When Should I Start Buying Elementary Classroom Supplies? 6 Best Tips Intended for You


Of course, I’m pretty sure most of you will agree that the perfect date should not be the first day of classes. We will cram and I hate it.

Moreover, if you buy classroom supplies during the back-to-school season, you will get disappointed with the high prices. So, when should we start buying our classroom supplies?

Deeply, I know that we teachers need classroom supplies as much as we love them! Hence, I make a practicable schedule to avoid frivolous purchases!

Fellow teachers, our brilliance is innate and we know for sure when stores get rid of school supplies. If the specific month is clear, it’s a good idea to prepare well in advance for the next school year.  For sure, the stores are on sale!

Teachers are always on the go when back-to-school is coming forth. Also, before the first day of classes, an effective and efficient teacher makes sure that the classroom is ready.

Certainly, the first day of classes should create a good impression.  My students should realize that my classroom is an awesome learning environment; hence, I’ve got to be ready with everything.

To make it through the year, I have rounded up all the classroom supplies I need right after the end of the school year. It is my intention to get ready even if the school year has just ended because I want to save money and I can still make certain adjustments to my supply list.

buying elementary classroom supplies


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When should I start buying elementary classroom supplies? 6 Basic Tips Intended for You

So when is the best time for back-to-school shopping of classroom essentials? Maybe you can decide after you’ve read the awesome tips below. After going through all these tips, you make a decision and mark your planner. Make sure it’s really the perfect date and spectacular timing.

Tip #1 Buy Items at the End of the Season

Teachers have to spend each year. Sometimes, this can pose a bigger challenge if we don’t do things our way. Shops usually go on sale at the end of the season. Hence, I aim to get important supplies for a sale price. But I have to choose essentials that can be stored for a long time without losing their high quality.

Going through each year, my classroom has to never run out of stocks of colored paper, manipulatives, pens, crayons, and other most-wanted classroom essentials. To avoid overspending, yet make sure that all items are intact, I visit the shops at the end of the season.

Although it’s good to get items in advance as I have included this specific tip on the list, I also go shopping at the end of the season when most items are at sale prices. This technique helps me save a bunch.

Tip#2 Know What To Stock Up On

As a teacher, I am happy to spend time on my classroom supplies each year. For me, it’s very exciting. As I check my shelves and desk organizers, I made a simple realization that learning is indeed going on in my classroom because my stocks of supplies are almost done.

Every year, I would spend the most out of my pocket and it’s worth it. But before I comfortably go to the store, I should know what to stock up on for the next school year. The fall should not let me fall prey to inadequacies and incompleteness. Hence, I need to store classroom supplies in advance.

By doing this, I am making sure that my students will always have what they need. Thus, I am helping them make the most of the learning opportunities in the classroom. Moreover, by constantly checking your classroom items, you can keep track of your needs. Also, it will keep you from being lured into buying what you want instead of what you need.

Tip#3 Prepare Your Checklist of Missing Items

It always pays to have a list of items!

Nothing beats being so organized. But when it comes to shopping for classroom supplies, you need to be sure which one to purchase or you’ll end up picking unnecessary items.

Don’t worry about getting stuff that other teachers are getting. What you need for your classroom is definitely different from what other classrooms need. Different teachers have unique needs, as well as different classrooms, require.

That is why I make a simple inventory of my supplies on hand and determine items that are lacking. And let me say, our classroom should not go through inadequate classroom supplies.

Making a list can help us not to miss any important items and help us decide which items we need. After preparing the list of essentials, wait for a couple of days and check your list again. Reassessing our needs can do us good pretty well. All these things need an advanced schedule and we have to stick to it to avoid impulse purchases.

Tip#4 Start Buying Early

It’s always advantageous to start early when we get back to shopping for classroom supplies. It could also be easier to have at least some packs of pencils and paper in our collection.

In doing this, you are making sure that you get high-quality materials and not the ones being left over by other shoppers.

Furthermore, starting early with your classroom supplies will help you save hard cash. Shopping for classroom essentials a few weeks before the opening of classes will make you spend a lot.

To avoid this shopping mishap, set out early for essentials a couple of months before the next school year opens.

Tip#5 Decide For The Best Month To Shop

For me, the best times are July and August. It’s the time when the usual shoppers of classroom supplies are not in your way. Also, most of the stores are in their back-to-school advance sales, so we have to watch out for that.

Deciding in advance also gives you an idea of how much money you would be comfortable spending.

So, it’s good to have your stapler, sticky post-it notes, pens, sharpies, and other essentials when they are available 50% off.

Even though the store offers 20% off on classroom essentials, that’s already a big deal and you save yourself from buying pricey items.

Tip#6  Be a Smart Shopper

buying school supplies

Since my first day of teaching, I have avoided costly items. Hence, I design tricks on how to become a smart shopper and to save money.  I truly love high-quality products for less. It makes me happy and more motivated to give what’s best for my students. So, as I shop at the store, I always bear in mind saving money for future expenses.

I shop for my classroom essentials for less. Of course, I always set a budget for my classroom essentials and I stick to that. I save money as I make it.  Thus, I have to spend my money wisely on high-quality yet very affordable items. I am not going over my budget.

Purchasing for a specific month makes me wise too. It means that things are on schedule and they should not overlap! Then, when I go out shopping, I have to keep in mind that I am doing this for myself and for my students. Hence, all my actions should complement each other.

Then, I have to simply answer the questions:  “How important is this item?” “How can this be useful for my students?” “Do I really need it throughout the year?”

Hence, make the most of your bucks the next time you visit the shops!

Here’s a helpful video to keep you on track with your elementary classroom supplies. Take note: they do it in the month of July, so it’s totally perfect!

To Briefly Paraphrase

One thing to ask yourself before paying for school supplies is “Is this something I need in the classroom right now or I might need in the future? What purpose does it serve?

Let’s face it, if it’s not immediately needed, it’s a smart thought to wait. All we need is proper scheduling as to when is the best time to buy. We just have to make sure that it coincides with our budgeting schemes without compromising adequacy and high quality. Let’s try to focus on items that maximize organization and procedures to run a classroom smoothly.

Remember, we are not doing all these just for the sake of buying something. It’s always with a purpose. 

As a teacher, I always try my best to make them feel comfortable by somehow providing them with what they need. I know that most of my students are ready with their own supplies, but there are students who need our help.

Young learners learn better from teachers who care about them. Do you know what’s the cherry on top? With my adequate classroom supplies for my elementary students, I am making sure that I set out for the new school year just all right! I hope that it makes sense.

Comment on your best schedule for buying elementary classroom supplies in the box underneath. I’d love to hear from you.