What Does Grammarly Work Best On? 3 Basic Features to Catch On and More!

Do you write well? Have you always wanted to become a confident and smart writer yet you’re worried about writing issues? Have you tried Grammarly?

If you still don’t, then you should avail Grammarly’s free edition and get amazed at how it is as a grammar and spelling checker. There’s a reason why millions of writers rely on it to avail of the premium version.

the best features of Grammarly

I am a teacher and a content writer. I needed help, so I explored options and discovered Grammarly.

Could this writing software or free grammar be the best writing assistant for you, too?

With Grammarly, I can write well. I found this incredible writing assistant 5 years ago and this software made me enjoy writing even more. I admit when I write a lot, I also make mistakes, especially in spelling and grammar.

I tested Grammarly. As a writer, I need the best partner to correct my writing errors. It saves time. It adds up to more readable content.

I love this software and it has advanced as my capable writing assistant. I have been using Grammarly for years now as a professional content writer. I found it to be a user-friendly and reliable grammar checker available.

I’ll tell you what Grammarly works best on. Hopefully, this can be your way of becoming a confident writer.

What is Grammarly?

Grammarly is a popular plagiarism, spelling, and grammar checker.  As a writing software, Grammarly is installed as an app or extension of your browser that scans your writing piece in real-time for grammar, spelling, plagiarism checker, and other aspects of polished writing.

It will assist you in writing incredible content by quickly locating and correcting errors. Moreover, Grammarly works best on a variety of platforms such as WordPress, Microsoft Word, Facebook, Gmail, and many of your favorite websites.

Grammarly is an incredible writing assistant that provides real-time feedback so you can write clear and mistake-free compositions easily.

As a browser extension, you can directly access Grammarly’s writing suggestions on different sites on the web so you are confident that you’re posting polished content on Facebook or sending an email to your boss with professional style and clarity.

“It’s an online service that quickly and easily makes your writing better and makes you sound like a pro, or at least helps you avoid looking like a fool.”- Forbes

Before I go into what does Grammarly work best, I’ll give you some background information about this universal software.

As you read on, you’ll come to understand how helpful Grammarly is when you write.

Then, as you get the most out of Grammarly, by and by, you’ll decide whether or not you should upgrade to the Premium edition.

How Has Grammarly Advanced?

Grammarly was founded in 2009 with the goal of improving people’s communication skills.

Grammarly’s first AI-powered writing advancement accomplishments were in the areas of spelling, grammar, and punctuation suggestions.

Today, this most advanced writing tool has helped over 30 million people and approximately 30,000 teams with its newer features and programs. Users all over the world are able to improve their writing skills with clarity and effectiveness.

The paid premium upgrade includes over 400 different sorts of analysis and capabilities such as checking and correcting grammatical errors, suggesting vocabulary enhancement, detecting plagiarism, suggesting citations, probing your style and tone, and more!

With Grammarly’s free and premium versions, you have access to an incredible online editor to improve your writing.

Hence, it has become an ultimate tool for making sure that everything you write is precise, engaging, and easy to read.

What Does Grammarly Work Best On?

Good writing skills can take you far. You can express your thoughts well with polished grammar, spelling, and organization.

However, writing itself could mean making terrible spelling and grammar mistakes that you need a reliable writing assistant that can easily scan, spot, and correct it all.

With the world increasingly reliant on the internet and technology, bloggers and aspiring authors should have a reliable method of achieving polished writing – sans errors. Grammar, spelling, and other writing aspects should be correct. It’s critical.

downloading grammarly

Grammarly – Free Edition

I have been using Grammarly’s free version for years now and I could say that it’s really dependable and truly a writing assistant that’s efficient and fast.

Hence, as someone who has enjoyed writing because of this amazing writing software, I should say, you should try it too if you want to experience its best writing features both in the Free Version and Premium Upgrade.

Real-time Writing Assistant 

Once Grammarly has become your browser extension for Chrome, Firefox, Safari, and Microsoft Edge, it will practically support you everywhere.

The free version will automatically correct spelling, punctuation, and grammar.  This free writing editor makes it easy for you to review your article, taking you just a few minutes, depending on its length.

Here’s how:

For Chrome – Access Google Chrome. To install the Grammarly extension, open the Chrome Store. Then, to download, click Add to Chrome.

For Safari – Open Mac App Store and install the Grammarly browser extension. To begin the download, go to Get > Install. Click Open when the download is complete!

For Firefox – To install the Grammarly browser plugin, open Firefox and go to the Add-ons tab. To begin the download, click Add to Firefox.

For Microsoft Edge – To add Grammarly to Microsoft Edge, open Edge Add-ons.

Grammarly also supports iOS devices. Install it now and enjoy its features everywhere.

These are the basic writing corrections included in the Free Version which are pretty convincing that you should Download this software today!

Grammar Checker

Fix your grammar in an instant and write better. Grammarly helps you eliminate your grammar errors and finish reliable content. It saves much time and effort.

Spelling Assistant

With Grammarly free version, you can be confident to write content with no errors in spelling.  Its spelling checker helps you recognize and correct spelling typos spontaneously.

Punctuation Helper

Also, Grammarly assists you to check and correct punctuation issues, making your sentences effective and well-constructed.

Grammarly – Premium Edition

Exceptional writing goes beyond correct grammar and spelling. Grammarly has more if you go for an upgrade. It doesn’t just fix your grammar, spelling, and punctuation in your email or paper, but will also help you decide on tone and style. Thus, if you really want to write with complete confidence, Grammarly’s premium edition prompts you to enhance your creativity and style.

For more extensive real-time feedback on your articles, Google Docs, Gmail, Facebook posts, and practically everywhere, you should try the premium version today.

With the capability of minimizing your writing errors, Grammarly can also help you express your thoughts in a variety of ways and give you the perfect words to use. By doing so, you can achieve high-quality writing with less effort on your end. Grammarly will just do it for you.

Also, with premium suggestions and comprehensive writing feedback, you’ll be able to complete that document as a pro. As this online editor suggests clearer vocabulary, it’s a guarantee that you can make revisions effortlessly and write more!

With Grammarly’s specific recommendations, you can go beyond proper grammar. You can be certain that your writing is not only accurate but also clear and succinct.

To help you polish your article, Grammarly’s Premium Version has more for you and adds more nuances to your writing.

<<< For a more comprehensive Grammarly review, check out this video!

In Closing

The real-time tips provided by Grammarly make it simple to improve and polish your writing efficiently. Its free services enable you to recognize misspelled words, poor grammar, and punctuation errors. Consequently, you’re able to write with confidence.

If you want more than the free features, you can upgrade today and write like a pro. Grammarly premium takes your writing from excellent to exceptional.

This writing tool has so much to offer. You can edit faster and write more high-quality content. I suggest you add this extension to your browser today and enjoy your tasks as a highly promising writer! Begin to elevate your writing now.

When there’s an opportunity to write it right, then do it!