What Should Be Included In A High School Teacher Supplies List?

High School is considered a delicate period of school as students here are learning somewhat more advanced lessons. You’re a high school teacher, so you need to do your best in support of what they need. So when it comes to materials to use, what should be included in a high school teacher supplies list?

what should be included in a high school teacher supplies list?

There are various ways to instill learning in teenagers, be it in a form of assessment or an output. Either way, high school teachers should know what mode of teaching will be the most effective. Of course, they need the help of the necessary materials in order to fulfill their desire to teach effectively.


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Here Are 9 Classroom Supplies That Every High School Teacher Needs:

1.) Colored Card Stock

A Colored Card Stock is a must inside a High School Teacher’s Supply List as it is a versatile material that can be used for anything.

If students are in the middle of an activity, instead of working with boring standard papers they can liven things up with the help of colored card stock. It can be used for decorations inside the classroom and can be hung up inside the room’s bulletin board for a splash of color.

It can be used to input student’s profiles and grades by color-coordinating it in every subject, in that way teachers can just simply have to find that student with the color of the subject that they are handling and easily record their attendance and grade.

Additionally, it can be used by the teachers to personally organize their workspace. I’m sure that this is one of the school supplies that you would often look for, whether at work or at home colored card stocks are a good material to have ready anytime and anywhere.


2.) Dry Erase Markers

It is a good idea to have as many refills in your markers because this is an everyday item you use. I understand that teachers nowadays use PowerPoint presentations, but there are things you can’t do in the presentation that you can do if you write it directly on the whiteboard.

For example, solving math equations and relaying the process is not sufficient enough to explain in the presentation. It is better for teachers to write the procedure step by step so that the students will be able to follow and understand more.

High School Mathematics includes a lot of algebra and a bit of pre-calculus so in order to effectively teach them, it is better for teachers to write it manually while discussing rather than flashing a presentation.

Having lots of Dry Erase Markers can create an opportunity for teachers to come up with whiteboard activities that multiple students can engage in rather than only having one Dry Erase Marker while the majority of the students watch one person to do an exercise on board.

It can also be used for writing up reminders for the day instead of writing it on a piece of paper, not only will it catch the attention of most students but it is also a way to conserve paper materials.


3.) Stapler

The stapler is every teacher’s best friend. It helps keep important documents together and can be used as a tool to remove staple wires as well.

Most of the students’ paperwork is not properly stapled that can lead to the loss of some of the pages. They work hard on that, so upon receiving all written projects, make sure to staple it before filing and avoid the worst scenario.

Teachers will be able to staple the class records by section so that there will be grades missing from a specific section. The stapler can be used to unstaple as well if it is unnecessary for the papers to be stapled.

You can also consider getting a staple remover, it’ll work wonders and will make your life easier, it’s an underrated tool but I’m 100% sure you’ll thank me later! 


4.) Organizer

An organizer is a good medium for teachers to compile the works of their students, instead of scattering the paperwork on the teacher’s table.

The organizer will be able to hold a good amount of paperwork and can be classified easily with the use of folders and small labels. It can be placed inside the classroom or inside the teacher’s lounge.

If it is placed in the classroom, students will be able to submit their works by putting it inside the organizer for the teacher to check, this will give students ample time to complete their tasks within the day.

Paperwork is not the only thing you can put inside the organizer, you can also put other files such as records, letters, paper announcements, and even written reports. If you want to keep your files intact and organize, then this high school supply is the perfect thing to purchase.


5.) Sticky Notes

A lot of people love to write down notes as a reminder of what we need to do. These sticky notes will be helpful to keep track of the student’s thoughts or mood for that day, this is a good way to let them feel that you are there to listen to whatever they have to say. 

It can be used as a therapeutic method for students to relieve their stress or just simply express their feelings. On another note, it can also be used for posting important announcements or writing motivational quotes for students to read. 

Teachers can utilize these sticky notes for activities done in the classroom, especially with group activities. Students can write their ideas on the sticky notes and have it passed to their group leader, and from there on they can add their thoughts and come up with a good output. 

Moreover, teachers can use this as a means to organize their files or have it stick on their teacher’s table for important dates to remember. It is a versatile supply that every teacher needs to have.


6.) Label Maker

The label maker has been a game-changer for most teachers that are already using it. It’s so handy when it comes to organizing and rearranging all materials into their perspective places that make a teacher’s life much easier in the classroom. 

They are super easy to use, portable, and it’s like an all-in-one solution for all the organizing dilemmas of teachers. 

It helps teachers identify which material belongs to which because being able to have items labeled saves so much time which evidently leads to productivity and less stress when it comes to organizational tasks. 

With label makers, you will also have bins and storages looking all neat and tidy and surely your teacher friends will envy how organized your classroom looks, all thanks to the handy label maker. 


7.) A Good Pencil Sharpener

Pencils never go out of style inside the classroom, even high school students still use pencils for everyday writing activities. And a pencil sharpener should always be at bay to help students keep their writing utensils in good shape all the time. 

You can opt for a manual pencil sharpener if you like it old school but electric pencil sharpeners are a good option too if you’re looking to get something that will get those pencils sharpened as quickly as possible because time is indeed precious inside the classroom. 

As long as it’s heavy-duty and can last sharpening hundreds of pencils all throughout the whole school year, you should be all good! ‘


8.) Cleaning supplies and disinfectant wipes

Another must-have item for teachers, you should always keep stocks of cleaning supplies and disinfectant wipes at bay because you’ll never know when you’re going to need them.

These supplies are intended to maintain cleanliness in the classroom and protect the well-being of everyone. Cleaning and disinfecting help stop the spread of any virus. Alcohol and sanitizers also promote hand hygiene which is an important health safety measure to teach kids.

It’s also a good idea to give your desk a good cleaning session every now and then to keep everything spick and span because dust build-up is something we don’t want to see whenever we go to class. 


9.) A Digital Timer

A digital timer is also something that you should keep in mind if you’re going out for a supply run. Since high school students are already at a becoming age, it’s best to keep them practicing how to keep track of time for improved time management skills. 

Different activities can be confusing to students so timers can remind them when it’s time for the next activity. They will know when and what to expect. This will also help your class with finishing tasks in a timely manner and not splurge too much time all for one task which can affect subsequent events after.  

Get a digital timer that’s big and friendly enough for the students to see, hear, and appreciate. They don’t have to keep checking on your table how much time is left or caught unprepared because they did hear it ring from wherever they are seated or working. Display your digital timer where it can be seen from all corners of the room.


10.) Pens and Pencils

Of course, last but not least on this list are pens and pencils. Just because they are in high school that pencils would be of no use. Pens and pencils should be on every high school teacher’s supply list whenever possible.

Better stock up on these for the whole year because it’s better to buy in bulk, you’ll be saving your time, your money, as well as energy if you already have yourself a few boxes of pens and pencils readily available in your class for the whole school year. 



There are more supplies that will be helpful to a high school teacher but these are just some of the important things that should always be available.

Having a steady folder to hold papers or extra pens and paper clips are among the most common supplies that offer a huge purpose in every high school classroom. They make you and your student’s life during school days easy and quick.

High School should be a period where students and teachers will make the most out of, that is why with the help of the materials listed above it will make a huge difference when it comes to teaching but it also provides a little bit of diversity that will make students enjoy studying. 

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