8 Snacking Tips for Teachers – How to Make It Fun & Healthy

What is a great way to buck up mid-mornings and afternoons in the school? Snacks!

However, getting the food that can gratify your palate may require some tricks if you want to prevent snack time anarchy. It is now a matter of what keeps snack time easy and fun. So here, I have a few snacking tips for teachers who are looking for quick snack possibilities.

healthy treats, homemade ice cream popsicles

When you eat the same kind of food for snacks

I don’t recommend bringing the same favorite snack food as inspiring. Even though it fills in your snack time, it is one of the reasons why you are not enjoying your snacks. It lacks variety. It lacks life. It is boring.

There’s a big difference when you give your body what it needs, and that includes what you want. Are you craving something sweet, or savory? Look for what hits the pillars of good snacking – quality, nutritious, and satisfying.

These ideas are simplified basics that surely will spice up your snack time.


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Snacking Tips for Teachers for a Great Day in School

1) Educate Yourself

It’s basic that the first thing to note when it comes to “what you should eat” is to mind the impact of foods and drinks on your health.

All of us know what’s healthy and what’s not. By educating yourself, you will be able to simplify good vs bad food. Fresh juice, for example, is a lot better than its powdered counterpart. Eggs on toast make an extremely better choice than French fries.

So it can begin by switching packaged for fresh or sugar for protein — things like that. There may come a lot of myths about various foods, like fruit preserves are high in sugar or that healthy foods are bland. Reading about what snacks go better for you will make it something worth learning and practicing.

2) Plan Ahead

bread and coffee for snacks

Between classes, lesson planning, grading, and paperwork; you probably many times have skipped snacks. Correct? Not just because you did not have enough time to eat, but because you have not prepared some snacks for the day. This is where planning for snacks ahead comes into play.

Planning ahead of time not only saves you from having to find something last minute, but it increases the likelihood of getting something healthier. With a snack plan written on your weekly planner, you’ll know exactly what to buy. You don’t have to stress yourself when it’s time to prepare what to bring for your Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday… and so on.

Shopping according to your list saves lots of money, compared to impulse buying or going to the supermarket without a list.

3) Go Healthy 

Regardless of how busy you are, choose to eat healthily. Remember that lunchtime might be too far away from the moment you start to feel hungry. Ensuring you have access to healthy snacks is caring for your body. There is nothing wrong with buying in the school canteen, but there is a tendency for you to rely on junk food that you can grab and go.

It’s so fortunate if the canteen sells healthier options, but what if they don’t? Filling your diet with junk food also feeds your body with higher sugar, fat, and calories. You can treat yourself to some sweet delights or your favorite ice cream once in a while. But soda, chips, and French fries every day are never healthy.

Packing a homemade snack doesn’t need to be complicated. You can throw a handful of nuts and dried fruits on a decent food container, or bring a protein shake for a quick mid-day break. What about a cup of your favorite latte? Get yourself a water bottle that can keep drinks cold or hot the whole day. If you prefer to eat something cold, then get a lunch box that works the same.

4) Mix It Up

Egg Sandwich, egg snacking, healthy snacks

There is power in snacks that carry a combination of tastes. Let’s have a few examples you will love to try:

  1. Dried apple, dried mango, dried papaya, dried pear, and dried banana.
  2. Fresh cut apples, pineapples, mango, kiwi, and peaches
  3. Your favorite protein shake and a choice of fruit.
  4. Low in carb nuts like almonds, macadamias, pecans, and hazelnuts
  5. Nutrition bars you love. They are healthy desk snacks!
  6. Protein balls, protein cookies, and homemade granola bars
  7. Hard-boiled eggs and sliced cucumber – sprinkled with lemon and pepper
  8. Chickpea omelet and crispy pan-fried eggplant
  9. Frozen two-ingredients yogurt
  10. Bacon with slices of avocado
  11. Beans and brownies
  12. Veggies and homemade dip
  13. Toasted bread to be dipped into your hot choco
  14. Spiced latte with your favorite hot milk
  15. Salted crackers filled with cheese whiz
  16. Fried Tofu and spiced soy

Anything else you can think of that is worth trying is worth snacking. The trick is to begin.

5) Make it a routine

Most teachers don’t look forward to snack breaks and this is because they don’t make it an exciting part of their day. They’re too busy to put the time into it. So whatever they grab – it’s good to go. Are you guilty of this?

Let me ask you. Do you have a special skincare routine? If you do, then I’m sure you must be following meticulous steps to better care for your skin. This only shows that if you only believe that snacks are worth giving some planning – then you’ll also be able to build a snack routine that’s worth your time.

By making “snacking in school” a healthy “treats” time, you’re more inclined to be creative with your food. You’re more inspired to prepare healthier options whether that’s a homemade porridge or a favorite biscuit from a nearby bakery. Think of a slogan like “It’s high time to eat healthier,” or “Great treats for a great teacher,”  maybe?

I tell you, the moment you incorporate this routine into your daily activities, you will be better at saying “no” to buying potato chips and packaged sweets or cold soda from the vending machine.

6) Stay Hydrated

Water Bottle, Water, Drink, Bottle

See? Healthy and fun snacking aren’t that mind-numbing. In fact, having healthy options readily available is the easiest way to stay healthy even when you’re spending the whole day in school.

Your life as a teacher carries pressure to manage every day. So what happens is your mindless eating leads to unhealthy eating habits because you are not really thinking about what you are snacking on.

Sometimes, you simply grab anything just to get by. A good snack makes you aware of what you are eating. It allows you to have full control of what you like, and it saves you from being stressed.

Well then, did I just inspire you? You might know of any snacking tricks for teachers? Share them in the comments below.

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