What Are Some Fun Debate Topics for High School?

Debates are a fun way to ignite different reasonings whether the topic is amusing or serious. The most exciting part is how they encourage quick thinking and rebuttal skills. You probably are thinking what are some fun debate topics that can offer a more entertaining spread of opinions?

Here we go.

people talkingSpeaking of fun, let’s establish non-offending rules first.

  • Fun debates must not be limited to amusing the audience — they should also teach critical thinking admiringly.
  • Fun debate topics must teach students to conduct research and assess sources that do not offend.
  • Fun debate topics must build fair judgment ability by forcing students to see both sides of issues with respect.
  • Students must find the topics light and beguile enough to participate and take risks.

One advantage of debate topics that are fun is they offer something that both debaters and their audience care about. They are not too broad nor too confined that everyone can relate to. Debaters also find fun topics easier to expound on not just as a pastime but as educative, as well.


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What Are Some Fun Debate Topics?

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Free vector graphics of Tick Fun topics related to school

  1. Final exams should be abolished.
  2. Is it considerable to cheat on a math test?
  3. Students should be allowed to eat during class.
  4. Students should be allowed to come late once a week.
  5. Students should be excused from school on their birthdays.
  6. Parents should do all homework when given on a Friday.
  7. Three days a week school days should be approved.
  8. Everyone should be allowed to bring their pets to school.
  9. Teachers and students should have one no-gadget day per week.
  10. Should we change the school grading system?


Free vector graphics of Tick Fun topics related to life and ethics

  1. Do men gossip more than women?
  2. Are men really stronger than women?
  3. What is more important: Beauty or brains?
  4. If you found money, it’s automatically yours.
  5. Is there any point in having a fashion degree?
  6. Would you rather be poor but smart or rich but dull?
  7. Men or women: Who is more difficult to understand?
  8. Would you rather be able to fly or read people’s minds?
  9. Being really short has more benefits than being really tall.
  10. Fast food chains should pay people who patronize their food.


Free vector graphics of Tick  Fun topics about health

  1. Is eating junk food once a week healthier?
  2. Mcdonalds is the best fast food restaurant of all time.
  3. Is it true that drinking coffee cools the body?
  4. Are soda drinks better than powder juice drinks?
  5. Hot drinks vs cold drinks: Which is better for summer?
  6. Daydreaming or night dreaming. Which is better?
  7. Should smokers be punished by paying more for healthcare?
  8. Rushing to work every day makes people abnormal.
  9. Laughing alone should be treated as a normal thing.
  10. All kitchens should have cooking robots.


Free vector graphics of Tick Fun Topics Related to Politics

  1. Is politics today overrated?
  2. Will there be no war if all the world leaders were women?
  3. Is it wrong to ask the president of a country for a selfie?
  4. Is modern music better than old genres?
  5. Who is more patriotic: a good follower or an activist?
  6. Should politicians be allowed to visit schools?
  7. Should commoners be allowed to give government officials grades?
  8. Should high school students wear whatever they want to school?
  9. Women and gays should not be allowed to keep weapons.
  10. Should dress codes be implemented? Agree or Disagree?


Free vector graphics of Tick Fun topics about family and home

  1. Should parents allow children to skip school once in a while?
  2. Grown-ups still need fairy tales. Agree or Disagree?
  3. It is OK for men to wear pearls for jewelry?
  4. Would a household work better if men were in charge?
  5. Should children be allowed to keep secrets from parents?
  6. Can children below 18 go on a vacation with their friends alone?
  7. Is playing video games at home very helpful to children?
  8. Is it proper for parents to spy when their teens go out on a date?
  9. All moms should have the right to own a gun. Right or Wrong?
  10. Which is wiser: To spend your whole allowance now or save it for later?


Free vector graphics of Tick Fun Topics about technology

  1. Are smartphones making people smarter or lazier?
  2. Would you rather travel 50 years forward or back in time?
  3. Where do you want to get famous? TikTok or Instagram?
  4. Should Facebook add a ‘dislike’ button?
  5. Should students be taught how to operate drones?
  6. Is the internet making new generations stupid?
  7. Modern technology wastes our time. True or False?
  8. Is it helpful for police officers to wear body cameras?
  9. Can artificial intelligence replace natural intelligence?
  10. Human cloning: Is it helpful or Not?


Free vector graphics of Tick Fun Topics Related to Leisure & Lifestyle

  1. Customers are always right. True or False?
  2. Which makes people happier: Love or Money?
  3. Is it proper for women to have tattoos on their arms?
  4. Should we adopt the trend of men wearing makeup?
  5. Would you rather have a serious or funny character?
  6. Should fast-food chains give weight limits to diners?
  7. How do celebrity role models improve fans’ lives?
  8. Do you learn more from staying indoors or outdoors?
  9. Is online dating a good way to meet a new love?
  10. Is it true that people today can’t live without social media?



Good and fun debate topics should be thought-provoking. Not only it can be an exciting learning experience but learners have the opportunity to think deeply and enjoy talking about something more clever.

While debates give students a rare opportunity to strong intellectual progress, more entertaining subject matters give a break from the more serious concepts. Debates in general are fun, but a discussion that can burst out laughter brings everything else to a different exposure.

I hope you found some funny debate topics to use in your next class. Do you have other fun topics worth sharing? Leave them in the comments.