20 Best Study Resources for New Teachers

In the early years of my teaching life, I was then inspired by the words of Anthony J. James, which goes,

“Even the greatest was once a beginner. Don’t be afraid to take that first step.”

We’ve all been there. Our first year of teaching is exciting and daunting. It has challenged us deeply to our core. We developed so many plans and decisions to give students meaningful learning experiences and make lessons exhilarating.

Whether teaching elementary, middle school, or high school students, we feel the same emotions as we set foot in our classrooms for the first time.

a new teacher

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Today, let me talk about indispensable sturdy resources for new teachers that can make them exceptionally confident to give students the best discussions to enrich the curriculum.

Even though as teachers we spend our days educating our students, we should never stop learning.

As new teachers take the beginning of their mission as teachers, they feel mixed emotions. They might be excited and worried about what the conditions will be in the classroom. One of their anticipations could be about the learning materials to use.

Are you a new educator? Do you feel unprepared too? But, worry no more! I have here the indispensable study resources for new teachers that can boost your confidence and make you highly qualified to enter the world of competent and committed educators!

20 Best Study Resources for New Teachers

These carefully selected study resources can essentially make new teachers flourish and love the teaching profession even more. Hence, if you are a new teacher, worry no more!

Thrive in teaching with confidence that you can become an effective and efficient teacher.  Optimize your teaching skills with these study resources.

Accordingly, grab these useful resources so your first day of teaching will be a remarkable one. Educational websites are carefully curated for you.  Moreover, make the best preparations you can so your first day of service will be more inspiring.

Check, Check List, Hook, Bird, MarkLesson Planning Ideas

Ours is a teacher website that contains articles and guides on how to write a good lesson plan. Making a good lesson plan is of significant value to ensure the success of your instructions.

As you spend extra time planning for the first year of your teaching career, you’ve got to delve deeper into lesson planning ideas following the format used in your school. The lesson planning tips you’ve gathered can help you best in making your lessons more interesting to your students so they are motivated and engaged to learn.

Read through them and get meaningful insights to make lesson planning less overwhelming. I know new teachers really find this task difficult at first. But with the right resources, you can get along with it easily.

1. Singapore Management University Center for Teaching Excellence.  Other than our website, you can also check this helpful website for more helpful tips on making a lesson plan to ensure that you are giving the appropriate learning activities to your students while using the most effective teaching pedagogy.

2. Stiliana Milkova Center for Research on Teaching and Learning. To provide you with another exceptional tone for lesson planning, you can also check  Design your lesson plans effectively by getting ideas from the experts so you can give your students interactive lessons that increase their performance and can make your first year of teaching really productive.

Check, Check List, Hook, Bird, MarkClassroom Management Ideas

Creating a positive and safe learning environment impacts quality student learning. Hence, it’s one aspect of teaching that teachers really focus on to ensure that students can learn and achieve. However, as new teachers, you really find it overwhelming that you need reliable resources to strengthen your classroom management plans.

Interestingly, our website contains supportive articles on classroom management to help you set up a well-managed classroom.

3. Teachersarethebest.com

Please excuse us while we briefly promote ourselves. Articles on a variety of educational topics are available at our website, teachersarethebest.com, including how to become a better teacher and how to make it through your first year of teaching.

This site is created by teachers for teachers, so you are certain that you’ll get enriching articles about your roles as a teacher, especially on successful student learning, classroom engagement, and many more.

How Does Classroom Management Promote Student Learning? 7 Enriching Tips You Deserve to Know is a dynamic article on our website that deals with classroom management schemes to better prepare your classroom and to heighten student achievement.

12 Behavior Management Strategies for the Classroom is another creative article on our website that can help you establish routines in your classroom that help prevent disruptive behavior of your students so you can enjoy teaching. I’d say that our website is developing content, articles, and ‘how to’ guides that are practically useful, especially for new teachers like you.

As the key manager in the classroom, you should be well-versed in classroom management ideas. Undoubtedly, the above-indicated resources can help you set a positive atmosphere in your classroom to optimize student learning.

To give you more insightful tips so you can manage your classrooms very well, here are other reliable sources that I have gathered around the web.

To make your way during the first day of school, this website offers videos, blogs, and prep tips. Best of all, for continued support, you can sign up for their newsletters to get first-hand updates, resources, and fresh articles directly in your inbox.

Check, Check List, Hook, Bird, MarkTeaching Materials

And there have been articles on our website too that cater to teaching tools to fully equip you so you start off the school year. Teaching tools are basically the weapon of teachers to facilitate learning and to give students the quality education they deserve.

Stepping into the classroom well-prepared with relevant video lessons, PowerPoint presentations, lesson guides, activity sheets, and teaching tool kits can make you excited to learn as much as you are to teach them.

Commence the year confident and inclined to offer amazing learning opportunities while maximizing your students’ potential. To this end, our website, likewise, dishes out online tools to best support online learning.

4. “7 Free Online Discussion Tools to Engage Your Students is an engaging article on our website that can be your best resource for interactive online discussion tools. It discusses the best features of the tools so you are guided very well on how they can be of use to your online classes.

5. “Best Apps and Tools for Online Teaching” showcases helpful apps that can keep students engaged and motivated during online learning. If your initial year in the teaching profession falls during a pandemic when schools all over the world consider distance learning modalities, our website has specifically offered the best content to serve you well.

6. “7 of the Best Examples of Online Bulletin Boards in 2021 shares the best digital walls that you can use to make your virtual classroom fun and engaging. Moreover, education in the normal has been so overwhelming that you really need incredible study resources to make your work less complicated.

Aside from the best resources that we have on our website, I have checked into other trustworthy teacher websites that have likewise helped teachers in the field, especially the newly-hired ones.

7. Teacher Vision is an excellent example of a website that shares authentic teaching tools and tips that can help you grow in the profession. Check further and see how the website can help you. Enhance your teaching skills and try to adopt incredible teaching strategies from other educators. Sign Up here.

8. Super Teacher Worksheets. As newbie teachers, you need collections of attractive and comprehensive worksheets so your young learners are always excited to learn new things. You can sign up on the website and enjoy a wide range of printable resources.

9. Teachers Pay Teachers. To keep you updated with interactive worksheets, task cards, slides, and other printable activities, this is the website for you. Sign up for their newsletter to check out recent resources and special offers.

To avail of their amazing free teaching resources,  register here.

10. Scholastic Teachables. Explore prime teaching resources that can make your students love learning. Help your young learners get on board for an enjoyable learning experience with you. They feel mixed emotions too when they are in the classroom.

Meeting students’ varied learning needs is one of the challenges of new teachers.  No more worries. This educational website is a rich source of downloadable teaching resources that you can use daily in your classroom. You can use their learning games to keep your students engaged and motivated.

11. Glogster. Technology integration makes your classroom a fun learning environment. As a new teacher, it should be your goal to make your students love the learning environment you create for them.

Using Glogster allows you to use digital learning most effectively and gives you access to carefully selected glogs that can make teaching and learning more fun and engaging.

12. MindshiftKQED.  This is one of my favorite educational websites. MinsShift covers topics like the nature of education and child-rearing.

It discusses how education is changing to better serve students’ needs and how parents may help their kids. In addition, this edu-site shares cutting-edge strategies to effectively aid pupils in learning. Hence, I consider it very useful to new teachers. 

13. Teachers Network.  Learn about lesson planning and catch professional development resources that will help you in your journey as a newbie in the teaching profession. 

Check, Check List, Hook, Bird, Mark Classroom Preparations

If you’ve browsed our website, most probably you have read our articles about bulletin board ideas for teachers. They consist of pretty and stylish bulletin board suggestions and designs that accommodate the seasons of the year.

Moreover, to keep your students engaged, you must extend the extra mile to prepare your classroom and make it a positive learning environment.

You’ve got to explore the website and see in close detail the professionally crafted articles on making the classroom environment physically accommodating and safe. Furthermore, a proven way to keep students excited from the beginning is to structure classroom bulletin boards.

An important thing to remember when preparing and designing your classroom walls is to make your bulletins interactive and attractive. As an example, try to check out the following articles about designing classroom bulletins.

14. 21 Spring Bulletin Board Ideas for Teachers in 2021. As a new teacher, you’ve got to explore your creativity and transport into your classroom the flourishing beauty of the spring. This is another eloquent offer from the website for you to review. Indeed, this is among the posts on the website evocative of expression and great curriculum detail.

15. 9 Best Spring-Themed Bulletin Board Ideas. Delightful as you can be for the first year of your mission as a teacher, you can also consider this post to best accomplish your classroom re-structuring in the spring! Catch the awesome spring and feel its revitalizing energy.

16. 17 Best Vivid Spring-Summer Bulletin Board Ideas for Your Classroom. This is another article expressive of the lovely summertime.

17. 18 Best Reading Bulletin Board Ideas for Teachers. Develop reading skills for your students by designing your reading bulletin board. Unleash your magical powers of making your students love reading!

Check, Check List, Hook, Bird, MarkTeacher Inspiration and Wellbeing

New teachers quite demonstrate perseverance and determination as they get very excited to teach. However, because of the truly demanding roles of teachers, they need a huge amount of inspiration to keep going.

A teacher’s well-being makes a difference in his or her performance and vastly affects the school climate. Fortunately, our website highly supports you my dear teachers so you can maintain your self-efficacy and become more resilient in facing the challenges in the teaching profession.

To best deal with your doubts and anxiety, you’ve got to explore the website and review some articles that can serve as your best resources for teacher inspiration and well-being.

In other words, Teachersarethebest.com has plenty of insightful blogs that offer teachers, whether seasoned or new best pieces of advice, best practices, and smart tips.

To help you out, I have included teacher web resources so you have plenty of input to consider so you can be at your best in your daily teaching.

18. Positive Education Schools Association. This is an insightful website that aims to incorporate Positive Psychology in education to establish a safe, accommodating, and positive learning environment.

19. Ted’s YouTube Channel. Not only for inspiration but also to build strong communication to promote well-being, TED conference has influenced many people through the powerful words and wisdom of passionate speakers.

Articulate presenters from different disciplines have their unique ways of creating an impact on the lives of many. Special mention to new teachers in the field who are still adjusting to the realms of the teaching profession.

The easiest way to gain inspiration is by listening to powerful talks. A perfect example is an engaging talk by Rita Pierson, a great educator and motivator, entitled “Every Kid Needs a Champion”. In her talk, she emphasized the important roles of teachers in establishing good relationships in the classroom to inspire students to learn at their best.

I was greatly moved by Pierson’s words that she was included in our blog entitled “Great Educators Share Their Phenomenal Experiences.” To closely knit the websites of inspiration, you can check the link and read how the chosen great educators make a difference as teaching professionals.

From what I got it, in her speech she’s encouraging us, teachers, to be the best teachers that every student deserves. If you are a new teacher, you ought to listen to her speech so you’ll know how to bring out the best of your students no matter how different they are.

Very well, I am greatly inspired by her lines, “Kids don’t learn from people they don’t like”. I think that’s the first thing you should do as a new teacher! Make an effort so your student will like you. Start with simple things and work your way little by little.

Now, may I bring your attention to Sydney Jensen, also an educator, about her insightful discussion on “How can we support the well-being of teachers?”. According to her, as teachers, “We have to be able to build relationships with and among our students to help them feel connected in a world that depends on it.”

However, by and by, teachers do experience depression and anxiety as they deal with the pains and traumas of their students which inevitably makes the teaching profession really challenging.  And this is very true.  Hence, school leaders have to provide the needed support of teachers for their mental health and well-being.

Explore more insightful conversations on education from TED sharers here.

20. National Education Association. Join the movement and get the best inspiration you need. This community of educators can help you achieve professional excellence and become successful in your teaching life.

The association is also the best source of wisdom and resources to help you transcend the barriers and challenges in your beginning years in teaching.  Also, with the best intentions of the association, you can become a competent leader of your students.

The community received commendations from great and promising educators around the globe.

“The union has supported me in everything. I have gotten all sorts of training. I think I am much better in the classroom because of my union work. I think I am a better advocate because I found out I have a voice.” – Marcia MacKey, Associate Professor of Sport Management and Aquatics, Michigan Education Association.

Does this fuel your interest? Log in and join the union here.


A study entitled “Challenges for New Teachers and Ways for Coping with Them”, mentioned that new teachers usually feel anxious and stressed as they join the teaching workforce for the first time. Their feeling of inadequacy often leads them to leave teaching immediately.

For this reason, new teachers need reliable access to study and teaching resources so they can cope up with this struggle so they stay longer in the field of education. Hopefully, the choices presented above can help you in your teaching journey.

In the quest for more productive teaching experiences, educators, both seasoned and newbies need essential study resources to support their commitment. You should remember that. Think about it that way.

You are hired as a professional teacher to make a difference and not to leave teaching so early. Just so because you find the hardcore of teaching that you easily surrender, is no commitment.

A committed teacher finds a way and will never stop learning. Therefore, take advantage of the study resources given above and become more confident as a dispenser of knowledge and as a source of inspiration.

As always, if you have something in mind that can be of help to make this blog even more impactful, feel free to share your thoughts below. Join our discussion now!