What Are The Types Of Bags For Teachers? 9 Best Ideal Bags For Educators

If you are to ask what a teacher’s talent is, you’ll get many different and amazing answers. 

But there’s something I am confident of, it’s that teachers have a talent to literally bring a whole office with them to work every day, from a few pens to a projector, you name it! 

a teacher using a satchel backpack

And I’m not exaggerating when I say that teachers pack a whole office into their bags every day to work—because they really do. 

A teacher’s occupation is not all about imparting knowledge and values to people. They are also responsible for a lot of paperwork, managing multiple classes, and everything in between that makes a teacher’s life a rollercoaster but fulfilling one—this is why they say that teaching is one of the hardest jobs there is. 

Paperwork and other supplies are not the only things that teachers commonly carry. 

Nowadays teachers are found dragging a few gadgets along with them such as laptops, Bluetooth speakers, and other devices that they use in the classroom—which obviously contributes to the weight of the items that they need to bring with them on a daily basis. 

Since it is a known fact that teachers carry a lot of stuff, we all agree when I say that a bag can be considered as a teacher’s best friend


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Because it helps them keep all their essentials safe and ready whenever the time comes that they need to use it. I know some teachers who can’t live without their trusty bag, and I’m one of them. 

There are teachers that are bag hoarders, and there are those that stick with that one tattered bag that they always use for work and almost everything. 

Some like it light and go for a briefcase, while some might enjoy being ready for anything with the help of a backpack, and there are those that can’t function without multiple bags to keep their things organized. 

Either way, a bag will always be a necessity for teachers

It is hard for teachers to find the perfect bag that will be able to accommodate all the things that they usually carry around, but there is no need to fear because I have curated a list of the types of bags that teachers should go for that will make their teaching life a lot better off!  


What Are The Types Of Bags For Teachers? 9 Best Ideal Bags For Educators

1.) Backpack

essentials that should be included in a teacher's bag

Let us start with one of the classics: a backpack. I’m pretty sure everyone has already used one of these—a backpack is perfect for packing up various school supplies such as books, notebooks, folders, pens, and papers. 

It is designed to look smaller on the outside while having a decent amount of space inside to put all of your daily necessities. The great thing about a backpack is that it has many zippers that can be used to put smaller items inside such as keys, cards, and money. 

Although it might seem skeptical for a teacher to use one, it’s actually one of the most convenient types of bags out there. And to make it worth your while, there are a lot of brands that are coming out with stylish designs of backpacks that teachers can surely strut with to work. 

In terms of durability, the backpack is at the top of the list because it is usually made out of strong and sturdy materials that can withstand heavyweights. Making them perfect for teachers!

Some backpacks are also integrated with amazing technologies to help ease and distribute the weight effectively in order to not strain your back while you’re carrying the bag. 

This can be great for teachers who have back problems and want to ease the weight pressure on their back and shoulders when carrying a fully packed bag. 

Moreover, it is safe to say that backpacks are more convenient to wear as both of your shoulders will be able to support the weight of your bag so it is less likely that you will experience any back pain from carrying around your stuff. 

A backpack will always be the go-to bag for every teacher.


2.) Satchel Backpack

an outdoor backpack

As the name suggests, the satchel backpack is the combination of a satchel and a backpack. It is a backpack that is designed to look like a satchel, making it more professional looking. 

It’s like a backpack—but make it fashionable. So if you do not like the idea of being seen by students wearing an ordinary backpack, then this might be the perfect alternative for you.

Compared to a regular backpack, the satchel backpack does not have any features like zippers and pen holders. 

The inside of it is just plain without any compartments to separate your things, and it is usually rectangular in shape. 

This is a good bag to use if you are carrying a lot of paperwork and other small school supplies, it will keep the papers crease-free and also provide good leverage of aesthetics. 

The usual zipper of a backpack is replaced by a double buckle top flap that can look flattering for anyone that is using it. 

The satchel backpack is usually made out of leather so it is easier to clean and maintain than a regular backpack. It does not have a big capacity such as a regular one but it will still serve the purpose of carrying paperwork, plus it looks more professional—a perfect fit for a teacher’s image.


3.) Tote Bag

a teacher with her dog and totebag

“The People’s Favorite” — a tote bag. This is probably one of the most popular and most timely bags that every person usually owns. A tote bag is one of the classics that still remains popular to this day because of its minimalistic and convenient design.

It is usually made out of eco-friendly materials that are made durable so it will be able to carry a decent amount of weight. 

One of the usual materials used in making tote bags are recycled fibers but there are also tote bags that are made out of nylon; which are commonly water-resistant so you’ll not worry about your important documents getting wet during the rainy and stormy seasons.

It usually has a big open-top compartment but there are also tote bags that use zippers for enhanced safety. 

Its design on the outside is usually plain with no compartments, but inside the tote bag, there are some zippers and small compartments that can be used to hold smaller items. 

Teachers will be able to make use of tote bags to store their laptops, or materials that they need for some of their student’s activities. 

It is lighter in weight which is why it does not add too much weight when loading it up with important things that you need to bring along with you. If you want to have a simple yet durable bag that you will be able to commute with to school, then this is the perfect pick.


4.) Field Bag

a teacher putting her bag on the table

The Field Bag is one of the underrated bags for teachers to use, it is usually for people who have long days of fieldwork. Most Field bags are made using a durable canvas material that has a water-repellent coat to protect all items from any wet conditions. 

Although it is intended for people who have long and tiring jobs, it can also be used by anyone, especially teachers. It usually features two large utility pockets on the front that can be used to store small and everyday items, inside the pockets it also has small compartments so it is guaranteed for the user to make their stuff organized as much as possible.

The inside of the field bag is larger than most bags in this list, it usually has a big compartment that can be used to store a laptop or separate paperwork from other supplies that teachers usually bring such as staplers, rulers, and cases. 

It’s designed to be a simple yet formal bag that has a small handle to be carried by hand only. However, there are Field Bags that have a sling for people who want to have it slung over their body instead.


5.) Sling Bag

an open bag with sunglasses, a pen, and perfume

If you don’t want to carry it, then just sling it. That’s what a sling bag can do for you, you can just easily slide them on to your shoulder freeing both of your hands making you able to tend to other important things that you need to cross off your to-do list ASAP. 

Sling bags can be convenient for teachers who are always on the go, they can be worn hanging from one shoulder freeing you from the bag itself. They’re like the smaller versions of messenger bags that can be kept by your back designed to not get in your way when you’re up and about getting things done. 

If you are only bringing a few items along with you to work, you’ll be able to fit a considerable amount of essentials making it an ideal bag if you’re only carrying light items for the day. They’re a great casual alternative to backpacks. 

A lot of sling bags also come with anti-theft technology assuring you that your items are safe and wound the whole time they’re in the bag, but just don’t lose the whole bag, okay?


6.) Shoulder Bag

a teacher holding her shoulder bag

We’re throwing in another classic teacher bag to this list—the shoulder bag. If you’re someone who routinely commutes to work, shoulder bags can be your best bet. 

You can easily swing them to your front when you need to get something from it, and vice versa, swing them to your back again to get it out of your way, with little to no effort at all. They are much bigger in size compared to sling bags and they do offer a much more spacious interior than sling bags. 


7.) Laptop Bag

a teacher's laptop bag

If you are someone exclusively working with your laptops frequently and want to make sure it’s safekeeping is a priority, it’s safe to say that laptop bags are a great choice for you. 

Laptop bags are equipped with thick, large padding that will ensure that your laptop is safe and sound from any form of contact from hard elements. 

Its main purpose is to encase laptops, but there are laptops bags in the market that offer additional compartments and space to accommodate other items that you need to carry along with you such as books, pens, gadgets, and other things that you usually need to have in your bag when you go to work. 


8.) Duffle Bag

a duffle bag beside a book and iced coffee

A.K.A. the “Weekender bag”, the Duffel bag also has a lot to offer for teachers who are looking to provide them with a much larger space when a backpack just wouldn’t do. 

It was an incredibly roomy bag with rounded sides finished off with a top zip enclosure. The duffle bag can offer all of the other functionality of the other bags included in this list, plus its ability to also include space for additional clothes or items that teachers might need to use for special events.

They’re ideal for an out of town conference or whenever they need to pack a few other things aside from their usual items for work. 


9.) Briefcase

a teacher reading a book with her bag on the table

When people think of a work bag, they immediately think of briefcases. A briefcase is a great choice for any professional individual including teachers as well, but it is typically reserved for carrying lightweight items.

They are styled similarly to suitcases but are more compact and lighter in terms of size. This is your bag of choice if you’re going for a more professional look. It can also offer a spacious interior that can hold an ample amount of paperwork along with a few pens, notebooks, or gadgets.

Some briefcases have compartments for additional storage space inside the bag to hold smaller items such as keys, wallets, clips, and other items that you might want to put into it. 

They are carried by hand as it only has one handle which can give you a good air of professionalism to finish off your look. 



The choice in choosing the most capable bag for teachers is more contentious than I thought, each of them has its own perks and shines in their own limelight.

One thing to keep in mind is that we need to weigh how it can match a teacher’s practicality along with superb comfort and great style. 

And of course, overall, it still boils down to personal preferences that will ultimately help an individual decide which one’s the right kind of bag for them. 

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