21 Teacher Must-Haves for 2022 – Things to Fully Equip Your Classroom

Believe it or not, there are things you may have missed on your list that are truly useful. I agree that choosing the best things for the classroom can get you mixed up as everything seems essential. So what could be these teacher must-haves for 2022?


Teacher must-haves are essentials that you have not given much attention to because they might or might not be that necessary. But if you come to think of it, these items are beyond doubt helpful in a teacher’s life. In fact, they are lifesavers.

Teacher essentials are no longer just limited to what you needed in the classroom. These items should balance personal and work. Take a look at some of what I found as must-haves for all teachers.


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What Are The Teacher Must-Haves for 2022

1) Gooseneck Tablet Holder

turned on black tablet computerGet this holder at once so it can make your reading and viewing life easier. You can have your tablet secured or raise it to your eye level or any other height and angle you want. A gooseneck tablet holder typically holds a 360-degree rotation so it supports both landscape and portrait viewing.

It delivers convenience when you have face video calls, jotting down texts from the internet, reading notes, and viewing recipes while cooking. You can also watch Netflix hands-free or chat with family and friends without holding the device.

One useful way to use the gooseneck holder is to secure an iPad and use it as a document camera. Thanks to its mounting ability, you can keep your tablet at an appropriate distance from your eyes. It also offers universal compatibility so it fits most tablets and cell phones.

2) Label Maker

Label Maker, Labeler, ElectronicsCustomize your organization around the clock. From tracking books and folders to labeling school supplies, drawers, personal belongings to marking your favorite jam jar – it gives everything a name. A wonderful idea, right?

Nothing makes a classroom or office well-organized than seeing your items well-identified. Not only does it help you to identify modules or quiz papers from the rest on the shelves, but it also helps discipline every child about where to find and return school supplies every after use.

If you have your own label maker, there’s no stopping you from adding a little personal style to your identification labels. Would you like to include an image or photo along with your text, your personal signature, or a graphic for a unique touch? Handheld or desktop size?

Choose a label maker here.

3) A USB Flash Drive

black thumb driveYou need to store, copy, save, or transfer different files on multiple computers, right? A USB Flash Drive (Universal Serial Bus) is today’s most popular computer port that connects between devices. It offers plenty of storage space for all your data. The device backs up information, whether they are school-related, business-related, or personal files.

The great thing about USBs is that it allows you to move data from one computer to another in so short time. Their plug-and-play feature is the answer to the need for teachers to keep massive amounts of data. To determine the right USB for you, evaluate your data to know how much space you require. The more storage you need the pricier your device can get.

Typically, 1GB is enough for basic Word or Excel files. However, if you want to back up all your files, 500GB is the best option for your storage requirement. A Windows 10 backup file, for instance, needs a size of around 8 – 10GB. If your goal is to store large video files, then this requires a bigger storage capacity of about 100GB+.

We found the best flash drives for teachers, here.

4) Magnetic Curtain Rod

creating learning tables in the classroomHave you had a situation where your entire class seems to get distracted by the hallway traffic, or other students peeping in your classroom while your class is in session? Did you do something?

One perfect solution is a magnetic curtain rod with lightweight café curtains. This is great if your classroom has a window in the metal door as this magnetic rod is suitable for installation on doors and window casings. It is also adaptable to file cabinets and appliances with steel surfaces such as refrigerators and dryers. It attaches in seconds. No adhesives, screws, and tools.

Now you and your class will have privacy. It also protects the classroom from window glare or prevents side light from sneaking inside. This telescoping rod is available in two adjustable lengths with strong magnets that hold in place. Once installed, the rod stays on magnificently well.

5) Poster Storage Bag

person holding blue and red paperHow are your charts and posters doing? Many teachers have issues with how to store their posters without getting them bent up and frayed.

Now your woes are solved as the poster storage bag can fit bulletin boards, pinboards, board sheets, exhibit boards, and posters that are not larger than 28.95×24.15inch. It’s a good way to preserve charts, artworks, paintings, and any other oversized art materials.

Most poster bags are made of clear vinyl for quick reference and to keep moisture away. They also come with a nylon handle that is extra long. So overall, you can hang the bag on a wall or back of the door. Lucky if you find a bag with buttons so you can close securely. Let a poster bag in the classroom preserve your large items neatly.

6) Long Reach Stapler

Person Using the StaplerYour regular stapler has made your paper fastening easy. But what about when you need to bind pamphlets or booklets? How do you manage to staple 10 or more sheets of paper? Can your stapler accommodate a 12” reach?

There will be times when you have to staple longer documents so you need a stapler that allows you to staple at a greater distance from the edge of the paper. With a long-arm stapler, you can fasten up to 20 sheets at once and staple wider materials or create bound booklets.

I recommend the Bostitch Long Reach Stapler because it comes with an integrated ruler and adjustable locking paper guide for precision alignments. You’ll love the sleek and durable metal construction and professional look. Remember, it’s Bostitch!

7) AFROG Smart Water Bottle

A Smartphone and a Water Bottle on a Wooden StoolAsk any teacher and most of them will tell you they use any water bottle available. This is especially true as water containers may not be that big deal. Of course, there’s nothing wrong with this.

Did you know that simply drinking a glass of water helps with headaches? As the brain consists of mostly water, hydrating yourself helps it gain back alertness. What if I tell you that there is a water bottle that can keep your drinks at your preferred drinking temperature? That means you can bring your favorite beverage and enjoy it hot or cold while in school.

Maybe you’ve heard about insulated water bottles with no lead, no BPA, and no PHA. I’m talking of AFROG Smart Water Bottle with temperature display. It glows to remind you to drink, it tells you when your water is suitable or too hot for drinking. You deserve this.

8) Lumbar Support Pillow

50,000+ Free Man & Love ImagesDo you complain of back and lumbar pain after working long hours? I know so many teachers are already having back pain yet they keep ignoring it. If you’re guilty of this, it’s time to help your back and spine.

Statistics show that about 70%-80% of working people have had back pain experience. Teachers stand and sit for a long time stressing the lumbar from body weight. This pressure may eventually affect the waist, abdomen, and back muscles. Are you already having these issues?

A lumbar support pillow is specifically designed to simulate the curve of the human spine and alleviate the pain and fatigue of the lumbar and vertebra area. This one is thicker and wider so it distributes most of your body’s weight evenly on the lumbar spine. Your waist will thank you too!

9) Telescopic Teachers Pointer

A Man Pointing at a Blackboard While Teaching a ClassA telescopic pointer is suitable for you as a guide to effectively point out key information during teaching. It works on traditional blackboards, electronic whiteboards, Powerpoint presentations, and any large display screens.

Using a pointer effectively draws your class’ attention directly to a specific spot of your slide. So everybody’s eyes go to where your highlighter goes. It’s a good visual aid tool to support and enhance your presentation and has everybody on the same text.

Use it during conferences, training, meeting, reporting, coach teaching, and even outdoor activities. This pointer is easy to carry and store. It is designed with a comfortable non-slip frosted handle that is retractable, as well. Smart right?

10) Big Magnetic Clips

Clips Clip Magnets Colors - Free photo on PixabayYou basically need help when it comes to holding and organizing papers. You can put the clips in your drawer for any time use. Regardless of you will use the magnet or not, what you’ll want is the super hold ability of the clips to clasp paper.

Embedded with a magnet in one jaw, they are handy tools for hanging announcements, messages, and photos along with marking progress on reading charts or in/outboards. At home, use them to keep bags closed, secure receipts, hang messages, or hold any valuable sheets.

Big magnetic clips normally measure 3 inches long and can open or hold up to 1.5-inch thick material without slipping or sliding. They are made of durable stainless steel springs to ensure firm hold for a long time. Buy colorful clips so you can have fun choosing the color you like for the day.

11) White Post-It Cover Tape

White Printer Paper Beside Macbook ProLet no one know of a few errors by quickly covering them up. White Post-It Cover Tape can cover standard lines neatly. Since this is basically paper, you can use pencils, art pens, or disposable fountain pens to label the tape a few times.

Teachers can do magic too but maybe not every one of you has this tool ready all the time. This white tape is secure yet removable, ideal for temporary labeling, and blocks out a copy. How does it feel when you can quickly cover it up and write over top? It’s lifesaving!

It’s easy to write on, adheres well to everything, and removes without hassle. Use it in the classroom, office, and at home to label leftovers with names or dates. If you’re a post-it note fanatic, couple it with this white post-it cover tape.

12) A Ready Paper Cutter

six white sticky notesIf there’s one least prioritized tool in the classroom, it’s a paper cutter. You will find a paper cutter very helpful in cutting anything with a straight line. Standard paper cutters have a 12” cutting length ideal for most trimming tasks in the classroom like cutting paper materials in the size you need or cutting out scraps into smaller shapes.

A lite timmer equipped with a sharp guillotine blade and a handy alignment grid is perfect for accurate cuts. That helps you cut 5 to 10 sheets at a time. It also cuts through all paper types, photos, bookmarks, journaling tags, recycled notepads, and more. A good-quality paper cutter comes with guard rails to keep your fingers safe. When not in use, use the blade latch hook to secure and lock the trimmer arm.

Learn the great uses of a paper cutter and challenge your creativity. Best of all, this tool can help you reduce paper and cardboard wastes in the classroom, office, and even at home. You will be able to recycle materials and promote going green.

13) A Professional Tool Box

white and black i am a good day printWhere do you place your paperclips, magnets, rubber bands, binder rings, tapes, scissors, pens, hardware, small toys, and other little classroom essentials? What about placing everything in a toolbox so your tiny stuff is all collected and easy to find?

I present to you the Akro-Mils 26 Drawer Cabinet. I personally like the small dividers that create dividable drawers, and the 4 large individual drawers – all designed with a grip drawer pull style. What’s great is that the drawers are see-through so it makes identifying items quick. With a rear-stop, it allows you to smoothly access contents without spilling.

This professional toolbox can be stacked on a table or mounted on the wall using the customized keyhole slots molded into the back of the cabinet. This idea has been tried to create instructional environments efficient. Since it offers superb organization,  it makes teaching and learning more pleasant.

14) Quiet Pencil Sharpener

green black and orange abstract paintingAre you an elementary teacher? Pencils get dull while they are used. The shorter their core goes, the smudgy marks they give. You don’t need the fanciest model but the tried-and-true pencil sharpener that teachers, parents, and even your grade school children can trust.

The Bostitch Quiet Pencil Sharpener comes with an extra hardened helical cutter that delivers a 10x longer life blade. It’s called “quiet” because of its silent mechanism that keeps running without disturbing the class.

Since this pencil sharpener is color pencil compatible, it is employed with a ring around the sharpener that lights up once the pencil is sharpened to a point. With a removable cutter cartridge, cleaning and changing the blade is easy. You too will like its antimicrobial protection, automatic shutoff, and high-capacity shaving tray.

15) A Three-Hole Punch

Perforator Paper Puncher Punch - Free photo on PixabayYou need a 3-hole punch to help you create holes in sheets of paper to collect all your documents neatly in a folder or binder. You will have your important pages intact edge-to-edge.

Look for a model with a slim and lightweight compact yet is capable of punching up to 12 sheets of paper identically punched while taking up minimal space on your desktop. Of course, pick a friendly size that is able to fit in cabinets and drawers conveniently.

Look for all-metal construction so the puncher can stand up to all your tasks. There are those with an easy-to-clean chip tray and an oversized waste compartment to catch paper flakes. You’ll thank how the chip catcher saves your room from tiny paper punch-outs scattered on the floor.

16) Colored Duct Tapes

20+ Free Duct Tape & Bubble Wrap ImagesVivid vibrance and child-friendly; colorful duct tapes will spark everybody’s creativeness. You don’t only get colored adhesives but a way of utilizing colors to stimulate the senses, make learning math and science fun, as well as add life to your classroom games.

There are rainbow-colored duct tape rolls that come in yards of captivating hues enough for a variety of projects. From packing, sorting, labeling, decorating, and wrapping, they’re also great for taping cords, bundling, patching, stiffening, and more. Use the colors for marking social-distancing spots. It’s fun and playful.

Duct tapes are waterproof so they wick away liquid. Start creating bags, phone cases, hats, or hair accessories. The tapes are easy for tiny hands to tear, design, and stick with no hassle to peel off. They’re also easy to remove with no residue. The tapes are multi-purpose – truly your friendly color-coding assistant.

17) A Classroom Timer 

person holding white and silver-colored pocket watchThis is not an ordinary clock but a reliable timer to know when to start or stop clearly. The best best-selling timer in 2021 is an easy-to-use digital timer. It displays both seconds and minutes, with a larger screen, and buttons with clear markings. 

Timers help you stick to schedules. Some are even designed with colorful lights so when the countdown starts, attractive lights will flash quietly without startling the students. I’m talking of this Time Tracker Visual Timer from Kadams.

Get one with a built-in memory setting to save you from resetting each time. You can press and hold the minute button for over 3 seconds. If the timer completes the time it goes back to the original time after you hit start/pause. 

You know how an electronic timer helps with kids’ time management, academic exercises, classroom study, and project challenges. You’ll be proud to have a portable and simple-to-operate timer that lets you keep track of the time no matter where you are in the classroom.

18) Insulated Lunch Box

person holding brown box with brown and white foodTeachers are workaholics so a phenomenal insulated meal box could deliver something sumptuous that you deserve. This set is ideally popular with men and women who have active lifestyles, daily gym routines, and hectic work schedules.

I am suggesting this lunch box with 6 portions control to ensure it tightly seals and keeps your food as fresh and tasty as possible. The containers are microwave, freezer, and dishwasher safe.  Did you know that this bag has the capacity to keep food half hot or cold even when you get home from a day’s work?

Another thing you will like is the bag’s convenient shoulder strap and heavy-duty zippers. It saves you from the worries of transporting. If you need to carry vitamins and daily medicine, you’re lucky, this BPA-free lunchbox has it all. Check it out here.

19) Stickers for Reward

Cat Stickers - Free vector graphic on PixabayYou definitely want handy rewards that you can use any time. Stickers make a meaningful reward to give directly to students for a job well done. You’ll do everything to encourage and add a positive mood to young learners so will work harder in their studies.

You will find packs of 100, 200, 300, to 400 pieces of rewards stickers that come in cute shapes and words. Usually, they are large-sized bright cartoon animals measuring 1 to 2 inches so the stickers are big enough to display in a student’s notebook adding fun to their learning.

Stickers for Rewards are easy to paste, waterproof, and durable. They are easy to peel off and can be stuck on clothes, sheets, envelopes, books, bags, and boards for a long time. They are suitable for kindergarten and elementary classrooms for the child/children to know that they are achieving exciting results.

20) Dish Cloths

Cleaning Tools Sponge Dish Cloth - Free photo on PixabayIf your classroom is prone to spill-ups and splashes, these 100% environmentally-friendly Swedish rags are efficient for wiping any surface. The dishcloths are 30% natural cotton and 70% biodegradable cellulose. So colorful that kids will be inspired to help clean up spills by themselves.

The Swedish cellulose sponge cloths are super absorbent and can absorb up to 20x their weight in liquid. Unlike ordinary rags, these sponges wash quickly, easily dry up, and help prevent odors from developing.

Get savings as the dishcloths come in 10 colors that you can buy in packs at a lower cost. Sponge cleaners are more durable than paper towels. Imagine one dishcloth against 15 or more paper towels is a lot of savings. Even a single purchase can be enough to give you an entire year of cleaning tools.

Get your Swedish Rags here.

21) Lamps and Lights

Clock Lamp Mini - Free photo on PixabaySoft lights can make a classroom feel more comfortable. Younger students, in particular, typically have difficulty concentrating early in the day and cool lamps can help shift their natural body rhythms to overcome the tiredness they experience.

There are practical mini lamps that can provide a calm setting and relax students during individual assignments or quiet time. It helps to get restless and energetic kids to calm down and focus during the school day.

If you believe you needed extra lamps, cool color temperatures will improve the behavior of students with learning disorders. LED lights are like natural light that improves visibility, mood, and behavior.


In Conclusion

An equipped classroom does not limit itself to items that you use every day. It should include essential basics that even when not used daily are sure to make your life easy when it comes to managing classroom necessities. You don’t use a long reach stapler every day, but at times when you need to compile sheets and teaching materials makes a really life-saving item.

Go and start collecting the items above and make your classroom 2022 with an edge.

Do you have anything else in mind that we can add to the list? Please share them in the comments so we can make the lives of thousands of teachers happy in the classroom.