What Are The Types Of Pens That Teachers Need? 5 Best Types Of Pens To Have

What Are The Types Of Pens That Teachers Need?

Teaching is a job that is all about instilling knowledge and good values, but aside from that, there are also tons of paperwork involved. 

And when I say tons, it can literally be a ton of paperwork for the whole school year alone. 

what are the type of pens that teachers need?

And with that in mind, teachers must be accompanied by a trusty and reliable pen that is comfortable to use even after extensive hours of writing activities. 

All of us have our own preferences when it comes to using a certain type of pen for a certain type of purpose. 

Some might prefer to use gel pens all the time, while some may resort only to ballpoint pens—but a good thought to consider is that you can always work with different kinds of pens depending on what you are working with.

You don’t have to be stuck with one pen all the time. And admittedly, I am one of those people who have lots of experience with different types of pens before sticking to what I like best—and I actually have a couple of them with me at all times just in case I need them. 

It is all a matter of preferences but there are many cases where certain types of pens are perfect for a specific kind of work.

A teacher’s job requires you to have lots of paperwork done, and because of this pens are still one of a teacher’s essentials. 

And so with that, let’s go over to some of the types of pens that teachers should have and use for different occasions. 


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Here Are The 5 Types Of Pens That Teachers Are Sure To Need

1.) Gel Pens

One of the classics and the most trusted kind of pens are the Gel Pens. 

These pens are perfect for writing on important letters as well as for grading sheets for the reason being that the ink in these pens is gel-based, meaning it gives off a richer and more vivid ink that comes in brighter color choices compared to other types of inks that other pens use. 

It is also perfect for designing portfolios for each of your classes, just invest in some of the other gel pen colors then it is a tool that is good for arts and crafts. 

I actually always have other colors that I rarely use reserved for the coloring books that I love to explore whenever I have free time. 

Although it produces vivid colors than any other pens, it is not one of those pens where the ink can bleed through the paper so no need to worry about inking through your important writing materials.

The only downside to Gel Pens is the fact that it has a thicker consistency of ink than other pens, that is why it takes too long to dry.

But there are Gel Pens that provide quick-drying ink that is also smudge-free.

But this is only a minor problem that can easily be solved with a little patience, and if you’re a teacher I’m pretty sure you have tons of them.

If you want to have that vibrant pop of color then start stocking up on gel pens!


2.) Ballpoint Pens

I like to call ballpoint pens as vintage because it’s another classic pen that most of us still use ever since it was invented.

Ballpoint Pens are everyone’s go-to-pens, and if you are suddenly out of pens there is a huge chance that we have a ballpoint pen in stock maybe in your closet supply or drawer or so. 

We usually do not use ballpoint pens because there are other better alternatives but it still serves its purpose very well. 

It is commonly used for writing, so grading sheets and writing up reports is one of the few things that teachers can use ballpoint pens with.

The most common problem of every pen nowadays is spontaneously inking, meaning that sometimes pens do have the tendency to suddenly ink all over your hand making it stained or worse all over the paper you are writing on. 

However, ballpoint pens are not so common to that problem so if you do not like having ink-stained hands then resort to using ballpoint pens.

It is cheaper than any other type of pens but it is easy to use and produces an average to good results when in use.


3.) Sign Pens

My personal favorites are Sign Pens. I always have tp carry one in my bag wherever I go because something about it being felt-tipped that fits snugly between my fingers makes me more motivated to write more than ever.

The way you press the sign pen on paper, you can immediately tell that it is smoother to write with than any other types of pens. 

You will not experience a rough feeling when writing on paper with sign pens and it only has minimal noise compared to ballpoint pens.

Sign Pens are very popular especially in the business industry, it is commonly used for signing important documents and writing updrafts of letters. This can be used by teachers for grading students’ works as well.

It is not recommended to use sign pens for any arts and crafts, but it is still usable. 

The only problem that I see with sign pens is its unstable ink deployment. 

If you accidentally let go of one of your sign pens then it hits the ground, you better pray that it still produces ink. Sometimes it gets jammed and you will not be able to write with it anymore, so you better be careful of not dropping these babies when you are using them. 

Many different brands that sell sign pens have their own refills, so you do not need to buy a new sign pen just simply get one of their refills that are priced cheaper.


4.) Soft Grip Pens

These types of pens are probably the most common ones used in an academic institution by teachers and students. These pens are equipped with a silicone mat on the spot where you usually hold the pen at, this provides a soft cushion to help avoid friction between your fingers.

Students are mostly the ones who use this type of pen but teachers can also use this for the reason being that teachers write extensive periods of time, there are cases that teachers develop blisters on their hands because of the excessive writing that they do.

And to avoid having blisters and straining your hand, using a soft grip pen will ease both the pressure and friction on your hand because these two things usually cause the blisters.

Its tip comes in various types: there are felt-tipped soft-grip pens, there are ballpoint tipped pens, and also rollerball tipped pens. 

There are many pen tip types in soft-grip pens, so find what best suits your preference.


5.) Rollerball Point Pens

These pens are usually the ones you find in a glass case in bookstores. Rollerball Point Pens similarly look a lot like Ballpoint Pens but it is a totally different experience when in use.

Rollerball Point Pens are used by people mainly for their smooth and elegant writing experience, its ink will depend on the brand but it is mostly packed with gel ink for a vivid color payoff.

As the name suggests, this pen’s tip is a rollerball—when used for writing, the metal ball on the tip will gather up the ink and slowly mark it on the paper, which is why it is smooth to write with. 

It is the most heavy-duty pen on this list, and it is also the most expensive one. 

Teachers will be able to find it easier to write reports and other paperwork with this rollerball point pen, but it is not recommended to use it for any arts and crafts design. It is solely for writing only.

It does not ink too much as well because of the rollerball on its tip that prevents the ink from spilling. 



These types of pens are usually what makes the teacher’s job easier. Investing in a good pen to work with will make a huge difference even for hours because writing with a pen that feels comfortable in your hands will lessen the stress you will gain when writing.

Try to explore and use different kinds of pens, see if one of these pens will work for you. 

So what’s your favorite pen to use? Let us know down in the comment section! 

Keep Calm And Keep Writing!


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