How to Add Color & Style to Teacher Outfits

The standard “business casual” is the typical picture when it comes to a teacher’s attire. If you have been thinking how to enhance a day’s outfit, you’ll want to read this guide. Adding art to what should female teachers wear can somehow balance being too prim and proper with fun and excitement.

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Fashion trends can be challenging to a teacher. However, I believe that you can be creative in your personal style. Don’t be afraid, as your confidence in styling outfits increases, so does your success.

If you’re not required to wear a teacher uniform, enjoy the freedom of adding fun to your attire. Practice and thrive on what you love to have. You’ll be just as successful and enjoy being a teacher with the excitement that fashion brings.

Having this information on hand will make getting dressed easier and perhaps fun and interesting.


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Should Teachers Put Weight on What They Wear? 


It is crucial for a teacher to present herself in the best way possible. However, she also has to carry a high amount of inspiration and infect others with a positive and delightful mood. The clothes you wear have a lot to do with this.

Imagine yourself staring at the clothes in your closet and then throwing on the same black pants and a typical top because it’s all you can think of for the day. You yourself may have that silent feeling of “boredom” on the way you feel about your looks, right? Admit it.

There is so much inspiration in providing for the clothes that will boost you up.

The goal is not to look on top of the trend but to dress up in a way that tells the world, I am happy, I am alive, I love my life, I love to teach, I love you all, I am here, let’s make learning fun and memorable!

Putting yourself in the shoes of your students, you’ll understand how less inspiring it is when the teacher is dressed like running for an errand. But one who comes in the class wearing a waist-length leather jacket can automatically bring out a voguish mode in the room leaving you awestruck.

What Should Female Teachers Wear 

It is constant that the teaching culture dictates what you should wear. Yet don’t fret, there certainly are free days where you can come out in your favorite getup. Your work wardrobe should reflect your personality, not hide it. That’s where your expressiveness comes in and describes the type of person you want to be at work.

1) Create a Style System

woman in gray tank top and brown coat standing on sidewalk during daytimeNothing makes you look and feel great than an outfit that you are happy wearing. Creating a system that works for you means determining the cut, length, and general pattern that you desire for your professional career. Note that there is a big difference between what you love to wear and what you need to wear.

Other than creating yourself a personal brand, it also provides a systematic way of choosing an attire. Regardless of you like it always formal, formal-casual, or strictly casual, when you can quickly play up with any other pieces and colors in your wardrobe — is an example of a style system.

Manifesting your persona through the clothing, shoes, and accessories you choose – allows you to plump for an outfit based on a style that you enjoy with so much ease.

2) Choose Your Color Foundation

brown leather shoes beside brown leather beltAll colors probably look good on you. But there should be one or two that can pick up garments in any of the colors in it. If your school allows jeans on dress-down days, upgrade into cool khaki or mild grey pants that can go with any color, instead of the same denim look.

If you love dark colors, it can be aging coming to school in the same hue every day. Neutral colors, in general, allows you to mix and match with any other hue. So whether a dress or a pair of pants – you can blend and design outfits quickly and fun.

Keep blending and try them all in front of the mirror including the kind of accessories that go well with any. Once you’ve found your colors, be ready to pick ensembles of your liking. Here, you will be able to see which colors suit your skin.

3) Boost Your Worksonality

According to Marianne Williamson, #1 New York Times best selling author,

“Feminine beauty is not a function of clothes or hair or makeup, beauty is an internal light, a spiritual radiance that all women have but most women hide.”

Therefore, determining “worksonality” is both a challenge on how you want to be perceived according to your line of work, at the same time fun because such character traits will boost your work-wear choices.

woman in red and white floral long sleeve dress holding white ceramic mugCheck, Correct, Mark, Right, Choice, Symbol, Yes, OkWhile blazers are traditional in casual meetings if you’re a school head, well-cut pants (not jeans), strong jackets, and modestly-fitting shirts very well fit the excellent delegator.

Check, Correct, Mark, Right, Choice, Symbol, Yes, OkIf you think the way to get the best out of the entire school is to make them feel comfortable, neutrals and soft lines are better than a heavy suit.

Check, Correct, Mark, Right, Choice, Symbol, Yes, OkYour love for providing guidance to young people is also a mentoring trait that you’ll be great in virtuous ensembles like lady-like tops and footwear. Wedges and boots are yours.

Check, Correct, Mark, Right, Choice, Symbol, Yes, OkPerhaps your worksonality is more on motivating yourself to be a multi-tasker, then you’ll most shine in clothes that don’t restrict you because it keeps you going comfortably anytime and anywhere.

Check, Correct, Mark, Right, Choice, Symbol, Yes, OkNow if yours is more on the solitude space where you don’t enjoy trends, this is where any dark-toned ensembles make you feel independent. You will feel like yourself in traditional cuts.

Check, Correct, Mark, Right, Choice, Symbol, Yes, OkWould you like a few simple getups with a little style to get by? Creating a personal uniform that you really enjoy wearing is a perfect “go-to” style. I like this too and would collect a few suits customized to my liking – bootcut! How exciting it would be to carry my brand every day!

You too can find a formula that works. You’ll come to work comfortably in a style you truly love. Your own description of yourself will make you a teacher with strong life philosophy. If you’re not wearing a uniform – you are free to dress the way you want to be seen at work – but in strict appropriateness.

4) When You’re Worried About Looking Too Young

woman sitting on One Way sign standPart of an outfit’s youthful glow is the way it shows off some parts of your body. A midthigh mini skirt is too short and you may struggle to be taken seriously in the classroom. The best trick, though, is to pair it with thick opaques so it would create a silhouette of a legging.

Even though “youthful look” today seems to be accepted as age-defying, still it is difficult when such an idea is dismissed based on what is proper. The best antidote is to avoid typical juvenile body fits. Unless you’re pairing a baby pink top with neutrals, it may well make you look polished than trying to be like your daughter.

There should be something you’ll be able to wear with everything in your closet. But remember, if it contains glitters and bubbly pleats; it’s time to tame your wardrobe. Invest in real grown-up clothes that combine approachability and professionalism.

5) Think of Ways to Pop

Sometimes, many of you get confused about how to incorporate your nicely colored accessories into matching pieces. A charming suggestion is to look for pop colors that you can express at different levels in different items.

woman in white tank top covering her face with white maskSome examples are a uniformed-hued bead necklace and paisley wrap, or brightly-colored handbag and shoes. Instead of wearing the same old coats, bundle up in a wide pashmina during the cold days – you’re getting a trendy blankie in one! If you’re fond of a thin scarf, tie three scarves of different patterns altogether – it makes a new-looked neckerchief.

Don’t be afraid of belts, large and small. But take note as they construct and deconstruct suits. I suggest you look for tips and tricks to wearing belts. Wear no more 2 large accessories or you may look so heavily laden. If you have a lot of smaller ones, you’re safe to wear all of them. It’s elegant.

Ways to pop are simply to add some edge on clothes that lack strength or are too dull to shine. Adding just one special accessory can take a look from lackluster to inspiring. Whether it’s a bit punky, it should have a silhouette that’s clean and not disturbing.

6) When You Are Bound to a Uniform

Uniforms are wonderful. Why? Because other than you don’t have to worry about what to wear or the style of the day, it saves you money from buying a few more clothes. But admit it or not, wearing the same color every day, the same style, and the same look can be pretty dry.

Good for those who are not fond of trend, but for some of you who likes something sparkling and lively can be a challenge. The secret now is to enhance and maintain a clean polished look. Support it with neatly-combed hair all the time, no fly-aways or a trace of dryness but a strictly shiny cultured hair look. Use bob pins if you must.

See to it that your uniform pleats are always crisp and new. Your best tool is to press the fabric with a flat iron nicely. One cause why some people look dirty is because of clothes that are not well-pressed. Some have ripped hemlines or a look that makes someone question where did her buttons go? Ever notice that?

Being bound to a uniform simplifies your life every day. So prop up by coming to school flawlessly delightful. Thinking of a clean uniform to wear the next day helps you dress with sense and ease all the year through.

7) What about the bags to use?

A teacher always needs a bag with a couple of carrying options. This includes comfortability, flexibility, durability, compartments, straps, and of course, design.

For some reason, many of you relegate yourself to the same old bag year after year. There are about 40 different styles of bag in the world of handbags and each carries its own stylishness and adaptability.

Are you in need of a messenger-type tote bag for your laptop and textbooks, or you’re simply looking for a lightweight carryall that can hold anything from papers, cell phones, and other daily personal belongings?

Plus, teachers have different activities from Monday to the weekend. You don’t have to carry the biggest tote to attend a faculty meeting on Saturday or a day at the camp. It is essential to think about different occasions, activities so picking a carry-all would be a breeze as picking an attire for the day.

Let’s Sum It Up

As a well-respected educator, you want to look good as well as teach your students the manner of dressing. When what you wear reflects who you really are, it makes it easy to face any challenge of the day. Knowing what to wear because you have planned ahead saves you time, effort, and sweat knowing that everything in your closet matches everything else.

If you’re like me who likes bringing back the lovely traits of long ago, I’m sure you want to make people see things in a different way. One example is wearing your mother’s brooch! Wow – the term itself is old-fashioned. What about clothes that reminisce Jacky Kennedy?

You may be surprised to discover your traits. Well, use that to work on your progress. Our point in this post is to inspire you to not put aside who you really are, what you like to be, and more importantly, how you want your class and colleagues to see you as a teacher.

Do you have a style system playing in your mind now? Do you have suggestions? Share them with us in the comments.