What Are the Types of Social Media Apps You Should Know

Facebook, Instagram, Whatsapp, or YouTube – all popular social media sites. If I ask you what kind of websites are these, do you know? Content-sharing sites work to keep people stay in touch and interacting, however, each application has a special role that’s different from the other.

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There are various forms of social media networks where certain platforms are more appropriate due to their functions. Since teachers are among the users of these sites, you should understand what are the types of social media apps there are and how each is different.

With everything aligning to the new normal system today, all the more that you needed to know the different categories of social media. I’m not saying you have to be on every social media site, but for you to be able to determine if you’re on the right social networking platform.

Check below the 7 types of social media and how they can help upgrade your life as a teacher.


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What Are the Types of Social Media Apps You Should Be Well Aware Of

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1) Social Networking Apps

Social networking allows like-minded individuals to share information, have conversations, and create contents online using web-based applications. Users can post, share, and respond to each other’s content. They can form communities and talk about relevant topics, news, and trends within the circle of their network.

Twitter, Facebook, and LinkedIn, for example, are today’s top favorites. However, each differs from the other.

Free vector graphics of Star Linkedin speaks for those looking to connect with industry professionals, executives, and hiring officers.

Free vector graphics of StarFacebook represents both personal and professional levels of any age group and status making it a prime hub for families and friends.

Free vector graphics of StarTwitter, is about connecting with just about anyone in an instant such as friends, customers, brands, celebrities, and everything under the sun.


Hands, Smartphone, You, Tube, You Tube2) Video-Sharing Apps

It was YouTube that opened the door to how the world watch, create, share, and think about video. It transformed the traditional text-based medium into something more accessible. Social media apps that offer video hosting help users create and share content online.

Therefore these sites allow you to:

Free vector graphics of Star Create content and share it on a streaming platform. You can build or join communities and get your content in your group.

Free vector graphics of Star Engage the most using plenty of online opportunities to get to know the people watching your content.

Free vector graphics of StarIf you’re a video creator, it lets you produce an ad-free platform to host, distribute, and monetize videos.

Examples of video-sharing apps are YouTube, Tiktok, and Twitch.


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3) Audio-Only Apps

You might be among those who only want to listen to podcasts? Then use social media apps that are solely for audio.

Audio apps allow users to use audio and communicate with each other. With a plain contextual understanding that isn’t supported by text, users only hear each other’s voices and understand the messages by intonation.

Free vector graphics of Star With the popularity of TikTok, for instance, the “sound-on” approach is what makes it so appealing to users.

Free vector graphics of Star You can listen in, share your thoughts, chat online, teach, and study online.

Free vector graphics of Star Since you can host your own room, it gives you all the opportunity to share whatever topic, niche, product, or brand and establish yourself.

Famous audio-only apps are Clubhouse, Discord, Wavve, and Twitter Spaces.


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4) Image-Sharing Apps

Is this like photo-sharing? Yes.  Instead of utilizing hard copy photos to share with friends, photo-sharing apps now allow everyone to simply upload images on the website and share them with their online friends, or the entire web.

People very much enjoy colored images, infographics, drawings, and illustrations. You too can:

Free vector graphics of Star Create, curate, and share unique images that spark conversation and inspire users to speak for themselves.

Free vector graphics of Star A picture can be worth a thousand words to your business. Make text or information stand out and create inspiration reaching people in less time.

Free vector graphics of Star Boosts a business by running campaigns through pictures of products and a unique hashtag to increase click-through rate and search results.

This makes Instagram, Pinterest, and Imgur among the top social media sites with the power of image sharing.


Blog, To Blog, Write, Share With

5) Community Blog Apps

Also known as “community apps” these platforms allow bloggers to form a community where they can share meaningful conversations. Authors can post journal entries so like-minded people can publish, respond to, give feedback on, or comment on articles.

Free vector graphics of StarUsers can start a blog like Tumblr and Medium to post contents they love and get clear about their vision.

Free vector graphics of StarSyndicate content by re-purposing, re-posting, or re-sharing older posts and exposing them to a new audience.

Free vector graphics of StarWhether it’s a blog or just an image, these contents will open up meaningful conversations.

Examples of community blogs are Group Hackers, Blog Engage, and Amplify Blog.



Speech, Bubble, Communication, Speak

6) Discussion Apps

There are specifically-designed forum sites solely for the purpose of discussion. Here, professionals, experts, and enthusiasts meet and discuss things concerning a variety of topics.

Free vector graphics of StarSince discussions are a great way to talk about a brand, it’s a perfect starting point for your content marketing strategy.

Free vector graphics of Star Users can research people in their field, study the things they wanted to learn, discover what they’re asking, and engage them in chat or heart-to-heart talks.

Free vector graphics of Star You can create your own discussion board where everyone is free to ask a question or make a statement.


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7) Sharing Economy Networks 

People look forward to finding means or saving money through the internet and sharing economy networks make the perfect tech-enabled online solution that provides this support.

Examples of these apps are Uber, Rover, AirBnB, and TaskRabbit. These platforms connect to services that people may need, all from the convenience of a mobile app.

Free vector graphics of Star Streamlined technology allows people to save time and money using easy booking processes, be it for a taxi, food delivery, home, or vacation rentals.

Free vector graphics of Star Monetizing underutilized assets allows sharing the usage of such items to promote sustainability, and reduce waste, and carbon footprints.

Free vector graphics of Star Sellers, likewise, get paid when someone uses their services.


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Summing Up

Now that you know the different types of social media apps and their categories, you have the option to choose the flavor you want. From personal to friends and business, you get clear about what you want to create and achieve.

Nevertheless, if you want to fuel up your social media expertise, you could quickly and easily navigate many of the social media sites above and search for different apps in each category.

If you’re looking for the top social media for teachers, check this out.

Want to share something about social media apps? You might have some discoveries that are worth sharing. Leave them in the comments.