16 Best Reading Bulletin Board Ideas for Teachers

What specific skill is to be utilized to best appreciate a bulletin board in the classroom?

Yes, definitely! Our students have to read what pops out on the walls!  Therefore, as teachers, we have to develop the reading skills of our students by exploring the best reading bulletin board ideas for teachers.

Our reading bulletin board is a perfect addition to our effective reading strategies. Apparently, with my years as a teacher, I can say that reading has been one of the complicated skills that our students should master. With deep understanding, I know that our students are diverse learners with different reading proficiency levels.

It is one of the important matters that we teachers should handle. We can’t deny the presence of frustration readers in our classroom and they have to be dealt with seriously.

bulletin board idea: discover the magic of reading

I understand that each one of us has amazing reading strategies that are effective for all our students. We probably know how to hit their reading skills.

And, as great teachers of the 21st century, we should not cease in making our students become confident and independent readers. As we all know how important reading is especially in the daily lives of our learners. They need to master the skill to grow academically and personally.   We can take it slowly yet surely.

Importance of Reading Bulletin Boards

To celebrate reading as one of the macro skills, teachers like me should go the extra mile in making reading very interesting to my students. Hence, in this post, we are going to catch reading bulletin board ideas for you that will give our students wonderful experiences.

As our students spend their precious time reading, we should supplement our reading materials in the classroom’s mini-library by designing our reading bulletin boards. Our bulletin boards easily capture the interest of our learners, so, let’s take advantage of that.

Seemingly, our well-crafted reading bulletin board in the classroom will help us develop the proficient reading skills of our students in a  creative fashion. It is introducing reading concepts in a fun way.

We as teachers can provide different reading activities but our reading display board should be comprehensible as well.  Our way of presenting reading ideas in the display boards should value emphasis and clarity. As we tap our different reading strategies, let’s not forget the roles of our bulletin boards as one of our most effective teaching tools.

Therefore, looking for effective reading bulletin board ideas for teachers should be made handy and easy.

So, to build and strengthen our students’ reading skills, basically, we should make interactive and creative reading bulletin boards in our classroom. This won’t be a pain on our side.

All we have to do is to read on for credible ideas and apply them in your learning environment. Who knows this can be a good start to spin the reading wheel of fortune for our students.

But, before we explore the amazing choices of designing our reading bulletin boards, let’s first talk about the best features of a reading bulletin board. This is to inspire our students more to love reading.

Eye-catching and not ‘Eye distracting’

Our reading bulletin board is among our DIY display walls or ideas in the classroom. Moreover, it is considered as an essential teaching tool that engenders excitement and fosters productive learning.  Hence, it is important to consider what goes up to your display boards to hold our students’ interests.

Since our reading display walls need to be not only just colorful but also attractive, we have to be careful about what colors to use for our borders and how to design the learning space.

We should highly consider the principles of unity, harmony, and balance if we really aim for an impactful display.  Also, as we aim for a colorful scenario, still we should have that fine taste for color schemes.

For example, in our reading bulletin, as we aim to help our students develop their reading skills, therefore, it should be crafted in a way that will catch attention and not a blight.  What I mean is, our bulletin board presentation, in general, should be visually appealing.

Interactive and Not Destructive

Our reading bulletin boards should not scare our children away. 

Instead, they should be on our walls to help motivate our students to learn effectively and to provide them the opportunity to apply the skills they have learned. In a sense, they should be on our classroom walls for skill reinforcement and not to make learning horrible and complicated.

In other words, our reading bulletin boards should create a buzz in the classroom. It should further encourage higher-order thinking skills of our students.  Hence, they have to be designed in a way that stimulates learning and excitement.

If you are making your bulletin boards for the sake of complying, as it is required in us, then our displays will be half-baked and will not serve their purposes. It can be a big waste of time and money.

For this reason, I usually involve my students in putting up my seasonal bulletin boards as most of my displays were crafted before the opening of classes. However, I leave space for my students’ creativity and brilliant ideas when it comes to displays that need to be updated every quarter or every season of the year.

My reading bulletin board is a product of cooperative hands and minds. To make it interactive and dynamic, I make a highly-impactful title for my reading bulletin.

I make use of fascinating questions that require critical thinking. Our skills in making prompts are at work here. We are teachers and I believe we are good about it.

An interesting title will make the bulletin pop out. Or, I leave a thought-provoking and open-ended question for my children to think about.

Similarly, for an interactive effect, I think of one reading activity and mirrors it on the walls. Will it be on inferencing activities? Or predicting outcomes?  Or it can be any of the several reading skills.

Consider the Students’ Ability Levels

For our reading bulletin presentation to serve best its purpose, it has to be planned according to the levels of our young learners. Remember, as we make our creative and interactive wall presentations, we are also encouraging independent learning schemes. It will be a total waste if it deviates from the learning capabilities of our students.

As our young learners navigate our classroom, they hop from one learning space to the other. Significantly, our students will best interact if the display bulletin is within their grasp and ability level. As our students progress in their reading performance, they can eventually possess reading fluency.

The vocabulary, sight words, and meaningful context that they read in our bulletin boards will help them to read accurately. The more comprehensible our reading bulletin boards are, the easier it will be for our students to read.

Also, the more they read, the more they develop their ability to understand what they read.  Going forward, this will lead to a more advanced comprehension skills.

This time, allow me to turn the page for some of the best ideas for reading bulletin boards. You can have your best choices and bring them to your classroom.

16 Best Reading Bulletin Board Ideas for Teachers

1. Wonderful Reading Connection

connecting reading and sports

To add interest to our reading wall presentation, we can exemplify the connection of reading to other areas such as sports.

Personally, I collect compelling popular reads on sports and arrange them neatly on the board to motivate students to read.

incorporate the love of sports in the bulletin

I do this before the school intramurals or field events.

Notably, this is one of my ways of convincing my students to get into sports as their extra-curricular activities.

I noticed that most of my students, especially during their vacant time, they love to go around the classroom and feast their eyes on the display boards.

Of course, I should let them know that I appreciate what they are doing by discussing with them the concept and the reading materials presented on the bulletin board.

To my amazement, they get their English notebook and copy important lines and answer different reading tasks. This works on my students. No doubt it will give the same wonders to your students too.

2. Reading in the Spring

incorporating spring on the reading bulletin

To best capture the springtime, we should eagerly update our reading bulletin board to welcome the stunning spring.

As the renewing spring arrives, as teachers, we should decorate our classroom in a way that will flourish the reading proficiency levels of our students so they will prosper just like the season itself.

Our creative display board will give our students reasons to celebrate the blossoming season of the year.

After the long winter, surely, all of us especially our students are excited to welcome the spring.

creative reading bulletin

Therefore, updating our reading bulletin boards to accommodate the spring is very effective and timely.

The peeking spring flowers and the delightful reading bugs in the bulletin offer magical reading time to our learners.

Interestingly, this will make reading more of a fundamental skill that our students should master. With this, our classroom will become a more exciting learning place, full of beauty and hopes!

3. The Toady Ally for Reading

displaying the gentle toads

This creative display of gentle creatures adds fun to our classroom. The cutie toadies will bring excitement to our young kids and make reading even more interesting.

The greeny toads awaken our student’s reading engrossment. That is why it’s also a good idea to have this special kind of species on our board.

4. BEE Ready for Summer!

reading concepts for summer

The buzzing bees can be a delight in our reading bulletin board to represent summertime.

Apparently, this sunny idea is a perfect addition to our learning tools.

Cool popular reads ought to be in our bulletin to attract our students more. If the signs of summer are around the corner, then it’s best to refurbish our reading wall presentations.

5. Take the Reading Delight

reading bulletin board

This bulletin style encapsulates reading as a fundamental skill through amazing and colorful designs.

As our young readers need more inspiration to read, let’s make use of our creative convincing powers. ‘Reading helps your mind bloom’  stimulates our students to get into reading and to feel the great joy of learning this important skill.

6. Turnover a New Leaf

the great love for reading

Reading is an important skill that is present and is used everywhere.

Therefore, as teachers, we should help our students rekindle their love for books.

To best supplement our reading nook in the classroom, it is also effective to mount the love for books on the wall. In the same way, as we inculcate in our students the importance of developing reading skills, we should also lead their way to a great appreciation of books.

the love for booksAs it happens, our students will get immersed in their favorite storybooks and it will make a big difference.

7. Inspirational Quotes Parade

using vinyl sticker on the wall

Using vinyl wall stickers as the background of our reading bulletin board also makes a fantastic display. Exhibit your creativity and genuine art by making appropriate border styles and designs.

If you want your display to look authentic, you can print the inspirational reading quote or use letter cutouts and mount it on the board artistically.

It’s always wonderful to see our children reading the inspirational quotes we posted on the wall.

using inspirational quotes

When they enrich themselves with inspiring reading quotes they are more inclined to live by it.

In my classroom, I divide my class into 5 groups to represent the days of the week. Each group will have a creative presentation of the thought of the day.

This is done on a daily basis and their work is to be displayed on the reading bulletin board where they just insert their work on an improvised wall pocket.

8. LEGO of Your Imagination

displaying lego world

Our busy kids love to play Lego blocks. Blocks line up as one of the most amazing educational toys in the classroom.  Reading what the bulletin says with the Lego-themed design will be a fantastic experience for them.

This bulletin idea still counts especially our students of today are so engrossed of the Lego world.

Hence, this creative display is just right for our young readers. It mixes together fun and learning. Absolutely, this is a great hit in your classroom.

This concept will not only support their Lego adventures but will also enhance their reading abilities.

creative display wall

To make it more interesting, we can print titles of our students’ favorite storybooks on the Lego blocks to make our presentation more attention-grabbing.

Seeing the bulletin makes our students travel to Lego land. If your young learners are beginners, you also print sight words on the Lego blocks instead of book titles.

9. Take Me to the Reading World

Are your students in the right direction when it comes to their reading preferences? Which direction do they take?

For us teachers, it’s a great joy to see our students keeping on track for reading. We all know that this skill is crucial to our student’s success in life.

The more we encourage our students to read, the more they love reading, the more likely they are to become independent readers.

If we are very diligent in updating our reading bulletin board, our students will get the most benefit from it. And, if we make reading activities easy, the more our students will like it.

10. Take the Reading BEE

bee reading design

We can make use of the honey bee to increase our students’ reading interests. The sweet flowers can be designed with blooming reading quotes at the center or encouraging sentences.

To illustrate, gauge from the following example below:

I am a confident reader.

I am a reader, BEE like me!

Reading is an art!

Reading is fun.

Reading is essential.

I treasure the reader in me.

Reading makes my imagination powerful.

I read brilliant minds.

Reading is fun and easy.

BEE a reader like me!

I love reading.

Reading takes me anywhere!

11. Impressive Reading Time

reading at the library

As we prepare our reading corner or our mini-library, we should not forget to update our reading bulletin board.

When we introduce the use of the library as a unit of our lesson, our students should take advantage of it.

I know that there re struggling readers in our class, and we should not deprive them of the great opportunity to enjoy reading at the library.

But first, we have to motivate them seriously through our reading presentations in the classroom. This will motivate them especially if they feel like giving up.

12. Reading Colorful Butterflies

magnificent reading bulletin design

I really love this design. The colorful butterflies can easily capture interest and hook my student’s attention. Undoubtedly, when this is placed in my room, my students will surely gather around and see in amazement the cutout butterflies.

So, I will take this opportunity to carry over my reading task. By printing CVC patterns and sight words on the available spaces will help my struggling readers.

Moreover, the inspirational reading quite at the bottom gives the overall meaningful impression of the bulletin.
What other reading quotes can you think of?

Take my amazing picks below!

“Reading is essential for those who seek to rise above the ordinary.” – Jim Rohn

“Think before you speak. Read before you think.” – Fran Lebowitz

“The reading of all good books is like a conversation with the finest (people) of the past centuries.” – Descartes

“A good book is an event in my life.” – Stendhal

“Today a reader, tomorrow a leader.” – Margaret Fuller

“If one cannot enjoy reading a book over and over again, there is no use in reading it at all.” – Oscar Wilde

13. Amazing Reading Week

make reading week amazing

Our reading week should make our students love reading even more. When I celebrate the reading week with my students, I bring the real world closer to them by having a magnificent display of their favorite reads in the bulletin.

Some are even very eager to bring their favorite books in school and share them with their classmates.

Well, it all started with a captivating and highly-motivating reading bulletin board.

14. Captivating Storyboard

using creative storyboard

The amazing storyboard is fun and exciting. I also explore this idea into my classroom and my young learners really love the sight of their favorite characters being mounted on the board.

When they feel like standing, I encourage them to stand before the reading storyboard and they enjoy it when they do it.

They read the dialogues with their classmate and they exchange ideas about the characters. Seeming, my students appreciate more the literary piece when it’s summarized through interactive dialogues and posted on the walls,. This makes their reading time enjoyable.

When to change the storyboard? I usually update my storyboard every quarter. I select an interesting story for each quarter and summarize them using dialogues and simple narrations. I love doing it and my students exactly feel the same way!

15.Our Travel Ways

reading is travellingAs we know, reading can take us to places. Moreover, it gives our students an instant opportunity to travel around the world. Let us give them this benefit of reading.

As we teach across the curriculum or integrate other subjects, we can make use of our reading bulletin board.

The chunks of information about a certain country are presented through the board so we can let our students know essential facts about that place.

16.Mixed Emotions

making use of emojis

Emojis are very common in Social Media. They are used to express emotions in our text-based communication.
As they add meaning to our personal messages and Facebook status, the interactive emoticons can also be the source of inspiration for our students.

Posting emoticons with the related books can make our bulletin boards stimulating. I use these small icons on my phone. Having them printed, they deserve a space in my reading bulletin board.

As for me, this is very timely because reading materials also coney the same emotions, too. Capturing these emotions through smiley emoticons will add great detail to our bulletin board.

To put it all together…

Children have to love reading or else they will lose meaningful connections in the world. Really, reading offers great deals to our learners. And, as teachers, we have the best opportunity each day to bring our students closer to amazing gifts of reading.

With our intensive efforts as educators, let’s take our students to reading adventures in a simple yet meaningful way. Our reading bulletin boards will help our students fall in love with reading.

And so, what can you do to make your students love your reading bulletin board? How to make your reading display really impactful?

Post your best ideas below and together, let’s take our students to a fantastic reading journey.

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