15 Inspiring Kindergarten Behavior Management Ideas

I am wondering what works in your kindergarten classroom. Is everything in place? Or, shall I ask, how is your behavior management teaching tool? Has it been effective? If you are an educator for the kids, then how are your kindergarten behavior management ideas? How do you make your kids say “please and thank you”?

“Remember: everyone in the classroom has a story that leads to misbehavior or defiance. 9 times out of 10, the story behind the misbehavior won’t make you angry. It will break your heart.” ~ Annette Breaux.

This line of thought makes me wonder how to minimize the misbehavior of kids in kindergarten.  As we all know our roles as teachers are increasingly demanding and the behavior of our students is an addition to our everyday loads.

motivational words to be used in the classroom

What are your clever ideas in the classroom? In this post, we will take the vantage point of developing our creativity in posting classroom rules and routines as a way of promoting good behavior and proper conduct to our young learners.

“How to deal with children”, was my query when I got hired as a pre-school teacher before. I was then so curious about how to help these young minds absorb ideas and develop their skills. I was then having trouble with how to handle the unpredictable behaviors of my kids. And, I know most kindergarten teachers were in my shoes too.

But with my perseverance, I was able to establish a good relationship with my young students through my solid classroom management plan. Since then, I have grown a particular fondness for kids even though I was then assigned to teach in Junior High School. And, I know my grade 7 learners are still kids too, as they’re involved in a meaningful transition from elementary to secondary.

Yes, I was challenged on how to get 15 kids to behave and participate in class. That is why in this post I decided to bring about useful kindergarten behavior management ideas to keep our kindergarten pupils on track and on the rock!

Furthermore, teaching kids is indeed very challenging. We need to pitch in extra efforts to make our classroom attractive and well-structured so kids will be interested to attend school every day. In other words, we teachers should enrich ourselves with great classroom ideas to make our classrooms a little haven of fun and excitement that our learners always want to be.


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Importance of Behavior Management Ideas

Our behavior management ideas are part of classroom management. As we know, our students behave in different ways. And, setting norms and rules in the classroom is a way of unifying differences of learners to achieve effective classroom management.

In the classroom, I set rules. I post them on the classroom walls or door or anywhere that is visible to the students and adds attraction to my space of learning. With much effort,  I make my students understand each rule and the corresponding consequences. I let them read aloud what’s posted and tell them of its importance.

We develop routines too.  I find it necessary to have my children follow routines for a more organized classroom setting. These routines essentially highlight daily classroom activities and are part of my behavior management ideas.

When my children get accustomed to classroom routines, there is order in the classroom which gives me more time for instructional and reinforcement activities rather than spending chunks of learning time giving instructions and reminders to unwanted disruptions. Hence, for me, routines in the classroom are really helpful. And, they should be posted on the walls.

If our learners get used to classroom routines and rules, the classroom is more organized which makes effective learning possible.

A positive learning environment fosters productive learning and provides our kids with a wonderful place to stay in school. Hence, our great positivism as teachers should also be reflected in our behavioral management ideas.

Below is my amazing list of kindergarten behavioral management ideas. I hope you will be more inspired to keep your children engaged in learning by using these ideas in your classroom. With an appropriate behavior management plan, our children will soon develop consistency in their behavioral patterns which is very important in maintaining harmonious relationships in the classroom.

If we love our children, and we want them to succeed in life, we must allow them to stay in a more comfortable and engaging learning environment.

So, I’m glad you’re here with me. Get ready with your colorful pens and school supplies. Let’s get in.

15 Inspiring Kindergarten  Behavior Management Ideas You Must Try!

1. Post Classroom Rules

posting classroom rules

“It is easier to build strong children than to repair broken adults.” ~ F. Douglas Guided by this thought, as teachers we should impose discipline in our classroom through behavior management ideas.

We should start early. Posting classroom rules on the walls is part of crafting our bulletin boards as among our effective teaching tools.

I usually post rules on the opening of classes. My young learners should know what I expect of them. Yes, it is a way of setting expectations.

If this is not done, learners tend to be so disorganized and if this happens, it’s quite difficult on our part to take control.

As a way of strengthening my classroom management skills, I make it necessary to post desirable and achievable classroom rules. With this on my walls, I am experiencing fewer behavioral problems with my students which is an indication that this idea is indeed effective.

2. Post Expectations

“If children feel safe, they can take risks, ask questions, make mistakes, learn to trust, share their feelings, and grow.” ~ Alfie Kohn

‘When You Enter This Classroom…’ is a perfect back-to-school idea. In my classroom, I have this amazing announcement on the classroom door. Specifically, this is what meets and hugs my kids at the door.

posting lines of tasks

With a specific pattern of good behavior in the classroom, our young learners are guided and their misbehaving options are minimized.

With a specific pattern of good behavior in the classroom, our young learners are guided and their misbehaving options are minimized. Having visuals on the walls that get into our students’ daily tasks is a big help.

This will make our kids in the classroom follow tasks regularly. Hence, they carry out tasks daily without constantly reminding them. This will give us more time to focus on teaching them.

These kids of ours need to be told that they are amazing and that they are important. This will make them feel good and will make them very comfortable. Also, when our kids are confident in class, more likely to increase their participation that enlivens their class performance.

3. Post Encouraging Lines

“Encouraging a child means that one or more of the following critical life messages are coming through, either by word or by action: I believe in you, I trust you, I know you can handle this, You are listened to, You are cared for, You are very important to me.” ~ Barbara Coloroso

posting encouraging words

When I explain our classroom rules and expectations, my young learners paid attention. Making them participate in the classroom activities is not exhausting anymore because they are always guided by the visuals they see on the walls.

The creative ideas posted on the walls for behavior management provide my students with things to do. It’s good to be that way so they keep themselves busy rather than messing around with other students.

In other words, my behavior management ideas stamped on the display board act as stimulants to keep my students from misbehaving. You know, they are just kids and they are often curious about things. That is why I find a way of keeping them always on track.

4. Post Lines of Respect

Having it on the door makes my classroom inviting and engaging. Aside from personally welcoming them at the door, I read each line with a beaming smile on my face to let my kids know that they have come into a safe place and that I can be their friend and second parents aside from my role as a teacher.

The more welcome they feel, the more they exhibit a positive attitude out of confidence and boost morale.

showing respect post

Having this ‘Respect’ bulletin board supports my behavior expectations for my students. This keeps my young learners reminded of the importance of displaying respect in the classroom. I believe that respect is one of the strong foundations of having good behavior.

emphasizing respect in the classroom

That is why I mount it on the board. For productive learning in the classroom, children should be given ideas and tasks that demonstrate character development.

This is needed for the total development of the child. Thus, I emphasize good character on wall visuals so my students will always be guided.

My behavior expectations keep me guided as well when I impose discipline in the classroom. My day shouldn’t end by just telling my students “Respect others and yourself”.

It should also be shown how we deal with students’ amazing differences.

5. Post Simple Lines of Respect

using classroom expectation posters

Displaying simple lines of respect will help too. The short sentences will be easily retained in the hearts and minds of our learners. Thus, making them taking tasks with a high level of responsibility.

At a young age, I believe developing their sense of respect is important. This is practicing self-discipline slowly but with amazing results. And, it is essential to a safe classroom environment.

Always reading these lines during the first few weeks of classes will help young learners develop positive attitudes that are needed for a more productive learning environment.  This a subtle way of telling kids to keep their hands and feet to themselves!

Designing them in our room will essentially make kids aware of the rules. The more it is implemented, the more students develop the desire to be responsible for their own behavior. Thus, having it in our classroom really makes sense!

6. Using Acrostic Poems

using acrostic poems

using acrostic poems

This one of the creative means of imposing good conduct in the classroom. Using Acrostic Poems will make it easy for our children to remember.

And, chanting this before the class activities begin will help too.

As we set time for a conference with our students, we should not forget to discuss our visuals for behavior management for emphasis.

The more these rules and behavior expectations are emphasized, the more they are remembered and followed.

Using this poster is a perfect addition to our classroom decor which also helps us in implementing classroom rules for a more satisfying classroom behavior management effort.

7. Using ‘I Can’ Statements

using 'I can statements'

To establish cooperation, respect, and rapport in the classroom, this classroom display will help. What do you expect of your students? Translate your expectations to ‘I can’ statements is more profound and creative instead of shouting these things to your students each day.

Let your walls do the job instead. However, for a more impactful effect, we need to discuss each rule with our students especially in the first few weeks of classes. It is deemed necessary to make our students understand classroom rules right from the beginning so they will help in maintaining a positive learning environment.

Also, the use of behavior management displays will make good behavior concepts very clear to the students. The creative illustrations in our displays will catch the attention of the students especially the children.

Using children’s caricatures in our display is a surefire that our kids will approach the bulletin display and see for themselves what is expected of them.

8. Set Simple Classroom Rules

implementing simple rules

Having simple classroom rules for our kindergarten is a viable option to make our behavior management effective. The simpler the rules the better. Anyway, we can also improve it from time as our children improve.

It’s good to start with simple concepts at first so kids will easily remember and follow. Moreover, the basic rules we set for our students are a meaningful step toward achieving improvement in the behavior of our students.

As I make my classroom management plan for the school year, I always consider the capabilities and differences of my students to exhibit extreme fairness in the rules.

Certainly, fairness and consistency in implementing simple rules will give each of our students, fair accommodation in the classroom.

9. Using Relevant Illustrations

using relevant illustrations

Our behavior classroom management posters should be presented with relevant illustrations to highly support our kids’ understanding.

Aside from being an eye-catching teaching tool in the classroom, these amazing display ideas will help us get connected to our kids all the time.

The creative illustrations, photographs, and drawings make the accompanying text very comprehensible. Hence, it is made a lot easier for our students to follow and to consider.

If they’re able to understand the display boards fully, it’ minimizes class disruptions because of students’ misbehavior and misconduct.

10. Using Meaningful Phrases

using meaningful phrases and words

Since we are talking about kindergarten in this post, sensible phrases of good behavior is a smashing success!

Using this impressive behavior management poster does wonders too.

When I hang this in my classroom, my students interestingly read each line. With these phrases and words of good deeds, my students are getting conscious of following daily routines.

So, I made discipline implementation simple yet remarkable. It is a kind of removing something from my plate.

11. Use Amazing Words and Illustrations of Good Conduct

I believe this poster is suitable for any kindergarten classroom. I find it an interesting way of behavior manipulation as it is closely associated with our student’s daily classroom activities.

Besides, it is visually recognizable because of its color and style. Hence, I find it one of the interesting displays in the classroom.

using simple rules

If our kids are doing the right thing it is indescribable happiness on our part as their teacher. With constant and consistent supervision, our students will be transformed into amazing individuals with captivating skills and good behavior.

Our displays will give them opportunities to make their own choices more independently.

12.Using “If I’m Upset I Can’ Poster

An amazing way of getting into our children’s world is to make use of the ‘If I’m Upset I Can’ display as a form of behavior management.

This is a big help especially if we consider our students’ behavior setup. They should make it out when they’re not in the mood or are sad and upset.

using creative posters

It is an easy way out. The perfect combination of positive activities will help our kids get over their negative feelings of sadness.

When they feel blue and lonely, their performance will be extremely affected. So, to avoid it happening, we should allow our students to do those mentioned activities on the display wall.

13. Using Calm Down Choices

How do you calm down your student when they’re upset and not in the mood for learning? Do you take efforts to reach out to them? Or, you just let them be?

There is always something behind the charming personalities of our kids in the classroom. They sometimes feel uneasy because of unwanted forces. Treating them basically as humans will make us understand their behavior.

using calm down choices

When we stand in front of our classroom, we should not forget that we are dealing with multiple personalities. Probing to each one is quite a challenge, however, if we step into their shoes we will be able to experience their simple joys and sadness.

Having these calm-down posters in our classrooms will help us deal with our students’ upset moods effectively. It is one of the best strategies there is. Every kid in this classroom deserves the right to be understood and to be nurtured.

14. Using Inspirational Classroom Posters

using motivational classroom poster

I let my kids read the inspirational words on the display to keep them going and motivated.

Giving out stationery stickers, creative pens, and other classroom rewards to encourage and inspire learners to participate in the classroom is good and is proven effective.

using inspirational classroom posters

However, this doesn’t hinder me from using the power of inspirational words as a way of encouraging my learners. Interestingly, using inspirational classroom posters makes things happen and make a difference in our student’s behavior.

As our students need our motivating words, add this poster to your amazing classroom display. I firmly believe that, basically, our learners need our inspiring words as a way of telling them that they can do it and they and definitely choose to shine!

15. Using Constructive Posters

Our posters should let the young minds under our care that all things are possible and that they can find joy in the ordinary. Having this colorful set up in our bulletin creates happy learning moments.

using colorful designs

The colorful designs in these posters catch our kids’ attention. For sure, internalizing these positive thoughts is made easy by the creative designs and colorful presentations.

using be unique poster

Having these amazing designs in our classroom will rock our kindergarten and will keep them learning.

On a personal thread, I really love making use of colorful displays as a means of creative support to my behavior management goals.

Of course, it will be difficult on my part to teach students who are messing around. And, I know some of us consider it our daily struggle.

Making use of these decorative and colorful prints is a big help for our kindergarten classroom management. Surely, the encouraging lines and captivating colors will call our students to action.

Catch a chill on these designs! Amazingly, these posters will help us make our students feel happy about themselves and boost their confidence. When students regularly read these captivating lines, we teachers find it easy to redirect them.

Considering all these…

As teachers, we have to be mindful of our behavior management ideas as a whole whether they are to be applied in the kindergarten or with grown-ups. Going into details on how to handle the behavior of our students is indeed very challenging.

But, if we are really dedicated to performing our roles as teachers and continue our best practices, perhaps the kindergarten behavior management ideas that I presented here are helpful. Yes, we should utilize the quiet voices of our display boards.

Therefore, I find it necessary to collaborate and share best practices. What behavior expectations do you have and how do you implement them in your classroom? How do you set boundaries and consequences in your classroom?

Don’t hesitate to write your comments below and share your wonderful thoughts on behavioral management.

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