What Are Good Topics for Argumentative Essays?

Of all essay topics, argumentative is the most challenging. Besides the need to persuade others that you are right is the call for great examples to back up your point. In your opinion, what are good topics for argumentative essays, and what basis do you have for choosing such issues?

An argumentative essay is a writing category that makes use of factual evidence to convince people of a certain logic. A student has to scrutinize a topic and come up with logical support to establish a position on the subject matter.

The base word “argumentative” means you are free to choose a side, but you need to present both sides of the coin to your readers and give them the freedom to decide which one is better.

One Tip! Even with the strongest stance if your claim lacks details, your essay is unlikely to reach a conclusion. In other words, good topics for argumentative essays should include real-world context to strengthen the support for arguments.


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What Are Good Topics for Argumentative Essays

If you want to improve and get a high reputation in argumentative essays, pick topics that are strong.

An arguable topic that comes interesting yet puzzling to you surely makes a long and compelling discussion about it. Read on to learn more about creating the most engaging debate topics imaginable.

Symbol, Gui, Internet, Internet Page Argumentative Essay Topics For Students

  1. Is our school really equipping us for the real world?
  2. Is education today doing its role correctly?
  3. Are we receiving the right education per level?
  4. Is single-sex education helpful for students?
  5. Why is co-ed better than single-sex schooling?
  6. Does homework promote learning? In what ways?
  7. Why should students be freed from weekend assignments?
  8. Are you in favor of banning mobile phones in school?
  9. How should schools respond to teenage pregnancies?
  10. Is home-schooling better than studying at school?


Symbol, Gui, Internet, Internet Page Social Argumentative Essay Topics

  1. Should same-sex marriage be allowed the blessings of the church?
  2. Should same-sex couples be given the same respect that heterosexual couples receive?
  3. Why should people be given the right to own guns?
  4. Why the government should not control the possession of firearms.
  5. What is the best move to solve social peer pressure among students?
  6. Should the use of contraceptives be welcomed?
  7. Is it rightful to limit the number of children in the family?
  8. Does social media improve or hamper communication?
  9. Is abortion equivalent to murder?
  10. Is it acceptable to allow women the right to choose to have an abortion?


Symbol, Gui, Internet, Internet Page Argumentative Essay Topics for Politics

  1. What do you think is to be done to decrease wage inequality?
  2. Should the monarchy be ended? When?
  3. Why abolish the death penalty forever?
  4. Discuss why police should use lethal force.
  5. Why are automatic weapons against the law?
  6. Are you in favor of mandatory voting?
  7. Should people be given the right to say no to vaccines?
  8. Should the government stop restricting the freedom of speech?
  9. Do you favor the death penalty as a form of legal punishment?
  10. Should the death penalty be legalized around the world?


Symbol, Gui, Internet, Internet Page Argumentative Essay Topics About Environmental Issues

  1. Should the world stop deforestation?
  2. Should plastic water bottles be banned?
  3. Why should people turn to strict vegetarian eating?
  4. Is it true that climate change is already irreversible?
  5. What is organic farming’s role in agriculture’s future?
  6. Can people save nature without the use of technology?
  7. Are genetically modified foods detrimental to the world?
  8. Is it true that global climate change is not actually occurring?
  9. What should be prioritized? Economic imperatives or environmental concerns?
  10. Is it true that shifts in climate are caused by meteorological patterns and not human activity?


Symbol, Gui, Internet, Internet Page Argumentative Topics Related to Family and Parenting

  1. Are we doing enough to stop bullying?
  2. Why violent video games should be banned?
  3. Will technology make families happier than 20 years ago?
  4. Is this the right time to explain weaponry to children?
  5. Is parental supervision similar to parental control?
  6. Parents do not treat their children fairly: yes or no?
  7. Should parents allow and accept same-sex relationships?
  8. Why should light physical punishment be allowed at home?
  9. Should parents be held accountable for their children’s negative behavior?
  10. Should parents teach their households to use virtual assistant technology?


Symbol, Gui, Internet, Internet Page Argumentative Essay Topics About Society and Culture

  1. Is healthcare a basic human right? Why?
  2. Do you believe that equality is justly practiced?
  3. Does social media improve or impede communication?
  4. Do you think illegal immigrants be granted residency?
  5. Do you agree that “cancel culture” brings social change?
  6. Should people with higher earnings also pay higher taxes?
  7. Should you let others win arguments for the sake of peace?
  8. Why should speaking English be mandatory for all countries?
  9. Should smoking and cigarettes be totally illegalized worldwide?
  10. Is it true that artificial intelligence can produce a lazy generation?


Symbol, Gui, Internet, Internet Page Argumentative Essay Topics for Technology Issues

  1. Technology is humanity’s downfall. True or False?
  2. The climate crisis is accelerating: Are we ready for it?
  3. Why robots do not improve quality of life?
  4. Artificial intelligence is dangerous. Yes or No?
  5. Which is better: traditional or online education?
  6. Can technology help save mother nature (or destroy it)?
  7. All vehicles should be electric from now on. Is this possible?
  8. Will technology help humans to produce life on another planet?
  9. Is technology changing people’s lives better. . . or worse?
  10. We should invest more money into technology than sustainable solutions.


Symbol, Gui, Internet, Internet Page Argumentative Essay Topics Related to Leisure

  1. Women have more extravagant leisure time than men.
  2. Is a summer vacation more enjoyable than a winter vacation?
  3. People today have no more time for family fun: True or False?
  4. Online games seriously cause mental problems. Yes or No?
  5. Is too much free time allowed to children and teenagers problematic?
  6. Computer tablets. Should they be allowed at school during break time?
  7. Is listening to music using headphones good for toddlers and pregnant women?
  8. Exposing preschool children to virtual reality pastime: Should it be allowed?
  9. Should teenagers below 18 follow curfew hours when spending time out?
  10. Encouraging teenagers to spend Sundays with family: Are there promising outcomes?



Wow! Just writing about these topics already boils my mind. Did you feel the same? If you have the same feelings, that means the topics have a good controversial theme that can arouse different opinions. It only means that there is something to discourse.

What made them good for argumentative essays is their strong connection to how life could become. They carry exciting points that might convince the audience of an idea and a defense that may not be comfortable or popular.

If you have the most solid data, the evidence will speak for you.

What do you think? You might have other topics in mind? Share them in the comments. Let’s make argumentative essays more exciting!