What Can I Do at Home This Summer? 10 Great Escapades Indoors

Do you remember how pandemic summer gathered families at home and let people discover creativeness? That is a big proof that spending summer doesn’t essentially need to leave home to make it super fun.

So with the question, “What can I do at home this summer?” Look back and remind yourself of those interests that can provide a sense of excitement to your indoors during the warmer months.

summer at home

When Children Get Bored

While you may be thrilled to have your children with you the whole school break, you also have to be prepared with their words “I’m bored.”

Don’t worry. I’ve put together a huge list of delightful summer activities that will keep you and your entire family entertained and learning all summer long. What I have are mostly old-fashioned ideas that can be more fun and beneficial than sitting inside in front of a t.v. or tablet.

Ready to unleash the greatness of summer at home? Let’s go!


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What Can I Do at Home This Summer? 10 Great Escapades Indoors

1) Plant a Beautiful Garden 

Garden Plants, Garden, Herb GardenGardening gets youngsters to see the beauty of growing their own plants as well as getting them interested in learning about where their food comes from.

With different kinds of crops you can grow, it helps you save shopping money and food bills. Instead of spending gas to buy produce at the market, you simply have to walk outside and pick the greens for your needs.

Other than having a garden to tend and water every day is the privilege of having an easier source of healthier meals.  With all the physical activity that accompanies gardening, you and your kids can get a good time of the day workout throughout the season.

Planting a summer garden not only increases the value of your property but gives you a lifelong supply of fruits if you’re planting a fruit-bearing tree this summer.


2) Explore the Photography World

Dog, Bubble, Play, Funny, Brown BubblesOther than learning photography skills, you’ll become an expert when it comes to taking photos of anything under the sun – food, nature, cars, colors, fashion, and your home.

Photography has therapeutic benefits. Haven’t you noticed why looking at photographs kind of soothes your heart? Take pictures of your dishes, desserts, a newly-bloomed flower, your kid’s plays, and make your summer days full of action, colors, and fun.

You can also start collecting uniquely-compiled birthdays, family vacations, weddings, graduations, anniversaries, and family events. What about creating your own portfolio website and sharing your work with the world?


3) Set daily breakfasts alfresco

Fried Rice, Outdoors, Breakfast, MealWho doesn’t like some breakfast with the rays of sunshine? Nature soothes you naturally, and you get to enjoy the fresh air and a touch of the morning sun.

Morning time outside of the house benefits physical health. A breakfast picnic also supplies everyone with vitamin D and calcium absorption which helps build strong bones and teeth.

Since picnics at home offer peaceful environments, you can indulge your children with the healthy benefits of homemade breakfast, salads from your own garden, and a cheerful bonding with everybody.


4) Make Sustainable DIY Projects

Soap, Oil, Almonds, Kernels, SpongeWhy not think of sustainable projects using ordinary daily commodities you have? For example, making bath soaps, bathtub potions, massage oils, scented candles, shampoos, and perfumes.

One of the benefits of DIY projects at home is discovering and boosting creativity. The best part is that children enjoy arts and crafts so it definitely involves everyone.

Using household items as materials for crafts is among the handiest and most convenient techniques you can have. You would be happy to discover new ideas for your home. The best part is it helps recycle excess or used household supplies.

If you often throw common items quickly, this time think about how they can flourish in your home. Here are examples of simple craft ideas using household items. Click here.


5) Watch movies together

Osaka, Dotombori, Spiderman, City, NightWatching movies is a pastime that has long been regarded as beneficial for mental health and luckily.

According to a study, pleasurable entertainment is known to provide rest and relaxation that improve moods and reduce stress levels for the whole family. It is perfect in the sense that kids are free from assignments and exams so they can indulge their imagination.

Put on a musical or romantic comedy, wholesome action or detective films, and of course, some fairy tales if there are children. The secret is to mix movie genres and give balance to your summer movie marathons.

Choose movies that highlight roles successfully chasing their ambitions. The stories might inspire you and every member of the house to do the same and rediscover your hobbies or pursue a new goal.


6) Schedule story time before bed

Nostalgia, Retro, Vintage, TimeAmong the most pleasing to hear stories are those of your childhood, how children long ago play, or the way people live. This will help children envision the way life was before.

Bringing back wonderful memories like family vacations while the kids were still toddlers, stories of their first days in school, or holiday escapades also captivates the mind and engages everyone to share their own stories because everybody can relate.

When a story catches every family member’s attention, they are more likely to absorb the meaning of reminiscing those good old times and appreciate strong family values.

Of course, you can also take this opportunity to tell stories about other people’s experiences, cultures, or history that can shape and challenge opinions and values.


7) Sew up anything you can think of

Knit, Sew, Girl, Female, Make, CraftThink back to when you first learned how to sew. Perhaps, it was during summer, or maybe, you taught yourself while watching your mother or grandmother sew? You can pass that useful knowledge to your children.

Handwork and sewing in the summertime at home combine recreation and enthusiasm. You’re not just teaching a great skill but are having fun and expressing your creative side, too.

Sewing helps cultivate expressiveness. It is also great for cognitive development. Let summertime be the perfect opportunity to be creative in your craft. From mending old clothes, and patching, to remodeling an old dress — you have all the possibilities of producing something new.


8) Bake and Make Refreshments

Happy Birthday, Cake, Biscuit, DeliciousVanilla-smelling pastries and delicacies are always associated with summer. Therefore they recreate happy memories.

If you have a heart for baking, introduce sunny extraordinary delights like creamed cupcakes, cheesecakes, jam pies, bundt cakes, Jell-O, milky brownies, and skillet cakes.

More ways to beat the heat? Cool off with these refreshing summer drinks. There’s no shortage of thirst quenchers, try making homemade ice creams, popsicles, fruit drinks, and smoothies that will keep you, your family, and your friends busy this summer.

Everybody will love you!


9) Sing and Dance with the family

Microphone, To Sing, Music, SoundSinging and dancing at home are perfect in the sense that the entire family can schedule “Sing Along” afternoons or rehearse different dance steps. It’s a worthwhile pastime as it allows children to enhance their singing voices.

You and the kids are free from assignments and exams so they can indulge in vocalizing distinct sounds. You will love how these call-and-action response activities can encourage movements like swaying, twisting, leaping, and turning.

The moment everyone’s creativity is warmed up, they will come up with dance steps, and who knows you’ll be designing an entire dance with your own ideas. Dancing also improves cardiovascular health!


10) Build a Shed or Tree House

Free photos of SamosAdmit it. Having a shed intended for the summer days is extremely cool. If you can’t climb to build a house on a tree, do it under the tree. Now you can have the summer shed of your dreams!

What makes a summer shed wonderful is how it connects you to nature the whole summer month. The idea is not only eco-friendly but it gives you outdoor activities even when just at home. A treehouse can be a magical place where any family member can hang out alone or with peers.

Hang curtain and provide summer space with pillows, furniture, and even a whimsical wallcovering. Now enjoy naptimes, and early evening stretches, make it a hobby space, or bring your delicacy of the day to enjoy under the tree.


In Essence

For many, summer is a time to relax and enjoy the outdoors. Yet for others, teachers, in particular, summer is a perfect time to stay at home the whole time.

Now that you’re planning to spend summer mostly inside, hold on to interests that maintain the sense of joy and excitement. The ideas may not be the same activities you used to, but surely you can certainly make the most of what you have at home.

I suggest the baking and refreshment escapade. People like something to nibble or sip on when the weather is hot. Anything new you can serve every day on your summer table makes your vacation unforgettable. Promise.

What other ideas do you have about summer at home? Share them with us in the comments and let’s all have a wonderful summer vacation.