20 Unique Hobbies That Make Money for Teachers

Money-making hobbies should be known to everyone. Isn’t it wonderful to find a passion project or side gig for some extra cash? It may not be easy, but figuring out which pastime is worth-pursuing will actually help you discover unique hobbies that make money.

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Teachers are creative individuals and may have been enjoying great hobbies already. But not all of them put attention to how their favorite pastimes could become a perfect starting point. In fact, some of these pastimes are so much fun to do.

Check out this list below. Look into each further. You may end up surprising yourself and realize you just have to open the door, ignite the key and roll the ball. Don’t be afraid to fail. It’s in failing that you learn to stand better and do even greater.


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Unique Hobbies That Make Money

1) Drive Tourists Around

Man Inside Vehicle in Front of Opened DoorIf you love road trips, driving others around not only treat yourself to meet people but the chance to unwind by actually seeing the outdoors. Finding time during the weekend even for a few hours is perfect to unravel while earning a few bucks.

There are not many requirements to become a tourist driver, as long as you are certified to drive, though it depends on your city’s conditions. You can choose to drive six hours, more, or less a week. You can either use your own car or a certain company’s vehicle. Check out your industry if you are qualified to drive tourists or locals around.

2) Sell Dishes You Love

Noodles With Meat And Mint On TopDo you have special dishes that you enjoy cooking? So many people love to eat. Adults and children now work and study online so their stomachs can growl at any time. With today’s one-click ordering, people will simply look at what food they can order online.

What makes this hobby unique is that you can introduce dishes you very much love preparing. If you’re into salads then offer Italian, French, American, or Asian salad entrees. Do you love soups or BBQ? Many people do too! Go share comforting pasta soups and spicy BBQ. It’s exciting to study culinary creations that you soon will perfect and start getting paid for truly gratifying foods.

3) Bake Decadents Desserts

Sliced White and Pink Icing Covered Cake on White Plate With Silver-colored ForkIf you love to bake, introduce sweet pastries. You have to option to focus on little sweet delights like cupcakes, cheesecakes, Jell-O, milky brownies, cookies, and pastries.

People young and old have a sweet tooth so grab the opportunity to make some extra cash for sweets. People buy them for a quick treat, for a gift, as a divine dessert, or to eat with best friends. So put together your own marketing strategy and begin baking your sweets. Impress your customers and you will get many requests.

4) Try Birthday Catering

A Family with Party Hats Taking a GroupfieWhy birthdays only? The average number of plates you can cater to on birthdays is around 50 guests, which is not too much if you’re a beginner. Of course, it follows that you should have an understanding of safe food handling.

Working your hobby as a birthday caterer certainly has some perks. But as a teacher, you have the ability to help customers and clients with what they need. Since cooking is your passion, you can suggest which food is deliciously affordable. This role in the catering industry may be a stepping stone for bigger events and organizing opportunities.

5) Sing or Play Music 

Photo of a Woman SingingIf you can sing or play the piano, guitar, or any musical instrument, offer your services to weddings and special occasions. Give them love songs that make everybody fall in love. For sure, many would have you singing at their own weddings, too.

A popular option is to side as a DJ. If you become famous and in demand, the price can be much higher. Did you know that you can earn around $100 or more per gig? If you perform instruments, that’s more earnings.

6) Recycle Used Items & Sell

Person Serving a Freshly Baked Bread on a Wooden TrayDo you visit garage sales, thrift stores, and auctions? Then consider buying and re-selling used stuff, or things other people don’t need anymore but that you can recycle.

For example, cigar boxes can be converted into a love letterbox. Just paint and wrap with lace. Turn plastic dishes into candle holders, or plastic glasses to pen holders and mini vases. The possibilities are endless and since recycling is a hobby to you then it does not only challenge your creativity but helps make the environment green.

7) Restoring Furniture

A Pink Table and ChairFlipping furniture is not only fun but can hone your skills in designing tables, chairs, and cabinets. You may already have the tools that you have been using in re-building items around the house. Paints? They are affordable.

Another perk is that you don’t need a big investment to start. You may already have old pieces of wood or steel furniture that you can bring back to perfection. Browse some yard sales or visit thrift stores and find furniture to work with. Check with friends and family, they may have damaged items that you can buy and renew.

8) Transform Old Textiles 

Corona, Virus, Pandemic, Mouth Guard, EpidemicHave the passion to sew? Turn your old clothing into something else functional. Cut out old blankets or curtains and create grocery store bags. Old denim can be transformed into sling bags, and old shirts into pillowcases, kitchen towels, or potholders.

Why not cut the bottoms of your jeans and make shorts for summer? A lot of people are already into second-hand buying so introduce your own Thrift Store online. The next thing you’ll know is you are already revitalizing old but nice pieces into headbands, scarves, clothes for pets, and lovely pouches. The more you create, the more dollar you get.

9) Accept Alterations & Repairs 

person in blue denim bottoms leaning on white surfaceOf course, you love to sew. Why not offer alterations services? Many men and women are looking for ways to repair their damaged or olden clothing wishing they can be adjusted or revised.

Torn hemlines, stuck zippers, lost buttons, or seams that need to be modified, are the top wardrobe issues people are in dire need of help for. If you have sewing skills, sew other people’s clothing concerns and earn. You’ll love it that your clients are the ones to come to you. All you have to do is create a small clothing repair space at home.

10) DIY Crafting

Person Holding Three Bath BallsDid you know that consumers these days are taking a second look at anything home or handmade? That’s true. The world today knows that “handmade” items are personally created and possess a certain level of thoughtfulness.

Trending products are bath soaps, bathtub potions, scented candles, massage oils, shampoos, and perfumes. This hobby can turn into a full-fledged business as customers discover your style. Even more interesting is that the raw materials are inexpensive. You’ll be happy to know your unique items are especially loved by not only friends but the entire community.

11) Explore Photography

Smartphone Taking PicturesSo you love taking pics! Take photos of food, fashion, nature, animals, cars, colors, and anything else you love and sell them to galleries. Don’t worry if you don’t have a DSLR camera, even traditional analog cameras will do.

Gather great photos you’ve taken and create your own portfolio website. Sign up with stock image sites. Once you have pictures uploaded, the world is free to explore them. Get royalties when your images are downloaded, and earn some cash when people buy your photos. Since taking pictures is your passion, you can explore photography to the max while earning.

12) Flying Drones for Photos

New Zealand, Volcano, CraterA growing number of people today look forward to aerial shots for their events. Put this passion into action by using your drone to take photos and videos.

Weddings, birthdays, housewarming, real estate, car selling, or even fashion shoots benefit from aerial photography and videography. You can practice flying drones and who knows you’ll become your city’s on-call drone photographers. Since drone photos offer fantastic aerial shots, most people are willing to pay for a high-quality photo or video. Even magazine companies will love to pay for photos like these.

13) Grow Herbs and Spices

Photo of Potted Plants on Wooden TableCulinary herbs are gaining popularity. From your garden, sell them in flea markets, farmer’s markets, road stands, or directly sell them to people you know so they will know where to order next time.

Offer potted, freshly cut, or dried ones that can be used either for culinary or medicinal use. One tip is to research and get reliable information about your herbs and then educate people on the benefits of each herb and how to use them. Now you’ll love to garden more because you are thriving in such a wonderful hobby.

14) Write Articles for Magazines

Books and Photos on Floating ShelvesWith magazine companies looking for writers, you can earn a decent amount from quality freelance work. Pay depends on the publishers or individuals you are writing for. There are worth discovering publications that will pay you a premium.

You can either submit short stories, environmental, wildlife, poetry, outdoor recreation, education, culinary, fashion, sports, boys life, gardening, travel, housekeeping, cars, narrative, feature stories, and a lot more. While there are a lot of magazines and publications that promise to pay writers, find the few trusted ones that compensate writers really well.

15) Start a YouTube Channel

Youtube, Tablet, News, App, Computer, ConnectionSo you love YouTube! A perfect supplementary addition to your love for photography is to start filming. Promote your channel and feed your audience’s connection with you. You never know your niche might pick up and take off.

Your first step is to join the YouTube Partner Program to get access to special features on the platform. To be successful, make sure your channel meets the YouTube Partner Program requirements. Don’t worry, there is a handy guide you can use. Check this out: How to Create a YouTube Channel & Make Money

16) Sell Drinks That Refresh

six clear glass mason jars filled with juice on black tableWhat a refreshing hobby! Who doesn’t like drinks that refresh? Strawberry Limeade, Banana Crush Slush, Ice-Tea Mocktail, Mango Orange Spritz, Pineapple Coolers – whatever name you give your drinks is surely a hit for all ages.

Fruit-laden beverages served ice-cold are truly refreshing. Do people want it hot? Then give them Lemon Tea with Booba in the afternoon. What about a Mocha Morning Drink or Pumpkin Spice Hot Chocolate? Get recipes from the internet and start your first glasses. Post a photo on Facebook and in the next few days, you’ll be busy attending thirsty customers.

17) Entertain with Costumes

Pluto CostumeDo you enjoy dressing up and entertaining people at events? Then monetize your hobby by wearing costumes at children’s parties, community events, fairs, and festivals. As a teacher, you already know how to make children laugh and have fun.

Children love Disney costumes and parents are willing to hire fun characters like Peter Pan, Jack Sparrow, Spiderman, Batman, Frozen Princess, and more. If you prefer mascots, there are nice characters to choose from Baby Shark, Mr. & Miss Mouse, Mr. & Miss Duck, and so on. Post ads on social media or start with friends, then friends of your friends.

18) Design Flower Kits & Bouquets

Woman Holding Red FlowerWorking with flowers is beautiful. Create a simple flower shop website and display photos of your heartily-made flower arrangements. Imagine yourself designing wedding flowers, anniversary flowers, special occasion flowers, product launching flowers, gala flowers, and more.

Let this flower hobby exude to the world as a perfect way to show appreciation and gratitude through your creations. A simple arm bouquet, corsage, and boutonnières for a bridal entourage is a worthwhile sideline. Imagine how many bouquets and flower bracelets you’re making for $10 to $20 each?

19) Gardening & Landscaping

woman in white long sleeve shirt holding bouquet of flowersAs a plant and garden lover, you can turn this into a hobby that makes money. Offer to care, beautify, and landscape other people’s lawns. You can choose to be paid monthly, weekly, or per hour. So far, the average per hour these days is more or less $15 per hour.

Simple mowing, re-planting potted plants, upgrading bed border, removing weeds, or hauling out old mulch and refreshing. Beautifying ideas are building a deck, adding rocks and lighting, building a flower bed around a tree, or creating focal points. What’s even more fun is you can sell your own plants to the owner.

20) Shop & Deliver Goods

Focused delivery woman with boxes and shopping bagAre you fond of preparing and giving away food to friends, family, and neighbors? Why not make it a money-making sideline? If you have a vehicle, the most unique part is marketing people what they need – grocery items, fresh milk, fruits, dressed chicken, fish, and vegetables from the farm.

Thanks to you, it saves your friends and neighbors some gas, time, and effort from driving to the fresh market or grocery store. Of course, you’ll be charging a certain amount for such services and personal delivery. They will value the care you are giving them and pay you bonuses and tips!

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In Essence

Productive hobbies are an excellent way to invest money, time, and effort. If you find any of the pastimes above worth trying, start today, this weekend, or this coming summer. Not only will it fill your piggy bank, but it will also improve your mental health. Why? Because discovering how your pastime adds pleasure and earnings at the same time is extremely mood-boosting.

I love sewing and baking. So it gets me excited thinking about rich and mouth-watering decadents that I can post on Facebook for people to buy. I also enjoy remodeling old clothing and selling them as new items. You too can imagine how your simple hobbies can bring in some cash any time.

Do you know of other hobbies that I missed? Share them in the comments and let the world discover them!