Top 5 Kinds Of Shoes That Male Teachers Should Wear To Upgrade Their Wardrobe

Teachers unceasingly stand in front of an audience. 

Whether it’s in front of their students, parents, or other teachers during an assembly, it’s important for them to have a well-rounded and versatile wardrobe to meet the needs to present them well for any type of occasion. 

And of course, it is no different when it comes to what shoes teachers choose to wear to complete their look. 

Kinds Of Shoes That Male Teachers Should Wear

Female teachers already have tons of footwear styles and choices.

So today we’re going to put the spotlight on the kinds of shoes male teachers should wear because I just think it’s time to give attention to the dashing variety of options male teachers have because let’s face it, there are not so many articles written for male teacher shoes. 

We are not going to talk about the trendy shoes and limited edition one, but we’re going over the classic ones that a male teacher can easily pull off anytime and any day.

So without any further ado, let’s ace up our wardrobe game! 


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1.) Oxford Shoes 

Number one on our list is the “classic school shoe”, I mean this list is for teachers, so we’re going to do it right. 

Oxford shoes, especially black ones are perceived to be the symbol of elegance and style in the world of shoes for men. This will give anyone who wears it the “professional” or “business” look. 

This is the go-to shoe, if you’re looking to dress up for an important occasion or so, this could be worn on weddings, formal events, job interviews, and just about any occasion that requires you to wear a suit and tie. 

And ideally, teachers are going to attend a formal event every now and then, where you’ll have the PTA meetings, school dance, formal school events. 

The good thing about this is that Oxford shoes are no longer limited to formal events only, you play your everyday outfit up and elevate it with Oxford shoes. Depending on your style sense you can wear it casually as well. 

But one thing is for sure, you gotta have this in your shoe arsenal. 


2.) Derby Shoes 

The next one on our list is a more versatile version of the Oxford shoes. Derby shoes are like the hunkier brother of the Oxford shoes that can be used for both work and play. 

If you’re looking to set up a smart casual look, then you gotta have derby shoes as a part of your attire. They can be worn along with a good pair of denim, chinos, and almost any smart attire that you are wanting to pull off. 

The main difference a Derby shoe has from Oxford is the kind of sole it uses which can be either rubber or leather, depending on the type of shoes you are going to buy. They are also more durable and have a greater grip because of the kind of sole it uses. 

This is also a great shoe for teachers who are in a much wider foot department. 


3.) Loafers

We’re going from dressy to smart to casual in this list, so the next item that we have are the Leather Slip-ons or Loafers. 

I’m pretty sure that if you’re a male teacher, you probably already have this one in your closet and you’re already using one for every day wear at school. There are many styles to choose from when buying Loafers, and you have penny loafers, tassels, and horse-bit loafers in your array of choices. 

These are classic choices of loafers and are a no-fail way to step up your attire for work and casual events as well. 

Loafers are an easy-to-wear shoe that is not hard to match, you can actually really explore your options when wearing loafers, you can go for different prints and designs as well. Wearing loafers will definitely give you a posh vibe, it can go well with chinos, jeans, and your favorite trousers as well. 


4.) Work Boots

We’ve finally arrived at the boots section, another must-have for male teachers, boots can be a little more rugged and casual compared to dress style shoes. 

But the great thing about them is that they can still be portrayed as stylish because they are similarly styled mirroring dress shoes. 

One thing to love about boots is that during the rainy and stormy weather boots can act as a protectant to your pants because it pushes them up to avoid it from getting saturated with rain or snow. 

So boots are actually an essential kind of shoe for teachers to have, they can complete your look and protect you from wet conditions as well. 


5.) Casual Sneakers

Last but not least on our list are the casual sneakers. Everybody loves a good pair of sneakers and teachers are not exempt. 

But to give you advice, it’s best to start with a good pair of white casual kicks, they can elevate your outfit any time of the day and will just perfectly blend with your ensemble because it’s not loud and will not complicate your look.

There are tons of sneaker styles and categories to choose from and they can look great with almost anything you want to match it up with. But mainly, they’re best paired with jeans and sporty outfits.

So if you’re out with your students to explore the outdoors kinda like a mini-field trip, you can opt for sneakers as your go-to shoes because surely you’ll be wearing something to match the outdoor atmosphere you’re exploring.



These shoes are just some of the classics that can be the foundation of a well-rounded and versatile wardrobe for male teachers. 

Being a teacher doesn’t mean you are bound to boring and plain looking shoes, you can still rock and express yourself through your style and your choices of garments to wear for school and other occasions as well. 

And that’s it for this list, these are just my top 5, what’s yours? Sound off below and let me know down in the comment section! 


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