20 Simple Craft Ideas Using Household Items

If you are an art teacher looking for sustainable projects, there are ordinary daily commodities that can be transformed into awesome pieces. The best part is that your class can do these fun activities with their hands. Try any of these simple craft ideas using household items.

sustainable craft ideas

Two Benefits 

The first benefit is it lets students discover ideas that they can incorporate into real-life skills. Second, it helps recycle excess or used household supplies.

If you often throw common items right away, this time think about how they can flourish in the arts and crafts community. You can do the following ideas with your hands using the sustainable materials you have at home.


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20 Simple Craft Ideas Using Household Items



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As Cotton Buds

Don’t worry if you run out of cotton buds, neatly wrap the opposite side of the matchstick head with a piece of cotton and use it as a cotton bud. See to it that the whole tip is enveloped with cotton for a safe touch.

A Puzzle Game

Gather a few match sticks and begin a puzzle game. For example, form 3 interconnected squares using 10 matchsticks, or guess how many sticks you need to form three triangles? Another is how many moves you need to create into 2 squares?

A Decorative Match House

This is a fun activity as everybody has to balance every stick to erect a match house. The best thing is you’re going to build a house without tools but glue or masking tape. Display the finished product in your classroom and give a reward to the strongest and prettiest creation.


Leftover Pom Poms

Fashion Accessories

Imagine wearing a necklace made of colorful pompoms, or a hat covered with them. Let the students sew the pompoms together for a nice bouquet. Glue the bright-colored balls on a throw pillow or canvas bag. Create a contest for the most beautiful pompom masterpiece for a prize.

Party Decor

Instead of the commonly practiced balloons, tie pompoms using yarn then hang colorful garlands of mini pompoms around your venue. The students can even make their own bedroom curtains.

Adorning Gifts

Ribbons are always the best way to beautify a gift. Why not use pompom colorful balls this time? Regardless of how simple your gift wrapping paper is, follow it up with pompoms and your present will have its own lovely voice.

A Bouquet

If flowers rule the bouquet world, give pompom a chance to make a story. Tie pompoms on sticks and then bunch them up. For prettier stems, cover the sticks with green art or tissue paper using glue. Next time you’re sending someone a bouquet, thrill her or him with pompoms! Can you feel the magic?


Unused Glitters

glitter art

A Captivating Wall Art

There’s nothing more fascinating for the class to do than a photo of them sparkling on the wall. Not only does it make them excited to complete the art but a brilliant way to display their showpiece. Instruct the class to bring their favorite photo that they can glitter up.

Glittering Ornaments

This sounds like a common activity, however, any ornament or décor be it made of glass, wood, metal, or plastic material can be revamped with glitters. All they need are glue, glitters, and the stuff to decorate, then the rest is a glittering session.

Decorate Paper Bags and Cards

Glitters can transform an ordinary-looking paper bag into a gorgeous one. Ask everyone to create or adorn greeting cards for their family and friends. Seeing their own collection of glittery items in festive colors, patterns, and sizes infuses a proud feeling.


Old Magazines

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Create Paper Beads 

Almost any type of paper can be rolled into a cylinder to create paper beads for a necklace, bracelet, hair accessory, or anything else you can think of. If your magazines have colored pages, you’re lucky. Let your class bring old magazine pages and start rolling paper beads.

Here’s a video tutorial on how to make paper beads.

Make Recycled Coasters 

Tear out 6 magazine pages and fold each strip half lengthwise. Form a weave by interlocking two strips and continue weaving. Now each of your students can use their lovely handmade coasters during snacks or lunchtime.

Create a Box or Bowl

Make a cute bowl to hold small items like hair accessories, paper clips, keys, or loose change. Create a nice-looking bigger box as their everything tray for bigger items like pencils, scissors, cards, and other stuff that tend to litter around.

Learn how to make a magazine bowl, here.

Make Envelops and Paper Bags

The class will be amazed at how creative they have become the moment the colorful envelopes and paper bags are through.


Old Fabric

Towels, Bath Towels, Bath, Towels

Braid Rug from Old Shirt

Weaving a rug from old shirts not only offers fresh and new rugs but is generally non-toxic and eco-friendly. The students can bring the idea home and teach their younger siblings to utilize those old shirts for something the family can use every day.

Make a Shirt Tote Bag

Lay a shirt flat on the table and fold them half lengthwise. Cut off the arms and then the neck areas. Scrunch up the bottom and wrap it around with a string. Tie tightly. Turn it inside out and there goes a uniquely sustainable and no-sew tote bag!

Make Kitchen Towels and Potholders

Old bath sheets can be cut into smaller sizes and used as hand or kitchen towels. Another idea is to cut them into squares and then glue them up together to form potholders.



Pizza Boxes, Nest, Pizza Service

Assemble Photo Frames

Cut the cardboard to form two parallel frames. You can decorate one of the frames with yarn or cover it with art paper. Put it on top of the second frame and glue the sides. You can also sew them if you like. Now insert the photo in between. You can change photos anytime.

Create Yarn Bracelets

Cut bracelet-size straps then make two holes on each end of the straps. Lightly spread paste or glue on both surfaces then wrap them with colorful yarns. For a colorful effect, tie another color to the end of the thread. They can wear 3 bracelets at a time. Truly fun!

Make Triangle Bookends

Clever but so useful. It’s as simple as forming a triangle (of your desired size) and then snapping the edges together with a masking tape. Cut two smaller triangles to go on the sides. Tape the pieces on the sides. Ensure that all sides are tightly taped. Cover your bookends with contact paper.


In Essence

Using household items as materials for crafts is among the handiest and most convenient techniques you can have.

The next time you’re thinking of throwing something away, hold it first and think if there is something awesome to make with it. Tell your class to do the same. With the fun activities above, every student will see and learn how a simple cardboard or plastic cup can be more useful in another way.

Not only you are igniting their interest in living sustainably but also cultivating their creativeness, as well.

I’m sure you know of other simple craft ideas using household items. Share them with us in the comments.