What Is The Purpose of a Flash Drive? 4 Ways Teachers Can Best Use It

The advancement of technology has surely become evident nowadays, many of the technological advancements have already been incorporated into the daily lives of people, not just at home but also at school, and especially at work. 

Although computers and hard drives have already been invented back then, there are still improvements that need to be made in order to make them more useful in the future. One of the developed improvements was introduced as a USB Flash Drive, which is a miniature and portable version of a hard drive. But what is the purpose of a flash drive?

what is the purpose of a flash drive

As I said, the use of technology is more prominent today that is why we should always be using technology more often because almost everything is revolving around it. 

Through the use of a Flash Drive, it enables teachers to virtually access files anywhere and anytime as long as there is a computer/laptop that can be inserted in. There are also Flash Drives that can even connect to a phone also known as an OTG drive, it is one of the most innovative advancements that many people are always using.


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There are many uses of a Flash Drive and what makes it popular is the benefits that come with owning one. 


What Is The Purpose of a Flash Drive?

4 Ways Teachers Can Best Use It

1.) Acts as an External Storage

an open flash drive

The major purpose of a Flash Drive is to store important documents, photos, videos, and other files so that you can bring them anywhere and access them on any computer/laptop available. 

Although looks can be deceiving, a flash drive’s capacity is as large as a phone’s memory storage. It can be anywhere from 1GB to 1TB, of course, the bigger the storage the higher the price. 

If you are planning to store some small-sized amount of files, then 2GB is enough, but if you are looking to store a large-sized amount of files then I personally recommend getting at least 16GB or 32GB Flash Drive. 

What makes it great as external storage is that it is small in size. If you are planning to submit printed files, instead of printing them out the day before the submission, you can just print them on the day that you are going to submit them. You can print it anywhere so you do not have to worry about crumpling your hard copy. 


2.) Easily Transfer Files

a pen flash drive

A Flash Drive is another way to conveniently transfer files from one device to another. Although now, you can use emails as a way to attach files and send them to others, there are some files that are too large that cannot be attached to an email and that is a dilemma experienced often inside the workplace.

Through the use of Flash Drive, you can easily store the necessary files inside and insert the Flash Drive to your colleague’s computer/laptop to transfer the files from your Flash Drive to your colleague’s computer. 

The great thing about transferring files using Flash Drive is that it does not require any internet connection, unlike sending files through the use of emails you need to have an internet connection because you need to download it before you can open the file. 

In case there is no internet connection available, the transfer of files is still possible through the use of Flash Drive. 

If there is no computer/laptop available to transfer the files to, then you can simply just transfer it just by inserting the flash drive on your mobile device. Make sure that you have an OTG Connector that is compatible with the kind of port the mobile device caters to.


3.) Alternative Storage to Save Space on Computer

a black USB flash drive

It can act as alternative storage for your files to free up some space on your computer/laptop. Having too many files on your computer will make it slow to operate, if you are looking up some ways to free up space then just use a flash drive.

You can store some files in Flash Drive such as movies, music, and photos. If you want to watch a movie then just insert the Flash Drive on your computer and play it without not having to transfer it back to the storage of your computer. 

This is a good way to tidy up the files on your computer storage and avoid excess files that take up too much space.

4.) Save Back-up Files

a silver flash drive

Flash Drives can be used as a means to save backup files in case of an accident or an emergency. 

Many have experienced losing some of their files on the computer/laptop and have no way to retrieve it, it can also be that the computer/laptop got corrupted so you are unable to get the file to save its storage. 

If you keep it saved on your Flash Drive, it will save you a lot of time because you would not have to recreate it if ever the file is lost forever. 

It can also be used if you suddenly need that file, of course, you do not have 24-hours access to your computer/laptop so just in case you will need that file for the day, just store it on your Flash Drive and bring it with you. 



I think all of us can agree that the Flash Drive is a helpful device that can store our files and can allow us to have access to it as long as there is a computer/laptop available. This is a popular device mainly used by office workers, but you can still use it even if it is not for work purposes. 

It is durable and long-lasting if handled and used properly, I personally prefer this over any kind of external storage available because this is easier to use and accessible than most storage devices.