3 Ways to Get Organized Better in Life

Modern living is significantly far more complex. The demands in family, work, activities, and household are seemingly all squeezed into your system. No matter how detailed your plan is, it remains prone to failing. These 3 ways to get organized better can help you stick to the plan and not derail from your goals.

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Learn These 3 Ways to Get Organized Better

Many of the organized people today are not born detailed, but learned and cultivated healthy habits which then help them to get a systematic lifestyle.

So even if you think you are prone to messiness and inability to plan, you can learn to be organized. From making a schedule, and jotting things down, to setting aside unnecessary things will bring order as long as you’re willing to learn and practice.

Focus on these things at a time and take baby steps as you learn how to get your life smoothly running:

1) Collect your thoughts and make a plan

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A goal without a plan is just a wish. By failing to prepare, you are also preparing to fail.” 

You are busy, everyone else is busy…. so you settle into the belief that “being busy” is important to be successful. Right? No.

Being busy happens when you are occupied with a great deal to do. However, it doesn’t dictate that it has to hamper your organization. No one tells you to go crazy and be overwhelmed. The reason why you are “extremely busy” is a lack of plan. Stop thinking that “you have to be busy.” Accept that you lack planning.

Being overly occupied may lose track of the key tasks you needed to do. Allow yourself to easily identify what exactly has to be done so you are able to find your priorities at a glance. When issues come up, avoid forcing yourself into an established timetable, find a system that works for you, instead.

For example:

Tick, Mark, Ok, Perfect, Check, Done, Sign, Good, Green Want to minimize being late but your kids are keeping you? Get up earlier and do things earlier.

Tick, Mark, Ok, Perfect, Check, Done, Sign, Good, Green Want to eat better but confused about which food? List down what you need to buy and cook.

Tick, Mark, Ok, Perfect, Check, Done, Sign, Good, GreenWant to finish your lessons on time but seems so hard? Stop procrastinating.

Tick, Mark, Ok, Perfect, Check, Done, Sign, Good, Green Want to work out but no time for the gym? Watch exercise videos online. Trust me, there are a lot!

Tick, Mark, Ok, Perfect, Check, Done, Sign, Good, GreenWant to learn something new but don’t know where to start? Find how-to videos from the world wide web.

Tick, Mark, Ok, Perfect, Check, Done, Sign, Good, Green Want to travel more but it’s expensive? Discover future destinations so you can budget ahead.

Whatever to-do list you have, you can capture it in a visually delightful way using a lovely planner. Whether you’re looking to understand your spending better, keep track of your research, protect your important files, or take control of your schedules – everything is accessible when your thoughts are arranged.


2) Manage time to work that plan out

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Did you know that the human body experiences low energy between 3 a.m. and 6 a.m.? That makes working overnights demanding than working daytime hours.

So many people have had great plans but have never been able to make their plans into reality. Regardless of how they try to push through the struggle, they seem unsuccessful that their efforts are wasted.

The reason is most people think that planning and making it happen is easy – when it can actually be tough. The result is you end up upset and are more likely to give up. But if you’re more willing to work through by believing that challenge is part of the process – it helps you make the most of your time as you put things in action.

It helps a lot if you:

Tick, Mark, Ok, Perfect, Check, Done, Sign, Good, GreenRespect your rhythms. Acknowledging your strengths and weaknesses helps gauge how much time and effort are expected. For example, to avoid struggling for sleep, control doing overtime above reasonable schedules. Good time management saves you from the risk of becoming exhausted and your productivity suffering.

Tick, Mark, Ok, Perfect, Check, Done, Sign, Good, GreenRecognize that human endurance has its limits. Anticipate the amount of time you can allow for each task. You are able to adjust fairly and make alternative solutions if problems arise. If a goal seems impossible to complete as scheduled, break the goal down into small, manageable tasks.

Tick, Mark, Ok, Perfect, Check, Done, Sign, Good, GreenGet ideas from a system that has been triumphant like Todoist, Toggl Track, and Time Free – these can save you lots of time. Don’t hesitate to try and embrace. Apps also help you track and learn from mistakes, and master and control your time.

Tick, Mark, Ok, Perfect, Check, Done, Sign, Good, Green Accept that you’re not superman. Distributing tasks reduces your workload and opens up more time for you to attend to other matters. But see to it the person to whom you delegate tasks knows the job.

Tick, Mark, Ok, Perfect, Check, Done, Sign, Good, Green Think of balance. No matter how well you manage time at work, you are unlikely to perform at your best if you lack energy. Give time for day breaks, appreciate naps, take me times, create a restful weekend, and exercise. A wellness program will teach you healthy habits.

Tick, Mark, Ok, Perfect, Check, Done, Sign, Good, GreenAvoid critics or those trying to discourage you. Being torn down is part of the change – so keep trying. Did you know that resilience is “the ability to spring back into shape?” Let that be you.

Tick, Mark, Ok, Perfect, Check, Done, Sign, Good, GreenDiscipline yourself towards good time management. Other than it allows you to adjust without redoing an entire plan, should an issue come up, it also allows you to cope with contingencies, too.

3) Discover an easier way to organize your finances

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”If we command our wealth, we can monitor our performance. If our wealth commands us, we deal with headaches. 

It’s obvious. A cluttered budget is not only stressful but can lead to continuing poor spending habits. The result is – you get broke, you lose focus, you easily freak out, and worst is, depressed.

Money allows everybody to buy food, clothing, shelter, and basic essentials. If you don’t have enough cash, you get anxious and your system as a whole can suffer greatly.

Imagine how a credit card allows you to purchase more than what you need. You keep swiping left and right that you end up owing more and owning less. This is the reason why organizing your money helps you to avoid spending more than you make.

However, even the most careful spenders can fall into debt at any time. If you know that you have planned your money well in advance (at least), you are able to handle even personal emergencies with tact. Being organized with time leads to less worry but more productivity including better money management.

Let’s get started:

Tick, Mark, Ok, Perfect, Check, Done, Sign, Good, GreenTrack the flow of your finances from how much money coming in, to how much money is going out. This is a really simple technique but it enables you to manage spending habits in order.

Tick, Mark, Ok, Perfect, Check, Done, Sign, Good, Green Don’t just toss your bills in your drawer or you’ll increase the chances of forgetting to pay them on time. Create a special folder for what’s going to due where you can record payments made at once.

Tick, Mark, Ok, Perfect, Check, Done, Sign, Good, GreenEstablish a bill-payment system either online or offline. With automatic bill payments, it automatically withdraws payment funds from your bank account. Take good care of your bank accounts by ensuring they have enough funding to cover these automatic withdrawal services.

Tick, Mark, Ok, Perfect, Check, Done, Sign, Good, GreenIf you prefer an offline paying system, set aside time only for paying bills. More often, telling yourself to do the paying at a later time traps you to procrastinate and delays important work to be done.

Tick, Mark, Ok, Perfect, Check, Done, Sign, Good, GreenUnderstand your statements of account. One common mistake people do is not reviewing financial docs that they are caught up with term changes or new charges. It’s too late to complain. If you check ahead, you can ask questions about a statement ahead of time, as well.

Tick, Mark, Ok, Perfect, Check, Done, Sign, Good, GreenUsing credit cards provides great support. Never delay payments. Don’t forget that carrying a balance from month-to-month means paying interest charges. By all means, pay off or help yourself from the temptation of overspending by cutting up credit cards.

Tick, Mark, Ok, Perfect, Check, Done, Sign, Good, GreenBe a wise spender. Avoid spending with cash and credit card together, unless needed. The moment you ran out of cash and your credit limit at an edge, you are nowhere to run. Save the other for rainy days.

Are you familiar with the 50/20/30 Budget Rule? It’s a simple plan to help people reach their financial goals. Read more here.


In Essence

Organizing life gives you control over different options that help you decide rather than leaving things just up to chance. However, making plans and not following that plan is what normally throws life mismanaged.

The 3 ways to get organized better will back you up with top life management skills. Identifying what you can actually do, how much time you can allow, and how much you can afford in terms of spending, will help you create a clear plan for achieving your life goals.

Life should be enjoyed, and one way to live with fewer headaches is to have a plan that you can follow through. Think that having organization mechanisms in place will keep you, your home, and your workplace running smoothly more than ever.