What Are The Benefits Of Adult Coloring Books? 5 Amazing Perks Of Coloring For Teachers!

Growing up doesn’t mean we have to give up the things we like, adulting might seem all about the serious work and the continuous hustle, but it’s not all that.  Consequently, I find it constructive to ask: What are the benefits of adult coloring books?

We just have to compromise and find time to let loose and just have fun to recharge ourselves. 

The Benefits Of Adult Coloring Books for teachers

It can be just by simply making ourselves a cup of hot cocoa, or maybe a little skincare routine to pamper our tired body and soul. 

Recently, I found out about adult coloring books and their benefits. So, what are the benefits of adult coloring books, you ask?

Don’t worry, we’ll get into that in just a few more scrolls!


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It’s an absolute favorite way of mine to destress. I just pair up my favorite coloring book with juicy and bold gel pens that satisfyingly fill up all the gaps beautifully as I finish one page at a time, and the next thing you know I feel much better than before.

So without any further ado, let’s go over some of the reasons why coloring is the next best hobby a teacher can pick up! 


What Are The Benefits Of Adult Coloring Books? 5 Amazing Perks Of Coloring For Teachers!

1.)  Notably Reduces Stress and Relieves Anxiety

color pencils on top of an adult coloring book

If you’re thinking twice about adult coloring books, I’m here to tell you that they’re the next best thing coming your way. Adult coloring books compared to kids coloring books are way more complex and intricate and are specially designed for adults to enjoy. 

They are actually known as a form of therapy for people dealing with mental health issues, as the repetitive movements while coloring are actually what helps in this form of therapy. 

We all know that stress does not contribute anything positive to our minds and body. Stress can also cause physical symptoms like fatigue, body aches, sleep deprivation, as well as anxiety, and depression. 

And teachers are very much prone to this as they do exhaust themselves physically and mentally, this is why self-care should be a priority for teachers and they should find a way to let themselves enjoy and just relax.

And that’s where adult coloring books come in and help. Enjoying adult coloring books can greatly help to keep ourselves calm when we have too much going on and we just want to escape things that stress us out for a little while. 

Coloring also lets us focus on something other than what’s stressing us out and that’s a good thing because we get to have a little break from the things that consume our thoughts in a not-so-healthy way. 


2.) Makes Us Mindful

crayons in a jar on top of an adult coloring book

Coloring books are no longer just for kids only, adults can enjoy their benefits—including teachers on that too! 

The act of coloring has been found to improve focus and help to cancel out all the noise and everything that is happening around us, and surely teachers are very much in need of that.

It helps us be in the moment and be aware and conscious about what’s happening and what we are doing. As we’re coloring we experience enhanced focus as it gives our mind the chance to slow down and quiet itself down and let it rest. 

They can also be a great medium to help us find balance in times when we lose it and when we just need to reassess our train of thoughts and priorities. So get yourself an adult coloring book to help improve your overall state of mind. 


3.) Displaces Negative Thoughts And Emotions

adult coloring books as a gift idea

When I was a kid, coloring time was always a fun time for me. I always look forward to it, even if it was activities in schools. 

I remember that if I was upset about something earlier, as soon as my mother puts crayons and my favorite coloring book in front of me I instantly forget about what made me upset just a few minutes ago. 

And I have proven this to be true with my own daughter as well, whenever she’s upset I just whip out her favorite coloring book and her face instantly lights up and she’s back to being all smiles and her happy little self. 

Coloring allows a more positive train of thoughts to come through and helps us forget about the past and just let us be in the moment to enjoy. 

It’s like your brain switches off from worrying and stress to positive thoughts and emotions in an instant because of the therapeutical movements of coloring provides.

Try it out for yourself and see how coloring amazingly helps to fade away all your worries letting you enjoy the moment in a more happy and relaxed state of mind. 


4.) Rekindles Our Creative Side

teachers being creative enjoying an adult coloring book

We all know how adulting can take away our spark to enjoy the little things in life. We become so serious that we forget to enjoy the little moments that make our life worth living. 

As we tend to overthink and wear ourselves out we can feel stuck in a routine and it can be hard to let ourselves be creative especially if our job mainly sources out from our own creativity. The act of coloring empties our minds. It allows our creative juice to flow more freely and simultaneously without any distractions. 

Everyone can enjoy adult coloring books because they’re not just for artistic people. There are no technical rules that you need to follow, color it the way you want it because the blank canvass is yours to take! 

The best part about it is what you get out of a coloring book. It’s the satisfaction it can provide once you’ve filled up the whole page into something colorful and magical that just shifts our mood from nay to yay. 


5.) Lets Us Unplug And Recharge

a student coloring a coloring book

Every move we make today always involves technology. When we need to pay for something, we tap. When we need to order something which can now be done online, we tap. When we need to communicate with someone, in just a few taps you can talk to them instantly. 

Everything is instant these days and with things happening at a fast rate our minds sometimes can’t keep up and get overwhelmed from everything that’s happening. 

We tend to be so busy and get all caught up with our high-stress lives without us even noticing that we forget to take care of ourselves, especially our mental health. 

When things seem to be out of hand we just need to take a step back, rest, and just let ourselves be free from all the noise of the world to regain inspiration and strength to take on the world head-on.

Adult coloring books are a great way to also unplug so that we can take a break from our computer devices and just about anything that involves technology because we need that form of separation too. 

So with that in mind, just grab your colored pencils or gel pens and just have a fun relaxing time coloring and just letting yourself relax through the midst of it all.