What Shoes Can Make Me Taller without Feeling Offbeat? A Guide for Guys

While there’s nothing wrong with being a cute and short guy, sometimes you just can’t help but ask, “What shoes can make me taller?” Well, You may just need some chunkiness to add a few inches to your height. There are shoes to serve that purpose.

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What Are Height-Increasing Shoes?

As their name suggests, height increaser shoes add 2 to 4 inches or more to a person’s normal height. The idea uses a hidden material that is added between the midsole and the heel area to give an instant lift to the wearer.

This footwear is specially formed to create a raise in the rear part of the shoes and make you taller right away. Foam, leather, and rubber are the most common materials used and designed to be as comfortable and easy on the feet.


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Are Height Increasers a Good Idea?

As I’ve mentioned earlier, there’s nothing wrong with being short. Apart from becoming cute on the spot, you don’t get hurt bumping your head on overhead objects, and most of all, you can sit in a car without touching the roof than when you’re very tall.

However, some men are not sure how they feel especially on special occasions where they need to be in front of everybody. With some inkling that they stand short of a typical male’s height, they needed a stimulus to create a vibe of greater confidence. Dressing for the height seems to give that conviction.

Part of getting that look is to wear shoes that elevates one’s zenith. Also, the heel build-up pattern helps relieve foot pain, backaches, and difficulty in walking. These shoes also help improve posture as they stabilize the body and allow the wearer to walk with ease.

While men these days may not suffer from insecurity about their physical appearance, a good height remains critical in building a positive self-image.

If women have shoes with a few inches of heels, men also should not take for granted the privilege of the good things that come in the same package. Now let’s find out which shoes can help make a guy taller.


What shoes can make me taller?

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1) Platform Shoes Give a Subtle Lift

Flatforms are designed with a level platform that covers the whole foot. Both the sole and heel have extreme heights where the sole can be 2 or 3 inches high or more. The sole of a platform shoe can have a wedge that offers a subtle yet completely flat and uniform lift.

What is nice about these height increaser shoes is their incredibly thick outsole that lifts you further off the ground creating an elongated leg look. Since men wear pants, the platform design may be less visible.

2) Try Elevator Shoes

From its name alone, elevator footwear is designed to elevate you to a certain point and make you look taller. Elevator shoes do not make you look like wearing shoes with heels because they are designed with built-in lifters that boost height invisibly.

The secret is in the construction where it provides a hidden layer in the sole and unnoticeably adds extra inches to the original height of the shoe. This lift concept uses height-boosting layers to provide some 2 to 5-inch “instant raise” without obvious heels attached to the footwear.

Elevator shoes or height-booster shoes include dress shoes, casuals, sneakers, ankle boots, as well as rubber shoes. With many selections, there are options that you can rotate for all your activities.


Since elevator shoes lift in the heel area, look for one that does not feel like your entire feet slipping to the front. This can be hurtful to the toes and infuse pain in the midsole which is very uncomfortable. One with a wider heel can support the entire foot and will be more comfortable to wear all day.

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3) Get Hidden Insert Lifts or Insoles

This is a “hide” insole that you manually put into the shoe. It’s a stable insole with good layers of absorbing to basically cradle the feet in the right form. With a little coercion as you step and put weight on it, you will feel how much it pops up to give your foot a raise.

There are adjustable shoe lifts that attach sections to give you the desired thickness you need. The more sections added, the more you get taller. Typically you can get a 3.6cm rise from wearing shoe lifts with 2 additional sections and 4.3cm with 3 sections. So if you stand 5’6″ before, you’ll be standing 5’8″ taller after.

Height-increasing insoles are beneficial for people with plantar fasciitis or heel spurs. They offer a good foam insole that extends until the half end of your midsole. Shop wisely as there are foams that provide height but are not restful to the foot. That which is a lot comfortable to walk around on them is a good buy.

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4) Go for Shoes with High Heels

Heels for men? You can’t believe it?

What if I tell you that men have been wearing heels since the 15th century? Royals, elites, fashion icons, and male aristocrats wore heeled shoes to project themselves taller and exude an intimidating appeal. Even soldiers wore this type of shoe to keep their boots in their stirrups.

Though heels, in general, are categorized as a woman’s shoe, gender norms are now embracing the practicality and functionality of footwear. You can already see guys these days that rock a pair of shoes with decent heels yet they look so dignified.

If you’re a man looking for a subtle height boost, don’t be afraid to include shoes with heels. As long as you don’t look weird, go for it. Even low-heeled casuals will make you look great.

Let’s watch a video from a celebrity menswear stylist about dressing the shorter man, and style “rules” for short men.


In Essence

Wearing shoes that boost height will certainly enhance a gentlemen’s physical appearance. You want to lift your confidence so you also want to pick only the most comfortable shoes. The design, material, durability, and comfort are what will take you to a full guarantee.

Control the urge to go for unique designs without getting into the details of a brand. The more focus you are on quality, the more you get shoes that will make you happy wearing them. It is quite difficult to find height-boosting shoes that seem trustworthy when it comes to comfort. But I tell you, it only takes the right effort to find a few that will never disappoint.

Do you already have a pair of elevator shoes or lifters that you use anytime? Tell us about your experience in the comments. Guys will thank you a lot!