Top Social Media Platforms You Should Try This 2022

Did you know that Instagram is catching up with Facebook in terms of  “people’s favorites?” What about WhatsApp being popular among older users? Yes, and since the world now rises up to the new normal, it pays to know which social media platforms you should try this year with many working-age internet users say they prefer and why.

“Social media, as a communication tool, is used to connect with people.”

There are various forms of social media networks today and a lot of them are extremely popular that people prefer using them. The truth is, certain platforms are more appropriate due to different functions and features. So choosing which social network to focus your goals on is quite challenging.

However, if you’re trying to figure out what each social network can do to help you upgrade your life as a teacher, below is a complete overview of the top social media sites and why each platform is a must-check.


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10 Benefits of Social Networking to Teachers

The world today revolves around who you know. It’s only helpful to know which social media sites are making their names right now, particularly if:

Check, Correct, Tick, Sign, Mark, OrangeYou want to be active and planning to widen your network reach and meet your social media goals.

Check, Correct, Tick, Sign, Mark, OrangeYou want to connect to the world and understand other cultures, their lifestyle, food habits, and passion.

Check, Correct, Tick, Sign, Mark, OrangeYou want to maintain relationships with friends and family, people you met online, business partners, co-educators from other countries, coaches, old friends, students, and their parents.

Check, Correct, Tick, Sign, Mark, OrangeYou want to communicate often but don’t want to force a conversation or call, but by simply dropping a message online, commenting, or liking photographs.

Check, Correct, Tick, Sign, Mark, OrangeYou want to get and share ideas with other teachers, comparing lesson plans, teaching techniques, or anything that can enhance the classroom and learning experience.

Check, Correct, Tick, Sign, Mark, OrangeYou want to be updated with information from other schools and keep you abreast of changes in curriculum, virtual field trips, other website updates, and relevant content.

Check, Correct, Tick, Sign, Mark, OrangeYou want to touch base with contacts and important individuals from world entities to keep you in the loop.

Check, Correct, Tick, Sign, Mark, OrangeYou want to advance professional development through seminars, conferences, and other development workshops in your area or online.

Check, Correct, Tick, Sign, Mark, OrangeYou want to get a job and need people you know to recommend you by building contacts with different individuals.

Check, Correct, Tick, Sign, Mark, OrangeYou want to be adept at different social media platforms and apps.

With everything aligning to the new normal system today, social media has become more needed. It doesn’t mean joining every platform and being on every social media site, but for you to be able to determine whether you can use the social networking platform for either personal or professional means.

Let’s proceed.


Top Social Media Platforms You Should Try This 2022

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1) WhatsApp

Soon, Vector, Whatsapp, Soon WhatsappOwned by Facebook, WhatsApp is the biggest online messenger app that has about 1 billion users worldwide. Its goal is to connect people and allow users to organize lists of contacts so that they can quickly send messages anywhere in the world.

WhatsApp allows you to send messages and join ongoing calls for free over the internet. It frees you from the charges of overseas calls like that when using a mobile carrier. The good thing is it shares the exact location of every contact so you know who you are talking to and where the other person is from.

With WhatsApp, you can create group texts, send and receive docs, share photos and videos, and engage in private conversations with friends, students, and colleagues anytime. It is today’s popular go-to messaging site for business, meetings, family, friends, and colleagues.


2) Instagram

Instagram, Symbol, Logo, Photo, CameraWith the rise of microblogging today, Instagram is a completely visual platform that helps put your story to life. Even if you’re only making short blogs, you can share images or videos followed by a few words in the caption.

The best thing about Instagram is that you can add hashtags to your images and increase their reach. This is how your content can be shareable and go viral. In fact, a massive number of consumers or online shoppers discover a product through Instagram.

Instagram users are also more likely to comment on a picture, as compared to other social media platforms. So, the more content you share, the more your name joins the conversation. Choose photos that portray emotions in your brand and Instagram will quickly make your name, personality, brand, or business viral.


3) Facebook 

Facebook Logo Social Network - Free image on PixabayWhile it looks like Facebook is the most popular of all, creating a Facebook Group and Facebook Page allows users to do more like creating events, uploading pictures and videos, sharing files, scheduling posts, and building your own brand.

So, for instance, if you have a group called “Slow Fashion,” everyone who could see your profile would know that you are passionate about sustainable fashion. Creating Facebook pages, as well, allows you to engage with specific audiences.

You want to reach and engage with an audience of all ages, capture their attention with the posts you share and get immediate emotional responses. As an interactive network, it owns a wide appeal that attracts a massive user base. You get the chance to receive viewership from almost 3 billion active viewers monthly.


4) Tiktok

Tiktok, Tiktok Logo, Tiktok Button, Social MediaThe new and most fun of all, Tiktok is a clever social media platform that allows users to create, watch and share short-form but entertaining videos using catchy music.

TikTok currently estimates over 800 million monthly users bringing it among the top favorite social media platforms. Both old and young use the app to film and express themselves through a song, dance, comical skit, drama, or lip-syncing; then share their performance across a community.

In spite of being a global app, the Tiktok app has a strong focus on localized content giving everyone the chance to uncover their potential. With more names, brands, and products looking to TikTok today, you too can further expand your social media marketing reach. Join the fun and create your personal brand.


5) Twitter

Logo, Twitter, Social Media, Networking, CommunityIf you want to share your thoughts with a big audience, learn how to tweet. You have the option to choose a category for your feed — industry professionals, those of your passion, fashion sites, celebrities, cooking, people, parenting, education sites, and many more.

Currently, Twitter is one of the favorite social media platforms used by an estimated 100 million daily active users. What people like is how it strongly emphasizes real-time information from news, sports, entertainment, politics, fashion, arts, food, and more.

There probably is nothing as active and exciting as Twitter in terms of what people are talking about right now. You will be proud to be among the first to know about what’s the story of the day, breaking news, or what’s latest in the world. If you did not mind Twitter in 2020, don’t miss it this 2022. It pays to know what people are currently thinking.


6) Pinterest

Pinterest, Pinterest LogoPinterest’s image-based storyline has become the foundation for its huge success that schools have been using the site to educate through eye-catching images.

This platform is popular among teachers. If you look at it, you can attest to how everyone is able to save pictures, blogs, and keep themselves become up-to-date with not only teaching strategies but with all types of information under the sun. This social platform differentiates lesson plans by adding interest and excitement using the power of pictures.

Pinterest’s networking technique is able to drive research, save visual images, and gain interaction using online pinboards. You want to continue getting a share of how Pinterest offers the world’s most beautiful visual images.


7) WeChat

Wechat free iconAnother favorite social media message platform with one billion users, WeChat supports text and voice chatting, picture messaging, video calling, and broadcasting. What gives it an advantage over WhatsApp is a feature that allows users to edit the picture within the application.

No matter what country you’re in, WeChat is free to download with real-time location exposed to every user. It also has a function called WeChat Out that lets you automatically translate messages into 20 different languages.

Extremely popular in China, WeChat is so successful being the biosphere for media, online shops, and businesses. It has its own digital payment services. With instant messaging, one can order goods and services, transfer money, and pay in stores adding convenience to your day whether you’re at home, at work, or in school.


8) FB Messenger

Messenger, Message, Icon, Facebook, NetworkYou know how Facebook Messenger gives you all the freedom to instant messaging, photo and video sharing, audio recordings, live video chat, and calling. Also free to download, you can communicate with your Facebook friends and with your phone contacts.

You can also transfer files and photos to your contacts quickly by merely opening up a chat window. You can also share your live location so your friends and family will know where you are, even if you are moving.

Since Facebook Messenger is one of the most important messaging apps used to connect with people worldwide, it exchanges more than 20 billion messages with people on Messenger in just a month. Messaging is now the world’s most preferred way to connect with people, a reason why you should have an FB Messenger account.


9) LinkedIn

Linked In, Logo, Company, EditorialLinkedIn is a social network that focuses on establishing professional connections. It addresses different career fields, extends and strengthens one’s professional trusted contacts while highlighting expertise and reputation.

What makes it a favorite is the opportunity to demonstrate one’s knowledge, credibility, and leadership expertise. So that makes you up to date on the best practices and latest trends that you want or need to know. You can join group networks and take part in discussions and forums.

Linkedin is the largest business-oriented networking website with a great job board. All users are free to display resumes and professional portfolios. Are you seeking to improve your teaching career for today’s new normal? Let LinkedIn help you get ahead in your search for new opportunities.


10) Quora

2+ Free Quora & Tiktok ImagesSince internet users ask a lot of random questions, Quora is today’s top question and answer platform where people go to find information. Members meet online and socialize with other members and increase their social circle.

To use the site, you have to write your question and then hit ‘Add Question.’ After verifying the topic that is relevant to your question, you simply wait for people to respond. What is great about this platform is the opportunity to get practical, honest, and accurate answers based on the people’s interaction.

There is also an upvote and downvote option that lets other users upvote perfect answers or downvote something that they see is inaccurate and uninformative. The number of upvotes to a particular “answer” to a question will push it on top of the response list. Isn’t this a platform you needed for quick and practical answers to your queries?


11) YouTube

Youtube, Logo, Graphic, Red, YoutubeYouTube involves video, which is one of today’s most used content formats shared on social media. Since search engines value videos, creating and sharing them via Youtube is a great way to improve your search engine ranking.

People, as well, respond well to visual prompts because they convey emotions and physical attributes of what you’re trying to promote. It’s also the most used social media service to communicate with students who likewise can set up their own channels.

YouTube is the second largest search engine after Google. With hundreds and thousands of videos uploaded on YouTube per day, it certainly is one of the best ways to reach a large number of people, whether you’re promoting a product, giving lectures, or simply sharing information.


12) Telegram

No social network with an instant messaging feature has more than the “security” offered by Telegram. Although this platform works like Facebook Messenger and WhatsApp, it boasts security and speed making it a good alternative to other popular messaging apps.

Other than attaching photos, videos, and documents, Telegram similarly shows a friend’s status online. There’s also the ability to look over the security of your ‘Secret Chats’ using an encryption key.

What users like with Telegram is its potential to encrypt media sharing shared by users including group chats. This means that they won’t be visible unless decrypted. You can set self-destruct timers on shared messages and media whether within just minutes or days. It’s obvious, users like the innovative end-to-end encryption that leaves no trace on Telegram’s servers.



Different people use different platforms to serve different needs. The motivations also differ country by country, age group, and industry. Aside from being the top social media networks today, the platforms above are designed to maximize audience attention and deeper intent.

However, how you leverage and maintain your current popularity using social media has yet to be seen. So whatever social media sites you choose, let these platforms give you the freshest insights into social media in 2022.



1) How many people are exactly active on social media today?

As of January 2022, analysis from the Global Social Media stats say there are more than 4 billion social media users around the world putting the worldwide social media penetration rate at 58%.

2) Which of the social media platforms have the most active users?

Facebook remains the most popular social media platform today with 2.9 billion monthly active users followed by YouTube’s 2.5 billion, and WhatsApp with at least 2 billion active users per month.

3) Is social media really helpful? 


Through social media, friends and families update one another, send voice messages, and share pictures. Businesses reach out to customers to promote brands and likewise, clients are encouraged to share their experiences by providing feedback. Thanks to social media, all these preserve people’s confidence in using online social tools.

4) Are there different types of social media apps?

Yes. Below are by far the most common types:
  • Game apps
  • Educational apps
  • Lifestyle apps
  • Social media apps
  • Productivity apps
  • Entertainment apps

5) What is the best time to post on social media?

This depends on a few factors like the industry you are in and the type of platform you are using. For example:

Facebook is the most used social media platform for messaging so there’s no surprise that there is a 24-hour audience engagement. Twitter, on the other hand, can have a high time on business days with increased periods of engagement in the evenings due to news and updates.

Pinterest and Instagram are photo-based platforms that a user can choose any time he or she wishes to spend posting and sharing. Tiktok for sure embraces daytime engagement as the community where short and fun videos are shared across prefer watching and having fun earlier than midnight.

6) Which social media platform is best?

It’s hard to point out which is the best considering that each site has its own special usage feature. For example, Facebook still holds the most popularity among men aged 25-45 but it is ranked lower when it comes to younger men aged 16 – 25. It all goes down to one thing – the best social media platform to try depends on the likes, passions, and needs of the user.

7) How can social media help internet users in general aside from chatting?

Everyone who is into networking or marketing can benefit from social media. Establishing relationships with different individuals whether for educational purposes, business, or entertainment, social networking can help you enhance your career.

8) Which one of these is the fastest growing social media platform this 2022?

Even though Instagram has caught up with Facebook, still it cannot be denied how worldwide users find Facebook better for its direct messaging features. Meanwhile, Tiktok is speedily making growth with almost 1 billion active monthly users granting it offers fun and entertainment that people really love.