What Features Should I Look For When Buying A Water Bottle? 5 Things To Look For In The Best Water Bottle For Teachers

Being a teacher can mean busy hours for the whole day the whole week. And drinking water is something that can be missed easily especially when you’re up and about catering to your students, meetings, planning, organizing, and other daily tasks that teachers need to attend to. 

But that should not stop us from hydrating because it’s important to drink plenty of water to keep our mind and body fit and at its best function. 

what features should I look for when buying a water bottle

Maintaining a healthy lifestyle starts when you decide to go for a reusable water bottle and bring your own water all the time everywhere you go. 

But I do know that with all the products to choose from out there on this day, how will you know which one is the right one for you? 

It’s best to make an informed decision so that you can make the right choice for yourself, this is why we took the time to share with you the most important aspects you should look for in a water bottle. 

Read on to know more! 


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Benefits of Drinking Water


What Features Should I Look For When Buying A Water Bottle? 5 Things To Look For In The Best Water Bottle For Teacher

1.) Material 

When you’re out looking for a water bottle that can perfectly meet your needs, especially a teacher’s need, the first thing that you would want to determine is the type of material your water bottle should be made of. 

There are hundreds of water bottles out there that might draw your attention because of their styles and designs, but you should also mind the durability, weight, and insulation capabilities of the water bottle that you are setting your eyes on. 

And most importantly, is how it will affect the taste and quality of the water you put in it. Because it all boils down to how well it holds the water, how well it keeps the temperature, and how it will quench your thirst day by day. 

With amazing technology being infused with water bottles out in the market today, you’ll be surprised by the amazing features they come with. 

There are water bottles that can keep liquid hot or cold for about 8 hours or so, and I would like one of them for myself, especially on super hot days. 

Knowing what key factors to look for in a water bottle will lead you right to the perfect one to give you a refreshing break during your busy day. 

The common types of materials water bottles come in are: 

Plastic Water Bottles – All of us have owned a plastic water bottle at some point because it’s the most common material that is mainly used for any type of water bottle even for single-use bottled waters. 

There are actually two types of plastic water bottles, namely the High and Low-Density plastic water bottles. Both kinds are made up of Polyethylene material which is the most common kind of plastic used up to this date because they are affordable and durable as well.

High-Density Polyethylene (HDPE) is more lightweight and comes in different designs and print compared to Low-Density Polyethylene (LDPE) is a much more flexible material that is popularly known as squeeze bottles. 

Both of these materials can hold cold liquids well but don’t really hold hot liquids that well. When hot liquid is poured onto these types of water bottles HDPE bottles might crack while LDPE bottles might shrink in size the shape of the bottle might deform. 

Be sure to look for BPA-Free material if you’re planning to go with plastic. Also, it’s best to recycle them properly because not disposing of them the right way can harm our environment in many ways that you might not know of. 

Reduce. Reuse. And Recycle! 

Glass Watter Bottles – the next ones on our list are glass water bottles. What’s great about them is that they are made from natural materials that help reduce carbon footprint. 

Compared to plastic bottles, glass water bottles do not pose any risk of giving off any chemical residue to any liquid you put into them. 

I tried using a glass water bottle before and I really liked the experience because every time I drink the water tastes natural as it should be with no scent or smell lingering unlike from plastic bottles. 

But since glass is fragile and can still break one way or another, all you need to do is secure it with a sleeve (fabric or silicone) to help protect the bottle when you’re using it. There are also some other water bottles that are shatterproof, but still, it’s best to be safe than sorry. 

Aluminum Water Bottles – aluminum is also a great type of material for a water bottle. Its material is highly similar to stainless steel but much lighter and more affordable when it comes to the tag price. 

But keep in mind that flavored drinks can linger on to the interior lining of the bottle, and that can affect the taste of water you put in it. 

Stainless Steel Water Bottles – A great alternative to plastic water bottles if you’re looking for a lightweight bottle are stainless steel water bottles. They are highly durable and do not pose any type of health risk, unlike plastic water bottles. 

There are two types of stainless water bottles that you can choose from, the first one is the single-walled stainless steel bottle which is lightweight and durable, but can transfer heat and can easily dent. 

The other one is the insulated stainless steel water bottles which can hold both hot and cold liquid well, so if you coffee drinker this might be the best option for you. 

2.) Size 

The size of the water bottle you choose can also make a world of difference if you consume water at a much faster rate in a larger volume, then I do suggest for you to go with a water bottle with a larger ounce capacity. 

Choosing a larger water bottle can also benefit you from refilling your water bottle a number of times throughout the day.

Our body is made up of about 60% water. The amount of water you should consume varies differently in people, so it’s best for you to assess how much water do you usually intake for a whole day when you’re at work.

And to give you an idea here’s a short outline of how much water you should intake in 24 hours:

  • For men, it is recommended for them to intake about 13 cups of water each day
  • For women, 9 cups are recommended but can increase up to 12 cups if they are actively breastfeeding
  • For kids, 6-8 cups is a good amount to keep them hydrated, but since they can be active and can perspire when playing or exercising they need to consume about 1-2 cups every 20 minutes or so just to replenish the lost amount of water in their body.

These recommended guidelines can still increase depending on how active you are throughout the day, and the temperature of the environment you are in. 

It’s best to drink whenever you feel like it and quench your thirst as soon as you can to keep yourself hydrated. 

The size of water bottles can range from 16 ounces to about 40 ounces. If your workspace is far from refilling stations it’s best to go for a bigger one, but if it’s convenient for you to refill every now and then you can go for a smaller one. 

3.) Ease Of Use And Cleaning

Another important aspect that you should not overlook is how easy the water bottle is to use and how you will clean it on a regular basis. 

This might not sound important, but until you dismantle 7 pieces of the parts and accessories of the water bottle you chose to purchase and start to ask yourself why on earth did you buy that one, it’s best to confirm if you can commit to the cleaning process of the water bottle you chose. 

You also want to stray away from water bottles that can retain stains, smell, and flavors from previous drinks that you had put in them. Because even after cleaning it multiple times, it might be hard to completely remove any trace of the previous drink that was in it. 

It’s best to go for simple water bottles that do not come with too many parts to sort out and clean. Try to also check how it feels in your hand, if you’re purchasing online get the measurements and see if you have items in your household that might have the same dimensions. 

This way you’ll know if you will like the way the water bottle is when it’s actually in your hand and when you’re using it. 

Also check if it offers a spill-proof design, since teachers work with tons of paperwork most of the time, it’s best to be on the safe side especially with liquids. Spill-proof bottles can also keep your gadgets such as laptops, tablets, or smartphones from getting wet from accidental spills. 

I’m a clumsy one, so I always make sure I use spill-proof bottles because it has happened too many times already, and I already learned my lesson the hard way. 

Temperature control is also something you should look into if you want to use the bottle for both cold and hot drinks, and insulated stainless steel water bottles are best with these ones. They can maintain temperature for hours as long as their lid is capped on securely.  

4.) Style And Design Quality

Of course, teachers want to always look presentable especially in front of their students because we are their role models. They look up to us and we should always set an example to inspire them to be the best they can be at all times. 

And keeping that in mind, it’s important for the items that we use that can be seen by our students to look presentable and stylish as well. It needs to match the professional appearance of teachers and there are a lot of water bottles that can offer style without sacrificing the function it can offer. 

You can opt for water bottles with your desired colors and shape, some water bottles come in fun bold prints, some have floral and chic designs, and you can choose whatever design you want as long as it can still cater to your needs from a water bottle. 

You can let the things you have around with you serve as an extension of your style and I would always love to show off my artistic side through the items I use every day. 

It could be my phone case, my bag, the clothes I wear, and other things that I wear or have around me all the time, and in that case, you can express that through a water bottle too. You can choose one that can perfectly match your persona. 

You should also determine the lid design that you want a water bottle to have, you can choose from a screw-on cap, pop-out nozzles, flip tops, and other types of lids that can be usually seen on water bottles. 

Personally, I prefer screw-on caps because I only need to work with two parts of the water bottle when it’s cleaning time. 

5.) Consider Special Features That You May Want Or Need

Now, we’ve come to the part where you can throw in some extra features that you might look for in a water bottle, and these are:

Infusers – If you are someone who likes a little extra for their water like adding ice, fruits, tea leaves, and whatever it is that you like to add to your water—you can opt for a water bottle that comes with an infuser feature. 

Lid Styles – If you have browsed through a number of water bottles in online shops, you’ve probably noticed that there are a number of different styles of lids you can choose from. Each one of them has their own benefits here are some that teachers can choose from:

  • Filtered – If you want your water to go through an extra filtration stage, you can opt for a lid that comes with a filter that uses a carbon system to filter any impurities. 
  • Flip Tops – the most common type of lid that can be found on water bottles. They’re great for outdoor activities. 
  • Carabiner Handle – This can be great for teachers as it can be hooked on to bags and belts. Since teachers are always on the go, this can lessen any instances where the water bottle can be left behind.
  • Twist-on Lid – This is the easiest to clean type of lid and can give off a large amount of water because of the wide-neck feature of bottles usually paired with this lid. 

Insulation and Vacuum sealed – If you are someone who would like to use a water bottle for both hot and cold drinks, insulated and vacuum sealed water bottles are your best option. 

They are great for maintaining temperatures for long hours which means you can keep your drink hot or cold for hours as long as it’s sealed off properly. 

They are great for offices which means they also have spill-proof features and that’s what makes them the best candidate as a water bottle for teachers. 



We all know how tempting it is to buy single-use plastic water bottles when you’re suddenly thirsty or parched but that doesn’t really benefit yourself, your pocket, and of course our environment. And this is your sign to go get that water bottle once and for all.

But with so many choices that offer great features here and there, anyone can get overwhelmed and have a hard time deciding which water bottle they should go for. 

Choose a water bottle that best fits your life and routine, go for one that will help you increase your water intake and convenience as well. 

Knowing what you want and need in a water bottle will help you narrow down your choices and ultimately lead you to the right water bottle to be your companion every step of the way ready to quench your thirst. 

With teachers being active and always on the go it’s a must to stay hydrated to improve the overall quality of mind and body health which is important to help them be on top of their game every day at work. 

What’s your favorite water bottle? Do you have any preference when it comes to the style of your water bottle? 

Let us know in the comments down below! 

Keep calm and stay hydrated!