What Is A Stress Relieving Toy? 4 Amazing Ways They Work to Help Teachers

Teachers try many ways to reduce and relieve stress, some try to relax by partaking in meditation or by running through a rigorous workout to release some of the tension that they are experiencing.

However, all of us know that one way to cope with stress is through fidgeting. Fidgeting is the movement that we often find ourselves doing whenever we are restless, bored, and even stressed. It is one way to show nervousness or impatience. 

A fidget cube used for stress relief

And we do this all the time, without us even knowing it.

We do it when we incessantly, especially when our minds are wandering during tasks, especially high-stress tasks. The next thing you know you’re continuously clicking on your ballpen unconsciously for a period of time or so.

But don’t worry, it’s never a bad thing. It’s normal for everyone to fidget while we work, it keeps our brain going. It’s our behavioral mechanism to cope with stress.

Many people often have these little habits such as the tapping of fingers and feet, hair twirling, chewing of nails, or playing with certain objects like tapping a pen on the table. 

These fidgeting movements are a natural response from our body, and many experts have confirmed that it is one way to relieve stress which is why many products have been made and categorized as “stress-relieving toys”.


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What Is A Stress Relieving Toy?

Many designs of stress-relieving toys have been made so that people may find what takes their stress away and calm themselves.

It ranges from fidget toys that can keep your fingers occupied with its many buttons, stress balls that can help relieve tension by squeezing it on the palm of your hands, dolls that can be used for banging on the table to release some frustrations that you are feeling, and also sculptures that are designed for people to fidget with on their desk.

Although its main purpose is to relieve people from stress, it is not entirely made just for that. Stress-relieving toys were initially made for children who have a hard time focusing, that is why they are designed as “toys” so that children will be able to use them without getting bored of them.

But they’re no longer exclusive to kids, and many brands and companies are releasing stress-relieving toys for adults to try to help keep their stress levels at bay.

And today, we’re also going to talk about the benefits that you can gain if you are to use a stress-relieving toy.

4 Ways It Can Help Relieve Teaching Stress

Helps You Regain Attention

Tinkering with these toys is a great way of helping people to focus more, it makes you more aware because it stimulates your sensory capabilities that can help further awaken your mind. 

Additionally, it can temporarily keep you distracted from your problems since it is engaging to tinker with stress-relieving toys.

Many studies have also shown that it is a good way to improve the learning capabilities of children. Children are most likely to be engrossed in learning if their hands are preoccupied, this is because children normally have a short attention span, a lecture from the teacher will easily bore them and thus lack attention. 

The same goes for anyone of age, if you find yourself lacking attention then try tinkering with some stress-relieving toys to regain it.

colorful stress balls

Boosts Productivity

Do you ever find yourself seemingly lost in thought while doing work? Have you ever experienced a lack of inspiration or motivation when working?

Even teachers are not exempted from these kinds of phases, after all, we’re just humans too. It is a common problem amongst people, and it is tough to find a solution for it.

I often find myself staring into nothing without any idea on how to resume my work, it always bugs me when I waste time doing nothing instead of doing something but it is not easy to find the inspiration to continue working. 

However, stress-relieving toys have given me the opportunity to find some inspiration and gave me a great way to momentarily take my mind off stressful thoughts by occupying myself with it. 

The experience of tinkering with these toys cannot be described by words, it is pleasant to use especially when you are having a hard time focusing. People often prefer thinking while doing something with their hands because it gives you time to release some of the tension that you are feeling whenever you are in the process of thinking. 

If you need to take a short break from work, then go occupy yourself by playing with some stress-relieving toys. It will definitely help you relax while making your mind more active for you to continue working.

a teacher using a fidget spinner

Takes Away your Frustrations

Stress often leads to disappointment which then leads to the build-up of frustrations. We all know the unpleasant feeling called frustration, it does not do any good for people at all. 

Many stress-relieving toys are designed for people to take out their frustration on and the two most popular ones are stress balls and dolls. 

Stress balls are good for people who are always easily frustrated, it can fit in the palm of your hands, and whenever you are feeling frustrated you can just squeeze them for your relief. It is usually made out of silicone gel that can withstand any pressure so do not hesitate on taking out your frustrations on the little bundle of relief.

If you are looking for a better way of releasing your pent-up frustrations then a stress doll is more suitable. There are stress dolls called “Dammit Dolls” that are perfect for adults to bang on tables, sometimes destruction is a way for us to cope up and vent out our frustrations that is why these dolls are perfect for those raging moments.

Although it may seem like an unhealthy way to vent out frustrations, it is still a good method to keep yourself in check. Relieving yourself from your frustration will make you more at ease.

plush toys in a tin can

Helps you have a good night’s sleep

Most stress-relieving toys help bring sensory awareness, which includes your sense of hearing. There are toys that produce a sound that can trigger your autonomous sensory meridian response, or commonly known as ASMR

It can be the sound of a flickering light switch, button presses, woodblocks, windchimes, and many more—there are different sounds that have a different effect on people. The majority of the manufacturers who produce these types of toys have taken into consideration the sounds that help produce a good sensation and incorporated them into their products. 

Hearing these sounds will help you sleep peacefully if ever you find yourself not being able to have a goodnight’s rest. ASMR is a massage for your brain, it helps you feel calmer and will most likely make you sleepy.

a note with "mindfulness" written on it


There are different kinds of toys that will be able to help you relieve your stress, find one that is suitable to your tastes, and will be able to help you on a daily basis. 

They are easy to use and most importantly, they will not be a waste of money. It is a good investment to take since you need it for your well-being. Remember, your physical and mental health is more important than trivial matters.