulletin boards, is an impressive idea that makes students excited and highly-motivated.

9. Experience Stunning Vietnam

The top sights in Vietnam are inviting us. The country’s pristine beaches, as well as the hospitable ethnic minorities, are a perfect blend of nature delight and impressive culture.

Our students will indeed get overjoyed of the amazing beauties of stunning spots. An example is the Cat Ba national park which is begging to be explored and is awaiting our visits. This allows students to experience the beauty of international parks which is usually enjoyed by flipping pictures on the internet. Face-t0-face with amazing international sites such as this park is indeed exceptional.

10. Visit the Architectural Sites in Mexico

visiting an eco park in Mexico

Our students need to explore ancient times to appreciate the past. Hence, we should not overlook the varied destinations in Mexico.

Educational tours from the eco-park at Xcaret to the spectacular tour of the Yucatan are just some of the fantastic delights the country offers to your students and to teachers like us.

Also, exploring world heritage sites will enrich our students with great historical explorations. Immersing in the rich Mexican culture is a fantastic experience for education and adventure. Indeed, the striking spots in Mexico are one of the timeless places on Earth that also offer great learning experiences to students. Therefore, it’s just right to include this in your list of choices for your school trips.

Having a School Trip Within the Community or Country

Having school trips in any desired place within the community or country gives unique opportunities to school children too. I really consider bringing students to the community’s amazing places because I believe our locations have something to offer to our students.

Bringing them closer to places in the country like incredible parks, museums, places of recreation, beautiful spots, and other local educational places will give them incredible advantages of having a genuine taste of their own localities.

On a personal stand, I do appreciate local educational tours because it allows us to know best our country and appreciate its natural beauty. Our students will gain wonderful opportunities with their close interaction and exploration of local landscapes and landmarks.

Learning Expedition Insights

Tips for a Delightful School Trip

On Clear Learning Goals

Before we carry out a school trip, we have to consider the learning goals we have for our students to make the tour really worthwhile and productive.

set clear goals

What do we intend to achieve for having the school trip? What do we want our students to achieve? What are our learning objectives? Why do we want to take our students to the field? Will exposing them to the real world increase their performance?

Therefore, it is extremely necessary to include our school trip purposes by the time we present our itineraries to our parents to make it clear for them that their sons/daughters have to achieve something while having the educational tour and that the trip is not merely for sightseeing but for in-depth learning.

What do they need to learn throughout the trips? Also, the learning outcomes should be made clear to students so that they know what to write or what to observe while having the trip. In this way, they are guided in making their outputs or reaction paper as their reflection of their experiences.

On Students’ Behavior Management

managing children's behavior

The splendid educational places deserve proper care to sustain and preserve its magical beauty and historical appeal.

Therefore, our students should be deeply oriented about what they should do when they arrive and explore the chosen places.

They have to be reminded that they are bringing the name of the school and the country where they come from. So, it’s important to observe the ground rules imposed in a certain area.

As they visit other places, they have to be reminded of always displaying good behavior to avoid unnecessary happenings. As the teacher, you have to be consistent with your behavior management ideas.

On the Places to Explore

Where are you going? Has this been discussed in the planning stage? Will the place give students incredible learning experiences? Will you visit be worthwhile? What about the access to going to that place? Have you contacted a reliable and trustworthy travel agency that will assist you on your school trip?

As you can see, it’s not all about packing your backpacks and tossing in your necessities. The itineraries should be made clear to be more organized.

Furthermore, the place that we choose should be clearly relevant to the course we are handling. Of course, we don’t want to give our students far-fetched experiences to avoid a total waste of time, money, and effort. Hence, we have to make sure that the place to visit is for learning betterment.

On the Affordability

And it’s one of the factors to be considered. How affordable is the trip? Planning for a school trip overseas requires exceptional dime and resources. Therefore, in planning for a school trip, we should not overlook the overall traveling cost.

Aside from being an engaging trip, is it within the budgetary brackets of the participants and beneficiaries? So, trip organizers have to look for affordable educational trips that will not compromise your learning goals as well.


Enriching our students’ classroom experiences by making them explore the world outside so they feel, touch, see, and taste the rich Earth can improve their connections to the wide world of learning experiences. Moreover, the real world will awaken their interests which is a big help to make learning really effective and productive.

Having said that, when our students are exposed to the vast environment outside the classroom, this will offer a heightened experience which increases their respect for life and for the world. Equally, this will also make them aware of the feelings and needs of others. Hence, they learn to value the essence of respect, sympathy, and tolerance.

In the same way, our students’ accomplishments outside the classroom will give them a sense of pride; therefore, developing their self -esteem. As they become more responsible for others and for themselves as a result of their limitless explorations in educational locations, their patterns of good behavior are likewise developed.

Have you thought of your school trips? What other educational school trip places do you know?

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