What Gadgets Can Best Improve Teaching And Learning?

No matter the abundance of tech tools, you only need a few that is truly functional and is required by your occupation. Technology should make your life as a teacher easier. In your opinion, what gadgets can best improve teaching and learning?

What Gadgets Can Best Improve Teaching And Learning

There are various kinds of technology and everything fits for what is the user’s purpose. The fact that you are seeing this article means that you already have the means to access the internet, which is also one of technology’s greatest creations.

Technology has been playing a great role in the education sector. Especially now with the ongoing pandemic, wherein we need to limit our contact with other people— technology presents us the opportunity to wirelessly connect with others.

So with that said, these are some of the gadgets that can help teachers improve the imparting of teaching and learning to their students. 


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5 Teacher Tech-Gadget Must-Haves!

1.) Laptop

A laptop is your portable computer. It is a good medium to use for conducting online classes thanks to the device’s built-in camera, you don’t have to provide a separate webcam for online classes.

Other than the visual and audio references for students, it contains applications that can help teachers keep track of their student’s grades and make reports about students’ progress in learning. Although a laptop is a bit pricey than desktop computers, it is still a good investment to avail because it allows you to conduct classes wherever you are provided that you have internet.

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2.) Tablet

If laptops to you are bigger, then a tablet is the second-best option to have with almost similar features. A tablet is easier to navigate allowing you to manipulate everything with just a single tap on the screen.

Most teachers are already using tablets as a classroom management tool. There are many applications that can be used for classroom management. In those applications, teachers will be able to keep track of students’ attendance and they can see if students have submitted their work later than the due date given—it can also statistically display the progress of the student’s learning.

It will also allow teachers to improve the engagement between them and their students together with the parents as well. Teachers will easily be able to contact the student’s parents and tell them about their progress. 

Of course, it can also keep soft copies of files and can also be used as a medium for displaying presentations and media for students just like a laptop can do.

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3.) Projector

Gone are the days of chalks and whiteboard markers. Using a projector during class discussions is enough to relay the lessons to students and in my opinion, it is more effective.

Bringing a projector to school will allow teachers to prepare and make a presentation in advance for students, they will just have to save it and attach their laptop or tablet to the projector for them to be able to present the lesson to their students.

This will also help teachers who are suffering from arthritis, they do not need to stand up and wear out their hands when writing on the blackboard or whiteboard, they can simply navigate the presentation with a laptop or tablet. 

Plus, students would not have to worry about taking down notes during lectures. Teachers will just have to give the PowerPoint presentation for them to review. They just needed to concentrate on the class discussion. I say it’s a win-win situation for everybody! 

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4.) Lapel Microphone

In a classroom setup, there is no guarantee that every student will be able to clearly hear the teacher’s lecture. There will always be background noises that are the cause of a student’s inability to concentrate during class discussions.

A lapel microphone is a perfect gadget to solve this predicament. Simply attach the microphone to the article of your clothing and place the speaker where students will be able to hear the output clearly. The lapel microphone enables teachers to continue giving lectures while freely roaming around the room.

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5.) Document Camera

This is probably one of the most underrated gadgets yet so helpful. A document camera is similar to a projector but is more able to magnify and project images into actual, three-dimensional objects.

With a document camera, the entire class will see and read texts from any content from anywhere in the classroom. This is basically important for a better understanding of what you are lecturing about. The great thing about a document camera is it saves you from spending too much on handouts and photocopies.

This is a perfect tool to have especially when teachers require many copies of the document to hand out to the students. Instead of printing paper copies, the document camera can convert the physical content of the document to a soft copy. 

Although I have not availed of this tool yet, just reading the gadget description makes me want to buy one for myself. 

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6.)  A Bluetooth Speaker

The Bluetooth Speaker has been a big hit for teachers over the past few years, more and more teachers are taking advantage of this tech gadget to take things to a whole new level inside the classroom as it offers power and convenience at the same time. 

Teachers can also use Bluetooth speakers as a microphone too! As there are apps that you can use to makeshift it into a microphone for the time being. 

Bluetooth speakers can also be used to play media like audiobooks, hearing exercises, and just when teachers want to amplify something for all the students to hear inside the classroom. 

Using this tech gadget saves a whole lot of voice for teachers, and also creates an opportunity for them to rest their vocal cords for a more important time to use it as it can be exhausting to talk loudly for hours especially in high volume classrooms. 

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These are just some of the gadgets that teachers will love to use. Some of these gadgets are in a high budget range but it is worth every money. Since this is not only for the benefit of teachers, students will thank you for thinking of their convenience.

Technology has long been a part of every educator’s life. If you’re looking forward to the tools that can improve teaching, all of the above gadgets are perfect choices. Goodluck!