10 Important Things You Need In Your Teacher Bag This 2022!

Aside from books, your teaching materials, your teacher planner, your pen case, your ID, smartphone, or other digital devices, there are still a number of absolute musts that you need to have in your teacher work bag.

things you need in your teacher bag this 2022

We’ll never know when a need for a certain item like a bobby pin or a safety pin might arise, that’s why it’s always best to have this list of items that I’m going to share with you today standing by in your teacher’s bag whenever you’re out and about in school. 

From personal things you’ll need on a regular basis in school down to emergency items that you’ll thank yourself for keeping some in your bag, let’s get down to business and go over 12 essential things you need in your teacher bag that will help you survive the school year! 


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10 Essential Things You Need In Your Teacher Bag This 2022!

1.) A hand sanitizer keychain

If you prefer using a backpack over a shoulder bag, or if it’s the other way around. Having a trusty hand sanitizer will help keep you and the people around you, especially your students safe from any unwanted diseases. 

Especially now that school has reopened and face-to-face classes are back at it again, proper hygiene and keeping your hands clean are substantial. 

Hand sanitizer keychains are not just for sanitizing your hands, they also add a little pizzaz to your bag as many sanitizer keychains now come in cute packaging from cute fuzzy bears to cute cartoon characters. 

So if your teacher bag doesn’t have a sanitizer keychain yet, I suggest you go find yourself one now so you’ll get to keep your hands clean and your bag lookin’ cute as well! Yay for multi-purpose things!

2.) Spare facemasks and a mask case

A lot of countries around the world are slowly lifting their mask protocol, but still, it’s better safe than sorry, and wearing masks has already kind of grown on us already. 

And since we’re in the new norm having a few spare masks is still a good idea to keep around your bag just in case you’ll need them. 

If you accidentally spill something on your masks like coffee or juice, or if it accidentally gets wet, at least you know that you have some in your bag ready any time anywhere. If someone in the class also needs a new one, you can share your spare masks with them as well. 

3.) A mini emergency kit

Teacher headaches are 100% real! And you’ll never know when it’ll strike. That’s why you should always have a mini-emergency kit in your bag so that you can still go push through with your day because a good teacher will never be stopped by a mere headache! 

You can try to get a mini pouch with a mini pill box where you can put first-aid medicines like Advil, Tylenol, antacids like Tums, especially allergy medicine if you do have allergies, and cold meds as well. These are mandatory for you to have in your bag. 

You can also include: 

  • Band-aids 
  • Q-tips
  • Alcohol prep wipes
  • Hand cleansing wipes
  • Anti-bacterial ointments

4.) A vanity kit

Now aside from your cosmetic items assuming that you use makeup, having a vanity kit with items such as chapstick, a small mirror, nail clippers, and more will be a life-saver because these are items that you won’t easily find laying around in school. 

Also, they are personal items as well, so it can be embarrassing to borrow from your co-teachers or other staff in school. With that in mind, keep a personal vanity kit in your bag to save yourself the trouble of finding them when you suddenly and spontaneously need them while you’re in school. 

Usual vanity kit items are:

  • Mini mouthwash
  • A toothbrush
  • Toothpaste
  • Chapstick
  • Small mirror
  • Nail clippers
  • Stain remover
  • Handsoap sheets
  • Hair elastics
  • Spare pad/tampons

You can add anything that you think you will use personally until you make up a kit that will cover any personal needs you will encounter on a daily basis. 

5.) Deodorant

If teacher headache is real, we also know that stress sweat is 100% real as well! There will always be times in school when we suddenly get flustered and get really sweaty which then result in unwanted body odor that we don’t want other people to get a whiff of, right? 

It’s perfectly normal, but still as a teacher not only do we want to look presentablewe also want to smell presentable as well. So save yourself the embarrassment of trying to hide the unavoidable and put that deodorant in your teaching bag! 

6.) Eyeglasses, contact lens case/ solution

If you’re someone who doesn’t always wear your glasses but needs them to function properly when teaching and reading something, there’s a good chance that you’ll accidentally leave them at home. 

That’s why if you have a set of spare eyeglasses try to always have them in your bag. This will save you from the misery of constantly squinting and trying to read what’s on the board or on the paper because we all know that reading is probably a daily thing for you. 

If you’re someone who also wears contact lenses, having a spare case and bottle of contact lens solution in your bag will also be a big convenience for you especially if you want to remove them mid-day. 

7.) A portable battery charger

There’s nothing worse than being in the momentum while using your phone for something important and then having it die on you. It’s like a feeling of life and death situation especially if you can’t find a socket to plug it into and charge your device. 

That’s why you should always have a power bank on hand every time you’re out of the house. Having a portable power bank will also save you from the hassle of being tied beside a socket just so that you can use your digital device while it charges. 

So always bring a portable battery charger and keep your phone’s battery alive, you’ll never know when an important call will take place, or a piece of good news will drop in!

8.) Earphones

Earphones are a big help especially when you want to take a call in private or if you want to listen to something better and you want to really focus on it.

Plus earphones can give you that personal space when you’re in a crowded area and if you’re really not in the mood to talk to strangers. 

9.) Snacks

Needing a snack while you’re on the go is inevitable, a good snack will help boost your energy and curve down your hunger especially if lunch or dinner isn’t that close yet. 

Try to pack a few granola bars or any healthy snack that you have in mind and you’ll thank yourself for pushing yourself to do so. 

10.) Water Bottle

I know many of us are guilty of not hydrating ourselves enough, especially during a really busy day. But that’s not an excuse, so pick yourself a good water bottle and try to drink as much as you can during the day. 

It’s best if your bag has pockets on the sides so that you can easily access your water bottle even while you’re walking or you’re discussing in front of your class. 

Try to go for a water bottle that has insulation properties so that if you want your drink cold, you can keep it cold for hours and if you want it warm, then it can keep it warm for hours as well. 

In essence, 

These are just the things that you need in your teacher bag because they just make sense.

Because, after all the chaos of trying to put everything together in school, teachers are still humans with human needs too. 

Did I miss anything? How about you? What it’s your teacher bag? Share with us down below and we’d love some good recommendations of what to add to make a perfectly packed teacher bag. 

Until our next one, and remember It’s always better to have it and not need it than to need it and not have it!