17 Best Vivid Spring-Summer Bulletin Board Ideas for Your Classroom

How do you greet spring and summertime in your classroom? Have you thought of updating your bulletin boards? How do you visualize spring-summer bulletin board ideas for your classroom?

Bulletin boards are visual learning facilitators and they stimulate the senses. Being multi-functional, bulletin boards need to be updated from time to time to be more effective.

designing bulletin boardsThe best way to structure your classroom this spring is to gather bulletin ideas from here. This article serves you best. Also, make your students feel welcome for the summer going forward.

You can use the same layout and design for both spring and summer but you should change the text to make it fit the respective seasons. Bulletin boards need to be attractive, informative, and interactive.

When spring is in the air, the summer feels so near. Let’s dig into eye-catching spring summer bulletin board ideas for your classroom.

Prepare for spring and intensify summertime with these ready-made and cutout bulletin boards.  They are to engage learners by building up their interests through visual display.


<<<Are you excited to usher in the fantastic spring? Here are our top 21  best spring bulletin ideas for teachers in 2021. Add them to your collection in the lovely springtime! Get fantastic ideas below.

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Check out these Top 5 Ready-to-Use Spring Bulletin Decor

Product Image Reasons to get it
Sunflower Wall Decal with 12 PCS 3D Colorful Butterfly Wall Stickers
  • 12 pcs Magnetic 3D butterfly stickers
  • Dimensions: 23.62*11.81in
  • Versatile wall art decor
  • Removable
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Eoorau 80PCS Butterfly Wall Decals – 3D Butterflies Decor for Wall
  • 80 pcs 3D butterfly stickers
  • 4 different styles
  • Made of durable plastic material
  • Easy to arrange
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Outus – Flip-Flop Accents Colorful Flip-Flop Cutouts Bulletin Board Cutouts Wall Decoration
  • Multi-colored flip-flop cutouts
  • 60 pcs, 12 different styles
  • Made of high-quality card stock
  • Measures 16 x 7 cm/ 6.3 x 2.8 inches
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Tenare – 64 Pieces Lemon Cut-Outs Bulletin Board Lemon Motivational Positive Sayings Cut-Outs
  • Motivational sayings
  • Attractive fruit cutouts
  • 16 styles with 4 each style
  • Made of non-toxic, sturdy paper material
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Leinousen – 2 Pack Popsicle Banner Ice Cream Party Garland for School Summer
  • Attractive design
  • Versatile popsicle banner
  • Made of sturdy stock paper
  • Easy to use
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Best ready-made bulletin board ideas and designs

Ready-made bulletin boards save time. They make the most of your instruction time in the classroom. This is why I have gathered ready-to-use bulletin elements to applaud the spring and summer seasons. These are all peel and stick stickers for quick and easy installation on your bulletin boards.


Check, Check List, Hook, Bird, MarkMake your designs and layouts attractive.  Moreover, you should be mindful of the captions and texts to use in order to engage the students and to get them involved. Well-designed bulletin boards, likewise, capture students’ and visitors’ attention.

Check, Check List, Hook, Bird, MarkKeep your decorations and elements minimal. Just don’t overfill the surface or the backdrop so as not to deviate your students’ attention. It’s pretty enough for your students to take notice of the bulletin and connect with it.

Check, Check List, Hook, Bird, MarkKeep the text succinct and use bulletin boards as teaching tools effectively  They should kindle interaction, enhance communication, supplement the curriculum, and underscore important announcements.

17 Best Vivid Spring-Summer Bulletin Board Ideas for Your Classroom

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1. Tenare – 116 Pieces Sunflower Wall Stickers 3D Butterfly Wall Decals

Click image for details

 Looking forward to a great summer day, fill up your classroom with 116 lovely sunflower wall stickers. The 3D butterfly stickers will surely brighten up the bulletin and will bring a lively mood into your classroom.

The sunflower floral stickers are the perfect backdrop to your informative summer bulletin display. Think of the best arrangement that makes students feel the carefree season of the year.

The high-quality package includes 91 pieces of sunflower wall stickers and 25 pieces of butterfly wall stickers. They are all self-adhesive that you just pop them all onto the board or walls.

Made of PVC materials, the vivid wall decals promise summer strengths and long-term use. The durable decorative stickers will create a burst of happy sunshine in your classroom.

This can be seen in the vibrant yellow color that offers an enchanting mood to your learning space.

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2. Sunflower Wall Decal with 12 PCS 3D Colorful Butterfly Wall Stickers

Click image for details

 Well-designed bulletin boards can help build student’s curiosity. Since the spring and summer seasons are associated with blooming flowers and butterflies, having these colorful and sparkling stickers on your bulletin board is a great idea.

Each 3D butterfly carries a magnet on its abdomen so it can be attached directly to metal surfaces.  More so, they also have double-sided adhesive tape so they can be touched directly to your bulletin wall.

The wallpaper has impressive dimensions that make it suitable for bulletin boards. The sunflower wall sticker measures 23.62 inches by 11.81 inches.

While the 3D butterflies own varied measurements, rest assured that they look lovely in the background.

Just organize the text and content of your spring-summer bulletin board. Make it interactive and accent it with the sunflower wall decal.

Having received commendable customer reviews, it’s but time to bring in the spirit of spring all the way to the lovely summer in your classroom.

For a more impressive design and layout, make sure that the surface of the wall or board is clean, even, and free from dust.

Stick to the spring and summer elements according to your plan and overall setup. Just make sure that your structure compliments the content that you want to project.

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3. Laszola – DIY Hummingbird Wall Decal with 12Pcs 3D Butterfly Wall Sticker

Click image for details

 Have your classroom updated with the DIY Hummingbird wall decal. It is an outstanding idea to create a dreamlike environment in your classroom.

The hummingbirds, butterflies, and flowers are of watercolor texture that they look so elegant and beautiful.

Further, the whole set brings happiness and warmth into your classroom. This high-quality 3D wall sticker perfectly combines color and sophistication in the learning environment.

With this creative design, you can amplify your purpose by making an interactive title using colorful hand-cut letters.

Get your students’ students to use a unique, snappy caption or header relevant to the content.

Moreover, the wall stickers are easy to install on your wall. It offers a peel-and-stick technique as each holds self-adhesive tape.  It’s suitable for a clean wall surface, free from dust and rough texture.

Project your style according to the content of your spring-summer bulletin. If you are to reinforce a lesson, present information, or make an announcement, make sure that the color of your cutout applauds the overall design. Check and balance the art and captions.

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4. Studio Quee – Tree Wall Decal Large Tree Wall Sticker Forest Mural Tree Blowing in The Wind Tree Wall Decals

Click image for details

 The spring and the summer seasons are appealing not only to us but most of all to our children. Embracing the warm days of summer means a lovely display of light and a lively atmosphere in the classroom.

Using the Tree Wall Decal Large Tree best supports your DIY style of designing your bulletin board. In the psychology of colors,  pink is associated with a relaxing and happy mood. Thus, having a tree wall sticker is a great option.

You can include catchy spring and summer quotes that celebrate the happy seasons of the year. The whole setup can accommodate your customization that magnifies your students’ involvement.

You can set it up with individual images of your kids or include numbers and vocabulary cutouts.

Made of vinyl, the wind tree wall stickers also come in beautiful color combinations. Therefore, if you like motifs other than pink, you can have fine choices of enriching colors. Just tick the link below to see other impressive details that you can avail of.

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5. Jinglankegs – Colorful Flowers Wall Stickers 3D Butterflies Removable Mural Stickers DIY Flower Vines Art Décor Wall Stickers

Click image for details

 Own this magical concept by Jinglangkegs. The colorful flower wall sticker bets highlight the joyous spirit of the spring and summer seasons.

Lovely butterflies and flowers are a perfect accolade to the stimulating times of the year. With its calming visual effect, your students are certainly engaged to be better and participate in the different learning activities.

The rustic effect of the removable mural stickers steals a march for springtime that happily precedes the vivid summer.

Designed to have a durable background for walls and bulletin boards, this attractive art decor can surely serve the two rejuvenating seasons in your classroom.

The vibrant 3D flowers and butterflies are made of non-toxic and durable materials that ensure safe and longer use.

Best of all, these wall stickers are user-friendly in that they can be installed and are repositioned in your bulletin walls without adhesive residues.

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6. Eoorau 80PCS Butterfly Wall Decals – 3D Butterflies Decor for Wall

Click image for details

 Welcome the spring and sunny days with these lovely and colorful butterfly wall decals. Enliven your bulletin display with the 3D butterflies by creating your own shapes and styles.

The product is easy to use; however, you need to apply or arrange them on a clean and smooth surface so they’ll stay attached for long.

Then, you have to buy a separate quality double-sided tape as it’s not included in the package.

After removing the butterfly from the PVC plate, fold the butterfly wings to give you the 3D effect.

These 3D butterfly stickers are made of plastic material so they are water-proof and sturdy.

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7. LiveGallery Store – Removable Creative 3D Flower Wall Decal DIY Flowers Wall Decor Floral Wall Peel

Click image for details

 Butterflies love the summer heat and the colorful flowers join in their glee for spring and summer gaiety. And, kids adore these colorful and enchanting creatures. Therefore, having the removable creative 3D flower wall decal is excellent.

Made to create a surreal environment, the set is composed of 2 sheets, and each measures 23.6 inches by 35.4 inches.  This elegant wall decor creates a charming flower setup on your bulletin.

Butterfly stickers are highly recommended because they are made of safe and eco-friendly PVC materials.

Additionally, these wall stickers work on glass, plastic, wooden, metal, and tile surfaces. Further, they can stick long on flat, dry, clean, and smooth walls.

The fanciful air of the charming DIY flower wall decor is suitable for preschool and kindergarten classrooms. Let your children experience the vivid spring and summer seasons with this blossoming wall peel.

The calming bright colors are concomitant to happiness and love.

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8. Outus – Flip-Flop Accents Colorful Flip-Flop Cutouts Bulletin Board Cutouts Wall Decoration

Click image for details

 Throw excitement into the warm summer months with assorted colorful flip-flops cutouts. Perfect for your DIY artistic design and concepts, the vivid flip-flop accents look pretty on your bulletin board.

Bringing joy and fun into your classroom is made easy by using the 60 pieces multicolored flip-flops in 12 different styles. Each style is composed of 5 awesome flip-flops.

Made of high-quality card stock, the vibrant cutouts can stay on your walls for a longer period of time. They are laminated on one side and can easily be cleaned. They are waterproof.

More so, these brilliant board cutouts are reusable because you can easily erase the word you write on its surface.

You can paste your student’s name on each flip-flop or you can also include an image of your students so your bulletin looks prettier and fancier. In addition, you can also utilize it in honing different skills like counting, reading, and writing.

Include tuneful captions that best engage your learners, make them get close to the bulletin, and consume interactive content. It’s how you layout your design in a way that amplifies content.

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9. Outus – 40 Pieces Sun Cut-Outs Summer Creative Paper Cut-Outs

Click image for details

 By implementing rebirth and regrowth into your classroom, you can welcome the spring and look forward to the great summer months with this charming product of Outus.

Spread the smiling sun into your classroom using the 40 vibrant sun cutouts to experience the hottest season of the year.

Decorate your spring and summer bulletin boards with brilliant sun-patterned paper cutouts. Take advantage of this delightful package and add a saucy summer touch to your learning space.

The whole set includes 40 creative sun cutouts that come in 10 refresher designs. Moreover, the creative paper cutouts are made of quality cardstock which can be used multiple times.

You can use it for a long period in your classroom. Also, the installation is made easy as there are 80 pieces of glue point dots included in the package.

Serving multiple services other than as impressive decor, you can utilize the cutouts in your instructions. Keep your students excited by using attractive cutouts in reinforcing or introducing a certain lesson.

Just avoid overcrowding your bulletin with too much content so your students will not be confused. Mixing concepts will defeat the purpose of your bulletin board.

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10. Tenare – 64 Pieces Lemon Cut-Outs Bulletin Board Lemon Motivational Positive Sayings Cut-Outs

Click image for details

 Adorn your spring-summer bulletin boards with these 63 vibrant lemon cutouts. Add a positive vibe to your classroom by spreading these motivational quotes and letting your students read each.

Encourage your students to dream big and to believe in themselves. Such a great activity to boost your students’ self-esteem.

The lemon positive saying cutouts come in 16 styles with 4 for each design. The number of cutouts is enough for your amazing bulletin display.

Creating an inspirational learning environment is made exciting with this dynamic presentation of positive sayings.

Each cutout measures 6 inches by 6 inches which makes it readable and visible at a distance. The various shapes and spirited colors of the lemon cutouts will certainly attract your students’ attention.

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11. Leinousen – 2 Pack Popsicle Banner Ice Cream Party Garland for School Summer

Click image for details

 Get the lively design of the Leinousen banner ice cream and add vitality to the great summer months. Yes, the 2 pack of colorful popsicle banner ice cream is a cool garland on your bulletin board bringing verve to the warmest season.

Bringing sparkle to your summer bulletin board, this popsicle banner is very easy to use. The paper ice cream popsicles are pre-assembled on a string so you just have to hang them on the opposite edges of your bulletin or spread the popsicles according to your own style.

Meant for longer use, the popsicle banner is made of sturdy card stock. You can beautify your bulletin quickly and amazingly.

You can also remove the ice cream cards from the string and create a fantastic style that’s suitable for your summer-themed bulletin board.

Just look out if your shape and style will not forgo content and interactive purposes.

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making spring-summer bulletin boards

DIY Cutout Spring Summer Bulletin Board Ideas for Your Classroom

Cutout bulletin boards optimize customization as it gives you the opportunity to navigate your style and concept. Keep in mind the learning needs of your students so you can use these essential teaching tools effectively.

Therefore, we have gathered extraordinary spring-summer bulletin board ideas from different reliable and plausible sources to give you conceivable inspiration in adding beauty and structure to your classrooms.

Hopefully, the bulletin ideas we have brought together serve as a jumping-off point so you can design your wall displays in a way that sensibly combines art, structure, and content.

12. Bee amazing

Uploaded by Stephanie Lawson
via Pinterest

The bees and flower cutouts stand out on a spring bulletin board. Bee Amazing is a perfect title to motivate students to study hard, realize their potential, and be the best that they can be. You can personalize the bee presentation by posting your students’ names or images.

13. Inching our way into summer


Uploaded by Lisa Yost
via Pinterest

Here’s another effective wall presentation for the summer. The colorful balloons attract the students and the letter cutouts invite them to read the title: “Inching Our Way Into Summer.” This illustrates the best motivation to welcome the warm months with great optimism and joy.  In addition, the flower cutouts are made colorful to accent the beauty of the season being transported into the classroom.

14. Back to school…Ready to grow

Summer Bulletin Ideas of One Sharp Bunch onesharpbunch.com

Big flower cutouts essentially capture my attention. I feel delighted looking at the various designs and shapes. Interestingly, my students love them too. They seem to invite my students to come in and celebrate the commencement of classes.

The whole set becomes more meaningful if you give it a personalized touch. Having the images of your learners on each flower will give it a more beautiful and expressive atmosphere.

15. Paint your own future

Uploaded by Marsie Nesmith-Waller on Pinterest

16. When we learn to grow!

Owned by Melanie Crownover
Found at https://ewehooo.blogspot.com/

Introducing another incredible style of using big flower cutouts. Emphasize the different learning areas by writing each at the center of each flower. Moreover, the title itself is an impressive propelling line that makes students say, “We are ready to learn!”We love to grow.”

17. Be a rainbow

Owned by jillk_inprek
Jill Krause via Instagram

Here’s another inspiration we found on Instagram. This bulletin entry amplifies the joy in helping others and the act of kindness. These are important traits that students need to develop in order to build a sense of community in the classroom.

“Be a Rainbow in Someone else’s Cloud”, is a precise thought of giving oneself or doing something for others. At times that your students feel low and sad, they can easily feel everyone’s support by just reading this inspirational text on your bulletin. This can be the source of lasting happiness in the classroom.

In Brief

Picking engaging elements for your spring-summer bulletin boards should be fun and interesting. The more you love designing and putting up interactive concepts, the more your students get interested in learning.

Engage your students with cool images and stimulating titles. This elicits responses from your students and makes them feel that you really care for them.

Updating bulletin boards is a sign of being a great and hardworking teacher. Moreover, students are more likely to read and absorb what’s on the bulletin if they get attracted to it. They inspire their curiosity.

Hopefully, the spring-summer bulletin board ideas gathered above can help you with an attractive, interactive, and engaging wall display. This allows your students to feel that they are indeed in the right classroom.

And to make this article even more delightful, your fantastic creative ideas are most welcome. Just present them in the comment section below and we’ll certainly acknowledge your ingenuity.