Stress Relieving Patterns Perfect for Teachers 2022

Adult coloring books offer many benefits. One is to help channel your inner artist through colors and another is to help relax your thoughts.

Let me indulge you with over 100 printable coloring pages with stress relieving patterns perfect for teachers. I personally chose and collected Mandalas and dream catchers for I believe they have the anti-stress delineation.

stress relieving coloring pattern

Benefits of Adult Coloring Books

Coloring has the ability to calm a restless mind. It allows the brain to switch off from other thoughts by providing some quiet time while shading patterns and shapes. Just looking at a finished layer of colors already indulges the mind into a mesmerizing moment that makes you feel mentally clearer and delighted.

The coloring patterns I have below are free to use and download. With all the benefits of coloring pages, it might be time to pull out your colored pencils or crayons and let your mind get some delightful rest after a long day at work.

To begin with, you need to find some pages to color and of course your favorite colored markers. You can either use crayons, although colored pencils are preferred by many adults for more precision. If you can blend in colors well, you will enjoy adding highlights and lowlights to your newfound masterpieces.


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For the best experience, here’s a video sample of how to color drawing patterns. You’ll love the tips and tricks in coloring adult coloring books. If you’re a beginner, this is perfect for you!


Stress Relieving Patterns Perfect for Teachers

Grab any of the FREE coloring pages for adults. I’ve collected over 100 printable pages online so all you have to do is download the page you like and then color. Don’t worry, we organized them by category so it’s easier to find what you want. 


Mandalas mean “circles” and they are patterns of symmetrical designs. In Sanskrit, they are noted as emblems for prayer, meditation, healing, and art therapy. Mandalas are popular to reduce stress, promote sleep, and ease depression.

Coloring a mandala symbolizes the gates of the cosmos which aids in meditation and reduces anxiety.

***Click the drawings to see more designs.

Mandala with leavers                  Coloring lion head as mandala                      Coloring free mandala difficult for adult to print : 3



Inspired by nature or being completely eccentric, Zen & Anti-Stress drawings are quite different from mandalas in the sense that they are not concentrated on complex points, but rather on consistent, aligned, and evenly-shaped patterns. It is often a drawing of beautiful images, curves, tunnels, hearts, and relaxing styles that carry soothing properties. The harmony of how you balance the colors will reflect your emotions at the moment.


Cocktails on the beach                 Girl dreaming of a journey in space with her cat. Through the porthole of her shuttle, she sees : a rocket, the moon, the Earth, an asteroid, Saturn, an Astronaut, and pretty bright stars             coloring-quirky-clocks-konstantinos-liaramantzas


Dream Catchers                           Return to Childhood                               Keep Calm

Coloring dreamcatcher to print 1                  Coloring adult back to childhood manga girl flowers                      Coloring Keep Calm and be a cat


Zentangle                                                   Vintage                                      Inspiring Quotes

Lines of the tree                    Coloring drawing vintage woman lamp            The Power of Imagination makes us Infinite



Travels                                                   Art                                                 Fairy Tales

Coloring adult paris buildings and eiffel tower                      Coloring art nouveau from le baiser by peter behrens 1898                  Coloring page fairy tale house and flowers



When you think of nature, tranquility is the first thing that comes to your mind. Nature is a powerful form of therapy. It has its own restorative power that heals. Bringing your focus in touch with nature gives you the feeling of having found your searches, which helps relieve stress and anxiety at the same time. Coloring patterns of nature is like spending time in it. You feel happier, healthier, and more creative.

Flowers                                               Animals                                                        Waterworld

Bouquet of morning flowers               Bear and mouse                              Island Dreams : Return to Paradise


Jungle & Forest                             Butterflies & Insects                                      Landscapes

Coloring forest woman potrait                       Butterfly with flowered background 2                                    Coloring page italy cinque terre



Celebrating special occasions has long been considered a therapeutic activity that people are instinctively driven to honor the significant moments in their lives. Coloring drawings of illustrations that connote a special event evokes feelings of peace, joyfulness, and satisfaction. Embracing this significance adds fun and excitement. The memories are soothing to both heart and mind.

Christmas                                                  Valentine’s Day                                     Halloween

Christmas landscape                        Coloring valentine s day 1                      The magical cat

Easter                                                             Thanksgiving                                  Father’s Day

Coloring easter egg with flowers with background                         Cornucopia full of fruits                        Coloring father s day flower by Azyrielle



Children are naturally stress-free. When they do coloring, the beauty in their heart flows so calmly, so genuine, so peaceful, so beautiful. This is why looking at their coloring books also makes you feel like you are in that storybook. Ever felt that positivity in your child’s fairy tale coloring books? So why not absorb yourself in the same nice state of flow? Feeling like a child can be beneficial to calming your brain, mind, nerves, and muscles.

Nursery Rhymes                               New Coloring Pages                                      Science


People                                                               Seasons                                           Words & Letters


There you go!

What category did you like? Mine was vintage and fairy tales. Like you, I’m excited to start coloring, too! So, happy coloring?


How to Make Realistic Looking Pages

The secret is to create a contrast. Blending colors with a touch of variance will make a difference. For example, a base of fresh green in one detail matched with blue-green next to it will give you two slightly different shades. Another is orange opposite with violet, pink and turquoise all make a wonderful art that is so vivid.

Play it up with a few shades darker than your base colors. Blend, mix, make it subtle, make it strong. You can use overlapping strokes for more artistry. The more contrast and contradiction, the more your drawing will look full of life.

For the best result, think of quality. From your drawing to the pencil to choice of colors to different strokes – everything must be created with passion. The better tools you use the more picturesque the results. You can start with simple crayons or brightly colored pencils.

Find More Adult Coloring Books

Adult coloring has risen in popularity over the past few years and even teachers find it a worth-trying stress reliever activity. Although the pages I’ve collected are FREE to use, there are adult coloring books available for sale everywhere.

What can you say about coloring pages for teachers? We would love to hear your comments below.