5 Of The Most Important School Supplies For Elementary Students

Elementary education is the start of the child’s life to delve further and reach the goal of becoming a capable adult

While school is the most conventional way to teach children during this time of their life, the stress of feeling left out and different from the rest can derange a child’s focus. This is where you, as a teacher, can come in by being prepared with the things that will keep children motivated.

The Most Important School Supplies For Elementary Students

Teachers come up with various activities that will surely teach the children and at the same time let them have fun. The elementary period is the ground for introducing the different levels of education. All the more that you must catch their attention.

Almost all of the activities given to elementary students are to enhance their creativity and craft while learning important details in every lesson given. That is why there are many school supplies that should always be present in an elementary student’s bag. 


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Here is a list of must-have school supplies that every elementary student needs. 


5 Of The Most Important School Supplies For Elementary Students

1.) No. 2 Pencils

Elementary is where children start to learn and master how to read and write making a pencil the most commonly used school supply.

In pencil categories, the higher the number the denser the lead. For the purposes of a test, a No. 1 pencil is a little too soft, and smudges easily; as you get higher in number, the lead becomes too dense and brittle to write and erase easily. This is the reason why no.2 pencils are required.

Writing is not the only thing that pencils are used for, it is also used for drawing mainly for arts and crafts. Many of the activities in elementary include drawing, it is a must to use a pencil when drawing because they can easily erase their mistakes and provide a clearer outline for them to fill in color later. 

Moreover, examinations of elementary students are mostly in the format of a multiple-choice test that is checked using a machine. No. 2 pencils are more effective in shading because it provides a more pigmented shade when used on most types of paper, so they would not have to worry about pressing too hard on the paper just to completely cover what needs to be shaded in. 


2.) Crayons

I haven’t known anyone who did not have a pack of crayons in their bag in elementary. It is also a school supply essential that students should have with them in their bag at all times because there are many activities wherein they will have to show creativity and craft in various art forms. 

It is a versatile school supply that can also be used not only for arts and crafts but for other subjects as well.  Did you know that crayons can also be used by teachers for shading adult coloring pages? You will love the idea!  

Crayons are a great medium to inspire students during this period of their life. It is highly beneficial for them to develop creativity as it helps practice self-expression which is also vital for the social and language skills of children as well. 

Additionally, coloring is a good way to develop a student’s concentration, physical dexterities,  including their hand and eye coordination so that they can also learn how to write and master how to use their hands at the same time.

It is also an effective way to get them more motivated during class discussions, if teachers involve activities that include coloring then it’s is sure that they will be kept more engaged and participate voluntarily. 

Giving elementary students a box of crayons is also found to help them be more confident about themselves because coloring is also another form of expressing their thoughts and feelings through the use of different colors. 


3.) Pencil Grips

Rubber pencil grips are also another must-have for elementary students. 

Although elementary education is not as hectic compared to higher levels, students are expected to practice their handwriting which is why a pencil grip attached to their pencils is a good idea.

It may not be of paramount importance, however, several sessions of handwriting can cause fatigue and strain to children’s hands. Even adults experience that too, so writing for a long time can also exhaust little hands. 

The unnecessary strain on the hand muscles and ligaments can affect the quality of a child’s handwriting. Pencil grips are a great solution for comfortable writing. Simply attach one grip on a pencil and it will enable students to write comfortably matched with a steady grip to ensure easy writing. It can help provide neat and legible written work.


4.) Pencil Sharpener

Pencils are used in school every day but not all classrooms are equipped with a good pencil sharpener. 

Since pencils are utilized for various reasons such as writing, drawing, and other activities that elementary students are preoccupied with on a daily basis, they get dull at the end of the day. The moment the core goes shorter and shorter, the marks as well turn smudgy and messy.

Not to mention how tiring they can be to the hands. So they need to be shaved to shape the core back to its writing-perfect point. Thanks to the school if they provide a pencil sharpener for each room to help teachers sharpen the entire class’ pencils.

And in order for students to effectively use a pencil, they must carefully sharpen it after every usage so that the graphite of the pencil will not deter. This is a way to retain its blackness and accuracy when writing on paper. 

Purchase a pencil sharpener that comes with a container for the shavings. There are models that feature sharpness settings too if you like. We actually have a review of the best pencil sharpeners that are highly recommended for use in schools or the office. Read the review here.


5.) Glue Sticks

Glue sticks are particularly for activities that have something to do with crafting and building. Many teachers encourage students to test their creativity by doing various activities that have something to do with their discussion.

It is an entertaining way to impart knowledge to elementary students while developing their sense of creativity. They get to have fun and learn something from it too! It’s really a win-win situation.

Activities involving collages and colored papers are often done with the help of scissors and glue; a glue stick is better to use than glue because it is not that messy when using it compared to a regular glue. 

There’s no end to the fun of what a variety of arts and crafts bring to children. This is part of the reason why every kid should have a glue stick. It will help stick materials just like glue, and most importantly, it is non-toxic—because safety always comes first in the classroom. 



Elementary students require more attention than students at a higher level. This is because elementary education is where they start to learn the basics of everything and the foundation that will help shape who they will become in life.

Basic needs like pencils, paper, crayons, and textbooks help students equip students with items they need to engage in the lessons. For example, how can they create a colorful kite if they only have bond paper? Or how will they be able to make a picture mosaic without glue?

That is why teachers come up with various ways and go the extra mile to help their students become the best version of themselves. There are a lot of things that elementary students need, and school supplies are among the most basic. 

So that’s it for our list! If you think I should add anything to this list just let me know down in the comments. 

Hope you enjoyed our topic for today and I’ll see you at our next one, soon!