What Is The Best Natural Remedy For Anxiety? 5 Best Ways Teachers Can Beat It

From a recent survey, it is found that almost 75% of our educators experience anxiety and other stress-related symptoms that are found to affect the mind and body’s health at some point in time if not managed correctly.

And this has also doubled or maybe even tripled reaching new levels because of the current pandemic the world is facing right now.

Teschers affected by anxiety

But never lose hope, because there are plenty of ways to relieve stress and anxiety. In fact, there are many effective ways on how to help with anxiety, but it’s always best to go for natural remedies first as much as possible.

So what is the best natural remedy for anxiety? You’ll be surprised to know that by tweaking your lifestyle a bit and with just a few changes here and there, you’ll find yourself feeling better slowly but surely. 

And if you want to know how you can do that, just scroll down below!


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5 Ways Teachers Can Beat Anxiety Caused By Teaching Stress

1.) Abandon Bad Habits.

If you are a constant drinker or smoker then you should consider abandoning those bad habits. 

People often reach out for something to drink or something to smoke if they are experiencing stress, it may reassure you at first but it is not advisable to be always do it whenever you are stressed. 

Drinking and Smoking will only give you a temporary time of relief, it is considered as a double-edged sword that will either do you good or do you no good at all, and oftentimes the bad will always get to you. 

It will eventually reflect and you might become dependent on consuming alcohol and smoking. There are many health risks at stake when it comes to that, and instead of relieving your anxiety, it will be the one that will bite you from behind.

Do not focus on makeshift relief, it will only bring you to your downfall.

Living a healthy lifestyle will help you feel more at ease because your body and mind are running properly, you will be able to calm yourself without any other alcoholic or nicotine influence. 

2.) Say No to Caffeine 

Caffeine is a nervous stimulant commonly found in popular beverages such as coffee and tea. If you are someone who is constantly feeling anxious, then consider ditching your go-to caffeinated drinks. 

Although a cup of coffee is helpful to start the day right, it is not advisable for people who experience anxiety to be consuming it regularly as it can increase the chances of anxiety attacks to happen.

The caffeine inside the drink will wake up your mind and make you more alert, and if that happens to people who are already prone to nervousness and increased heart rate then it will be a recipe for disaster. 

People will feel more jittery and conscious of everything, a slight movement from other people might trigger their sense of impending danger and it can cause panic. It will most likely just help in feeling more anxious than they were before and it may result in a serious anxiety disorder.

Don’t take the risk and remove caffeine from your diet, especially if you know that you’ve been experiencing bad episodes of anxiety attacks.

3.) Work Out

Exercising is one of the sure-fire ways that can help relieve the feeling of anxiety. Getting your body to move and heat up will release some of the tension that you are feeling, and it can provide you with some calmness in your system. 

Resetting your body will help reset your mind as well, so even after rigorous work out you will be able to find yourself not droning on your anxiety for many hours. 

This is because you were able to breathe better after exercising, and it gave you the opportunity to stretch out your body for tension relief. Try inserting exercise into your daily routine, keep it in moderation, and not force yourself so much. 

Build up your stamina slowly and you’ll find yourself feeling better than before. You’ll also be hitting two birds with one stone, you’ll be relieving stress and anxiety and also staying in shape to keep your mind and body sharp which is a must for teachers. 

4.) Aromatherapy

A popular remedy for relieving anxiety is the practice of aromatherapy. It is a therapeutic treatment that promotes the well-being of the mind and body and helps in relaxation through the use of natural plant extracts—particularly essential oils

It may seem like it is hard to believe that aromatherapy can relieve stress but it is simple enough to explain. Nudging your smell receptors with different relieving scents can stimulate a response to your nervous system and help calm your mind.

Explore and find the scent that you find yourself relaxing into, do aromatherapy every night before you go to bed so it can help you go to sleep.

5.) Spend time with your family and friends

There is nothing more comforting than spending time with your loved ones. A fight with anxiety cannot be won by yourself, you need to confide and find help in others as well. 

Your family will always welcome you with open arms with whatever problems that you may have. Do not be afraid to speak up to them with your feelings and problems; it is better for you if you have someone to relay your problems to, even if they will just lend an ear to listen. 

The same goes for your friends, go out and spend time with them instead of stressing yourself with problems that can worsen your anxiety. They are the ones that can distract you from your problems and can give you some worldly advice that can help you be more at ease. 

Stop hesitating and come talk to them when you are feeling anxious.


The feeling of anxiousness is a normal response from us whenever we are under constant stress, it is not a mental disorder that people are often categorizing it to. 

Even though it is not a disorder, addressing this matter will be able to provide awareness for people who are or know someone who always feels anxious. 

It is a serious issue that should be resolved quickly because if you are always feeling anxious, it might lead to loss of appetite, hyperventilation, or even worse fainting that can lead to a concussion. 

All of the natural remedies mentioned above may seem simple, but I believe they will give the best results in fighting anxiety. 

Taking a quick look at it, you will find yourself linking it to health-related remedies. Remember that having a healthy body will provide a healthy mind, so keep close in mind that your health and well-being matter the most in order to overcome the feeling of anxiety.