10 Effective And Soothing Foot Creams For Teachers 2022

If you are a teacher and if you are reading this while having issues with dry itchy feet or cracked heels, I’m glad you dropped by because I want to remind you that taking care of your feet is as important as taking care of the rest of your body, and a little TLC is also overdue for it. 

Our feet act as the foundation of our body and it is the most used body part yet it is also the last thing we think about when it comes to taking care of our body. That is why we will be reviewing 10 soothing foot creams for teachers that you need to include in your self-care regimen asap.

relaxed feet by the sea

I’m sure that all of us, if not most of us are guilty of overlooking our foot health, we might think that it’s not that important but I’m here to tell you that it actually is. 

And if you have indeed overlooked your foot health for quite some time now, this is the sign for you to take action and give your feet some lovin’! 


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Product Image Reasons to get it
O’Keeffe’s Healthy Feet Foot Cream, 3.2 ounce Jar
  • This cream contains increased levels of Allantoin that can penetrate thicker skin
  • Instantly creates a protective layer and boost moisture levels
  • Guarantees relief, healing, and treatment for extremely dry cracked skin
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Gold Bond Ultimate Softening Foot Cream with Shea Butter
  • Restores and maintains your skin’s youthful appearance
  • Contains unique silk peptide matrix with vitamins to soften and revitalize your feet
  • Soften calluses with it’s shea butter content leaving your feet with a smooth velvety feeling
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Ancient greek remedy, Organic foot cream
  • Organically formulated to nourish and soften your feet and heels naturally
  • 100% free of chemical, preservatives, parabens, silicones, addtitives, and artificial fragrances
  • Comes with a complimentary pumice stone for feet exfolitation
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L’Occitane 15% Shea Butter Dry Skin Foot Cream
  • Formulated with a very high concentration of shea butter to provide intense nourishment and hydration
  • Has a cooling effect if mind to help relieve tired feet and legs
  • Soothing, rich, and non-greasy formula
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Majestic Pure Tea Tree Oil Foot Cream
  • Contains 100% pure tea tree essential oil to promote soft and moisturized skin
  • Other ingredients are aloe vera, Centella Asiatica extract, menthol, and spearmint oil
  • Helps deodorize while fighting fungus, leaving you with a fresh clean feeling
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5 Best Practices To Improve Foot Health

1.) Wear the right shoes

Teachers have the tendency to forget about taking care of their feet due to the fact that teachers are always wearing shoesout of sight out of mind, right?

And this is also a fact for most people that also wear shoes most of the time during work or when outside the house for running errands or just for any other activities where shoes are required to be worn. 

But did you know walking barefoot does wonder for your overall health? Walking barefoot allows better foot mechanics along with increased balance that also leads to better mechanics for the hips, knees, and core as well. 

Our feet can really affect our overall body health, that when we walk barefoot especially on the comfortable textured grounds it also helps pain relief due to the reflexology points found on the sole of our feet which is actually amazing because it connected to almost all the organs within our body from your eyes to your heart, and even to your kidney.

If only we could walk barefoot all the time, but sadly that is not the case. This is why it is essential to wear the right kind of shoes. Most of the time when we wear shoes the natural shape of our foot is altered into a narrowed effect causing discomfort that will not really be noticeable at first but will gradually take effect on our posture and health. 

So consider the kind of shoe that you are wearing, it’s best to opt for shoes with wide toe box space for toes and also try to limit your time wearing shoes or maybe wear something less restrictive. You’ll surely notice that your feet can breathe more as well as for the improvement of your overall foot health. 

There’s still a lot to unpack on how to choose the right shoes, but in the meantime, you can also check out some of the best shoes for teachers here! 

2.) Keep your feet clean and dry

As much as possible try to always keep your feet clean and dry, this will decrease any chances of infections as well as other foot problems that might occur if your feet are always moist and unclean. 

Also, make it a point to wash your feet regularly and carefully with a washcloth and not forget about the areas between your toes. And after thoroughly washing them drying them fully is also a must as this will help prevent any foot problems from occurring. 

3.) Lather them regularly with quality foot creams

Now, aside from wearing the right shoes, you can take the extra mile that is also actually a must which is sufficiently moisturizing them with any lotion, petroleum jelly, but preferably a good foot cream that will take care of dry skin, cracked heels, and other foot problems that you might encounter along the way. 

Someone putting on foot cream

Be committed to taking care of your feet especially if you have pre-existing foot conditions that affect the quality of your everyday life. 

4.) Know how to take care of them properly

Taking your feet for granted should be a thing from the past, starting now. Learn how you’ll be able to take care of them properly by knowing these simple tips. 

Always cut your nails in gently and carefully straight across, cutting them in an arc form can cause ingrown toenails, and the only thing I can say about them is, ouch. Just imagine the need to wear shoes while you have inflamed ingrown toenails, the horror!

The next important tip is to always check your feet daily for any signs of sores, cuts, or blisters, and attend to them asap as well to prevent further damage to your feet. Remember, prevention is always better than cure. 

If you suffer from any corns or calluses, never try to treat them by yourself or worse trim them using unsterilized items that you think will take care of them. Always confide with an expert who is a podiatrist that can help you manage them in a proper way. 

5.) Eat healthily and exercise regularly

Of course, last but not least, eating healthily and exercising regularly is also a must. Because when you intake only the good stuff, your overall health will who in your feet too. 

Eat foods that are high in nutrients that can boost bone health and also do regular stretches that will help the elasticity and improve the health of your joints and exercise to keep your weight in check so that your feet can properly bear the pressure from standing up or walking. 

Relaxing and pampering

Remember, it’s not only the outside you should take care of, internal factors are equally important too. 

Friendly tip!: Rotate your shoes and try to wear them alternately, out feet have a number of sweat glands and our shoes can absorb all the moisture it produces. So it’s important to let your shoes dry completely to avoid the build-up of unwanted bacteria and fungi. 


10 Effective and Soothing Foot Creams for Teachers 2022

1.) O’Keeffe’s Healthy Feet Foot Cream

O'Keeffe's Healthy Feet Foot Cream

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Lather your feet up with O’Keeffe’s Healthy Feet Foot Cream, which has been hyping everyone who has ever had issues with dry itchy feet and cracked heels, because most people who have used this foot cream claim this to be their holy grail when it comes to foot cream products.

This foot cream is particularly useful for people who are looking for a foot cream that helps repair, heal, and relieve even the most extremely dry and cracked feet. 

With its key ingredients, Glycerin, Paraffin, and Allantoin, O’Keeffe’s Healthy Feet Foot Cream not only repairs cracks in your feet and heels, but it also establishes and creates a protective layer that helps prevent overall moisture loss, keeping your feet moisturized for hours until your next application. 

And another amazing thing about this soothing foot cream is that it can penetrate even through thick and rough skin and help it rejuvenate into healthier skin, but of course, it should be with regular use. 

The allantoin elements found in this foot cream, which is known to provide healing, soothing, and anti-irritating properties best to help heal wounds and skin irritation up to stimulating the growth of healthy tissues, do not promise but guarantee improvements even after only a few days of using it.

It also instantly boosts moisture levels in your feet, preventing cracks and dryness even if you wear shoes the whole day. It comes in a 3.2-ounce jar, so you’ll be getting plenty of product at a very reasonable price, and you don’t need that much product to cover both of your feet because a little goes a long way. 

You only need to apply this foot cream once a day, but preferably at night time after bathe and you’ll be good to go. You can also pair it with some socks to help lock in the moisture better but it can also be without a sock. 

I’d say that if someone asked me if I could recommend a foot cream, this would be the first product that will come to mind because it really works and it’s one of the best foot creams I’ve tried to help manage my dry feet.

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2.) L’Occitane 15% Shea Butter Foot Cream

L'Occitane 15% Shea Butter Foot Cream

Click image for details

Teachers should never put up with tired and aching feet caused by too much walking or standing up for long periods of time, that’s why this next product might just be the thing for you if you’re looking for luxurious rich cream to pamper your aching feet.

L’Occitane has long been known for its range of amazing skincare products that some people have even claimed their products to be a life-saver, and that piqued my interest especially their 15% Shea butter foot cream which so many people have praised for its wonders. 

This foot cream is enriched with 15% nourishing and pure Shea butter as one of its main ingredients which is an element known to help maintain moisture in the feet and prevents complications such as cracked heels and wounds that can result from dry skin on the feet. 

It also increases the elasticity of the skin and is also known to be an anti-aging and anti-free radical agent known to increase circulation to the skin.

And what I love about this foot cream is its cooling mint element, which enhances the soothing effect and provides a tingling sensation that also purifies the foot with its antiseptic A.O.P lavender essential oil content that helps reduce redness and irritation with its anti-inflammatory arnica extract. 

For this foot cream product, you’ll be getting 5.2 ounces of product which I must say is a lot and it is definitely worth the price. After all, it’s your feet that’s going to benefit from it, right? And I’m sure if your feet can talk they’ll be thanking you for getting the  L’Occitane 15% Shea Butter foot cream.

Unlike other foot creams that feel heavy and greasy, this foot cream is surprisingly lightweight but can do its job in terms of penetrating well to the skin on your feet, and it always leaves my feet feeling soft and hydrated after I apply them. 

I had the luck to try one of these when my aunt gave me one as a gift last Christmas and I’m actually going to have the audacity to ask her to give me one again this year because it’s so goodand the fact that I don’t have the budget to purchase it, poor me. 

But don’t worry about the price, because I promise you, it will really last you a long time because a little goes a long way and it’s one of the most effective foot creams you’ll ever use and will surely love. 

Overall, I’d definitely recommend this one for teachers, because it’s like giving your feet a little foot spa experience every time you use it! By far one of the best foot creams that I have tried to use and even my husband loves it and it will definitely stay in my foot care regimen, hoping my aunt reads this! 

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3.) Gold Bond Ultimate Softening Foot Cream 

Gold Bond Ultimate Softening Foot Cream

Click image for details

With 7 penetrating moisturizes you will never go wrong with the Gold Bond Ultimate Softening foot cream that moisturized thousands of satisfied customers and is still counting. 

Mainly containing shea butter along with unique blends of emollients and humectants drawing moisture to your feet throughout the day for as long as 24 hours. 

It has softening and moisturizing elements along with 3 vitamins which are Vitamin A, C, and E that penetrate to repair and condition even the toughest skin and has proven to be one of the most effective foot creams you’ll find in the market. 

It also contains a silk peptide matrix that provides a silky smooth feel to the formulation that also helps balance moisture and supports skin elasticity and exceptional permeability. 

And because of the unique blend of the said ingredients, it works great for rough calloused feet, turning it into soft, bouncy skin and relaxing callouses and helping to diminish them over time with regular use. 

The Gold Bond Ultimate Softening foot cream has a fresh soft scent that is not too powerful making it perfect for people who do not like overwhelmingly strong perfume scents on skincare products, it leaves shea butter notes along with the fresh soft scent while taking care of your feet the whole day. Its formula is also hypoallergenic and is also dermatologically tested. 

You’ll be getting 4 ounces of this amazing foot cream formula, and for this one, a little goes a long way as well. And even though it is a thicker cream it’s absorbed by the skin on the spot, letting you walk away without any greasy feel to your feet, which can be a slip-hazard sometimes. 

All in all, a solid foot cream is highly recommended for teachers looking for a foot cream that can hit all the right places and is just overall one of the best foot creams you can try out now. 

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4.) Ancient greek remedy, Organic foot cream

Ancient greek remedy, Organic foot cream

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Sooth and replenish the moisture back to your feet with the best organic foot cream that you’ll find: the Ancient Greek Remedy, Organic Foot Cream/Balm. 

This organic foot cream contains 6 natural and raw oils, including the all-time favorite extra virgin olive oil, grape seed, sweet almond, and lavender essentials, along with Vitamin E and plan-based glycerol stearate, which are all great skin conditioning agents, especially for the feet and heels. 

The Ancient Greek Remedy, Organic Foot Cream/Balm is cold-pressed, vegan, animal, and eco-friendly, and is also non-GMO, and is gluten and paraben-free. So you’ll be sure that you’re only getting the good stuff and you’re using something that is free from chemicals. 

This intensive foot care cream promises that you’ll never have to reach out for a foot tile, scrubber, or scraper once you start using it because it will take care of all your foot needs from day one. 

And as a bonus, you’ll be getting a pumice stone with each bottle which you can use to help gently exfoliate and remove dry skin from the bottom of your foot including calluses as well, completing the all-natural and organic experience of the Ancient Greek Remedy organic foot cream promises to deliver as fast as 14 days! 

This natural and organic foot cream has everything you want in a bottle to help keep your feet looking healthy and moisturized day in and day out. Its formula hydrates and locks in the moisture that intends to focus on cracked heels and tough calluses. 

But that’s not all! It also has anti-fungal and anti-inflammatory properties thanks to the natural oils it possesses to provide a soothing sensation, relief from odor, and protection from athlete’s foot as well. 

And to top, it all of they also claim that its formula does not only do the minimum bare of moisturizing your feet and that’s because of the 4 natural, miracle, and magic oil that are infused into each bottle supplying essential vitamins and hydrating squalene, which is a natural emollient that will help rebuild a support damaged skin for the long term. 

The Ancient Greek Remedy organic foot cream also provides a lifetime guarantee that if you ever found yourself not liking their product at all, which I highly doubt will happen, and if you’re not 100% satisfied you can simply send them an email and they will refund your money back the same day with no need to send the bottle itself back. 

That’s how confident they are with their product and with over 3000 positive reviews from customers who have tried it, I can only imagine how great the product is and it’s tempting me to add it to my cart now!

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5.) Peppermint Piggies Soothing Foot Cream by Diva Stuff

Peppermint Piggies Soothing Foot Cream by Diva Stuff

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If your feet take a lot of beating because of being on your feet all day, then the Peppermint Piggies soothing foot cream is here to pamper you and caress your feet with this comforting and energizing foot cream that will just take all the aches and pain away once you apply it. 

This revitalizing foot cream is made with refreshing ingredients such as eucalyptus, peppermint, and menthol which are all known for their cooling and soothing effects. But aside from that it also alleviates discomfort caused by dry skin by nourishing it with its moisturizing elements. 

This foot cream does not only helps with easing dry skin on your feet, but it also helps alleviate minor aches and pain on the areas where you apply it, so if you suffer from certain types of pain that you might be experiencing on your ankles or soles, this will be a one-two punch concoction that will fight dry skin and minor aches and pain as well. 

And this foot cream also easily absorbs into the skin that will instantly make your feet feel revived and refreshed like you just took a relaxing spa session. Some of the main ingredients in this foot cream are; peppermint hydrosol and oil, eucalyptus oil, menthol, camphor, castor oil, shea butter, coconut oil, cocoa butter, emulsifying wax, citric acid, and stearic acid. 

This foot cream is also cruelty-free, paraben-free, aluminum-free, and is also hand-made in the U.S.A. You’ll get a generous amount of foot cream, which is 5.6 ounces that comes in a very hygienic jar.

So, if you’re looking for great foot relief that also provides aromatherapy on the side as I heard that it can help clear sinuses, you’ll surely love using this every night to give you soft and healthy feet plus a relaxing scent that will help you sleep faster and better. 

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6.)  Majestic Pure Tea Tree Oil Foot Cream

Majestic Pure Tea Tree Oil Foot Cream

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Knock out dry skin and calluses with the Majestic pure tea tree oil foot cream that is carefully crafted with skin-nourishing ingredients designed to purify your skin leaving it feeling soft, clean, and most importantly moisturized. 

This foot cream uses a unique set of key ingredients namely, 100% pure tea tree oil, aloe vera extract, and Centella Asiatica extract which are uncommon yet effective ingredients to help give your feet a soothing and refreshing sensation that most teachers need after a long day at school. 

You’ll surely look forward to having this applied to your feet every night thanks to the tingling and menthol freshness it provides that will really zero out any tiredness or ache you feel on your feet after standing up all day. 

And what other users love about this cream is its versatility, as you can use it as a massage cream or lotion and it’s not only limited to the feet you can use it for other parts where dry skin is present, too, like your hands.

Not only is this a powerful foot cream that helps moisturize your feet and conditions dry skin and calluses, but it is also a deodorizing foot cream that helps fight off fungus, leaving you with a pair of fresh feeling feet that’s ready to take on another day recharged and revitalized. 

It also contains spearmint oil that is known to help ease muscle pain and is believed to help reveal a new layer of skin which gives the Majestic pure tea tree oil foot cream a mild peeling effect to help encourage the growth of new and healthy skin. 

The spearmint oil also works to help improve the resilience and elasticity of the skin, plus antibacterial properties as well perfect for healing heel cracks and other bits and wounds that might be present on your feet. 

Overall, an effective and highly recommended healing and revitalizing 8-ounce foot cream that is made in the U.S.A and is also cruelty-free. So if you want a bit of a peeling action to help renew the skin on your feet while healing cracks on your feet this is definitely the concoction for you! 

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7.) CeraVe Foot Cream with Salicylic Acid

CeraVe Foot Cream with Salicylic Acid

Click image for details

If your feet feel like they’re trapped in a dry desert in need of an oasis, then this next product is the oasis that you’re looking for, the CeraVe Foot Cream with Salicylic Acid which is a dermatologist-recommended foot cream that also comes from an effective skincare line that is known most by people even beauty influencers because this stuff really works! 

The CeraVe Foot Cream with Salicylic Acid formula contains three essential ceramides (1, 3, 6-II) that mainly help restore and retain a natural protective barrier for the skin on your feet, and not only does it help with protecting it, it also helps repair while protecting the skin from harmful irritants that contributes to the drying of the skin. 

And with the Salicylic acid and lactate loosen present in this foot cream, it acts as an exfoliating element to help regenerate and reveal a new layer of healthy skin, leaving your feet looking rejuvenated and moisturized as well. 

Its patented MVE formulation releases all the good stuff from this foot cream including the niacinamide which helps build keratin on your skina type of protein that keeps your skin firm and healthy along with other essential elements throughout the entire day of using this foot cream. 

It also contains Hyaluronic acid which helps retain the skin’s moisture. This foot cream is fragrance-free, perfect for people who do not want an overwhelming scent on the products they use and it is also a gentle and non-irritating formula that is safe to use for all skin types. 

And to use the CeraVe Foot Cream, all you need to do it prep your feet by cleaning it but preferably after a bath, and use a cleanser and they recommend using the CeraVe hydrating cleanser and just lather the CeraVe Foot Cream on your feet and let it absorb to the skin or use socks to maximize its benefits. 

This foot cream also has the NEA (National Eczema Association) seal of acceptance as it has passed the criteria for safety and use for those with eczema and other sensitive conditions. 

It’s a great product at a great price too, it’s easy on your wallet and caring for your feet at the same time. Grab yourself one and see it for yourself!

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8.) Dermatonics Manuka Honey Heel and Elbow Balm

Dermatonics Manuka Honey Heel and Elbow Balm

Click image for details

Honey has been used in medicine and skincare for centuries until today because of its anti-aging and anti-inflammatory benefits, healing properties, and more, that’s why it only makes sense for it to be used and infused into a foot cream formulation.

And one of the emerging types of honey that are most popular because of its benefits is Manuka Honey which is a special type of honey that comes from honeybees that feed off from the Manuka Tree which then leads them to produce this one of a kind honey.

The Manuka Honey is known to help with many skin conditions, including dry skin, rosacea, psoriasis, eczema, to name a few. What makes it unique is the special compound called Methylglyoxal which is antibacterial and is also a healing component that can only be found in Manuka honey and is something that other types of honey don’t have. 

And with that being said, one of the best foot creams that you will ever try is the Dermatonics Manuka Honey Heel and Elbow Balm you’ll be saying hello to soft feet and permanently saying goodbye to dry skin and cracked heels with this amazing cream. 

This foot cream is a concentrated and non-greasy formula with 25% Urea, a substance known to help reduce callus build-up and provide relief from dry and itchy skin. Its formula absorbs quickly whilst not clogging the pores of the skin and it also works fast that you’ll see results after a few times of use. 

The Dermatonics Manuka Honey Heel and Elbow Balm is an intensive foot care repair system that is particularly helpful with removing dry and dead skin cells making it perfect for targeting and removing calluses on the feet. 

And it is not only limited to the feet, it also works on rough hands or any dry skin on all other parts of the body and is safe to use as this product is paraben-free, sulfate-free, mineral oil-free, cruelty-free, and is petroleum-free—phew! That was a long one. 

And to use this product all you need to do is apply it after a shower or bath and then squeeze a small amount into your hands because a little goes a long way and then gently massage it into your skin while focusing on extra dry areas to help incorporate the cream into the skin well. 

It’s best if you can apply them twice daily, but once a day will suffice too. You’ll be truly amazed by what this foot cream can do and the next best thing for you to do is to add it to your cart and check out asap! Your feet will thank you later! 

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9.) CCS Foot Care Cream

CCS Foot Care Cream

Click image for details

Taking another spot on our best foot creams list is a Swedish foot cream and is also currently the #1 foot cream in Sweden that is used and recommended by Podiatrists and let me tell you why. 

The CCS Foot Care Cream is extremely effective in controlling dry skin and cracked heels that even podiatrists have attested to its efficacy, it contains urea which is a moisturizer naturally found in our bodies to help keep the skin soft and supple to the touch. 

In addition to the Urea, it also contains eucalyptus oil to add to the soothing effect of this foot cream that helps prevent bad odor from occurring while giving your feet a fresh scent, even after your feet are in shoes for the whole day. 

It’s an incredible foot cream that has the ability to penetrate into the plantar aspect of the skin which is the skin found in the palm of our hands and the sole of our feet which normal lotions can’t penetrate fully, but this can do it 100% and keep it moisturized all the way. 

It does what it says and it really does work wonders as it’s backed up with a 4.7 rating with over 7,000 positive ratings about how this foot cream helped to improve their skin from hard, thick, and scaly feet to softer and more hydrated feet thanks to the CCS Foot Care Cream. 

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10.) Barefoot Scientist Foot Therapy Cream

Barefoot Scientist Foot Therapy Cream

Click image for details

Every day we are being hard on our feet without us even knowing it—our feet are constantly forced into unnatural positions, caved in with sweat, dirt, and oil and sometimes they even get blistered or injured when we wear ill-fitting shoes. 

But thankfully, with this scientifically advanced foot care solution, you can let your feet be reborn and pampered while saying goodbye to aches and pains, blisters, and dryness.

You’ll be able to say hello to happy and healthy feet with Barefoot Scientist’s foot therapy cream that is specifically formulated for dry and cracked feet. 

A combination of 15 of the best and most effective moisturizers in the world to create this innovative foot cream. You’ll need to prepare yourself to be awestruck with its High Dive intensive hydration that will restore and replenish moisture to give you smooth and supple skin on your feet.

Barefoot Scientist infused 4 moisturizing methods; humectants, emollients, ceramides, and occlusives all working together to make an unbeatable foot cream that will target all your problems areas and solve them. 

This smart and effective formulation also contains the following: Hydroxyethyl Urea that enhances water absorption and sheds build-up, Hyaluronic Acid to help replenish and maintain moisture on your skin from the inside and out. 

Gotu Kola extracts to help boost the formation of collagen and skin tissue, 10% Glycolic Acid to help facilitate deeper and faster hydration, Ceramide NG to help form a protective layer preventing moisture loss. 

And last but not least is Squalenen that extends the hydration period and helps fight free radicals. 

So you see, this foot cream does not only promises to be effective in tackling your dry feet, but it also promises to improve and protect the overall situation of your skin at your feet—letting you enjoy the crack-free smooth, and supple skin that you deserve.

The Barefoot Scientist foot cream therapy is also hypoallergenic, dermatologist-tested, vegan, free of phthalates and parabens, and is also leaping bunny certified which means that it is guaranteed to be cruelty-free.

After 3 days of using this cream, you’ll be able to see a world of difference in your skin right away. 

And you’ll also definitely love the fast-absorbing and non-greasy formulation of this amazing foot cream that not only works for your feet, but also for other areas such as your legs and elbows as well. 

Overall, Barefoot Scientist High Dive is an outstanding foot cream that will give you amazing and fast results that will keep you coming back for more of that soft and beautiful feet! 

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Did you know that our feet take us the equivalent of a four-round trip around the earth in our lifetime? We depend on our feet more than we know it, and our feet carry us around all day and it is just right for us to take care of them the right way. 

Treat them right and you’ll feel like you’ll be able to take on the world. That’s why it’s important not to neglect them even though they’re the last thing we think about when it comes to taking care of ourselves. 

So stock up on some of the best soothing foot creams I’ve listed here or other foot creams that you’ve already tried and tested and start lathering them with care because your feet need it! 

Until our next one! Keep calm and take care of your feet!


Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

1.) Is it okay to put foot cream in between the toes? 

It is recommended to avoid excess moisture in between the toes because this area is generally already moistened by perspiration and adding any cream or lotion to it can cause friction when walking and could lead to infection if any wound or cuts occur due to the friction. 

So best to avoid the areas in between your toes and if any cream or lotion ends up in those areas, better wipe them with a towel or let them air dry to avoid any additional moisture from occurring. 

2.) How often is it ideal to put on foot cream? 

Once a day should be fine, but if you can do it twice a day that would be better. Depending on your routine but it’s not mandatory for you to apply it twice a day. Every night before you go to bed preferably after a bath should be the best time for you to apply foot cream on your feet. 

It’s also best if you can pair them with socks too to maximize their benefits and to lock in the moisture! 

3.) Are there any other uses for foot cream?

Foot cream has a multitude of uses that it’s secretly a multipurpose balm that you can use for many things beyond just putting it on your feet.

It’s so versatile thanks to its powerful ingredients that you can use them as a dry skin balm for dry patches on other parts of your body, as a hand cream as both feet and the hands have plantar aspects of the skin which need a bit of extra moisturizing compared to other parts of our body. 

It can also be used as a rash cream because of how protective most formulas of foot creams are it can act as a barrier to prevent any further skin discomfort. 

And last but not least, as a sinus relief, as I have mentioned earlier because of the soothing effect of foot creams their scent especially the menthol one can provide temporary relief for sinuses which I love because everybody loves aromatherapy! 

4.) Is it a good idea to wear socks after applying foot cream?

The answer is, yes! Putting on socks after applying foot cream helps lock in the moisturizing effects of the foot cream boosting hydration and the formula will be absorbed by your feet at a better rate as well. 

For best results, put on your foot cream at night after you shower and wear socks with natural fibers overnight to give your feet a well-deserved rest! 

5.) Why can’t I just use regular lotion or hand cream on my dry feet? 

The skin on your body is not all the same, therefore different parts of your skin have different needs. Foot creams have a thicker consistency and better ingredients that work best in hydrating the thicker and rougher skin parts of your feet.

Lotions and hand creams have excellent moisturizing properties as well, but what they lack that only foot creams have are special ingredients that can really seep well and hydrate the thick and rough skin on your feet.