8 Best Tips to Applying a Teaching Job During the Pandemic

Applying for a teaching job during the pandemic shouldn’t be daunting on your part knowing that you have been through a lot these days. The whole situation should deprive you of a sob story but instead shower you with a glimpse of success.

It calls for professional optimism to help you superintend your job search during the current global health crisis and overcome stress in job hunting.

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With that said, to help you come out ahead in this challenging employment search in the teaching profession, I’ve gathered valuable inputs and recommendations from our fellow teachers that can help job seekers, teachers, in particular, to become strong candidates for employment. I’ve included my best shots too when I was still seeking a teaching job.

Now, let me present the most practical tips for applying for a teaching job during the pandemic. Hopefully, the following pointers give you insights into how to successfully enter into the teaching profession.


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8 Best Tips to Applying a Teaching Job During the Pandemic

Entering into the teaching profession during arduous times is quite a fight. However, earning the best strategy to win a place in the multi-faceted and formidable job market today makes you navigate the whole application process with beaming confidence and a delightful stance that you can definitely achieve what you conceive!

1. Have a clear picture of what the education process would be

The pandemic has changed the whole scenario of the educational context. When schools shut down, teachers and students are performing their tasks at home. You should be ready with that.  In other words, you should know exactly what teaching is like these days.

By making it clear how the challenges of COVID 19 have increased teachers’ responsibilities and roles, you will get through your application with perseverance.  What do you know about online learning? As it becomes the major learning modality to continue education, you need to reimagine and reconsider your teaching pedagogies and styles.

Considering my viewpoint on this, teaching during this time is highly overwhelming and teachers are upfront about providing quality education to their students.

Then, equipping yourself with the best teaching strategies that you can share and recommend during your interview can ignite a sense of accord from the school.

Be ready to partake in your creative solutions and expertise to meet the challenges of the pandemic in the educational process. And never forget to point out how to integrate technology in teaching and learning to keep students engaged. Make it known that you are more than capable of using technology and you have a great deal of experience using it.

2. Never feel uncertain

Don’t allow yourself to fall apart because of the situation. Yours should be an inspiring success story of getting a teaching job despite the arduous times the whole world is facing. Focus on your goals of formally entering the teaching profession to make a difference in the lives of children out there who are also close witnesses to the pandemic.

The brass tacks of the educational context during the distinctive situation we have should not flutter the light of hope within you. The inherent conditions of education across the globe should instead inspire you to be at your best and reimagine your great contributions for effective teaching and learning. Open it up during your interview and show it most eagerly during your demo-teaching.

3. Have a happy disposition

Despite the difficulties, this unique time has given you extraordinary reasons to push through with your passion – to teach and to inspire students. Well, it’s not all success stories, is it? But, if your first attempt fails, don’t give up and you should be committed as ever.

Spending copious amounts of time scouting for vacancies and dealing with failure-success schemes is a manifestation that you have a happy inclination. This can bring you good vibes and positive energy. The pandemic continues but you can insist on having sustained happiness.

As we cope with stress and uncertainties, this shouldn’t be a hindrance to not get positive out of it. Since virtual applications are made possible, it means you are saving your time and money for your transportation because you will not be having the face-to-face interview. Maybe, it’s one thing that you should be happy about.

4. Connect to the basics

What are the basics in applying for a teaching job? Don’t forget that your cover letter matters a lot and it should stand out.  Make sure it’s well-written. Selling your services should be hyped. Know what to say and how to say it in writing. Consider the most decent format and layout of your cover letter and be sure that your words earn their trust and confidence.

Also, check for reliable cover letter examples for teachers in case you are looking for inspiration and guides that can also help. Manage your content and be sure to use the right words so your document merits a desirable impact. Most importantly, reading your document aloud before hitting “send” will help you check if you have crafted a truly outstanding cover letter.

Along with that, your resume should speak a lot about your expertise and should inform the school administration how can you be of help in promoting student learning given these difficult circumstances.  Take it as an opportunity to discuss your experiences and achievements. It serves as a great support for your outstanding cover letter.

Furthermore, among the basics that you should fully comprehend is what to do after the interview. Extending a firm handshake and a sincere “thank you” for the opportunity are great inputs you should take note of. Best of all, your sincerity is always expressed if you maintain eye contact with your interviewer and wear a smile.

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5. Prepare, prepare, prepare

Thinking of what to prepare for when applying for a teaching job during the pandemic? Aside from crafting an excellent cover letter and resume, what else should you prepare in order to get the position you desire? Well, obviously, this tip deserves your prep time.

Well, apparently, you have to prepare yourself to showcase your competence and successfully land a teaching job. For you to step ahead of other teacher candidates, you need to make grand preparations for what the whole application process entails.

If you ace for a virtual interview, then you have to make sure that you have reliable internet connectivity to avoid lagging.  Plus, poor-quality video calls are annoying and can be really stressful on your part and a hassle for the interviewer.

Furthermore, wearing business attire will be most appropriate so you can make an impression. Be it a virtual or face-to-face interview, you should wear your professional success attire.

6. Practice, practice, practice

Fillers are annoying if used more often, and worse if they are used in formal conversations like in an interview. Though English word fillers are useful in communication, you should rethink if these words are a plus during your interview.  To avoid the “uh” “eh” “um” invading your language, you should practice what to say by checking out sample interview questions and answers related to applying for a teaching job position.

Are you familiar with the mirror face test? You should try it too. Take it from my experience. When I applied for a teaching job, I practiced in front of the mirror and got ready with my self-introduction. Interestingly, I prepared questions too for I might be given an opportunity to ask for clarifications and about my expectations.

Just in case you will be asked if you have questions, prompt questions that are closely relevant to the teaching job instead of asking for the salary and benefits.  However, you may inquire about it the next time around. You may ask about programs for professional development like how often will the school provide training and seminars to teachers.

Earn a teaching job with your sincere practice and sincerity because it can magnify your enthusiasm and confidence.   Don’t ever forget the “Tell me about yourself” thing. Anyway, if you are serious about this matter, it will just come through.

7. Do your homework

Do research about the school you are applying for. Check their website and see for yourself their calendar of activities, the school’s mission, and vision. This can be of help during your interview. Your research somehow gives you an idea of what to expect during the interview and how the school is, as an institution of learning. What should you know about the school or district?

Gathering information about the school gives you the best insight into what the school is expecting from the teacher candidates. Doing so can help you learn about the institution you want to work with. You can also involve the secretary or assistant of the principal in your gathering of information endeavor. You may ask politely in advance of the interview process and how it’s done. Such is a great assignment that you should not overlook.

researching about the school

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8. Put yourself in the shoes of the interviewer

Try to imagine yourself as the one throwing questions and expecting a lot from whoever is in front. Well, what do you expect? What qualities do you think an interviewer is looking for? More oftentimes, you will be dealing with the school principal for your job interview, so try to imagine yourself to be him or her. What exactly do you want?

Or you can ask someone else, let’s say a friend who is a teacher, what to expect from an interviewer. Then, try to figure out the best actions to do to show your enthusiasm to join the teaching profession.

And don’t forget to express your thoughts about teaching kids, how to make a difference in their lives, and most of all how you love teaching in general. Leave the best impression and take note of the right attitude. I’m sure your interviewer is looking forward to that.


Having these practical tips in applying for a teaching job during the pandemic hopefully can help you become a better candidate and join the teaching profession successfully.

With all the difficulties the pandemic causes, you really deserve the best and land that teaching job. I know how you feel at this time. You may be worried about the application process and the interview-stress schemes. But nothing beats a ready candidate.  When you get a call for an interview, always put your best foot forward and win in the competition in the challenging job market these days.

Best of all, let your interviewer know your genuine intention of teaching in such a school or district. Have I missed something? Leave your comments below or you can somehow share your best experiences in applying for a teaching job during the pandemic.