16 Awesome Wall Decorating Ideas for a Classroom

“The walls are a living part of the learning experience. Each part of the space should be instructional in nature” – Keith Pruitt

two kids decorating the classroom wall

How do you think of your classroom wall art and display boards? Are you getting it right? Do they have amazing effects on your students? I asked because I’m curious about how you go about decorating your classroom walls. My dear teachers the thought of wall decorating shouldn’t be that overwhelming anymore.

How would you transform the bare walls of your classroom into eye-catching interactive displays? This is a challenge for all teachers. But, this post is highly intended for you my dear fellow teachers. These amazing wall decorating ideas for a classroom will make your day!

Decorating our classrooms is a way of making our students’ educational experiences really fantastic. The walls of learning affect the overall performance of our students. Hence, we have to be careful about what to display on our classroom walls.

Where will you exactly place your colorful birthday bulletins? What about your best preparations for Christmas displays? Still, it’s part of wall decorating.

Take a look around your classroom and decide for the best spots for wall decoration that highly impacts student learning. How do you make your classroom a showcase of meaningful content and useful skills? How do you encourage student interaction through your walls?

16 Awesome Wall Decorating Ideas for a Classroom

Here is my fine list of wall decorating ideas that have been a smashing success in my classroom. I hope these creative DIY wall displays inspire you to make your classroom an even more attractive and productive learning environment.

1. Inspirational Thoughts

inspirational lines of thoughts

I always make this bulletin idea my best option because of its strong impact on my students. The power of words creates wonders in my students’ performance and behavior.

creative wall

It’s one of the ways I know that make our classrooms lively but not overwhelming.

The positive thoughts in the bulletin board make your walls count and super cool.

Our innovative wall decorations provide our students with quick ways of handling educational stress and pressure. The motivating words on the walls offer magnificent ways to escape from all the negativities of living.

The inspirational quotes in every corner of the classroom strengthen students’ confidence to move along with all the challenges in their studies which include the disruptive behavior of their classmates and in beating deadlines.

The powerful words bring back the students to their focus and inspire them to spur on to keep moving forward. They need these motivational quotes as much as we do!

2. Seasonal Display Boards

summer fun

Our seasonal display walls will help our learners keep updated on the change of the seasons. My awesome walls create a happy community in my classroom.

My students get excited to welcome the season because it is creatively emphasized in the boards with overflowing happy feelings.

Putting the seasons of the year into our classroom will create a positive environment. As the season changes, our students are also looking forward to it.

Let’s support their happiness through our perfect creations in the classroom. However, we have to remember not to overdo it. A bombarded classroom is as good as an empty one.

3. For the Christmas Season

In my previous posts, I have included highly actionable ideas that helped with your great finds.

The happy holidays bring wishful sensations to our children. The colorful Christmas balls and the recycled snowmen are fantastic ideas that will make our kids realize that they are among the best gifts to the world.

4. For the Spring Season

using spring ideas

using spring ideas

The captivating of the spring elevates our thoughts.

Hence, welcoming it by crafting our clever walls, will be an impressive idea.

The colorful and lively spring presentations on our walls eliminate students’ boredom and frustrations.

And, it’s a great way for us to connect with our students and enlighten them with our blissful designs.

The attractive butterflies of which the colorful wings swirling playfully to create a perfect wall presentation are a delightful sight to our young learners.

We can use this as a creative wall decoration or highlight the importance of developing the students’ proficiency and fluency in reading.

5. For the Summer

great summer display

summer fun

How are your words for the summer?

How you bring the summery world to your students in the classroom?

The images of flowers swaying in the sweet summer breeze make our classroom a fantastic place for the lovely summer months.

I love the sizzling summer! My students welcome the hottest season of the year with glee and they look forward to playing under the sun!

I bring the sunny days into the classroom too. My bulletin board showcases the beauty of the warm season which is equally exciting to walking on the beach and strolling in the park.

6. For the Fall Season

for the fall

Our wall decorating ideas for the fall season will make our students fall in love with learning. The falling leaves reverberate uplifting thoughts that our students need.

As teachers, we should think of the good things that will make our students fall in love with education. Similarly, our classroom full of cozy designs arranged neatly for the fall will look incredible.

So, have your students fall in love for the fall season? If yes, then the students have indeed taken in the beauty of the season.

With all the leaves that abound from all around, I can say, I too have fallen deeply in admiration for the colorful season of the year.

7. For the Winter

How do you deal with freezing winter rain? How to make the frigid days of our students productive? Indeed, there’s so much fun in the icy rain in the classroom!

the freezing rain

The winter isn’t that chilly as we think it is because the winter wonders of our children in the classroom are fresh and endless. Through our cool wall decorations for the winter, interactions in the classroom become more interesting and lively.

The month of January brings on the winter wonderland into the classroom. Hence, our coolest ideas should make our walls glitter with white snow! Putting up captivating sentences or titles about the winter adds meaning to fluttery snowflakes on the walls.

As more and more designs and layouts are available, as teachers, we know which of them are educative and interactive. And, it’s ultimately our choice to make our classroom look that way.

8. Putting Up Door Decor

How do you welcome your students? Or, how do you let them feel that they are most welcome in your classroom?

amazing door

putting up door decor

Does the door contain a wall too? First and foremost, the door serves as the magical door that makes the students move forward to get in or move backward to get out.

If our students get inspiration from our classroom door, surely they’re more interested to make their fantastic entrance. Having said that, I welcome my students with vibrant flowers and inspiring welcoming words.

And, this is one of my back-to-school ideas that is worth sharing. The elaborate designs help celebrate the opening of classes which makes the students feel welcome. The amazing door instantaneously welcomes the students with optimism that the school year will be a productive one!

My unique door is a reflection that each of my students is unique and that they possess varied skills and talents just like the amazing designs on the door.

9. The Art on the Wall

displaying students' projects

displaying student's work on the wall

This is a perfect catchy wall for an art display.

The original works of my students add to the wall designs that make it look sophisticated.

I usually post or display the creative hands of my children to let them know that their efforts and creativity are appreciated.

Displaying the artistic and expressive outputs of my learners is a perfect way of motivating them to always do better in their performance.

Hence, my students are the great quick-witted display on the walls! It’s there original work that has a visionary effect.

10. Using Educational Wall Stickers

using classroom stickers

using classroom stickers

Arranging these educational items on the walls is a great idea.

It is less of a hassle and the wall stickers look real on the wall.

Also, if you want to change the wall stickers to fit the lesson content of a specific quarter, you can do it easily because these stickers are removable.

Besides, these classroom wall stickers will look really cool and smart for our learners. When I apply this idea into my classroom wall, especially at the back portion of the classroom, near the mini-library, my learners can’t keep themselves from asking, ‘Can we help arranging these items teacher?’ ‘I am excited about decorating for the next quarter’.

Out of curiosity, some would ask, “Can we use these stickers too in our work?” How to earn stickers, teacher? And when they do, I give them stickers if they can explain the presence of educational stickers on the wall. This is totally fun and exciting.

Out of excitement to won colorful and cutie stickers, my students raise hands and answer the question intelligently. Hence, I’m thinking of having stickers as best gifts for my students.

11. Oh My Monkey

using monkeys

This is among my best choices of wall ideas. The brilliant and independent monkeys are perfect buddies of my students in the classroom. They find delight in solving the monkey puzzles.

Besides, monkeys are the best representations of good qualities such as perseverance and amazing intelligence. Hence, having these independent in the classroom is a cool idea.

If the cutouts are arranged well into a meaningful forest concept, students welcome it sprightly and curiously.

12. Amazing Piece of Nature

using bugs wall display

As we explore for impressive wall decorating ideas for our classroom, we should not forget to incorporate the beauty of nature. This is carrying about the beauty they see in their educational tours.

Our students will surely love the sight of big caterpillars, the busy bees, the lovely and attractive mushrooms.

The amazing 3D pictures look real and fantastic on the wall. For this concept, I make my young learners explore by placing the 3D pictures on the wall where they deserve to be to add the beauty and wonders nature brings.

13. Catch the Reading Bug

For our reading displays, the reading bugs make our students fall in love with reading.

using the reading bug

The colorful flowers make the wall attractive and the reading bugs make the display interactive.

While the big frogs at the topmost part add to the excitement and delight of the children. This wall decorating idea will make our reading corner one of the frequently visited spots in the classroom.

14. Hey, Give Me Five!

habit forming

This is a creative presentation for routine display walls. We can post this near to the wash area of the classroom or the health routine activities so our students will be reminded of the importance of handwashing.

Moreover, as teachers, we should not forget to incorporate in our classroom decorations amazing health tips to help our children develop necessary habits that are good for the body.

15. Oh, My Halloween!

using halloween stuff

This fun creation turns the scary Halloween into a fantastic one. Moreover, if bring the students closer to this amazing celebration of the year, it will make them more appreciative of Halloween. This will take the monster away and bring the little pumpkins along the way.

Furthermore, Halloween decorating ideas will look great on our walls when we relate them to our lessons. We can make it as a creative reinforcement to a specific lesson or story.

16. Fantastic Sea Creatures

using sea creatures

using sea creatures

This is also a wonderful idea in the classroom.

Its inventive designs match the whimsical feelings of our children about sea creatures.

Amazingly, the spooky sea creatures ironically make our students dance with glee. The awesome details in the wall give our students the courage to face the scaly and strange creatures that lurk in the depths of the oceans.

We can also best present the amazing sea creatures in welcoming our students to our classroom or in showcasing interactive concepts of our lessons. Whatever is our purpose for using sea creatures in decorating our walls, I’m sure they are for making learning fun and exciting!

Importance of Wall Decorating Ideas for a Classroom

The bare walls in our classroom will make our learners gloomy and blue. Hence, as teachers, we should make use of our creativity and resourcefulness in transforming our classroom into a productive and positive learning environment.

impressive wall display

Preparing our classroom for the opening of classes should also make our walls talk of sensible ideas.

The unforgettable and eye-catching walls in the classroom are awesome teaching tools that will help us engage our students in learning.

As we all know, motivating our students to manifest helpful study habits and learning attitude is quite a challenge for us. However, this is made easy by making our walls interactive and productive. Let’s just let our walls speak the learning moments of our children.

Furthermore, we have to make sure that our wall decorations don’t bombard our students which makes them lose interest. Hence, we have to consider the concepts of harmony and emphasis on our overall wall designs.

They should work together and blend perfectly. If not, our classroom will be a horrible place to stay, and worse, productive learning is impossible. I can’t allow this to happen.

That is why, before the school year begins, I already have ready concepts of decorating my classroom to give my students a warm welcome and a fresh beginning. And, by saying beginning preparations, I also bring in the best storage boxes for classroom essentials so everything is in place.

How to balance the entire look of the classroom is one of my concerns. When students appreciate the decorations on the walls, I can tell that they are indeed learning.

I’m really happy to see my students reading posts on the walls and some even copy meaningful lines. While others, solve Math problems or carry out reading tasks and activities through the walls!

The artistic walls are the best ways of accentuating the interior design of our classroom. Also, it’s a way of harnessing our creative options as teachers. It is one of our ways of breathing life into the classroom to produce a lively and enthusiastic community.

On the whole, how we decorate our classroom reflects our sincerity and enthusiasm as teachers. If we just don’t care about the walls in the classroom, our students will not be inspired to enter our classroom every learning day.

Bringing in the right wall decorating ideas makes us have a classroom rich with learning opportunities and full of life! If we leave our walls blank is a way of telling our students we don’t value their presence in the classroom and it should not happen.

What about you? How much importance do you put on wall decorating ideas for a classroom? Write your comments below and let’s get in touch!

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