What Is the Healthiest Morning Routine a Teacher Can Ever Have?

In the world of craftmanship, whether one is using the brain or muscle, it is always in the terms of “preparedness” that determines the winner. By that I mean, we experienced several failures first before we finally arrive at some glorious victories.

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Teaching can be tiring and you probably have so many early mornings where you wanted to stay longer in bed. But instead of giving in to the lazy want-to-sleep-more syndrome, you think about the benefits of waking up early.

So to start the day beautifully, what is the healthiest morning routine a teacher can ever have? How do you condition yourself every day to be effective and maintain a sense of justice for your students?

The fundamental principle of being prepared greatly depends on correct practice. Things must be done properly. This is to push yourself in order to obtain that state or quality of character that is close to perfection.

Here are some tips on how to feel like a champion every day.


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What Is the Healthiest Morning Routine a Teacher Can Ever Have?

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First: Pray

Many teachers attest to the power of prayer. By going to bed early and rising early, they discover a perfect time for meditation. They find the purpose of early times of the day — to access the tremendous and unlimited power and energy only known to the wise of all ages.

Within this secular age (age of science), religion no longer holds influence on many aspects of people’s lives. Healthy, normal, and successful people still value noble thoughts and continue to dream about a higher form of existence other than merely working, eating, and sleeping.

Humans are destined for greatness, and that is, to be the best that one can possibly be. Pray for your students that they may be given wisdom and moral strength.


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Second: Exercise

After praying, have some physical exertion. For teachers, it is enough to do some stretching. Bend your body forward and backward, and swing and rotate your limbs. Do some sit-ups and push-ups if possible. Physical exercise is necessary to regulate and enhance the flow of oxygenated blood in the brain.

As teachers, you need an alert, attentive, and well-functioning brain. As the saying goes, a healthy body produces a healthy mind. Physical exercise not only helps us think, but it also gives us emotional stability that is extremely necessary to deal with the various psychological needs of students.

Master inner peace and help students learn how to liberate themselves from stifling stereotyping. Exercise makes one relaxed and confident that will see you through most of the stressful situations at school.


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Third: Listen to Good Music

Yes, music. It has always been said that music or a song that you love is the language of feeling and of passion.

Any kind of tension-relieving music will do good for teachers. So, while preparing breakfast, or having a warm shower, play on soothing and relaxing sounds. Teachers would not be needing the classical or complicated type of melody, smooth jazz is enough to keep you emotionally and mentally cheerful for the rest of the day.


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Fourth: Practice Speaking in Front of the Mirror

Before actually going to class, talk to yourself first. Observe how convincing and pleasing you are. Ask yourself and answer yourself. Listen to your voice and the way you speak.

Any sign of hesitancy and low self-esteem, no matter how slight it is, will erode your credibility and your students will begin to look down on you. On top of wearing respectable clothes, present yourself by the way you speak and teach. This practices authority in your chosen field of study.


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Fifth: Think Unconditional Love

Many teachers fail because they do not know how to translate their theoretical ideas into practical use. In other words, how do you contribute as a teacher to make the world a better place?

The world today is so hurt and wounded because of division and discrimination. Hence, one very important part of a morning routine for a teacher is to initiate a culture of love for all mankind including the care and protection of the environment.

Teach your students how to live meaningful and significant lives. As Socrates would say, “an un-reflected life is not worth living.” As teachers, you are the crafters of a better tomorrow. Live your own dreams and start a better way to live and allow your students to do the same.


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Sixth: Go to Work with Feelings

The most successful teachers begin their day in the classroom with a feeling of gratefulness rather than the pressures she or he is about to face. Are you always grateful for the gift of life, yourself, and children?

When students enter the classroom, they seem to have the power to feel their teacher. A beautiful smile or message from you will serve as a morning message that will start their day.

At the end of the day, you will always come to a point that what matters most is not that you were able to impart knowledge as a teacher, but how you have loved and taught others to do the same.

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In Essence

As teachers make the switch from traditional to distant learning and then back to face-to-face settings, everything can be crucial. Yet when kids get to their classroom with a positive-minded teacher – they feel that attitude.

Incorporating a healthy start to the day provides a lot of space for the heart and mind. It also allows you to introduce your lecture of the day in a fun and unhurried manner. Even students who feel reluctant or unhappy may enjoy participating in the class and being part of the day.

An interactive morning demeanor is one tactic a teacher can employ to get the day’s worth of learning started.

In your opinion, what is the healthiest morning routine a teacher can ever have? Share them with us in the comment.