20 Podiatrist Recommended Shoes for Plantar Fasciitis

What is the best footwear for plantar fasciitis?

If you’re experiencing persistent pain somewhere between the arch and heel, your plantar is irritated. It’s a type of foot ache that seems to keep lingering no matter how you stretch your lower legs. To a teacher, this can be upsetting. So I looked for the best and the only podiatrist recommended shoes for plantar fasciitis today.

best women shoes for plantar fasciitis

Plantar Fasciitis Explained

Plantar Fasciitis occurs when the plantar fascia is inflamed.

Plantar is the sole of your foot that bears all of your body weight – can you imagine? Fascia is the fibrous tissue that binds the bones and other parts of the body to each other. The plantar fascia is a ligament that runs along the bottom of your foot connecting your heel to your toes. It extends from the heel bone to the heads of the metatarsal bones (the bone between each toe and the bones of the mid-foot).

A healthy plantar fascia supports the arch in your foot by absorbing shock every time your heel hits the ground. That means the ligament (plantar fascia) gets the labor and counters an incredible amount of pressure.

The fascia becomes stressed and begins to be unsupportive of the arch once its ability to absorb shock is weakened. Your arch plays a key role in evenly distributing your body weight across both of your feet when you walk and adjust to various surfaces. Unfortunately, shoes without a midsole allow your arch to sustain all of the weight on your feet.

The result is it starts to ache and eventually damages the surrounding ligaments. You will feel pain, stiffness, and continuing soreness in the arch or the bottom of the heel. This is where Plantar Fasciitis happens.

The pain tends to subside once you engage in activities like walking, running, or stretching; but even yet, the discomfort may return. Most people have to rest their feet completely for the pain to go away.


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The Best Footwear for Plantar Fasciitis Should Have…

Physical therapists and podiatrists explained that because each foot is evaluated differently, various people may need a distinct shoe for plantar fasciitis. Experts do advise the features listed below to help relieve pain in the foot’s arch and heel.

1) Arch and Heel support

Regardless of how cushioned footwear is, the support intended for the arch and heel is what can help prevent plantar fasciitis. You need a firm but flexible midsole that will help the foot to bear your body’s weight and alleviate your back and joints from pressure. This also halts injury and relieves pressure on the rest of your body.

It is the arch that gives support to the foot so the ankle can stand in place for the best ankle alignment. All these are the right foot mechanics for you to walk with ease, including better alignment of the knee. Although your foot has the essential muscles to do the supporting for you, added reinforcement in the feet plays a big role in holding the arch up for the utmost protection against strain.Foot, Fingers, Feet, Finger

Know what accommodates your arch type:

Check Mark, Tick Mark, Check, CorrectNeutral-arched feet. You have a not too low or high arch nor they’re too flat resulting in the foot rolling to a healthy spot. Look for shoes with firm and semi-curved midsoles.

Check Mark, Tick Mark, Check, CorrectLow-arched or flat-footed. Low arches or flat feet have a contourless shape of flatness. This causes an uneven distribution of bodyweight where the feet tend to land on one side leading to injuries like shin splints, hammertoes, and plantar fasciitis. You may benefit from a walking shoe with a straight last (shape of the sole) and motion control to help stabilize your feet.

Check Mark, Tick Mark, Check, CorrectHigh-arched feet. High arches are the opposite of flat feet where the arch is raised more than normal. This foot type has less capacity to absorb the impact of shock leaving your arch with an excessive strain, particularly on jumping activities. Go for shoes with dense cushioning in the midsole to help with shock absorption.

2) Contoured Footbeds

Ideal plantar fasciitis shoe designs should have a comfortable arch that keeps your feet from flattening out while landing. The middle and entire footbed must, in all conditions, cater to the foot in every stride and helps limit pronation. A contoured footbed aids in the foot parts’ alignment by evenly distributing your weight across the foot.

Since footbeds are designed to secure the foot by gently surrounding it with a protective layer, it’s a great solution that takes the impact off your Plantar Fascia. For one thing, removable footbeds are quick and easy to use all you have to do is remove the existing shoe footbeds and replace them with one of your choices. You’ll be happy that there are customized and over-the-counter orthotics.

3) Removable Insoles

Plantar fasciitis is the number one reason why orthotic inserts are prescribed. These insoles have the ability to provide support to where there is an abnormal movement of the foot and relieve foot or heel pain. The most common issue area with the most common pain to arise is the hollow spot between the arch and heel region. Orthotic will fill in the lack of support and balance the environment.

When you feel that your foot is strained and ache starts to arise on the bottom of one or both feet, a removable footbed will help correct displaced arch ligaments. Foam, gel, foam, or air midsole; all help bolster and minimize impact when your foot strikes the ground. The inserts make a more rigid shoe by providing the foot something firm to push off, absorb shock, and relieve plantar fasciitis discomfort.

Woman, Foot, Relaxation, Treatment, People, Health Yoga 

4) Midsole Drop

While your midsole is the key component for complete foot support, the midsole drop is the heel-to-toe motion of the foot. Knowing the correct drop helps the foot to land on your midfoot or forefoot while walking. It helps your transfer from heel to toe with ease. This also sustains the entirety of your arch as it reduces the forces on specific muscles while moving.

For example, if you are flat-footed, your foot tends to overdrive trying to lift your arch. A 10-12mm heel-to-toe drop helps position your weight more in the forefoot instead of the plantar in your heel. So it provides stability along the arch. The zero-drop may be efficient to walk with, but if you have a high arch, you want to go with slightly raised heels or higher drops for the ideal shock absorption.

5) Firm Heel Counter

The heel counter is the back part of the heel surrounding the Achilles area which with poor footwear support can create foot pain in the heel and ankle. Your heel counter is responsible for the stability of the rearfoot.

A firm and thick heel counter cushions and shelters the heel and arch. It helps minimize over-pronation or the way you move the foot from side to side when walking or running. A firm heel counter includes a good heel cup that helps lock the foot in place and anchors it to the mid-sole. The good position minimizes abnormal stretching of the plantar fascia and reduces incidents of strain, pain and inflammation.

What If Your Plantar Fasciitis is Serious?

Constant foot pain in the arch or heel means that a certain spot in your feet had been into so much agony trying to hold on and balance the misalignment caused by a poor type of footwear. Other than a high-arched shoe, you would need a high-quality orthotic that is highly intended to support the foot. Even though it may only provide short-term relief, the comfort it lends eases your plantar fascia from prolonged pain.

Giving the foot enough rest, putting ice on the painful area, or regular stretching of the arch and entire foot slowly helps it recover in several months. Don’t hesitate to buy expensive orthotics. There is always a reason for this price range. Wearing supportive footwear definitely offers the needed support to alleviate and prevent Plantar Fasciitis.

Below is a video on how to cure plantar fasciitis with simple exercises a day. I tell you, the short stretches really offer great relief to the arch area. I love it myself.


Podiatrist Recommended Shoes for Plantar Fasciitis

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1) DANSKO Women’s Professional Clog

dansko women's shoes

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Dansko is one of the favorite working footwear of many professionals. This Dansko Professional Clog has contoured footbeds, supportive arch support, superior quality leather for its uppers, and sock lining. With a platform that measures 0.75 inches with and pinky’s width of space provided at the back part of the feet – this alone proves a roomy reinforced toe box so your toes have enough room to wiggle.

The Dansko Women’s Professional Clog uses a PU Foam footbed with a padded instep collar for comfortable walking. It has a slip-resistant outsole to protect the wearer’s every step from slipping and a Rocker’s Bottom that minimizes fatigue while offering shock absorption similar to athletic footwear. You’ll like the orthotics or insoles that can easily be removed in case you wanted to replace them with custom orthotics.

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2) Brooks Women’s Addiction Walker (For Neutral Foot)

brooks women's walking shoes

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The Brooks Addiction Walker Neutral is designed for flat or over-pronation issues. It’s ideal if you’re suffering from plantar fasciitis as the excellent support is focused on the entire midfoot. It uses a soft cushioning, BioMoGo DNA that adjusts to your stride.

Brooks Addiction is engineered for overall arch support. To offer maximum support, it boasts an extended progressive diagonal rollbar that supports your arch in keeping your body in its natural path while in motion. Slip-resistant, it has its forefoot MC Pod construction designed to set your foot in a balanced position.

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3) Clarks Women’s Warren Slip-On Loafer

women's black shoes

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Another one with an Ortholite footbed, you’ll want to take a look at the Clarks Women’s Warren Slip-On. This collection wants you to experience the ultimate comfort of its purposeful padding of softness that surrounds the foot. It has full-length cushioning for complete underfoot support – a feature your plantar fascia will thank you for.

With a Clark Warren Loafer, you can upgrade from wearing flat shoes in school. Think of the 2″ heel with a height of 2.16″ and insole that contains an Ortholite technology of a thermal barrier that elevates footwear temperature, you’re getting one of the world’s advanced versions of insulative materials for thermal insulation all day.

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4) Propet TravelActiv – Women’s Slip-On Shoe

ladies gray walking shoes

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Thinking of a removable yet contoured footbed? Try the Propet TravelActiv Shoes! They are perfect teacher shoes from the footwear’s engineered mesh upper and mesh lining that allows the feet to breathe. The footbed is totally removable and gives you the freedom to choose any custom orthotics. That means you can find the perfect inserts based on your arch measurement.

You’ll thank its cushioned EVA insole that gives comfortable steps all the time – perfectly shock absorbing. The great thing is that the TravelTek EVA outsole is lightweight yet it delivers great traction. Plus, it employs a stretch gore at the instep so you’ll find it easy and quick to slip on and take off any time. The Propet TravelActiv Slip-On is a flat heel but ideal for all types of arch, thanks to its footbed.

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5) Softwalk Sonoma – Orthopedic Flats for Women

brown walking shoes for women

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Softwalk Sonoma footwear falls in the luxury line of shoes, but it highly caters to women’s many foot problems. The shoe is 100% leather with a breathable lining, and a removable footbed feature to accommodate every user’s choice for custom orthotics.

Softwalk Sonoma wishes to rehabilitate poor foot conditions with its contoured footbed that automatically fits itself to the shape of your feet, cradling them with comfort. To support the arch, it has a wide but slightly lifted heel perfect if you’re flat-footed, although you can add inserts. The strap also holds the foot stable in support of your ankles. Overall, you’re getting a patent footbed, memory foam midsole, and a slip-resistant rubber sole.

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6) Merrell Women’s Dassie Buckle Slip-On

dark brown walker for women

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Dassie Buckle Slip-On by Merrell is 100% leather and designed with a stylish coverage and trail-inspired grip. The shoes are made of full-grain with nubuck leather uppers, breathable mesh linings, and an adjustable strap with buckle closure.

As you can see, Merrel’s Dassie Buckle Slip-On focuses on the midfoot by employing cushy EVA footbeds and midsoles that are well-contoured to fit the shape of your feet. You’ll thank the air cushion in the heel that helps absorb shock. Other than it uses the M Select Fresh technology for foot odor, it also comes with molded nylon arch shank and M Select GRIP outsole for the right grip and traction.

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7) Keen Women’s Rose Sandal

women's sandal

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Looking for an extremely casual leather shoe slipper? Here’s a Keen Rose Sandal styled with a casual 1-inch platform, adjustable strap, and contoured in a women-specific form. The style is relaxed and easy-going in a washable webbing upper material along with its iconic toe bumper for the safety of your toes. 

How this Keen Rose Sandal addresses the plantar fascia is through the Metatomical EVA molded footbed for a perfect midfoot. One selling point is the Aegis Microbe Shield treated lining for bacteria protection. For the right traction, it uses rubber soles and appoints multi-directional lugs for a superior grip, particularly on slippery or wet terrains. What’s amazing is its non-marking soles.

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8) Vionic Women’s Delmar Remi Lace-Up Fashion Sneakers

black running shoes for women

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The Vionic Delmar Remi Shoes boasts a podiatrist-designed footbed that’s built to promote steadiness from the ground up. The shoes include Three-Zone Comfort biomechanics; an orthotic arch support midsole, a deep heel cup, and superior forefoot cushioning to provide more stability.

Another strong hallmark of the Vionic Delmar Remi is a side zipper that is stylish. So even with a small upper opening, the side-zipper function keeps you from tying and untying now and then. It is also equipped with a removable mesh-covered EVA footbed and a durable outsole. That’s a package of comfort, safety, and sophistication. Made of leather or printed cow hair upper, it stands in 1.5″ heels. 

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9) Taos Footwear Women’s Star Fashion Sneaker

denim shoes

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A great brand that considers both beauty and comfort, Taos Star Fashion Sneaker is a stonewashed-looking lace-up canvas with a rubber outsole. It is designed lightweight to accommodate everything the footwear for plantar fasciitis can offer. Other than the footbed lining it also has a SILVADUR antimicrobial shield for footbed treatment.

You’ll love the Metatarsal support that alleviates pressure on the ball of your foot. Thanks to the heel and arch with curves that hug the contours of the midfoot, this footwear conforms to the inside of your foot. Taos Star shows off removable footbeds and premium pods that are filled with firm shock-absorbing elements for great cushioning. With exceptional wide width, it is not only flexible but comfortable.

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10) Hoka One One Bondi LTR Running Shoe

blue rubber shoes for women

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Known as a great support shoe for the sports-minded, the HOKA One One Bondi LTR is great for the neutral or underpronator. This means that you put extra stress on the outer side of the foot while running, which strains the arch region and triggers foot issues like plantar fasciitis. Thanks to its great cushion and stabilization overall.

It features a full-length compression yet soft and lightweight EVA Strobel board. It’s the signature cushioning of HOKA footwear so the midsole works to provide you with a really high-performance cushioning. It has supple leather uppers with mesh inserts and a lace-up for a fit snug. Hoka One One Bondi LTR has a little wider toe box and 4mm heel drop for a more stable cushioning and step balance.

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11) Saucony Grid Omni Walking

women's walker white shoes

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Step into comfort with the visible rearfoot grid system of Hytrel filaments, this is Saucony Grid Omni Walker’s superior cushioning and heel-centered stability feature. Engineered with an asymmetrical sole for bio-mechanical fit, the footwear has a slower rate of pronation, or the cause of pain felt from plantar fasciitis. It exists to empower the human spirit.

Saucony Grid Omni is equipped with a Walk Trac patented outsole designed for a smooth transition. A responsive EVA rubber compound, HRC Strobel board, midfoot support bridge, and SRC impact zone for additional cushioning and firmness. The Grid Omni is 100% leather and synthetic coming in a lace-up vamp and mesh tongue.

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12) Keen Women’s Targhee II

women's running shoes

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For hiking shoes, consider Keen Targhee. It is built with an external stability shank for lightweight support, improved mobility, and torsion control. The shoe also presents a cushioned collar that helps lessen irritation and discomfort around the ankle. Keen uses a breathable membrane that lets vapor out. It is waterproof and can stand up to wet weather.

The Keen Targhee Hiking Shoes has a non-removable EVA footbed with added arch support and a wide toe box so it gives your toes the right space and protection. The footwear boasts the Keen All-Terrain rubber sole to ensure a high-traction grip, particularly on wet, muddy and rocky surfaces. Like Keen’s Rose Sandal (on this list) it has non-marking rubber outsoles and leaves no shoe imprints when walking indoors.

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13) BZees Women’s Dream Sandal

women black sandal

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Welcome to cloud nine with a BZees Dream Sandal. This brand is proud of its Bzees Cloud Technology of air-infused outsoles to make you feel weightless and on the go. It showcases a dynamic stretch upper in a classic adjustable heel strap and embroidery vamp style. A shoe that’s so flexible for an easier stride.

If you notice, the Bzees Dream Sandal is employed with a viscoelastic memory foam that has been compressed for soft moderate arch support. Its foamed footbed is also symmetrically formed to mold your feet. If you’re short of height, you’ll be happy that its midsole measures approximately 0.75 inches that boost height. You’ll be walking soft and bouncy on a synthetic sole that’s textured for traction.

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14) Orthofeet Charlotte Slipper/Shoe

leather sandal for women

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Cozy and classic, Orthofeet Charlotte is a Plantar Fasciitis diabetic and orthopedic leather arch support. It is a proven heel and foot pain relief footwear, thanks to the soft non-binding upper and seam-free interior, plus anatomical insoles; it helps control overpronation and reduce the impact on your heel.

The Orthofeet Charlotte offers a lightweight sole with multiple-layer cushioning and a contoured heel seat that works wonders in alleviating heel pain and plantar fasciitis. You’ll be thankful for the extra-depth footbed, removable insoles, wide toe box, and extended widths that give a unique therapeutic style for ease of walking. Amaze yourself with the top cover DryPlex, an anti-odor fabric, and Poly U foam that keeps your feet dry.

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15) Naturalizer Marianne Sneaker

walking shoes for women

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Naturalizer Marianne Sneaker has insoles that feature full arch support through its four specialized widths; regular, narrow, wide, and extra-wide. Using N5 Contour Technology, it has open-cell cushioning and is anatomically sculpted to meet the contours of your feet.

The heel measures approximately 1-inch with 0.75 inches platform and a shaft that measures approximately low-top from the arch. Coupled with a soft and cushioned footbed, your heels will definitely stay in the right position saving them and your arch from fatigue. Naturalizer Marianne has a leather upper in a casual sport style with a round toe and durable outsole.

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16) Skechers GoWalk Joy Walking Shoe

blue shoes for women

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Rediscover the total comfort in walking with the Skechers GOwalk Joy. This shoe is known for soft fabric lining and padded collars with a breathable mesh upper so your feet are dry. It comes with a low-top from the arch shaft. A proven lightweight and flexible footwear with rubber outsoles.

This walking shoe offers a parametric 5Gen midsole cushioning that is designed to provide a high-energy return on every step. This means the shoes are easy to walk on with minimal effort and impact on the arch. It is as well employed with Goga Max insole for an effective memory foam on your feet, plus Goga pillars on the bottom of the shoe to cushion any hard impact.

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17) Sperry Women’s Seaport Penny Loafer

black loafer shoes for women

click image for details

These loafers are casual-formal perfect. Sperry Women’s Seaport Penny Loafer comes with a memory foam footbed. Even though it’s not removable, you’ll feel a super comfortable cushion teamed with an EVA midsole to provide support and comfort in the arches.

The shoe is created in full-grain leather and breathable upper in moccasin stitching along with leather sock lining and a full-length cushioned memory foam sole for comfort. The Sperry Seaport Penny Loafer also boasts its signature Strobel construction for flexibility. The durable rubber outsole offers great traction for wet surfaces. It’s a specially good feature responsible for an additional shock absorber.

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18) STQ Slip On Breathe Mesh Walking Shoes 

black walking shoes for women

click image for details

Join the development of comfortable walking shoes with STQ Slip-On Walking Shoes. Designed for walking, it’s an ultra-lightweight footwear ideal for busy professionals. It showcases a clean-lined, slip-on design with an elastic cuff for easy put on and taking off, plus a padded tongue and collar support.

The STQ Slip-On is breathable yet durable, thanks to the air mesh upper that allows the foot to breathe. It boasts an arch support memory foam insole and cushioning that makes you feel like walking on soft pillows. The air-cushion sole is shockproof and provides an efficient push-up to support gait and balance, thus preventing foot hurt.

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19) Clarks Women’s Ashland Bubble Loafer

black working shoes for women

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Another brand tested effective for plantar fasciitis is the Clark’s Ashland Bubble Loafer. This tassel loafer is 100% leather yet with soft uppers that make it versatile for any occasion. The shoe also is built with a microfiber suede sock liner to fence the foot against rubbing and pinching.

Clark’s Ashland Bubble Loafer has a heel height of 1.29″ but it lets your feet walk relaxed with its well-cushioned Ortholite footbed using Cushion Soft Technology for the best underfoot cushioning that targets the middle foot – just ideal for women who keeps walking and standing. It uses thermoplastic insoles with Bendable Technology for easy foot movement. Although they are not removable, you can always use inserts.

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20) Git-Up Working Shoes 

working shoes for women

click image for details

The Git-Up Walking Shoes is easy-to-slip-on footwear with a user-friendly buckle and an adjustable loose and tight closure. The wide round toe already means enough space for the toes to move and breathe. It’s an all-around shoe for jogging, walking, working, and shopping.

The footbed of this Go-Git Working Shoe has outsoles that are made by Air Cushion Technology. This engineering is to make the shoe light and more elastic while doubling the effect of shock absorption and relieve impact. This means your feet will not feel tired. It has a heel high of about 1.97 inches with an air cushion heel and platform design. They’re ideal for flabby legs as wearing them makes the legs swing back and forth.

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Check Out Our 8 Editor Picks for 2022

Product Image Reasons to get it
HOKA One Bondi LTR
  • Has light EVA Strobel Board
  • Soft full-length compression
  • 4mm heel drop
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MERRELL Dassie Slip-On
  • With cushy EVA footbed
  • Well-contoured midsole

  • Plus M Select GRIP outsole
Check Price --->
  • Well-contoured footbed
  • Fits any custom orthotics
  • The heel is slightly lifted
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CLARKS Warren Loafer
  • Fully-cushioned midsole
  • Ortholite footbed
  • With thermal barrier
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TAOS Fashion Sneaker
  • Has special metatarsal support
  • Contoured midfoot
  • Removable footbed
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BZEES Dream Sandal
  • Uses viscoelastic memory foam
  • Soft moderate arch support
  • With air-infused outsoles
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ORTHOFEET Charlotte Slipper
  • Has orthopedic leather arch
  • Multi-layered cushioning
  • Contoured heel seat
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SKECHERS GoWalk Joy Walker
  • Supersoft fabric lining
  • 5-Gen midsole cushioning
  • GOGA Max insole & outsole
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Now that you have all the shoe features to help prevent plantar fasciitis, this should also help you understand the type of cushioning and not simply relying on the presence of cushions in footwear. Injurious shock should be absorbed from the ground up, so verify how everything supports your foot and arch. Thick rubber outsoles, for instance, provide comfort, grip, balance, and shock absorption.

If you have been suffering from plantar fasciitis, this list of podiatrist recommended shoes will not actually treat your condition. What this footwear offers is to provide your feet the comfort they need and help improve your level of comfort. If you’re dealing with foot pain every day, it is best to consider visiting your podiatrist so he can give your feet the right diagnosis.

There you go. I hope the list of shoes above will help you find the best shoes for plantar fasciitis. Do you know some great shoes to add to the list? Let me know in the comments.



1) Can you explain more how better arch support help plantar fasciitis??

The muscles, ligaments, bones, and tendons in your feet align themselves side-to-side (metatarsal) and lengthwise (longitudinal). This mazelike structure heavily supports the arch. Your arches are springy so they bounce in every step as they distribute your body weight evenly across your feet while adapting to various walking surfaces at the same time.

Therefore it is the arch that supports the foot by providing a balanced stance on your ankle. Your fascia is the fibrous tissue that binds the bones and other parts of the foot to each other and establishes the arch. Once the fascia’s shock-absorbing attribute is compromised, it gets strained and starts to be unsupportive of the arch. With footwear that supports the arch, it transfers the stress on the plantar fascia to the shoe – saving it from Plantar Fasciitis.

2) Are all teachers vulnerable to Plantar Fasciitis?

Not only teachers are at greater risk of plantar fasciitis but all working adults who are:

  • Female with ages 40 to 60 years old
  • Overweight
  • Flat-footed or with high arches
  • Have stiff heel cords or Achilles’ tendons
  • Not walking with the right foot position
  • Wearing high-heeled shoes all the time
  • Standing on their feet most of the time
  • Shoes with thin unsupportive soles

3) What is the fastest way to relieve plantar fasciitis pain??

Stretching the feet is a great way to protect them from damage and injuries. Stretching the arches of your feet several times a day and massaging them at the end of the day can be very relieving. There are easy-to-do home exercises on how to stretch the plantar fascia. As simple as pointing your foot and toes forward and upward, spreading them, and arch back as far as possible can relax the foot while you rest.

Use your hands to massage the midsole and arch area as you trace your ligaments with your thumb and fingers gently. Just be careful not to press too much where the point of pain is. The good thing about stretching the feet is it also includes the Achilles tendon and calf muscles. You will feel the stretch and muscles extending as it increases blood flow into the feet.

A word of advice: Always stretch and massage your foot with care.

4) What is the fastest way to cure plantar fasciitis naturally?

While medication helps a lot, you can choose some natural ways to cure the plantar fasciitis issue.

  1. A cold therapy using an ice pack helps reduce inflammation as the cold treatment restricts the flow of blood to the injured area. It helps minimize swelling and intense foot pain.
  2. Stretching the arch area, toes, and entire feet regularly relieves pain. As the muscles, tendons, and ligaments receive stretches daily, they get the exercise that makes them stronger in providing optimum support to your feet.
  3. Have you heard of dry cupping? This practice has been used by many cultures in the treatment of pain by increasing blood flow and loosening stiff muscles.
  4. Did you know that toe spacers help lengthen shrunken tendons? Yes, and this lengthening process alleviates foot parts that have become short and tight by encouraging them to elongate back to their healthy position. As it improves blood flow to the feet, it breaks down adhesions and revamps the heel and foot.
  5. Wearing a night splint brings and holds the foot in a stretched position providing treatment while you rest at night.
  6. Putting on orthotics or inserts during the day also equips the arch or midsole with the correct support so it moves without pain.
  7. Engage in TENS Therapy (TransCutaneous Electrical Nerve Stimulation). This is a new treatment for plantar fasciitis that restores and invigorates the nerves in your feet with small doses of electrical current. This promotes blood flow and interrupts the body’s signals for pain.
  8. Roll your feet with a water bottle. If your table or chair stretchers are rounded, you can utilize them by gently rolling your foot onto the wood and feel as it curves the arch.

5) Does the shape of the shoe matter when it comes to addressing Plantar Fasciitis?


Feet come in many shapes and sizes that with the wrong shape of footwear can affect mobility and your foot’s health. The shape of your shoes has a lot to do with the comfort your feet needs. A too big nor too small size forces the toes to curl up, as well as wide and too flat footbeds can leave the feet grasping for control.

The end result of all of the above is a compromised arch which also is connected to how your plantar fascia performs. To avoid foot pain, the shape, and size of your shoes should conform to the shape of your feet. It should never be your feet to conform to the shape of footwear. It may take time to find the best shape but when you do will make you and your feet happiest.

6) Why should I replace worn-out shoes?

All shoes, regardless of how you handle them with care, have their share of wear and tear. Even if you find them still looking great and comfy, the footbed or the midsole area may not be giving the same protection or shock absorption as when they were new. To prevent plantar fasciitis, change your shoes when the outsole has thinned, flattened, and depleted.

Don’t feel like shelling another expense. Remember, you are buying new shoes to protect your feet from plantar fasciitis. You most probably reached hundred of miles walking or running in your current shoes so definitely you can feel how the arch and midfoot area have worn out.

7) Can I still wear high heels? Any advice?

The truth is – one cause of plantar fasciitis is the frequent wearing of high heels. The reason is that the control of the feet leans mostly on the arch area where the fascia is located. So when your feet get the same continuous tension from wearing high heels, it tightens your Achilles tendon and injures the plantar fascia.

Aren’t you wondering why your feet feel so much relief the moment you remove your high heels at the end of the day? That is because you pull on your heel bone and flatten your feet back to their healthy and unrestricted position.

If you love wearing heels, choose a pair with a strong and firm midsole. That which cradles the arch in each stride. That which supports your entire feet from fatigue. You will feel when a certain high heel feels good because they conform to the shape of your feet, they don’t curl up your toes nor rub the back of your heel, and your midsoles are like lying in soft pillows.

8) How many inches of heels is advisable for Plantar Fasciitis?

So you really love high heels. The secret to preventing foot pain is to avoid wearing a heel higher than two inches and for an extended period of time. If you’re teaching in a classroom, it may not be advisable to wear extremely high heels. Otherwise you will only injure the plantar fascia from walking and standing all day.

If you must wear heels, choose a pair with a platform that doesn’t force the arch to control your entire body. Check if it feels better wearing custom orthotics. This will provide the utmost support in the midfoot. I suggest you visit a podiatrist and seek advice for inserts or anything else you may need for a high heel routine designed to prevent or relieve pain.