4 Absolutely Convenient Ways to Connect with Your Students’ Parents

For me, once and for all, parents should not ignore school visits. Hence, as a teacher, you should always establish ways to connect with your student’s parents.

“At the end of the day, the most overwhelming key to a child’s success is the positive involvement of the parents.” – Jane D. Hull

establish ways to interact with parents

Parents should monitor their child’s progress in school. Hence, increasing parental involvement in the classroom is a must and as a teacher, you have to find convenient ways to connect with your student’s parents.

Absolutely, teachers need to interact and sustain open communication with the students’ parents. Thus, I came by to present the 4 absolutely convenient ways to connect with your student’s parents.

It is a must to improve the performance of their children. Very well, parents should be involved 100% in educating their children.

Teachers are just the instrument to promote learning and in helping the child succeed. The bigger portion of the responsibility is in the hands of the parents for they are the ones sending their children to school.

For me, parents have the right to know about the status of their children in school. It’s not difficult to make it happen once you are equipped with convenient ways to connect with your student’s parents.

As teachers, we should keep in mind that students will perform better and are most motivated to learn if their parents are deeply engaged in their education.

Although parental access in schools has certain limitations, parents do have the right to know how their children are performing and behaving in particular.


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4 Absolutely Convenient Ways To Connect With Your Students’ Parents

We need the support of our student’s parents. That is why an association between parents and teachers has long been emphasized.

The Parent-Teachers Association has been implemented to establish a meaningful connection between the parents, teachers, and the school in general. Also, the association is to ensure the educational success of the children and to strengthen the parent’s engagement in school.

So, whether you are a newbie or a seasoned teacher, you all need these 4 absolutely convenient ways to connect with your student’s parents to find ways on how to best improve the performances of the students in all aspects.

1. Conduct PTA conferences quarterly

conducting PTA conference

Parents should attend PTA conferences. Their ‘never show attitude’ is a dread. And it should be resolved.

I know that most parents would seemingly ask questions like ”How is my child graded?’ ‘What are the grading components?’ ‘Is my child behaving well?’ Is there something I should know about his/her behavior in class?’ Accordingly, PTA conferences are indispensable.

On my end, I always require the parents of my students to attend the PTA meetings and  I put on the best strategies for a successful PTA conference.  To clearly emphasize its importance, I include this on the agenda of the orientation during the opening of classes. Because of that, the parents are reminded of how crucial it is to attend PTA conferences.

I religiously check the attendance whenever there’s a scheduled conference and keep a record of it. Conducting PTA conferences regularly is a great way of making parents feel that their involvement in educating the child is immensely important. The more they are visible in conferences, the more students feel their parents’ support.

Moreover, as per observation, students will do best in their performance if they see that their parents are active in school activities and never skip attending PTA conferences.

This will make them realize that their parents are doing the best they can to receive their education. Hence, it conveys a positive message to the students.

Furthermore, by having the PTA meeting, parents and teachers will have the opportunity to work together to help the students increase their academic performance and improve their overall class standing.

2. Send regular communication to parents

As teachers, we all know that the parent’s role in educating their children is essential. Therefore, by all means, we should engage them in the process of giving the students the best education they deserve. It would be frustrating if you’d inform the parents about issues that concern the student’s learning nearing the end of the school year.

We should not deprive them of their parental involvement in education to keep their children focused on achieving their academic success and realizing their full potential. Also, the parents should be at the helm of educating their children.

Sending regular communication to parents will keep them informed of their children’s academic performance and behavior in the classroom. For me, the parents have absolutely the right to know so I keep them updated.

Knowing that the parents’ support for their children’s education has a far-reaching impact, we should intensify their roles by involving them. Their involvement positively affects the child’s performance.

Moreover, by sending parents communication, keep them attuned. Because of this, they will know how to help their children at home. I believe teaching the child should also happen at home because it’s where the child has found a strong foundation of love and support.

Regular communication with parents cultivates a healthy relationship with them. This interaction is meaningful and it extremely supports the child’s academic achievement.

3. Require parents to claim the report cards of their children every grading period

Report cards are very critical in tracking the child’s progress. Through these necessary documents, parents are able to know the performance of their children, like on what particular subject area they need help, and in what area they perform best.

Often, parents due to their busy lives tend to forget to get their children’s report cards. However, we teachers, are equally busy too, that sending cards door-to-door and discussing with them about their children’s issues and concerns is time-consuming.

Consequently, I always require parents or guardians to claim the report cards of their children every grading period. They should affix their signatures on their children’s report cards as an acknowledgment that they are pretty aware of how their children perform.

At other times, some parents would request other parents or their neighbors to get the report cards of their children. And I am not allowing it unless it’s extremely necessary. If this happens, it should not always be.

Even though there will be notes included in the Report Card to let the parents know about their children’s performance in learning and behavior in school, it will be a different thing if the teacher informs parents about it personally.

The comments and suggestions I write on each report card will have a great impact on the child’s well-being. Hence, I believe it should be discussed with parents too.

And I always prepare for Card Day! I will prepare the classroom for them. As for me, this encounter is a way of sustaining a meaningful connection with the students’ parents.

4. Use online platforms

using online platforms for PTA conference

The online platforms make communication a breeze, so let’s utilize them in education. Therefore, parents and teachers connect! Parents should know where to read important school announcements, information, and news to keep them abreast.

Aside from face-to-face meetings and interactions with parents, we can also make use of technology in keeping our connection with them.

Through group chats and meetings at Google Meet, we can keep parents informed and involved. As there will be instances and happenings that would hinder parents from visiting the school, we can make use of the most reliable and appropriate online platforms to maintain communication.

By using a smart parent-teacher online communication tool, we can always help the child get motivated to learn and succeed. When they know that their parents and the teachers are constantly communicating, they will be more eager to perform at their best.

Staying connected is the key. The optimization of communication with parents through the use of smart online platforms will intensify parents’ involvement and engagement.

As teachers, we should not travel alone in our mission of educating the students. We need everyone’s support, especially the parents. Hence, we should give them the opportunity to be with us on this journey.

Adopt an accessible social networking platform and collaborate with parents effectively in order to become more productive.

All things considered…

Parent-teacher communication should be at its best to ensure the success of the children. By adopting effective strategies and convenient ways to connect with your students’ parents, we can make parents aware of the learning environment of their children. They ought to know what keeps their children engaged or challenges in the educational setting.

In communicating with parents, we can make things happen for optimal student learning and magnify the role of the parents in their children’s education.

Because of this, parents can easily pinpoint which area their child needs the most assistance in and they will be given accessible lines in supporting their children all throughout the way.

On this end, we are eager to hear from you on how you maintain good communication and connection with your student’s parents. Do you have any other convenient ways of connecting?  How do you involve the parents in their children’s school life?

Let’s stay connected as well! Write your thoughts in the comments section below. I’d love it all the way!